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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

James F. Marino Aids and Abets COINTELPRO and Criminal Conspiracy

"President-Elect Obama offers us new hope that some of the injustices perpetrated by the PNAC/Bush criminal syndicate can be redressed under his tenure as President."

--James F. Marino, November, 2008

James F. Marino is a useless idiot.  There is simply no other way to describe him.  Apparently he aspires to be a "useful idiot", but just can't make the grade.

Marino started libeling Barbara Hartwell in 2007, but has now gone off the deep end in his paranoid delusions, and fueled by his obvious malice, is not only parroting (and promoting) the libelous falsehoods and diabolical calumny of my enemies (government agents, operatives and their minions, shills and stooges) --none of which have any basis in fact-- he is also fabricating his own malicious lies.

Even worse, Marino is now also aiding and abetting the very criminals being used by COINTELPRO to neutralize targets, most notably, for the purpose of this report, high-profle target Barbara Hartwell.  Yes, the very COINTELPRO criminals and liars that Marino claims to be fighting and "exposing".

If that does not show his utter foolishness, his unadulterated stupidity, nothing will.

Marino, in his gross ignorance and complete lack of discernment, evidently fails to realize that he has fallen into the very trap set by COINTELPRO: 

Support and promote "the enemy of your enemy." In this case, Marino's  "enemy" happens to be Barbara Hartwell --and "the enemies of his enemy" are criminal government operatives and their stooges; thus Marino has been duped into supporting and promoting the very people he claims to be fighting and "exposing".

Marino now accuses me of being both CIA AND FBI (I'll get there shortly); as well, he is parroting the outrageous lies of my criminal enemies, calling me a "whore" and "lying bitch".

So once again, I have taken some outrageously libelous statements --excerpts from Marino's latest smear piece on Barbara Hartwell--  for the purpose of refuting them (once tiresome it gets...) and setting the record straight. And (once again) exposing James F. Marino for the idiotic and utterly clueless government stooge he so obviously is.

But before I get to Marino's latest libel, a little history is in order, at least for those interested in the real issues, which Marino is obviously too ignorant, too egocentric, too delusional, and frankly, too stupid, to understand.

And since he's so intent on the parroting of lies and name-calling, and won't even address the real issues (or the principles involved) I will address the issues, just as I always have done.

Here's the real story, in a nutshell. I first became aware of the existence of James Marino in 2005. He was writing articles in which he claimed he was a target of the FBI and COINTELPRO. He also publicly expressed his "support" for ex-CIA Barbara Hartwell and ex-FBI Geral Sosbee, whose cases he had read about on the Internet. 

So far, so good, or so I thought at the time.  At first, I appreciated the "support", as I saw no reason to doubt that Marino was legitimate, genuine and sincere. I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when they claim they want to "support" my work. I even at one point put up a link to Marino's website from my own, and wrote a brief statement endorsing his website.

I should also state that one reason I may have believed Marino to be genuine was because he was in contact with my friend and professional colleague, Geral Sosbee. According to Geral they were only casual acquaintances, but at the time neither of us saw any red flags to suggest that Marino would become a problem for either one of us --that came later.

It is important to state that never, at any time, did I have any form of contact with James Marino. He was (and is) a complete stranger to me. Marino does not know me, nor does he know anything about me, with the exception of what he may have read in my own reports on the Internet, or may have heard on my radio broadcasts.

He obviously believed what he read/heard, at least that which came directly from the source, Barbara Hartwell. This was clearly stated in his articles, which brimmed over with effusive praise for Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee.
But there came a time when I began to notice several disturbing qualities about the behavior and attitudes of Marino, and which were certainly reflected in his writings and in the content of his website.

Firstly, Marino displayed the behavior of a name-dropper and gate-crasher. His attitude was presumptuous and overly familiar and he overstepped his bounds in writing about the cases of others (including Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee).

In fact, he wrote about many well-known people he did not know, but inappropriately called them by their first names (as if they were his friends or colleagues) and even presumed to comment on their personal lives. It was clear to me then (as it is now) that Marino (as is the case with all gossips and busybodies) has no respect for the privacy or  personal boundaries of others.  

Instead of limiting his commentaries to known facts, or simply citing material written by various individuals whom he was promoting or wanted to "support", he endlessly editorialized, overshadowing the real issues with his own subjective opinions and viewpoints; and apparently projecting his own feelings and beliefs onto others; and in so doing, often misrepresented the individuals he was writing about.

A case in point: In one melodramatic article, in commenting on government harassment against Sosbee and Hartwell, Marino stated that "...former government agents Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee are forced to lead lives of quiet desperation."

Which statement I later refuted, as it is blatantly untrue, and insulting to both Geral and myself (as Geral and I agreed), since nothing could be further from reality. We are both hard-core freedom fighters, and very vocal about tyranny and injustice  --not cowards who would ever allow ourselves to be "forced" by anyone into "quiet desperation."

It eventually became clear to me and to my friend Geral Sosbee that Marino was trying to ride on our coattails (as known government whistleblowers) to get publicity for himself and to legitimize his "case".

But our names (and cases) were not the only ones James Marino was misrepresenting. Since I have already covered all this in other reports (see links above), just for the record, I will list a few of the people Marino was writing about, all of whom were presented in a "false light" (some more than others) by James F. Marino.

Barbara Hartwell; Geral Sosbee; Rick Stanley; Bob Schultz; Aaron Russo; Sherry Jackson; Ed and Elaine Brown.

In the articles about these individuals, written by the rank amateur James Marino, "alternate journalist" (as Marino has described himself on his website...whatever that means...) there were many misstatements of fact; many false assumptions, much wild speculation, and what amounted to Marino's uninformed (or misinformed) personal opinions which had absolutely nothing to do with the issues he was addressing, nor, more importantly, the individuals he took it upon himself to write about.

One brief example: Marino claimed that Rick Stanley was in jail, because "he just wanted the government to ease up on gun laws." Fact: There are no constitutional "gun laws", which (unlike the useless idiot, Marino) Stanley well knows.

Stanley never, at any time, said anything even remotely similar to Marino's false statement.  In fact, Rick Stanley simply exercised his God-given RIGHT, constitutionally protected under the second amendment. 

And having a loud-mouthed jerk like Marino spewing out his misinformation about people, issues and cases he doesn't begin to understand, only creates more problems for the target (in this case, Rick Stanley.)  "Activists" like James Marino are not part of the solution -- they are in fact part of the problem. With "supporters" and "journalists" like Marino, who needs enemies?

Another issue: Marino was promoting a number of criminals, liars and government shills (as well as globalist organizations) on his website, who happen to be my enemies. These include (but are not limited to): Ken Adachi (PR shill for COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson); Walter Bowart (scam artist and mind control handler); Barack Hussein Obama (no comment necessary); Sherry Shriner (Bible code nut and government stooge, accomplice of Tim White et al); the United Nations.
And lastly, it became very clear that Marino was a complete ignoramus when it came to the very issues he was writing about.

Just a few examples of the areas of Marino's ignorance: Constitutional law; civil rights; God-given (natural) rights; COINTELPRO; mind control; the IRS; second amendment...and on...and on..and on...

(See my reports for details.)

Marino not only displayed his ignorance about important issues, but he exhibited leftist leanings and even communist sympathies.

In addition to Marino's profound ignorance, I found his politics (leftist, socialist, communist) objectionable; I found his attitudes pretentious; I found his demeanor pompous; I found his name-dropping, gate-crashing and coattail riding offensive.  

That he promoted my enemies and their websites, where government-sponsored disinformation and prolific libel of Barbara Hartwell is a regular occurrence, was the last straw.

Long story short: After observing all this over a period of a few months, my assessment of Marino  was that he was someone whose website I could not in good conscience endorse. Furthermore, I did not want my name connected in any way to Marino or his website, with good reason.  And that is my prerogative. 

