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Friday, March 19, 2010

Criminal Psychopath Todd Brendan Fahey: The Spy That Never Was

Psychopath Todd Brendan Fahey has engineered a world of trouble for Barbara Hartwell, a person whose only "crime" was to offer Christian charity and support to someone who put out public appeals for help, claiming he was being persecuted in Thailand.

 (As in: No good deed goes unpunished.)
But apparently, there was another "crime" for which Todd Fahey decided an obsessive personal vendetta was in order:  The "crime" of rebuffing Fahey's sexual advances and of being unwilling to tolerate his many despicable offenses and invasions of privacy against me and my family.
And as I found out the hard way, after being targeted by this psychopath, Fahey is a malicious pathological liar; a blackmailer; an identity thief; a forger; a porno-monger; a sex pervert/predator (including targeting children.) He is also a degenerate alcoholic and drug abuser/trafficker.
And to date, Todd Fahey has been criminally harassing Barbara Hartwell (with whom he is clearly obsessed) for almost six (6) years.
As part of his criminal harassment, and fueled by his pathological obsession, Todd Fahey has also made it a mission to destroy the reputation of Barbara Hartwell, both personal and professional, with a libel campaign the likes of which I have never seen.
But unfortunately for Fahey (and his credibility), he has told so many outrageous lies, and promoted so many contradictory lies (most of which have been thoroughly refuted), that it was easy to expose him as the malicious liar (and delusional whackjob) that he is.
I have written numerous reports exposing Todd Fahey as a liar. I have published the testimony of witnesses exposing Todd Fahey as a liar. I have furnished a plethora of evidence which exposes Todd Fahey as a liar.
And although I have made it a policy (since 2004, when the libel extravaganza started) not to read most of Fahey's outrageously libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell (mostly due to the pornographic filth he has fabricated in connection with my name), I can not help but be aware of some of the venues he has chosen for his attacks, and of some of the names of his accomplices, who, at the very least, are promoting Fahey's lies about Barbara Hartwell.
(Please see a list of these accomplices at the end of this report.)
One thing that stands out when analyzing the writings of Todd Brendan Fahey is that he is what I would call a double-oh-seven wannabe. Fahey, it is very  clear, desperately wants to be a spy.  Furthermore, he boasts of his connections with real spies, whom he obviously reveres and envies. 
But Fahey never made the grade. He's simply not CIA material...CIA didn't want him, didn't try to recruit him, as he just doesn't have the talent; and certainly not the discipline.  He has been out-of-control, a drug-abusing alcoholic, since his teenage years.  At most, he was exploited as a willing stooge and go-fer by corrupt intelligence operatives like Singlaub, Graham and Humes. And the fact that he was never paid for his "services" (which he openly admits) tells it all.
As is known in the intelligence community, if they don't pay, you are not worth paying for. Period. But they are certainly willing to exploit any amateur wannabes like Fahey who will work for free...
Another truth re CIA: You don't choose them, they choose you. If they want you, they'll spare no expense (nor dirty tricks, bribery, blackmail, threats, etc. etc. ) to get you. If they don't want you, there's not a damn thing you can do to change their minds.
It seems clear to me that part of the reason for Fahey's initial fixation on Barbara Hartwell (which later led to a full-blown obsession), was this very issue: That I had the background, the training and the real involvement with "spies". I was a member of the club which Fahey was never allowed to join.
Ironically, I was the one who never wanted to be there, and I had to fight like hell (blood, sweat and tears) to get out. Fahey, on the other hand, wasted tremendous amounts of his time and energy trying to get in.
Fahey, in his obsessive rampage of libel, has done tremendous damage to me, to my family and certain of my friends and colleagues, most notably former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who has been my witness throughout Fahey's campaign to destroy Barbara Hartwell; who has also exposed Fahey as a lowlife, a coward; a "mental dwarf" and malicious liar; as well, he has refuted some of Fahey's lies, those which targeted Geral Sosbee as well as Barbara Hartwell.
But let me begin at the least of the ill-fated dealings I had with one Todd Brendan Fahey, wannabe-spy.
Here, some evidence which is mostly self explanatory; where not, I have added my comments.
"I am in the public library at Harlingen, Texas, where the site Friends of Liberty is blocked by Lightspeed Systems Filter Systems for porno content. Geral"
This was posted on Fahey's site, Friends of Liberty (and on many other sites) by Todd Fahey. It was Fahey's melodramatic public appeal for help, to which I responded, not knowing at the time that Fahey was a liar and delusional whackjob, among other, much worse things....
(Note Fahey's self-promoting and egotistical title.)
Pauper, Pirate, Psychedelic Spy: The Triple-Life of Todd Brendan Fahey
"Dear [name deleted for security purposes],

