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Friday, March 5, 2010

WORD GAMES by Carl F. Worden

NOTE: This article is by one of my favorite authors, Carl Worden, probably circa 2002.  And if you remember, under the reign of GW Bush, how outraged you were (at least I hope so!), and how it seemed like maybe things couldn't get much worse?

Wrong.  Now, we're dealing with Barack Hussein Obama, the gun-grabber and flaming commie. Now, we've got 'hate crime' laws, as the evil ADL runs amok, trampling the constitutional protections of the God-given right to free speech.  Actually criminalizing Christian values (as in citing the Bible as 'hate speech') in defense of sodomites and other loathsome perverts, including child rapists!

More's the outrage, these abominable practices are soft-pedaled as "paraphilias", and euphemized as "alternative lifestyles". The practitioners of which, by the way, will actually now receive "special protection" under the "law". What law? It's unconstitutional as all hell!

Some of us saw it coming. And we've done all in our power to try to stop it. But how could we stop it, when our countrymen just merrily went along with the program and bought into all the political correctness, and secular humanist propaganda?

As for anyone who voted for this freak (or who actually believes Obama has brought "new hope" for America), it's time to turn off the boob tube and wake up!

Haven't seen enough yet? Just wait, it's going to get much worse.....

And the solution is not about who (or what) gets into the White House. It is not about the "Democrats" or the "Republicans". All that is just window dressing.

What is the solution?

Demanding that the government obey the Constitution.

Standing up for our INDIVIDUAL God-given (natural), unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

Standing up one by one by one... 

Standing up for the God-given rights of our beloved children and grandchildren, giving them the only real hope: Liberty in their lifetime.

by Carl F. Worden

Ladies & Gentlemen:

It isn't an outrageous and gross violation of his presidential oath.  It's not even an act of treason against the citizens of the United States.  It's just the new "parallel" legal system for dealing with United States citizens who are only suspected of being terrorists.  The Prez declares the citizens "Enemy Combatants", has the suspects thrown into a military brig where they are held incommunicado, no attorney, no right to confront their presidential accuser, no evidence to scrutinize and no trial.  Oh, and they can be held indefinitely until the War on Terror is over, which is especially cute, since there has been no declaration of war.

No sir, we're not talking about doing away with the legal system we've all come to know and love.  No, don't you worry your pretty little heads about anything like that.  They're only going to utilize this here new "parallel" system of justice where really, really bad people are concerned.  The rest of us serfs will still be entitled to our most basic and fundamental rights as guaranteed under the Constitution.

The way I see it, if they don't have enough evidence to convict you under the "traditional" system of justice, you fall under the newfangled "parallel" system of justice.

Oh, and remember those quaint little phrases like "separation of power" and that antiquated "check and balance" system the Founding Fathers insisted upon?  Well all that is changed now.  If you don't like what this president is doing, you can vote him out of office.  I kid you not:  That is the new Bush Administration check and balance system that was just announced.

You can now pack your bags and move to just about any third world dictatorship and be guaranteed the same level of personal rights, protections and freedoms your new neighbors have.

Carl F. Worden

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust