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Monday, March 29, 2010

Christ & Constitution Vs. NWO & New Age

From 2000 to 2003, I posted my reports on Rumor Mill News. I resigned my posting privileges in November, 2003, due to 1) selective censorship by the editor, Rayelan Allan and 2) constant  harassment by New Agers.
Why was I being censored and harassed?
Because I am a Christian, a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because I am a "conservative"  (meaning that I defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic). Because I have zero tolerance for liars and manipulators. Because I am not a collectivist or team player, but rather defend the God-given rights of the Individual. Because I expose criminals and bad guys by name. Because I refuse to compromise in the defense of Liberty. Because I expose the "doctrines of devils" (New Age secular humanist mumbo jumbo and pop psychology) for exactly what they are. That about sums it up.....
Anyway, as a result of my blunt, truthful, politically incorrect reports, I became a pariah at Rumor Mill News. 
I should also state that Rayelan and some of her flunkies were defenders of George W. Bush, claiming that he was part of  "Faction 2", the "good guys" who would save us all from the New World Order. (Never in my life have I heard such a ludicrous statement!)
But I wasn't alone in my beliefs, or in defending the principles I hold. Here are some letters from readers which I received in response to reports, posted on RMN.  At the time I had a public e-mail address, and so I also received my share of hate mail and idiot mail (I'll save that for another time.)
The messages are mostly self-explanatory, and often are in reference to the attacks on me by the New Agers at RMN.
Note that most (if not all) are Christians.
I have removed the names to protect the privacy of the writers, except in the case of Dr. Byron Weeks, a friend whose letters have already been published on my website, and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, another friend whose letters to me have previously also been published.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 29, 2010
Dear Barbara,
I wholly agree. Congratulations on your finely focused perspicacity!
Some of us have smiled much too long at Rayelan's dabbling in nefarious New Age necromancy, for she has long been immersing herself in Lucifer's subversive and stagnant pools of cognitive ledgerdemain..  
Unfortunately, her ludicrous defense of the evil puppet, George W. Bush, has fooled many but, in addition, her "doublethink" has indeed created a cleavage between those who have chosen to heed the messages of Almighty God, and those who fatuously embrace the deceptions of the Prince of Darkness and his demonic channelers. Like a waxen image exposed to fire in the galleries of Madam Toussaud, the apparently benevolent face is melting, and smile has been revealed as a hideous grimace. The facade has been penetrated and the deceptions at last made manifest. We now understand the dichotomy between  the sheep and the goats.
Dear Barbara,
You are still my heroine and you serve as an example of raw integrity and courage that continues to inspire me. I was a victim similarly, but on a smaller scale when, in the 1960s, I stood alone against the rapacious IRS and the growing influence of Socialism in our schools and elswhere. I was attacked by the Mormon Church and the local newspapers, and ultimately the IRS. I was forced out of private practice and had to accept an offer to return to the U.S. Air Force. But, to my horror  and dismay, I found it to be in the thrall of the globalist cabals.  I found that 90% of our generals were for merging with the Soviet Union. Vocally opposed the takeover of the military by the globalist NWO, I finally resigned after 14 years of dirty tricks and bad assignments, and returned to civilian medical practice.
Keep up the good fight and your dedication to God's work.
Byron Weeks
I cheer each time I read one of your posts. Standing for that which is true and right. Way to go!
Since my youth I have felt that each person has the right to be themselves, and own their life. This made me unpopular with the group I where I was raised. My parents were multigenerational cult/abusers and military related, all the children in my family were programmed/tortured. This will end with my generation. No More.
I have little to offer for financial support as my current state (PTSD/DID/DA) leaves me unable to work regularly, never the less, you are welcome in my home any time you are in the area.  
Gentleness and kindess may yet be found on earth.
Greetings: I have read the responses that you have published. The negative responses are disgusting to me. How can anyone think, let alone respond to you in an uncomplimentary manner when they have not been subjected to what you have experienced?
For the last few years I have become totally disenchanted with my fellow persons.  They have allowed the government to violate the Constitution, they have allowed an agency to unlawfully steal their labor earnings in collusion with their employers, and they have allowed the executive to violate the Constitution in its' entirety and they still do not complain.
The Congress is composed of self-indulging, career desiring individuals and the masses still do not object.
The courts are almost a farce with regard to their total disregard to the Constitutional restrictions.
Keeping all of the aforementioned FACTS in mind, how can those masses have the audacity to criticize anyone that tells the truth?  Simple, they are the cowards that history has warned us about repeatedly!
You may publish this article in retaliation for those critical, cowardly remarks!
Re: WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' DEMOCRACY! [a report by Barbara Hartwell]

Right on!  Well done. 

Democratic constitutional republic.  Rule by law.  Sweet words, and so abused.

