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Friday, March 5, 2010

Open Letter to Criminal Stalker, Fed Snitch, Timothy Patrick White

Attention: Tim White

In all the years you have been harassing me (since 2001) and spreading your outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, as well as about my friends, colleagues, and family, who happen to be decent, legitimate people, I have never until this time addressed any communication directly to you, except several public warnings to cease and desist your relentless libel, stalking and criminal harassment.

Consider this my statement directly to you, posted on this site for the public record.  Also consider that it is long overdue.

In my considered professional opinion, which I must say is shared by the many others whom you have been stalking, harassing, libeling and slandering these many years, you are the lowest life-form which exists on the planet today.

Why the lowest? Let me count the ways.....

First and foremost, you are a snitch for the feds, having sold out and taken a deal to get out of jail, to cover your sorry butt in exchange for your traitorous, treacherous and unscrupulous activities, which include stalking, harassment (of the criminal variety), as well as promoting libelous fabrications about targets whom you have been tasked with attacking. You are a quisling, Mr. White, and that is truly pathetic and disgusting.

Some of your offenses are actionable in a civil court (such as the invasions of privacy, telephone and e-mail harassment, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress); while other offenses are distinctly of a criminal nature, such as criminal menacing, felony threats (as in DEATH THREATS) and soliciting additional crimes against targets by like-minded criminals, via publishing PRIVATE, UNLISTED street addresses of targets, in conjunction with outrageous lies about the targets.

I should know, as I have been one of the targets and have suffered extreme and severe damages as a direct result of your crimes, committed with malice aforethought, and in collusion with (as well as sometimes at the direction of) your criminal accomplices, some of whom are government operatives.

You, White Trash (as you are known by those who know and despise you), are truly the lowest scum of the earth.

In addition to being a snitch for the government (a G-Man wannabe if ever there was one) you are also a malicious pathological liar and a coward who hides behind numerous aliases and false IDs (you have, to my knowledge admitted to at least 12). 

Evidently, you think that you can escape the consequences of your crimes by using these false IDs; you also seem to think you can fool people by pretending that you and your accomplices actually have more "support" than you do.
You are a truly stupid man, Mr. White, as well as obviously delusional, if you actually think you are fooling anyone. Only your fellow criminals and government stooges would support or endorse you --and in fact, only their ilk have done.

But your cowardice is not limited to hiding behind aliases. No, you pusillanimous lowlife, you had to flee the country to escape the consequences of the justice that would sooner or later have been dealt. Certain corrupt elements of law enforcement refused to enforce the law by arresting you, a scum criminal, because you are apparently under the protection of your fed masters, but honorable law enforcement personnel (they do exist) would gladly make an arrest, and faling that, let's not forget vigilante justice.

I can't count the times that I could barely restrain myself from setting out to apprehend you myself, via a citizen's arrest. Only poverty and disability prevented me from following through.

Then, there is the fact that you, Tim White, are a sex pervert who collects pornography, including most despicably (and most unlawfully) child pornography. You are also a transvestite. And it will do no good to deny this, as there are many witnesses, including your former "girlfriends", (including one Shirley Anderson), who apparently were, in the end, repelled by your perversion; and which I also have in writing from your own confession of this in a jailhouse letter you wrote to Stew Webb, when your mess had to be cleaned up by those, who in disgust, threw your vile  pornographic paraphernalia and sleazy female attire in dumpsters.

And you, in your hypocrisy, make sneering comments, accusing others of being "fags" and "queers". Look closer to home, Mr. White.

Pornography is an abomination to God.  All true Christians have a loathing of it. But child pornography is a felony crime, Mr. Tim White. One of the many crimes which the feds have allowed you to commit with impunity, while ignoring the legitimate complaints of your targets for stalking, criminal harassment and felony threats.

Or maybe, they are holding that felony crime over your head, and will prosecute if you should refuse to do their bidding.

I have a voluminous evidence file on you, Mr. Tim White, going back almost a decade.

And in that file is the testimony of the many targets whose lives you have made miserable at the expense and the behest of your fed overlords. Some of those targets are my friends, professional  colleagues, associates and acquaintances. Some I don't know, but have only heard or read their testimony, regarding your  hellish harassment of them.

But I do know that all of them would like nothing more than to put you out of business, once and for all; to put an end to your filth and corruption; your cowardice; your predatory practices targeting the innocent; your diabolical calumny against legitimate people, patriots who are standing up for our beloved country, which you spit upon by your collusion with corrupt feds who are running this country into the ground.

Some of those patriots are wrongfully incarcerated --and you, Mr. White, helped the feds to put them there. You, on the other hand, a predicate felon and career criminal, are still on the loose, still wreaking havoc, a menace to all you encounter.

For the public record, here are but a few of the names.


Barbara Hartwell
Geral Sosbee
Rick Stanley
Al Martin
Doreen Bishop
Stew Webb
Jeff Swedenburg
Janet Phelan
Jackie McGauley
Ellen Mariani
John Perna
Thomas Richards
Rick Biesada
Roy Francis Stewart
Michael Herzog
Keith Hansen
Joe Lanier
Karl Schwarz
Ray Fernandez
John Stadtmiller
Alfred Webre
Frank Nulton (deceased)
Jon Morrow (deceased)

(Only a partial list. More names will be added as necessary.)

Of course, then there are your accomplices (listed below). Most are just despicable little  government snitches, flunkies and stooges like yourself; some are feds and some claim to be "former" feds (unlikely); but I have the feeling that some of these feds have recognized their foolish mistake and cut you loose. How could you possibly be anything but a liability?

You, Mr. Tim White, have all the earmarks of a World Class Liability. First of all, you are delusional. You think you are a "player", when you in fact are nothing but a toady and a pawn of people a hell of a lot smarter than you are. As one retired fed put it, "A Player?  You, Mr. White, could not even find the playing field".

You have no training, no background in any sort of investigative or intelligence work, much less even a formal education of any kind. You boast of being an "Investigator" and even a "Whistleblower" --but you are nothing of the sort, only a gate-crasher, name-dropper, hanger-on and camp follower, a braggart seeking attention for yourself.

What's more, you are a malicious pathological liar who can't even keep your stories (lies) straight, whether those fed to you by the feds to libel others; or whether fabricated by you and your fellow stooges.

Since you contradict yourself on a regular basis, you come off as a loud-mouthed fool (which indeed you are) and nobody with the slightest bit of discernment would believe anything you say.

You have been caught in so many lies, over so many years, that your name should probably be changed to Pinnochio --only in the case of that particular puppet, in the end, he gained the redemption he sought, whereas I doubt if such would be possible for you.

Why write this letter to you? I'll tell you why: Because I am more thoroughly disgusted than I can possibly express. Disgusted by your continuing filthy lies, your obscene insults, your malice, spite and monstrous harassment against decent people who have never done you any harm.

I am disgusted by your invasions of privacy, your libelous smears, by your pathological aggression and criminal insanity. You just won't leave anyone alone and you continually interfere where you have no right. I am disgusted that you are still on the loose, after all these years, and that you are still wreaking havoc in so many lives, including mine.

Just today, I received an e-mail containing yet another of your libelous tirades against a good friend of mine, Janet Phelan, and I have much more of such evidence in writing, that you are contacting every person known to be connected to Janet in any way, peddling your vile fabrications, smears and lies about her and her family. 

Yes, I am disgusted and outraged, as are many others.

And there is no question in my mind why it is that so many of your targets and their supporters have referred to you as "the maggot."

But I am heartened by the thought that one day, somehow, I believe that justice will be done and that you will reap as you have sown.

Lastly, a warning: Leave me, my friends, colleagues and family alone, Mr. Tim White. Stop the lying, the harassment, the stalking, the threats. Get off my case, you sniveling little coward. Go back to the pit of hell, and take your demon-possessed pals with you.

Cease and desist!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Longtime Target of Predicate Felon Timothy Patrick White
Apprehend this criminal or bust!


(Those who have promoted and/or supported and/or defended and/or conspired with Tim White to libel, slander harass, invade privacy, threaten, etc.)

Todd Brendan Fahey (White's other half of the "demonic duo")
Ken Adachi
Larry Lawson
Ted Gunderson
John DeCamp
Doug Millar
David Horspool
Ralph Schoenman
Craig Oxley
Marilyn Guinnane
Don Stacey
Aaron James
Charles Bruce Stewart
Pam Schuffert
Brenda Negri
Sherry Shriner
Shirley Anderson
Alex McGowin Studer
Drew Raines
Stephen Calkins
Francine Kelly
Mark Hostlaw
Tom Fisher
Louis Swent
Eric Phelps
James Rothstein
"Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown)

(Only a partial list; names will be added as necessary.) 
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust