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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ted Gunderson Redux, COINTELPRO & CIA Mind Control

NOTE: Here, a segment from my June 2001 report: Time to Set the Record Straight, Part 2. In brief, I refer to an open letter Ted Gunderson wrote in response to Barbara Hartwell, after I had exposed some information in which Gunderson was named.

Since that time there has been much additional false information promoted by Gunderson and his cronies, minions and stooges, about Barbara Hartwell.

But this shows how it all started...Ted's claim that I must still be under CIA mind control. To this day, Ted and his entourage --most notably a con man named Doug Millar and Ted's PR shill, Ken Adachi, neither of whom know me, nor anything about me-- are still making the same ludicrous claims about Barbara Hartwell.

The only difference is that they have embellished the disinformation to try to demonize me further, an effort for which they have no shortage of followers and hangers-on, all parroting the lurid stories and fabricating some of their own.

The bottom line is very simple: I have exposed their criminal conspiracy and their network of containment operations, their protection racket and the crimes they are desperately trying to cover up by their pretense of being 'patriots' and 'investigators', and 'whistleblowers'.

For example, consider this: How many people consider Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp to be Heroes and Patriot Celebrities? How many people are swallowing the COINTELPRO lies hook, line and sinker?

Too many.

I think it's easier for these people to hate Barbara Hartwell, to shoot the messenger, rather than considering the message. It's a message almost no one wants to hear, and a truth very few are able to see.

Were I actually CIA and/or "under mind control", would I be exposing these criminals and their minions and stooges (some of whom are also criminals)?

No,no, no....I'd be in collusion with them (as several CIA agents, to my knowledge, are).

Re Kurt Billings: At the time this was written, I had not yet become aware that there was something "wrong" with Kurt and his wife LeAnn. However, my problems with the Billings had nothing to do with Ted Gunderson; nor was there any attempt to "reprogram" me (the very thought is laughable!) but rather that they were promoting the same bogus death threat against Barbara Hartwell which, to my knowledge, originated with Tim White. If I'd listened to the Billings, rather than to the Holy Spirit, I most likely would have died in 2001, by the hand of a real CIA assassin. But that's another story...

But here's the deal in 2010: I'm very, very tired of all the lies and all the coverups.  I'm also tired of being harassed, threatened, stalked, libeled, slandered, and of being made into a scapegoat for these lowlife lying government rat bastards and their shills.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 24, 2010


I quote from Ted's article:

"The next time I heard about the Billings, they were involved with Barbara Hartwell and the result was that Barbara began publicly criticizing Brice Taylor [aka Sue Ford] and myself."

For the sake of argument, let's examine Ted's ideas regarding the purported disinfo/slander campaign against him as a hypothetical scenario.

CIA "plants" Kurt Billings for the purpose of "reprogramming" Barbara Hartwell. The agenda of CIA in this operation? To make BH a part of the campaign to discredit Ted Gunderson. As a result, BH joins in with other conspirators (also working for CIA? Also under mind control?) and having been successfully "reprogrammed", back in the "grasp of the CIA", she is activated in a mind-controlled mission.

Objective: To discredit Ted Gunderson. (And let's not forget the redoubtable Brice Taylor).

But let's be realistic. Why would CIA think I have the political clout to make a significant contribution to discrediting one of their presumably most high-profile targets, namely retired Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge, 27 year veteran of the FBI, Ted L. Gunderson?

Why not use someone with "official" status, with unquestionable government-sanctioned bona fides? Or maybe a bogus whistleblower or slick disinfo agent having access to a large and formidable public forum. Someone with the resources and backing to mount an effective assault on Ted's credibility.

Now, in fact, this is a fair approximation of what Ted suggests to be the case about Art Bell. Art Bell is regarded as a celebrity. His radio show has one of the largest audiences in the world. He has tremendous influence in shaping public opinion. But even assuming Ted's hypothesis were true, why would someone like Art Bell (described by Ted as "the American hero" ) need any help from the likes of me?

As for myself, it is ironic that not only have I been blacklisted from mainstream media due to my whistleblower status; but reliable sources --as well as my own common sense and personal experience-- tell me I've even been blacklisted by certain promoters/producers of alternative media.

I've also been set up by certain talk-show hosts who invited me on their programs for the purpose of ridiculing or discrediting me. (Clay Douglas, of The Free American, a crony of the infamous Mark Phillips, comes to mind, but that's another story...)

Let's face it: I certainly haven't won any popularity contests --among ANY faction or collective of influential persons, no matter what their agenda or their politics. Most of these groups don't like me because I insist on remaining autonomous and refuse to join up and be a mouthpiece for whatever it is they're promoting. I haven't yet published any books. And the talent scouts are not beating a path to my door to invite me for speaking engagements. Having nothing to sell, I have nothing to promote.

So I repeat: Why me? Why would CIA consider it imperative that I be involved in the campaign against Ted Gunderson?

Does the scenario that Ted Gunderson presents make any sense? Not to me, but then maybe I'm a little dense. Or maybe I should just find myself a good "deprogrammer". Maybe then I'll finally see the light.

But let's get real: Although I am aware that CIA would like nothing better than to have me back in their grasp, and have in fact made many such efforts to that end, including for the purpose of "reprogramming" me, any such attempts have failed. Always have, always will.

Ted, Sue and their entourage may believe what they choose. But, as God is my witness, I'm outta there! I have shown my adversaries that I'm willing to lay my life down fighting for my freedom, if that's what it takes. And they know I mean business. Bottom line: They'll never take me alive.

But even so, I can't imagine CIA's reason for wanting me back under their control would be so that I could become just another cog --and a low visibility one at that-- in a disinfo machine against Ted Gunderson.

No, I'm sorry to say that CIA has far more weighty issues with me, and they have nothing to do with Ted Gunderson. Sorry Ted, it doesn't compute. I only wish my life were that easy.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust