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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"I Just Want the Truth Out There!": Ted Gunderson Exposed by Targets & Victims

NOTE: I received these comments in 2004.  And although the e-mails were on a public list, I  have decided not to disclose the names of the writers, since it is possible they may not want their names used.

The first is from a man who contacted Jackie McGauley re Ted Gunderson. The second is from a government mind control survivor.

McMartin preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley also wrote some comments, which have already been made public and I post them again here.  

As for Jackie, she is one of the victims of Ted Gunderson who is seeking justice and who is willing to communicate with others interested in documentation re the wrongdoing, crimes and scams perpetrated by Ted Gunderson and his  criminal accomplices.

Gunderson and his accomplices (individually and/or collectively) are guilty of a range of crimes, which include (but are not limited to) the following: rape of children; blackmail; extortion; murder for hire plots; murder; drug trafficking; illegal drug/ arms dealing; forgery; counterfeiting; grand larceny; mail fraud;  child prostitution and pornography; scams for stealing money from vulnerable women, especially old ladies; real estate scams; medical scams and health fraud; racketeering; criminal harassment; stalking; criminal menacing; felony threats.

On a lesser scale of offenses, Ted Gunderson is the Kingpin of  COINTELPRO libel and slander campaigns against genuine whistleblowers (such as Jackie McGauley and Barbara Hartwell). He (with the help of his accomplices and PR shills) attempts to persuade the public to believe that McGauley, Hartwell and others are "crazy" and/or part of a "government disinformation program".

Ironically, Ted Gunderson was involved in the most massive disinformation program that ever was, COINTELPRO, while in the FBI, and is still running  COINTELPRO, officially or not, to this day.

Lastly, BEWARE of these unscrupulous accomplices of Ted Gunderson, those who promote and/or support and/or defend him at the expense of his victims and targets. They not only support Gunderson, they libel/slander and/or stalk and/or harass the targets.


Timothy Patrick White
Clarence Malcolm
John DeCamp
Alan Stang (deceased)
Alex Merklinger
Don Stacey
Doug Millar
Alex McGowin Studer
Mark Phillips
David Icke
Alex Jones
Todd Brendan Fahey
D'Anne Burley
Ken Adachi
A. True Ott
Larry Lawson
Dennis Bossack
Don Nicoloff
George Green
Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor
Pam Schuffert
John Allman
Brenda Negri
Charles Bruce Stewart
Francine Kelly
Clay Douglas
James Rothstein
Anna Mae Newman
Ray Lavas
Osama bin Laden (deceased)
Christopher Jones

By their fruits shall you know them.

March 28, 2010


Dear Mrs. McGauley:

As the brave authoress, of the page you give your testimony on, mentions we would hope to wake up people, as to the extreme danger they are in, but we perserve for the well being of "our" posterity, even with the Gunderslime's, constantly harrassing us, in spite of such criminal behavior, to bring an end to their Criminal Overlord's reign of terror world wide, hopefully at the end of short ropes!!!  

Please Continue to Pray as if your life depends upon it, but consider, now we know, it's all life's longevity, that is dependent upon how fervently and powerfully you and yours "PRAY"!! 

There is a very small, valiantly human Christian Patriot community, throughout the REPUBLIC who will persevere to the end, hopefully and prayerfully Sovereign,  appreciating your continued efforts to shed light on these cockroaches.

I remain Constitutionally yours, 


PS: Please let Mrs. Hartwell know, we appreciate her efforts, possibly she would interview with Dr. Stan, maybe she can wake up some of her junior classmates in time, each soul is of equal importance to Our Lord!! 

Bless You and Yours


E-mail received, 2004

This would be of interest to anyone interested in ritual/sexual abuse of children and associated cover up, and also anyone who knows or knows about Ted Gunderson. 

Date sent: Fri, 6 Feb 2004

"FYI -

This is for anyone who has any interest in the McMartin daycare ritual abuse case.

