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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Todd Brendan Fahey: Banned with Just Cause

Psycho Stalker Todd Brendan Fahey
NOTE: I ran across this post (below) awhile back while doing a search for something unrelated. I copied it for future use.
Interestingly enough, the person who wrote this, when referring to the "source", was citing a report by Barbara Hartwell, exposing the many offenses of Todd Brendan Fahey.
I often find that people have picked up my reports exposing such liars, scamsters and criminals, and posted them on message boards, especially (as is usually the case) when these perps have caused problems for others.
And although I do try to avoid reading anything written by this cowardly  lowlife, Fahey (including under his various aliases, most notably "Xena Carpenter"), due to his propensity for vile obscenity, and his many outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, I have occasionally read comments about him, and I've never seen anything that didn't describe him, truthfully, as a liar, a freak, a predator, a con man, as disgusting and appalling, and as a troublemaker,  causing problems for almost everyone he encountered.
As for anyone so morally bankrupt, so utterly loathsome, that he would actually condone sex with children (always a matter of rape), one thing I have observed about these despicable types of "men": They are always cowards, and always misogynists. So these monsters prey on innocent children, whom they can force themselves on, because in most cases, the children can't "reject" them, since they can't fight back.
I have personally also run across some absolutely abhorrent posts by Fahey, in which, exchanging his twisted stories with another sicko of his ilk, he boasted about having a large stash of drugs and alcohol somewhere in Southeast Asia, and references were also made to children in connection to Fahey's debauched lifestyle.
Considering all this, it's no wonder that Fahey has teamed up with another lowlife pervert, Timothy Patrick White, a transvestite and child porno freak, another psycho stalker. The demonic duo: both are fugitives from justice, and continue their crimes against persons with impunity. One in Canada, the other in Southeast Asia, they continue their rampage of lies, stalking, identity theft, forgery, and criminal harassment.
I hate even having to write about these loathsome characters, but I don't really feel I have a choice. They've done so much damage to so many decent, innocent people, they have wreaked such havoc --and they absolutely must be exposed, as it is the only chance of stopping them.
But there's one thing I must disagree with in these comments. The writer refers to Fahey as a "gentleman". In fact, Todd Brendan Fahey is the furthest thing from a gentleman that could  possibly exist. He's loud, he's crude, he's rude, he's foul-mouthed, he's offensive, his manners come straight from a barnyard. He's a liar, a thief, a forger, a blackmailer. No gentleman here.
And this demonic stalker has been criminally harassing me for almost 6 six years!  Recently, he and his accomplices (including Tim White and "Xena Carpenter") made a complaint to Google, due to the fact that I exposed "Xena Carpenter", under which name he is writing libelous pseudo reports, in which Barbara Hartwell is called a "whore" and a "lying bitch", among many other outrageous lies.
The Google Gestapo axed my post, in an outrageous display of censorship, while coddling the cowardly criminals at the expense of freedom of speech.
Meanwhile, the outrageous pseudo reports by these perps, Fahey, White and "Xena Carpenter" (along with monstrous invasions of privacy and soliciting further crimes of stalking and harassment) are now being promoted by many other despicable  lowlifes, including James F. Marino; Craig Oxley; Alex McGowin Studer, Pam Schuffert.
Ask yourself: What kind of person would promote the handiwork of these scum criminals? Who would want to aid and abet criminals in their stalking and harassment of others?
By their fruits shall you know them.
But anyway, here's what one observer has to say:
22 January 2007, 11:52
"Altho' I wouldn't know how creditable the source is, I do know the gentleman, "Todd Brendan Fahey" in the article. He was banned from Liberty Forum permanently and now posts on a forum called NOLAJBS.NET. There are so many articles on this guy on the net describing him as a cyber-stalker it ain't funny. He actually deserves his own category if I were to post them all. I got to know him on NOLAJBS forum and he is excactly the monster they describe him as in these articles.

Liberty Forum was down for almost a week to 2 weeks due to SQL ERRORS which almost destroyed the whole forum. They traced the problem to Korea were this guy works and lives.

He still keeps getting back on Liberty Forum and they keep banning him. He once came back using another handle and they knew it was him. Posting how he felt there was nothing wrong with having sex with children. Trying to discredit the forum. Liberty Forum doesn't condone that sorta thing so they banned him again and made it a rule such things weren't allowed to be posted condoning having sex with underage minors.

Trust me the articles are everything they say he is and more.

He is also a very heavy drug user and condones others to do the same.

I don't make it a habit of telling forum owners who they should and shouldn't allow on their forum. Just a friendly warning if you even encounter this gentleman."]