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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Blogger Team" Defends Liars and Criminals to Falsely Accuse and Censor Barbara Hartwell

Malicious liars and criminals, "Xena Carpenter" & the demonic duo, Todd Fahey & Tim White, have apparently filed false charges against Barbara Hartwell. 

Here (below) is a notice I received from the so-called "Blogger Team".

Oh yes, and predicate felon, criminal stalker, Tim White, government stooge (half of the demonic duo) also complained to Google, along with accomplice Francine Kelly, a mental patient who has been harassing and libeling Barbara Hartwell for the past year.

So be it. Naturally, the government-sponsored criminals are protected and allowed to operate with impunity. Anyone exposing the truth and defending liberty is attacked and censored. 

What else is new in the Police State of America?

Here's my answer to Google and "The Blogger Team": Go straight to hell.  

If you want to take down my entire website, I can't stop you. I have no money at the moment, but I will move heaven and earth to get a real website back online, one that you grasping, greedy, cowardly, toadying, government-controlled morons won't be able to control.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 2, 2010


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