I've been in touch with Jackie MacGauley, the writer of the E-mail below, for years.  She appears credible and sane, and others - including investigators and journalists - have vouched for her credibility to me.

The ex-FBI agent she mentions below, really did a number on her.  At the time, she was the most outspoken of the parents of the McMartin victims. That seemed to make her the enemy's #1 target. 

In record time, Ted Gunderson romanced her, moved in to live with her, accessed all her documentation about the case, bilked her out of money (bankrupting her). And then, after he moved out, he told everyone who would listen to him that Jackie was crazy.  (She became physically ill as a result of the tremendous stress he put her through.) 

But Ted didn't stop there.  He then published his version of the archaeological report, insisting (as he still does) that HE authorized and oversaw it.  He did not.  Jackie did.  But who is going to believe a "crazy" mother over a respected ex-FBI agent who claims to be an advocate for ritual abuse victims?  

I have tremendous respect for Jackie.  She could have fought back dirty. God knows I wouldn't have begrudged her the right to do so.  But instead, she took the high road and kept to her original mission, to fight for the credibility of the victimized children - who are now adults.

For whatever reasons, Ted Gunderson appears to be a serial predator.  He has romanced and bankrupted at least 2 other women (they both contacted me, with outside verifications of their stories.)  Each woman had also tried to speak out about the reality of ritual abuse.  I helped another potential victim free from his control after that. 

Unfortunately, there is another outspoken survivor who he is bilking and controlling to the max, using her to spread his disinformation (e.g., encouraging the victim to believe that the people who hurt and used her are "lizard aliens" who morph into human form.  And of course, those lizard aliens rule our world from behind the scenes. Whatever.  This stuff gets really crazy sometimes.)

There are at least 3 other "ex"-intelligence officers who are preying on outspoken female survivors and pro-survivors in similar ways, and are verified business partners with him.  Two of them befriended and betrayed me, although they did not romance me.  These women not only went through original hell - either their own or that of their children - they then were horribly revictimized BECAUSE they dared to speak out. And on top of all that, their (and our) credibility was torn to shreds by FMSF [False Memory Syndrome Foundation] spokespersons, most of whom - we can now prove - have had very questionable, if not downright dirty, motives for making their claims. 

It's a mess out here in Survivorland.  Things are going on that most people don't know about, but we are not going to stop speaking out.  If you are interested in the McMartin case, please consider buying a copy of the book. It's well worth it."


My daughter attended the McMartin Preschool 20 years ago. She was 2 and a  half. She is now 22. 

In the Spring of 1990 a group of parents gained access to the preschool  property and decided to look for tunnels the children had described. Many children said they were taken into tunnels under the school, abused, and transported away from the property into the community. 

I still live here in Manhattan Beach. There were hundreds of families who filed police reports and 42 families whose children were chosen to testify. I hired an archaeologist and he and his team uncovered 3 sections of tunnels  directly under the preschool building foundation. The fact that tunnels were found was reported in the news.

A year later I commissioned a formal report. I arranged to pay the archaeologist $3,000 to write the formal report, $1000 in donations, $1000 from Gloria Steinam and $1,000 from me. I contacted many publishers. No one would publish it.

Technology has changed since then and publishing is not the major expense  it used to be. I have had copies made at my own expense and sent them out on request, but I cannot do this on a large scale. I am disabled and have  no other income than Social Security. I had to file bankruptcy in 1993 because of a carpetbagger X FBI con man [Ted Gunderson] who embezzled $30,000 from me.

Since then the group False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) has said "there are no tunnels." This false statement is repeated often by anyone researching the trial. 


Hundreds of children are being called liars. This untruth is used DAILY to "prove" children are simply LIARS. It is used to set pedophiles free! 

Sadistic (ritual) abuse DID happen at the McMartin Preschool!

If you are a parent or someone who cares about the safety of children, please contact me about getting this report published! I don't want to make money on this. I just want the truth out there!!!  Please copy this plea and distribute it widely.

Thank you for your help!

Jackie McGauley
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust