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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Statement from Chief Leonard Crow Dog on Human Rights/Leonard Peltier


March 24th 2010: 

12465 days of WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT !!! 

Statement From Chief Leonard Crow Dog on Human Rights/Leonard Peltier


Since the injustice that is happening is not only to our Native Tribes but to all human beings. With many of them, there is a reasonable doubt of the cases. The grand juries that indicted our relation, Leonard Peltier, not only Leonard but others on a political foundation. There is still a reasonable doubt as to the grounds of these cases. But did we have a chance to pick the grand juries or was it the Justice Department? Now this injustice has been over 34 years. Do we have a Human Rights understanding? Let us exercise the Human Rights and research. Let’s look at the conviction in this case that they call a case. Let’s look at it on an international level regarding the 6 million Jews that have been murdered and who was convicted. And let’s look at the 1890’s massacres of Indian Tribes, so called Native Americans.

So, as human beings looking at the case of Leonard Peltier there is still a reasonable doubt as to the case and the trial. So now it’s been over 34 years and we feel the case needs to be looked into in regards to our Human Rights. So we must have a grand jury assembly.

Peltier is Crazy Horse but Crazy Horse has been murdered but no one has ever been convicted or tried for this case. So let’s look at the 28 states for the human assembly research. This is not a “Rosenberg” case, for that purpose. This man, Leonard Peltier, is a First Nations relation that was protecting the unborn generations and the elders of the tribes in what we call America. Therefore, I believe that this case needs to be looked into again for the sake of all our Human Rights.

Hecetu Welo.
All My Relations-A Ho,

Chief Leonard Emanuel Crow Dog


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