Think really hard. On one of the (expensive) phone calls that you made to me (or that I made collect to you, while in London...yes, when I was doing spy-work for the late Lt. General Daniel O. Graham, ex-chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who I met in Phoenix, while attending one of Major General John K. Singlaub's conferences...the World Anti-Communist League...this was at the time when Zane Smith and I were at our most active, and I was invited by several high-ranking Birchers and one Colonel Larry Tifverman to attend the conference. I ended up doing tape-recording and engineering/mixing work at the sound-control consoles of the VERY private and secretive WACL conference, at the personal request of Major General John K. Singlaub, ex-CIA and head of the notorious "Phoenix Program" in Vietnam, which was the assassination squad).

This is a very long and complicated story, but, again, I'm telling the truth, and [names deleted] had no idea what I was doing at the time.

This was at the time I was living with Mary Larkin and working for Evan Mecham's administration; I was hired by Ted Humes (also CIA, who headed RUCO--the Residential Utility Consumer Office), but that was a front. Mecham had hired Mr. Humes to gut the agency, as it was riddled with ex-Bruce Babbitt officials. Humes hired me personally, upon the recommendations of Edith Richardson and John Conlan. Through a complicated series of events, that's how I became acquainted with General Singlaub (who is still living) and Lt. Gen. Danny Graham, who died in 1995 of colon cancer.

[Addendum: Theodore L. "Ted" Humes, Division of Slavic Languages, who worked side-by-side with William F. Buckley--but who later denounced/renounced Buckley and Skull & Bones/CFR--called me, Todd Brendan Fahey, "the best Intel man I have ever seen." I'll swear to that also under polygraph. And I was only 23 years old.]

Dan Graham put me to work at Tracor Aviation in Santa Barbara as a spy. Again, a long story, but I'll be writing about it soon.

Graham and others also placed me at the L.A. law firm of Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro, again, as a spy, to retrieve files and report on certain law cases that were sensitive to national security.

At no time was I ever paid by Graham or Singlaub. But I did receive jobs through CIA/DIA and Intelligence channels. I have been a CIA "asset" (non-paid, officially) since the age of 20. I will take a polygraph by anyone on Earth to verify this.

You and others had no idea. I've been leading the strangest and most complicated and disturbing life for 18 years. No wonder I've got panic disorder and am prone to occasional freak-outs.

ANYWAY: During the time I was in London, you did receive a phone call that upset you greatly. The call was anonymous, and you were asked, "What is Todd doing in Iran?" I remember this as clear as a bell, because you were upset. You were almost angry at me, and asked me, "What are/were/have you been doing in Iran?" I was mystified, as I've never been to Iran.

Somebody was onto me then. People have been following me since I was 20 years old, at Arizona State.

So help me God, this is the Truth.

I love you, and I need a safe place. I need a rock-bottom, one-way ticket OUT of South Korea to someplace else. Once I land, I'll have about $3k to my name, which will last for awhile, but not for long. I can do some type of subsistance teaching wherever I land, but that'll just be for food and lodging. 

Otherwise, I'm a poor sonofabitch.

I've never been properly paid for my services (nor did I want to be; nor did I ever ask to be). I have done what I've done out of sheer patriotism and Belief. That and a quarter, as they say, will buy you a cup of coffee.

I'm sad that I've put everyone through all of this.


Next item: the  following letter from Todd Fahey to his father was written from my home in Maine, and from my computer, using MY private e-mail address/account, which Fahey had been told was off-limits to him. Having no respect for the privacy or personal boundaries of others, Fahey disregarded my directive and did what he pleased, as always.

The date was July 1, 2004, just three days before Fahey was thrown out and finally had to be hauled off by police for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats of violence.

As I was told by Fahey, until he made a phone call from my house in 2004, he had not spoken to his father in seven years. He said they were estranged and blamed his parents, whom he claimed "did not understand" him. On the contrary, I think they understood him all too well.....

I was also told that Fahey was not welcome in his parents' home, due to the very type of behavior (that of an abusive, drunken lunatic) which I and my family witnessed while we had the misfortune of having to deal with this "house guest from hell".

"Dear Dad,
It was nice to speak to you after all these years.  Sincerely.
As you're headed for Arkansas tomorrow, I doubt you'll be able to absorb this rapidly...if at all.  Aside from my temporary medical troubles, this is something you should know:
I have never (once) lied about mine involvement with (good or bad) the coterie of Gen. John K. "Black Jack" Singlaub (head of Operation Phoenix...which you can look up on the Internet): Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham (the architect and visionary of Reagan's "Strategic Defense Inititiave," dubbed by media/CFR operatives as "Star Wars); nor with CIA agent Ted Humes,
This is bonafide reality.   I can go to the point of minimizing mine efforts with each and every one of them; but that would  be a lie.
As others are asleep in this house, currently, let me close with the FACT that I was threatened (until the point of my blackmail; which all deserved) a DEPORTATION order from South Korea, the Admins of the University had NO IDEA with whom they were dealing, until the last possible second.   Suddenley, the Dean dropped the phone into its cradle and talked to me as a human being.  Prior to my very real threats, he was assuming that he was dealing with a plebe.
After about 10 choice words on my part, he (the Head of the whole college) realized that he could not perforce my deportation.  Cousin Chris came to mine vital rescue and liiterally saved me from death in Thailand; I must thank you for that measure.
I survived 4 assassination attempts while in Thailand; 3 of them one mine own, and the last (most precarious) due to a distant cousin.
I am not--as I have learned, true-handedly--a weakling academic.  The first three oppenants Chiang Rai--the only place in Asia wherein I've drawn battle--were stunned by my ability to both withstand their effort AND chase them down and draw blood.  I could have, easily, slit the throat of the U.S. provacatuer, Tom Wilson, who was yelling to me "then" friend (U.K. resident Charlie Milsom) to "KILL HIM!  Kill Him!!!) at 9:00a.m., over a cup of coffee.  Mr. Misom regained his senses, after drawing an 8" sword at my throat, approps nothing (my having carried his bills for a full 5 weeks, as my "graphic designer" on my 6000 Thai/Laos photographs, which came from MY CAMERA); then, irain-soaked street, i was faced with an agent provocateur from the U.S., pleading for me to be killed.
It's no surprise that I outran the American Tom Wilson, barefoot on a slick street, and proceeded to cut him from ear to mid-jaw, deeply,  That the cops took my favor on that count stunned me.   But I was in the right; I'd do it again tomorrow.
Meanwhile, as Charlie Milsom is currenty (and rightfully) incarcerated near the Thai/Burma border for attempted murder (rightfully), I am in the state of Maine looking for overseas teaching jobs.
Wish me luck,
Love, Todd"
These are two of a series of messages between me and Dan and Darlene Fahey, after Todd Fahey was ejected from my home.
I sent the messages to Geral, who served as my witness and had also offered his assistance to Todd Fahey, before he learned the truth about who/what Fahey really is.
Geral: I am forwarding this series of messages between me and Todd's parents to you, as you have been a witness to at least some of what is mentioned here. I do not intend to share these messages with anyone else at present, although I may decide to, if necessary, in future.
I am sorry for what trouble may have been caused for you by the events in which you became peripherally involved. I obviously showed poor judgment in endorsing Todd's character and integrity and recommending him to you. But I honestly had no idea what type of person I was dealing with until after he was already in my home. Perhaps I should have heeded what red flags there were......the incidents in Chiang Rai should have tipped me off, even if he were being set up or provoked, his behavior was over the top.


Dan and I truly appreciate the assistance you offered to Todd and are very sorry he was a burden to you. Thank you for all you tried to do. We understand he is in a mental hospital or a half-way house, not quite sure which and that he underwent a psych analysis but are not certain that it was very thorough. We do want to repay you for your inconvenience and the things you did for him. I know you do not have a bank account but would like to send you a cashier's check to help pay for the time he was there.

We do not know what will become of Todd. He has failed to make the best of some good opportunities and until he decides he wants to turn his life around, there is very little else anyone can do for him. Best wishes and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please let us know what we can do to return the favor you extended to Todd.

Darlene and Dan"
Darlene and Dan:
Thank you so much for your concern for me. I am fully aware that none of Todd's actions are your fault. He should be held accountable for his own behavior and certainly for any money he cost me. Since you have been kind enough to offer, I will accept a check from you, only because it is a matter of my survival, though I do not feel comfortable doing so. I can only hope that Todd will eventually pay you back, since it is he who is responsible for the financial losses and damage to my property.
I have spoken to a detective from the Old Orchard Beach Police Dep't., XXX. 
XXX contacted me after my relative wrote a letter to the Chief of Police out of concern for my safety and said only that the last he knew, Todd had been dropped off at the Southern Maine Medical Center (same hospital where his injuries were being treated) at his own request. What happened from there is not a matter of public record, so I do not know if he is being held there in a psych ward for observation, or what.
The detective told me that Todd had not been arrested. However, he did suggest that I obtain an order of protection from the court and that if Todd should attempt to contact me again or come back to my property, which he has been directed by the police never to do, that he would be arrested.
But I should also tell you that Todd wrote an e-mail to my best friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, stating that he had tried to commit suicide by an overdose of pills, but that the effort failed. He said the police picked him up at that time, sometime last week, I believe, but he did not say that he had been arrested. It is hard to know what the truth is, as I no longer have reason to believe anything he claims. 
Todd also tried to blame me for his problems and repeated his false allegations about "sexual incidents" which never occurred, in his e-mail to Geral, along with other false allegations about me, claiming that I "blacked out" from drinking an entire bottle of hard liquor. Although from what I observed directly, it seems likely that Todd had such "blackouts", on more than one occasion, I can assure you that no such things as he alleges ever happened to me, nor was I drinking any such hard liquor, much less an entire bottle, as he claims.
I do not know if he is purposely fabricating these lies or whether he is so delusional from the drugs and alcohol that he can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Perhaps he is projecting his own problems or experiences on others (in this case myself) a common pathology of alcoholics.  
What concerns me is that such false allegations are very damaging to me, especially considering the fact that as a gov't whistle-blower, involved in both electronic and print media, I am considered a "public figure" and anything generally written about me --whether true or false-- tends to receive wide coverage, at least in alternative media. Todd also says he owns nine (9) websites, in which his own writings can be disseminated. In addition to the character defamation, I probably don't need to explain the great emotional distress such false accusations have caused for me, being a Christian.
If Todd should decide to actually publish these outrageous lies or others about me, I will have no choice but to file a civil lawsuit against him for libel and other damages. I have warned him once about this, in writing, in answer to the libelous e-mail he sent to Geral Sosbee, who is my witness, but have no idea if he will respect my warning or disregard it, as he has already done in other situations, as described in my report.
As for the report I posted on my own website (which you may have already read) all of it is factual and truthful and there are witnesses to corroborate much of what is documented therein, including several family members and the police. If you need detailed descriptions of what transpired during Todd's stay at my home, the report provides them.
I am so sorry for the pain I know must have been caused for both of you. Still, despite everything, I have continued to pray for Todd and I do sincerely hope that God will give him a love of the truth; and that he seeks some help for his addictions and psychological problems before it is too late. 
I swear, I had no idea that Todd had these kinds of problems; I only knew him from reading his political articles, which I considered outstanding, and e-mail correspondence, in which he was polite and showed no disrespect to me. I did the best I could to help him, but I had no choice but to protect myself from his disruptive behavior and threats to my security and I find it very disturbing that he either cannot see that, or has chosen to misrepresent the true nature of his attitude and irresponsible, unconscionable behavior.
If you would like to send me a check to cover some of what it cost me in connection to Todd, it will be much appreciated.  I won't name a sum, and would not want to see you overtax your finances, but will be grateful for any amount you choose to send. As mentioned, Todd is responsible for any money he cost me, not the two of you, and if he comes to realize that, he will hopefully pay you back for anything you send to me, as well as for any other expenses you or I incurred in connection with his situation.
I had the package you sent "returned to sender". I refused it at the post office, as I did not intend any further contact with Todd, nor do I in future, after the last episodes where the police had to remove him from my property on two occasions, July 4 and July 6. [Stalking incident in July 6.]
If you need any further information that I can provide, please let me know. I have changed my e-mail address to XXX,  which this e-mail is being sent from. The other address has been expunged. I have had to change my phone number as well as the e-mail address. Please do not give the new e-mail address to anyone, especially Todd, as under the circumstances, I do not wish him to have any contact information for me, except my PO Box, which is public information.
Thanks again for your concern and your consideration and God bless you both,
Barbara Hartwell
My friend Geral Sosbee was kind enough also to offer assistance and support to Todd Fahey, during the time when we both believed him to be honorable and legitimate. When Geral first received the news that Fahey had to be removed from my property by the police, I think he was somewhat shocked.
Prior to the "final straw", I had tried to spare Geral from hearing about the ordeal I was put through by Fahey's lunatic behavior, because I knew he had his own problems, namely brutal harassment by the government on a daily basis.
So when I finally told Geral that Fahey had to be thrown out, I think he didn't understand at first the extremity of the situation; nor how hideous the behavior of Fahey had actually been.
Also, Geral is a far kinder, gentler, more tolerant person than I am, and I'm sure, more forgiving.
I later apologized to Geral for being harsh in my tone, and he accepted my apology. He also came to realize (through his own observations, after Fahey started his obsessive harassment against both of us) that Fahey is nothing but a lowlife and not worthy of any degree of tolerance or forgiveness.
It appears there has been a serious misunderstanding on your part. There is no "rift" between me and Todd Fahey. What I clearly stated to you in our phone conversation was that I want nothing further to do with him, EVER.
The disrespectful and abusive treatment shown by him to me and my family was insufferable. He has also shown himself to be a pathological liar who has slandered me; who even lied to the police about various matters, in his drunken rantings, including claiming that my home is NOT my home.  
(He told the police it was owned by someone named "Jack Knowles", a person I have never heard of, and who in any case, if he exists, does NOT own my home.) 
The day he had to be ejected, before the cops arrived, he finished off several bottles of hard liquor, the last that I had in my home. There is NO excuse for such behavior.
 And I have no intention of "airing" any problems, because I no longer have a problem. The problem ended when I made it clear to the police that any further attempts at contact by Fahey would be regarded as harassment.
Yes, HE owes ME an apology, but I don't expect to get one. He is clearly out of touch with reality, and has never given any indication that he even realizes his behavior, in so many ways, was totally unacceptable, unconscionable and wrongful. 
As for me, I've done absolutely nothing wrongful to him.  All I did was go out of my way to help him and he repaid my kindness with psychological abuse; violations of my privacy, security and trust; harassment and slander. 
If you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, that is your prerogative. But please, leave me out of this in future. Don't try to be a peacemaker, at least not as regards anything to do with me. I don't want or need an intermediary,  because I have said all I intend to say to him and I'm through having any dealings with this whacked out alcoholic and drug addict. You have no idea the damage he did to me and my family.
PS: Please forward this to him, as I intend NO direct communication, now or in future.  Thank you.
In summary, I cannot begin to express my disgust at the loathsome crew of  malicious liars (some of whom are also criminals) that are accomplices to Todd Brendan Fahey.  
That they would be in collusion with a scum criminal like Todd Fahey speaks volumes, and tells any intelligent, ethical person all they need to know -- just as it seals their fate as irredeemable, as far as I am concerned.
This list includes anyone who has defended and/or supported and/or been in collusion with and/or promoted Todd Fahey in his obsessive libel and harassment campaign against Barbara Hartwell.
Currently, Fahey's main venue for promoting outrageous lies, perpetrating monstrous invasions of privacy, criminal harassment and the solicitation of additional crimes against Barbara Hartwell, is the website of one "Xena Carpenter", a name also being used as a pseudonym for Fahey's libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell.
"Xena Carpenter" is an advocate of government censorship (via her false accusations against Barbara Hartwell, which resulted in Google deleting one of my reports on "Xena Carpenter" and her accomplices, Todd Fahey and Tim White); a promoter of pornography (via Todd Fahey) and of vile obscene language (via her own foul and lying mouth); and a belligerent ignoramus who purports to "expose" subjects (such as the New World Order) about which she knows nothing.
This stooge, "Xena Carpenter" also shows her abject stupidity and cowardice by allowing criminals like Todd Fahey and Tim White to use her name and website to promote outrageous lies about legitimate people; to perpetrate monstrous invasions of privacy against targets (including Barbara Hartwell) and to solicit crimes against targets. 
Therefore, anyone promoting the outrageous libel of "Xena Carpenter" is promoting the libel of Todd Fahey.
By their fruits shall you know them.
"Xena Carpenter"
Tim White
Ken Adachi
James F. Marino
Robert Sterling
Aaron James
Ted Gunderson
John DeCamp
Doug Millar
Clarence Malcolm
Larry Lawson
Pamela Schuffert
Rosalee Grable
Brenda Negri
Alex Merklinger
Alan Stang (deceased)
Alex McGowin Studer
Craig Oxley
Michelle Ray
Christina Cook
Marilyn Guinnane
Don Stacey
Rayelan Allan
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