"The U.S. Constitution has not failed America.  Americans have failed the U.S. Constitution.

"If you think we are free today, you know nothing about tyranny, and even less about freedom," --Tom Braun.

God bless you.
By the way, the recent piece that was written by you was brilliant, eloquent and innovative. I feel certain that we are already prevailing, as witnessed by the excessive fear mongering, sabre rattling and lying going on at the top (visible) levels. When the darkness gets this obvious and blatant, it says to me that the Light is really bright and causing the darkness to sqiuirm most uncomfortably.
Blessings to you and yours for your faithful service to the Truth.
Dear Barbara,

The hacking has been going on since at least 12 noon central time. It first started on Patriotlad's responses to Hobie and Dove. A few other posts were also denied, but most posts came up very easily.

Most posts still do...but not yours or Patriotlad's. I'm a daily reader of RMN because of people like you and Patriotlad. You are both highly principled and honest people who are trying to shed light on the dark realms of  our world. No wonder you two have been hacked again!

I thoroughly enjoyed your radio interview earlier this week! My prayers are with you and your sister daily!


Barbara: Well 'they' are at it again...last evening I noted your succinct letter to xxxxxx re St. Clair..I wish that I could have said it one half so well.. As you said, I don't like to get into debates on this medium, but as you also pointed out you were not in a debate, just stating facts.
There are more of us than of them, but I wonder just when "we" will be pushed to the point of counter punch...keep charging as you have more followers than the astrologer will ever have, because "we" know who's in the right.
Charles (in Dixie)
I just read your message on RMN addressed to McColloch and all I can say is HALLELUJAH!!  You can plainly see through all that New Age stuff.
I pray for your safety daily.  I will send you some funds when I get my income tax back.  You are such an angel, and have helped me grow and start to think for myself.  I no longer buy into the US propaganda they show on the nightly news. 
Thank you so much!
May God bless and keep you,  May He give you the strength and perseverance to fight the good fight.
Dear Barbara,
I have been watching developments in the US very carefully and am filled with rage and despair.  What happens in the US usually follows in Australia.  It used to take anywhere up to twenty years for us to catch up to the US...these days it seems like twenty months.  At the outside. 
I despise Bush and his cronies.  I know enough about the US to know just how proud and connected the people of America are to their constitution. To have this very scary piece of work and his henchmen tear it to shreds in around two years is gutwrenching.  To see that the majority of Americans don't care to find out what's happening right under their noses because they're too pre-occupied with their own battles is saddening and frustrating!!
This news will not go unheeded (thanks to people like you!)...the Pollyana in me is of the belief that these latest developments just might end up giving a lot of well-earned flak to this cretin and make people start to ask questions - a lot of people and a lot of questions would be a great start.
Thank you for bringing your news and insights to your readers, I admire you and your courage, tenacity and ability to write great articles! 
Best regards,
(Fighting the good fight in Australia)
I stand by your evaluation of George Bush (and his family) 1000%.  Many, many, many years ago, I began referring to people like this guy commenting  to you on this subject as "Intellectual Idiots"  This is one more proof to me that they will always be with us.  Believe me, I know them.
Dearest Barbara,
I have never heard such a story as yours.  Rumors from the patriot intel are hardly verifiable but not easily removed from intelligent thought once placed.  I find your story to be a long awaited source of fresh verification of programs long known to exist but not open to scrutiny.  I rarely reach out to "whistle blower" community, although for you, I will make an exeption. 
I believe the US government has run it's course and can only produce evil continually.  It has become a beast that cannot be tamed nor pacified with bread.  It has become a creature that now feeds on itself and yet grows daily.  I am not an anarchist, rebel, or seditionist.  I am also not a defeatist or pacifist.  I believe that resistance to tyrany IS OBEDIENCE to God.
What has happened to you is without a doubt, TYRANNY!!!!
I would like you to know I am on your side and will help.  When can I expect to hear you speak in the pacific northwest???
May you relay my utmost blessings to this gentleman as now I can only send my unconditional love!

Also, I want to let you know that I respect you extremely and love to read your written communications via the Internet.

BLESS YOU TOO!  Love, peace and harmony forever.
Can't help with money right now. I do read all of your posts and have for some time. I believe you. One thing I can do and I do every night when I say my prayers is to pray for you. When you were on your trip I prayed for you and your sister. I will continue to pray for you.
Keep safe. I know what a rotten government we have.
Rayelan wrote:
"Barbara, even your supporters and fans have written to ask what has happened to you? They no longer read you. They feel sorry for you."

 Great work , Barbara, in reference to the above false statement by Rayelan. 
They lose in this absurd shift in "rules"; also, the absence of your material from RMN diminishes the overall value of the network and at the same time given your public remarks about their silly and unfounded criticisms renders  your particular voice of reason, sound judgement and excellent analysis  in even greater demand than ever .