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Monday, March 8, 2010

True Confession of Transvestite, Sex Pervert, Porno Collector Tim White

After nine long years of criminal harassment, after suffering extreme damages, after the harm he has done to my friends, family, colleagues, fellow patriots and Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have absolutely had it with this lowlife slug, Tim White!

We, the targets, need to stick together, share our testimony (and publish it far and wide!) and combine our resources to see to it that we put this criminal out of business, the sooner the better!

Here, Tim White's admission re his sexual perversions: a transvestite; a  collector of pornography (including child pornography); a subscriber to various pornographic magazines; owner of numerous pornographic videos and paraphernalia, all found in the Denver warehouse he called home, after his arrest in August, 2001 for drug-trafficking.

Witnesses: Associates of Tim White, Mike Floyd, Daryl Sturgis aka "Tim Hall"; and a retired fed agent, "John" (not an associate) who, in disgust and outrage, wrote two letters exposing the crimes and perversion of Tim White. 

Both letters are published on this site.

White was never charged for the possession of child pornography, although various witnesses testified that they had found magazines containing this hideous material in White's home.

Possession of child pornography is a felony crime.

Why was White not charged with this crime?

I think that after all these years, and after all White's trafficking with known perverts, sex predators, pedophiles and criminals, it is clear why the feds allowed White to slide.

Tim White is a fed snitch, plain and simple. He made a deal to get out of jail in 2002, in exchange for stalking, harassing, libeling and slandering genuine  patriots who defend Liberty and who stand against government corruption.

The cowardly Tim White is now hiding out in Canada, a fugitive from justice,  where he continues his aggression against legitimate people.

Who's promoting and/or supporting and/or defending White and his accomplices?

Just a short list: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Pam Schuffert; Ken Adachi; James F. Marino; Aaron James; Craig Oxley; Todd Brendan Fahey; "Xena Carpenter"; Alex McGowin.

Excepting the professionals, Gunderson and DeCamp, the others are all rank amateurs, useful idiots and government stooges who are evidently either stupid enough to believe the outrageous lies of Tim White and accomplices; or, are promoting the lies against targets (including Barbara Hartwell) in service to their own agenda.

May they all, each and every one, reap the evil they have sown.

Brood of vipers!

Get behind me, Satan!

By their fruits shall you know them.

This excerpt is from Tim White's jailhouse letter to Stew Webb, August 2001. It was actually first published (2002) by Doug Millar (a low-level penetration agent and factotum for ex-FBI agent and COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson.)

Ironically, while still in jail, White had threatened to sue both Gunderson and Millar for libel.

But shortly thereafter, he abruptly switched sides, and now, years later, Tim White, still the government sycophant and stooge, has both these criminals on his public e-mail list and even claims them as "personal friends".

Attention all Tim White attackees:

Please join us in solidarity against this fed snitch, Tim White, and publish your testimony about this criminal, his accomplices, and their publicists, named above.

Help us expose the liars, and stop these lowlifes from spreading outrageous lies and destroying the lives of genuine  whistleblowers, legitimate journalists, patriots, and all those who love --and will defend-- America.



Well, I'm sitting here writing to you feeling very stupid, angry, foolish, embarassed, cornered, fucked over, dep-ressed, hamstrung, paupered, sad, deceived, sorry and a host of other feelings and too numerous to mention. What I have been caught up in this past two weeks is a living nightmare, losing family and friends and pissing a lot of people off and causing them to think less of me because of what was found out about another side of my life. [Here, White refers to the  aforementioned pornographic paraphernalia and cross-dressing.] 

I have thought of what was going through minds when everyone was poking through my personal life. However, thank you for your attittude and for sure Tim [Tim Hall aka Daryl Sturgis] and Mike [Mike Floyd]. They were put through a lot because of me. I'm very sorry they had to see that [the pornography, sleazy women's clothes, etc.] and clean up after me. They don't deserve it. Tim [Tim Hall aka Daryl Sturgis] told me right off he didn't think less of me. I think they always were keeping the big picture in mind to get through what they had to do. I don't know yet how I can repay them for taking care of me on this."

In contradiction of White's statement, Daryl Sturgis (aka Tim Hall) in fact told me, after the police raid on White's home (2001) that he was absolutely  disgusted by the sleazy women's attire, the pornographic materials and sex gadgets in White's home, and that he had "burned some of it" and "thrown the rest into dumpsters". Mike Floyd told me the same.

As for Stew Webb, he had had enough of Tim White, after White tried to extort $100,000 from him to get back the documents White had agreed to store for Webb. Stew Webb called the authorities to make sure White was busted for the drug trafficking; and he later was able to retrieve his documents,  although the feds threatened Daryl Sturgis (who turned over the documents, of which he had made copies); and they made an attempt on the life of Mike Floyd, which he barely survived.

The feds also threatened Barbara Hartwell, through their emissary, Daryl Sturgis (who turned and went back to work for the feds) that they would "bring the roof down on Barbara Hartwell", if I did not expunge my website and destroy all the evidence I had collected against them over a period of years.

They had nothing on me, as I am law-abiding (constitutional law, that is), have never been a criminal, have no criminal record, and their threats did not intimidate me, but only enraged me.

I told the feds they could go straight to hell --and being the cowards they are, they backed off.

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 8, 2010

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