I had also discussed this issue with Geral Sosbee and he was in complete agreement with me (he usually is, as we are remarkably alike in our viewpoints and feelings.) We were (and still are) in agreement that James F. Marino lacks credibility.

So here is what I did: I simply REMOVED the link to Marino's website from the front page of my own site. I also went through my archives and deleted the posts (there were only a few) which mentioned Marino or were written by him.

I did this quietly, with no announcement about it. And I probably would have left it at that, hoping that Marino would take the very obvious "hint", and stop exploiting my name.

But rather than respecting what were obviously my wishes, like any decent and perceptive person would have done, Marino decided to become even more aggressive and force the issue. On the very day (and less than an hour later)  that I removed the link to Marino's website, he posted, in large, bold type, on his front page, a brief endorsement (over a year old) I had written for his website.

So now, he was exploiting my name in a prominent display on the front of his site; which left me no choice but to make a public statement confronting  Marino directly and retracting my recommendation of his site, and to set the record straight.


Marino's response to my report was predictable. He did what most busybodies, gate-crashers,  gossips and ignoramuses do when they are confronted with the truth about their unacceptable behavior: Instead of admitting his mistakes and apologizing for his offenses, he went into attack mode against Barbara Hartwell, falsely  accusing me of all sorts of dastardly deeds, as he is still doing to this very day.

All I had cared about up until that time, as far as Marino was concerned, was to get him to stop exploiting my name and leave me out of his ill-informed commentaries. But now, he switched from gate-crashing and name-dropping to overt aggression and libel, going so far as to accuse me of being CIA (just as all of his ilk do).

One more item: Marino, being the stooge he is, is also now parroting the lie that my real name is not Barbara Hartwell. He has substituted another name, and is using it to refer to me. For the record, my "real name" is in fact Barbara Hartwell. And aside from Percival (my family name, which I also use) I have NO OTHER name.

Since I refuse to promote the falsehoods of my enemies (namely Tim White, Todd Fahey and "Xena Carpenter") I have deleted the references to such in Marino's libelous article. 

Here, some excerpts from Marino's latest (at least that I know of) outrageous and libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. 

[My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP]

CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Hartwell Also Exposed As An FBI Provocateur Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author

[BHP: In his delusional paranoia, Marino has now decided that I am not only a "CIA Disinfo Agent"; but that I am also a "FBI provocateur." He then cites three completely irrelevant links, the titles of which are given above, as if they have anything whatsoever to do with the issue at hand. What's his point?]

"Editor's Note: For the past few years Barbara Hartwell has routinely attacked this author with her libel, while I simply took note of what she was doing. Today, I finally had enough of this vicious liar, and offer the following on this CIA disinformation agent/FBI provocateur."

[BHP: I have never "attacked" Marino. I started out by simply stating some facts: that I found his website full of misinformation; that I do not agree with his viewpoints, that I find his politics objectionable, and that I do not want him exploiting my name, etc. etc. as outlined above.

Disagreeing with someone and publicizing that fact does not constitute an "attack". Nor does Marino have any evidence whatsoever that I am a "vicious liar". He is merely parroting his fellow government stooges who have been tasked with destroying Barbara Hartwell.]  

"As a result of the following post on Hartwell, the FBI also tampers with this author's account, completely deleting the e-mail portion of the account, so that I can no longer receive E-mail from merchants with whom I do business on the Internet. This is another example of how the FBI electronically hacks into this author's online accounts, whether it be Blogger, Angelfire,,, or any other electronic medium which this author utilizes."

[BHP: Now, Marino blames Barbara Hartwell (again, presenting no evidence whatsoever for his accusations) for what he claims is "tampering" with his e-mail accounts by the FBI. Doesn't this fool realize that the FBI could not give a tinker's damn about him (I doubt they would even recognize his name) and would not waste their time or resources hacking into his accounts? Especially not on account of Barbara Hartwell, their sworn enemy. It is stooges like Marino they love to use to attack Barbara Hartwell. And he's clearly taken the bait.

Who is James Marino that the FBI could possibly care, one way or the other? Answer: He is nobody. He is not a whistleblower. He is not an expositor of government corruption. He is not a former intelligence or law enforcement professional who would actually KNOW anything incriminating which he could expose. He is not an activist who has ever been effective in exposing or countering FBI corruption. He is not a journalist. He is simply a rank amateur, a loudmouthed busybody with time on his hands, who routinely sticks his nose into other people's business.  Nobody cares!...least of all the FBI.]
"It would also appear that *'babbles' - real name Barbara Hartwell - CIA disinfo agent and FBI provocateur (who obviously visits "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" frequently), has now also acknowledged that John St. Clair Akwei is a 'legitimate government whistle blower' (Hartwell's own words), that the information contained within his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA is accurate (which includes the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the body's electromagnetic field via spy satellite), and that the population in the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA.

Something which I have been stating on the Internet since 2005 based on my own experience as a target of illegal NSA surveillance."

[BHP: This moron just continues on with his parroting, calling me "babbles"; and with his wild speculation and stupid assumptions. First of all, Marino knows nothing about how often I visit his idiotic website. In fact, I have not visited it "frequently", but only occasionally, since he began his attacks on Barbara Hartwell in 2007.

Marino, like most egocentric and delusional government stooges, over inflates his own importance and boasts about his so-called "precedent-setting case". He has no case...except perhaps as a nutcase.

To me, he is nothing more than an obnoxious nuisance, whose foolishness needs to be exposed from time to time.

Secondly, Marino makes the false assumption (along with many other false assumptions) that I have only "now acknowledged" that John St. Clair Akwei is a "legitimate whistleblower". In fact, I had known about (and publicly discussed) the case for years before the parading idiot Marino says he started promoting it in 2005.

My reports have been on the Internet since 1995, and my website ( ran from 2000-2004. Marino has no idea what I did --and did not-- discuss or promote during that time.

So where does he get off making uninformed statements about Barbara Hartwell based only on his own foolish assumptions?

And how would Marino know what I have written about in the past?  Answer: he wouldn't. This buffoon knows nothing about Barbara Hartwell.

Marino accused me of  "not publicizing" that particular case when he first started his attacks on me in 2007.  I refuted Marino's idiocy by pointing out that it is NONE OF MARINO'S BUSINESS what I choose to publish on my website.  I don't answer to James Marino. And that it is completely irrelevant to the issues I am exposing regarding James Marino.

Marino has also frequently boasted that he was the "first to corroborate" Akwei's case. In fact, he has "corroborated" nothing. Marino has not presented any evidence which corroborates anything. Marino is just exploiting Akwei's case, as he tried to do with Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell, seeking attention for himself and trying to present himself as something he is not --and will never be.]

Here, the poseur and shameless fraud, James Marino, again promotes himself:

"James F. Marino
FBI COINTELPRO Target/NSA Satellite Prisoner"

And here, Marino parrots the lies of his new accomplices (his fellow government stooges and liars):

"Barbara Hartwell
Slick CIA Disinfo Agent/FBI Provocateur

Hartwell also accuses this author of being a Barack Obama supporter, by citing the only post which I ever wrote which encouraged Americans to give Obama a fair chance to undue the years of damage that George W. Bush and his criminal administration had done to this country.

However, when it became clear that Obama was nothing but another Zionist puppet, I wrote a number of other posts which were not in support of President Obama; posts which Hartwell (given her constant visits to this site is more than aware of), deliberately excluded for her own disinformation agenda. This is further evidence of Hartwell's duplicity and that she is a pathologial liar."

[BHP: Marino lies about the "only post" he ever wrote re Obama. He has in fact been promoting Barack Obama since 2007. (See my 2007 report for evidence.) He even claimed that "the FEDS" were trying to stop him, but that NOBODY would stop him from voting for Obama in 2008. Apparently, nobody did stop him.

Intelligent and discerning people (including all real patriots) are now dealing with the consequences of the stupidity and the misguided actions of morons like Marino --we have a criminal and a communist in the White House.
And as I've said before, it is not my problem that Marino is so ignorant and so stupid that he did not see Obama for what he is until it was too late. If in fact he actually "sees", which is doubtful.

Since Marino has zero credibility, I have no reason to believe a word he says. Now, he tries once again to make me into a scapegoat for his own stupidity. And no, there were no "constant visits" to this moron's website.

More to the point, I am not required to be a PR representative for the likes of Marino. It is not my job to report all the vicissitudes of weathervane Marino, swayed by every wind of doctrine, or every political pundit who comes down the pike.  

Fact is, Marino repeatedly endorsed and promoted the commie (over a period of years) and now he is stuck with the commie, whatever he wants to say to try to cover up and justify his own stupidity.

"Further evidence of Hartwell's duplicity?"  What has this low-grade moron (and a malicious one at that) been smoking? There is no "evidence" whatsoever of any form of duplicity, not on my part.

Evidently, comrade Marino believes that because I did not report on his correction of his own stupid mistakes (as he subsequently parroted other people's opinions on Obama, being too stupid to form opinions of his own) that I am now culpable for HIS stupidity?

Un-flippin'-believable! Lord have mercy!

But just for the record, here are a few comments from James Marino, profusely endorsing Barack Hussein Obama, communist tyrant, non-citizen, gun-grabber, Constitution-trampler, Muslim (masquerading as Christian),  NWO shill and puppet, long-legged mack daddy.....]

"Barack Obama deserves the chance to make this country a better place for all Americans; not just the wealthy elite who've enjoyed these benefits all along."

"With Barack Obama, middle class Americans will now have the chance to improve their lives; albeit after a long period of transition in which to undo much of the precedent setting damage caused by the criminal PNAC/Bush regime."

"Hopefully, he will battle the New World Order and its Totalitarian agenda; something Bush and the PNAC have aided and abetted for the past eight years."

"At the very least, Obama offers an opportunity for the middle class in this country to get a fair shake for the first time in this country's history."

[BHP: Next, the moronic busybody, Marino, goes on to stick his nose in my personal business, regarding a PRIVATE matter, namely the ownership of my home.]

"Hartwell is even caught in a white lie which makes you wonder about her own sanity; she states that she owns the house she lives in, however, a simple *Title search reveals that the house which X-Hartwell lives in is owned by someone else. Why would X-Hartwell make up a lie which could be easily exposed in which to destroy her credibility? Because she is a mental case.

*This Title search was conducted by someone else whom X-Hartwell has been slandering, and further proof that X-Hartwell does lie."

[BHP: Marino now falsely claims I am "caught in a white lie", and invades my privacy by parroting the libel of Todd Brendan Fahey, who, hiding behind numerous aliases since 2004 (including, most recently, "Xena Carpenter") has made various false claims about Barbara Hartwell and the ownership of my home. 

Fahey has also published my UNLISTED, PRIVATE street address for the purpose of soliciting the additional crimes of stalking and harassment by like-minded criminals.

Marino has no evidence of any "lies", nor to back up his idiotic statement that I am a "mental case".

And for this fool's edification, IT IS NOBODY'S business about the location, the street address or the ownership of my home.

Marino, being a busybody and a communist, probably thinks that everybody's private business is his business and open for public consumption. Dead wrong.]

"FBI provocateur and evil CIA disinfo agent Barbara X Hartwell recently threatens this author with the following post, showing just how deranged this foul mouthed evil miscreant, Barbara Hartwell really is:

"Marino: You are pond scum. And mark my words, you will suffer the consequences of your unwarranted and ill-advised attacks on Barbara Hartwell."

Obviously, Hartwell doesn't like the fact that the "truth" about this CIA disinfo agent/FBI provocateur con artist has now been circulated on my Website (as well as those of many of her other victims), and that millions of my readers now know that Barbara Hartwell is a total criminal fraud, and that this low life "CIA mind controlled miscreant" has now threatened to harm my person!"

[BHP: This delusional whackjob has really gone off the deep end. I'll ignore his idiotic comments about the "evil CIA disinfo agent" and so on and so forth. His stupidity speaks loudly and clearly for itself.  

But he now falsely accuses me of "threatening" him? Threatening to "harm" his "person"?

For the public record, I have done no such thing.

Calling him pond scum and stating that he will suffer the consequences of his unwarranted and ill-advised attacks on Barbara Hartwell, does NOT equate with any sort of threat to harm his person!

The "mental case" here is not Barbara Hartwell, but this lunatic, Marino, who has teamed up with his fellow government stooges and is parroting their libelous falsehoods, and who could not find any "evidence" against Barbara Hartwell if his sorry excuse for a "life" depended on it.]

"Editor's Note: Intel recently uses the following *provocateur, Barbara Hartwell, in an attempt to get this Blog taken down by using her Blog in which to demonize this author in one of the FBI's duplicitous provocation schemes. There is no doubt that the FBI is behind this latest scheme, and using this miserable shill to perpetrate it. This is the 3RD attempt in which Intel has used this provocateur alone to incite a situation in which the FBI could attempt to have this site removed with plausible deniability. There have been a myriad of such attempts since this author began this Blog in June of 2006. After putting up with all of the insults that any one person can stand from this lowlife guttersnipe, this Intel shill is finally exposed by another target of her malicious lies."

[BHP: Again, where's the evidence? Where are the facts? This fool is just shooting his mouth off with more wild speculation, apparently fueled by his delusional paranoia. More name-calling, more insults, but NO EVIDENCE.
"This author" (as he pompously refers to himself) needs to stick his head in a bucket of cold water and clear the cobwebs from his brain.]

[BHP: Now, Marino once again cites government stooge, PR shill of COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi, as a "source" he claims is "exposing" Barbara Hartwell. See my many reports exposing malicious liar Adachi, for more information.]
"Aaron James also recently exposed Hartwell as a CIA disinfo agent when she called into a radio program James was being interviewed on. James has now also exposed Hartwell as a threat to his Mother and person, and identified her as a CIA disinfo agent. Barbara Hartwell is a cunning liar who aids and abets the FBI in taking part in its COINTELPRO attacks on legitimate targets."

[BHP: Aaron James "exposed" nothing.  James is just another government stooge who believed the lies being promoted by his pal, Tim White, who answers to COINTELPRO operatives and criminals (primarily Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp).

That Marino could be so stupid shows just how easy it is to become a government dupe, especially when spite is the motivation, rather than a concern for truth or justice. Marino, it is clear, values neither truth nor justice, but only seeks to justify his own moronic and cowardly actions.]

"Hartwell is not a legitimate whistleblower and never has been. She also has a history of posting on a regular basis for about six months out of the year, and then disappearing for the other six months. God only knows where she goes during that time - perhaps another con which requires her to take time away from the Internet?"

[BHP: Who in hell does busybody Marino think he is? He is entitled to his opinion about the legitimacy of Barbara Hartwell and I couldn't give a tinker's damn what he thinks. 

But it is NONE OF MARINO's BUSINESS about how often I post on my site; or why I do what I do; or when; or how. And his wild speculation about "another con" is just more parroting of the libelous falsehoods of my criminal enemies: Todd Fahey, Tim White, "Xena Carpenter", Ken Adachi, and on and on.... 

Since Marino can't come up with anything to pin on me, nothing that is real or true, he resorts to the idiot's method of attack: parroting the enemies of the target, and hoping that some of the mud he throws will stick.]

"Moreover, anyone who is in the financial trouble that Hartwell claims to be in, would have been homeless years ago. However, she still manages to live in a comfortable New England home, owned by another person - even though Hartwell has claimed that she herself owns this home - a blatant lie. And only one of many which this Intel provocateur continues to dupe the public with. This author has caught Hartwell telling myriad lies to the public."

[BHP: Again, Marino knows nothing whatsoever about my home, the ownership of same, or any of my circumstances. He is merely parroting the libelous fabrications of his fellow stooges and malicious liars. And once again: MY PERSONAL PRIVATE BUSINESS IS NOT THE BUSINESS OF ANYONE BUT ME.  And that includes this busybody Marino and "the public" Marino refers to.]

"Futhermore, in taking part in such duplicity, Hartwell also makes herself complicit in the FBI's attempted murder of such targets via the psychological operations which she herself deploys on her own Website; psychological operations used to drive these Intel victims to the commission of suicide."

[BHP: Now the fool goes so far as to accuse me of being complicit in attempted murder! Of driving people to suicide?!

Has Marino been talking to Tim White? That same accusation has been made by one of Marino's new "sources". Yes, the stalker, the predicate felon, the career criminal who has tried to set me up numerous times and implicate me in actual murders, with just such an outrageous lie.]

"Barbara Hartwell is a liar and fraud, who takes part in the very types of despicable and unconstitutional COINTELPRO operations which she claims to expose on her Website. She has been targeting this author for several years now, and is used by the FBI in its illegal COINTELPRO operation against this author."

[BHP: Marino again, lacking any true information, or evidence, merely parrots the libelous falsehoods of his fellow stooges.  And this ignorant slug, Marino, would not be worth the effort to "target", even if I were the "CIA agent" and "FBI provocateur", in his delusional paranoid fantasies, he claims me to be.

Marino is a nobody. He doesn't know anything. Was never involved in anything. Has no training or background in anything. He is certainly not any sort of threat to the FBI, CIA, NSA or "National Security". The very thought is ludicrous!]

"It would be wise to avoid this lying Intel con artist, Barbara Hartwell, at all costs. And if you enjoy works of fiction, your time would be much better spent reading some of the great literary works of the 19Th and 20Th Centuries, than wasting your time on Hartwell's COINTELPRO derived Website. Or as another of her detractors has described it: "through her (Hartwell's) swamp land rhetoric.

Also See:

COINTELPRO Target Aaron James Exposes Barbara Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & A Malicious Liar

Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of MC Liars, Inc.


"Xena said,
February 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm

".... Hartwell is a vicious...lying bitch who has nothing better to do than to sit on her lazy whore ass all day, harassing patriots on the net."

[BHP: Very classy, Marino. I see you've chosen your sources with an eye to discretion and credibility. "Xena Carpenter" is a pseudonym being used by a lowlife criminal, Todd Fahey, to write libelous material about Barbara Hartwell. If by chance, she is a "real" person, then (judging by her idiotic comments) she is just another stooge and bubble-headed bimbo allowing herself to be used as a shill.]

"Also see a post which this author wrote in regard to Hartwell (the disinfo agent/FBI provocateur in 2007), after Hartwell is used by FBI agents in which to provoke this author, through a vicious psychological operation the FBI conducts against my person. Hartwell is nothing but a vicious parasite whose weapons of choice are slander and libel, depending on whether she is running her big foul mouth or libeling her victims through her sadistic and fraudulent writings. Hartwell's loyalty is to the very Intel community whom she claims to despise."
Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

And the following:
FBI/NSA Provocateurs Intentionally Demonize This Author For My First Hand Corroboration Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

Well, that's enough of the government stooge, fear-monger, Drama Queen, malicious liar and low-grade moron, James F. Marino.

But for the record, I have never participated in any FBI operations (nor CIA operations) which involved nor "targeted" this delusional paranoid whackjob, James F. Marino.

But I will say that he will be held accountable for aiding and abetting the criminals who are invading my privacy, committing crimes against me and soliciting further crimes against me.

He will also be held accountable for his many outrageous lies (whether parroted, fabricated or a product of his delusional fantasies); for his diabolical calumny and his monstrous invasions of my privacy.

In summary, James F. Marino has proved to be not only a moron and a government stooge, but a lowlife scumbag. There will certainly be consequences for his unwarranted attacks against Barbara  Hartwell. And no, that is not a threat, it is simply a statement of fact.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 9, 2010
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA