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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Government Persecution & Smear Campaigns

"I have no animosity against Barbara. I love her and always will."

--Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson
(From his open letter, Response to Barbara Hartwell)
I ended my personal friendship and professional association with Ted Gunderson more than a decade ago. During the three years (1997-2000) I worked with Ted, I admit I was hoodwinked. But then, so were a number of others, former Gunderson friends and colleagues alike; some of whom have shared their experiences with me.
Some will never have the chance to share their experiences with anyone: They're dead. Some have died mysterious deaths and some, it is claimed, have "committed suicide". I won't name any names, as I can't at present produce any solid evidence.  But I can believe what I believe, and in certain cases, I can know what I know.
I guess one of the reasons it took me so long to see the truth about Ted Gunderson was because of his abundance of charm. As I once told him, Ted, you would make a great used-car salesman.  And I would venture to say that Ted Gunderson is probably the most talented con man I have ever met. I personally witnessed people throwing money at him, after listening slack-jawed to one of his compelling speeches about his investigations of satanic crimes and child rapists.
(Note, though, that none of those "satanists" or rapists have ever been convicted of these heinous crimes, at least not on Ted's watch.)
I think I believed in Ted Gunderson because he espoused everything I believed in --all my dreams of defending Liberty and of fighting for the Justice which has been so long denied to the victims and targets of a government run amok. And it seemed to me at the time that he not only spoke about it, but lived it. I was wrong, of course, and my faulty judgment (at least regarding the merits of TG) cost me, in spades.
Before I met Ted Gunderson, I already had more trouble than I could handle. I had been targeted for neutralization by CIA and the persecution was in fact one of the primary reasons I went public to expose government corruption and the black operations in which I had been utilized.
I did not realize until much later that Ted had in fact been planted on me by CIA. It could possibly be considered strange that I was never afraid of Ted, though considering what I later learned, it might have been wise if I had been.
In any case, he was never a direct threat to my life (at least not at that time) and I knew that in my heart, via the Spirit-filled intuition (through the Holy Spirit) which has always been with me, and which has saved my life more times than I can count.
There are many liars on the Internet, spreading disinformation about Barbara Hartwell, and most specifically, about my former association with Ted Gunderson.
Here is one such comment, writtten and posted by one Clarence Malcolm, (Ted's current sidekick), hiding behind the screen name "the fifth seal". This was posted with a link to a video, featuring Barbara Hartwell, Ted Gunderson and others, taped after a seminar we presented called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption (February 1998, Daytona Beach, Fla.)
"This is part of a video of government black ops abuse victims that never aired. Here, Barbara Hartwell speaks of her alleged abuse in the CIA MK ULTRA manchurian candidate mind control program. It came out later that she is a phony. She was attempting to associate with Ted Gunderson, FBI (ret.), who has been exposing government corruption (and still does), in order to eventually have him discredited."
Well, here we go again...I am accused of being a "phony" survivor of MK Ultra, and of being a CIA plant targeting Ted Gunderson. FYI, here are the facts, Mr. Clarence-double-oh-seven-Malcolm:
I never "attempted" to associate with Ted Gunderson. It was his idea from jump street. He approached me at a conference in Denver where I first met him, and invited me out for drink, saying he wanted to talk to me about some important business.
And for the entire time I knew him, it was Ted who usually called me; it was Ted who requested my assistance on cases he was working; it was Ted who invited me to participate in all sorts of events, and to work with him on writing reports, etc. etc.
In fact, the fix was in before I ever met Ted at the conference. I had been scheduled as a "mystery guest" by the conference organizer, Dean Stonier, because I was invited to speak at the last minute (only 2 weeks in advance of the conference) and I was told that my speaking slot would depend on the schedule of another speaker, an ex-FBI agent, Ted Gunderson. (Whom I had never heard of until that time, in case anyone is wondering...)
As it turned out, Ted conveniently showed up and was booked for another time, but I was given Ted's original slot. Very convenient for everyone. Except me, that is.
As for "discrediting" Ted Gunderson? He doesn't need my help with that. I would say he's done a fine job of discrediting himself.
Within a year of ending my association with Ted Gunderson (2001), I became friends with another former FBI agent, Geral Sosbee. This former FBI agent was (and is) for real in his battle against government corruption, his defense of Liberty and his quest for Justice.  And not surprising, we are still friends to this day.
Knowing what he knows, and having lived through the brutal persecution he has been targeted for by the U.S. government, Geral Sosbee stands with me, and, thank God, also stands FOR me.
He has written some commentaries on this subject, including his assessment of Ted L. Gunderson and his minions.
Here's a brief one, from 2003.
I make such a statement to show that others will share my belief in you; also, others will recognize that when the fbi/cia and their kind are killing or terrorizing the Target, then all rules of analyses must be modified to compensate for the outrageous efforts to destroy the human being under fire.
The fact that  you, I  and others are the objects of intense smear campaigns signals to the intelligent reader that the government is behind it and benefits from it.

I also submit the following: What intelligent and moral (right thinking) human being whom you and I would want in our company would make villainous and hurtful comments about a person trying to survive and trying to maintain her/his sanity amidst the most brutal campaign (psyops) of our time, a campaign directed at imprisoning/killing the Target?

The answer is no one. Our supporters are with us through the best of times and through the worst of times. If they are not, then we never wanted their kind of support in the first place; such  pretenders have no heart and have (using a word that you understand well) no guts; our company requires of one another and of our closest allies, BOTH.

Finally, every arrow shot at you is shot at me; I pray that I can be there to deflect and to fend them off, or to take the arrow.  I am so wired for such a task that I embrace it, almost as intensely as my wondrous Friend, Barbara Hartwell. My strength comes in part from the work that you do, Barbara, and from the spirit which shines through everything that you say and do.

Barbara- I read carefully the info about the Gunderson,Tim White, etc., phony patriot activities and efforts to smear Hartwell. I also understand the pressure that the cia/fbi thugs put on Hartwell.

I live with the same or worse harassment around the clock and I try to update my site to document the goings-on here.

I deduce that Gunderson is a kind of Kingpin of phony patriot-types who enjoys the best of both corrupt worlds: on the one hand he has the complete protection of the fbi/cia, the deadly and murderous groups in human history; on the other hand he has the confidence of some of the most credible members of the patriot community and in such capacity, Gunderson can play havoc with the lives and reputations of REAL PATRIOTS.

His little causes seem to me to be the work of a somewhat intelligent mental dwarf; so, in this respect he may be the most dangerous of the enemy within. These thoughts may be incorrect, but I have no evidence to support any conclusion other than the ones I present now to you on this subject.

Geral Sosbee
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA