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Thursday, March 4, 2010


NOTE: This report was sent out to a few supporters, after I had reason to believe (explained below) that this website had been axed by Google. Now, the website is mysteriously back online. I don't know what is going on here, but I do know that I have had enough!
I am posting this, FYI, while I still have the chance.
To friends and supporters: Please copy this report and post far and wide --just in case the site is taken down.  The games of the Google Gestapo don't interest me and I have no intention of engaging them --only exposing them.
Thanks for your support.
March 4, 2010 
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Defenders of Liberty:
On Tuesday, March 2, 2010, I received a notice from "The Blogger Team" (the administrators of  '', where my website is hosted) stating that they had received a complaint about a "copyright violation" in connection with a particular report which exposed several criminals, including predicate felon, criminal stalker, Timothy Patrick White, and criminal stalker, blackmailer,  identity thief, forger, Todd Brendan Fahey. Both criminals have fled the country as fugitives from justice, and thus cannot be apprehended for their many crimes against persons.
A person identified by the name of "Xena Carpenter", and a website using that name, was also exposed in my report as a vehicle for monstrous invasions of privacy --such as publishing PRIVATE, UNLISTED street addresses-- (for the purpose of soliciting further crimes of stalking and harassment by like-minded criminals), by the aforementioned criminals, Fahey and White; and as a site which publishes libelous pseudo reports known to be written by one Todd Brendan Fahey (under the assumed pseudonym "Xena Carpenter") targeting legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and expositors of government crimes and corruption, including former CIA whistleblower, Barbara Hartwell.
The name of the report was: Xena Carpenter Meets the Demonic Duo.
The so-called "Blogger Team" does not identify the individuals who comprise it, and not even one name is given, so that the recipient of the complaint is left in the dark, unable to address a person, unable to confront his/her accuser, should he/she decide to respond.
The implicit (and explicit) threat was that of elimination of my website by Google.
Since it is my policy not to respond to threats, or the cowards and criminals who make them, I decided instead to expose Google and "The Blogger Team" as enemies of privacy and of freedom --especially freedom of speech--; and as defenders of a criminal element who operate on the orders of their fellow criminals and tyrants in government.
I was informed by this "Blogger Team" that the designated report might be deleted from my website, but found that this had indeed already happened --it was a done deal by the time I received the notice.
Shortly thereafter, I published several reports exposing what I call the Google Gestapo, denouncing their fascistic policies and their censorship of Barbara Hartwell.  It has long been a known fact, at least by those like myself, who had access to inside information, (and recently was openly publicized re the unholy alliance of Google with NSA) that Google is a government-controlled entity and is used (among other things) for unlawful and unethical surveillance of the American Public. 
In my reports denouncing the censorship of Google and their defense of criminals at the expense of free speech for others who would expose government-sponsored criminals, I stated that I would not be compromising with the unprincipled persons employed by Google (including "The Blogger Team"); and that I find any form of censorship unacceptable and intolerable.
I stated that I would be seeking another server --one for which I will have to pay-- where I will not be at the mercy of those with the power to censor me; nor to control the content of my website; nor make threats regarding the deletion of my website from the World Wide Web. 
All this, because the corrupt government who wants to neutralize anyone who tells the truth; defends liberty or otherwise stands up against rampant government tyranny and oppression, decides that their lackeys at Google will be given the order to axe the "enemy of the state" (the police state, that is.)
I also posted a new report exposing "Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown and may not be a real person, but if so, an accomplice for government-sponsored criminals). This new report had absolutely NOTHING which anyone could claim was a "copyright violation", as there was no material copied from the Xena Carpenter website, as in the report which was deleted by the fascists at Google.
As a result of all this, my refusal to compromise with evil, or with the liars and evildoers at Google, I fully expected that Google would take down my website within a short time, and it now appears that this has in fact happened.
This morning I was able to post a report, but when I came back from running some errands this afternoon, found that I was unable to access my website.
This is the notice that came up on two different search engines (Google and Firefox):
[The webpage "" cannot be found

DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken.]

I have been using the, sponsored by Google, since September 2006, after being offline for more than two years. My former website, Barbara Hartwell DOT COM (2000-2004), was sabotaged by government criminals and had to be taken offline in 2004.
If, as it appears, the Google Gestapo has brought the axe down on my websites --including  and the previous site,, then I now have no website, and years of effort in constructing and maintaining these sites has been lost.
I had the foresight to download my material from the newest site:
I am working to find a new server which will not have the power to censor me, nor to destroy my work. But it will be a long, hard road ahead to reconstruct and format a new site, including almost 500 articles, spanning a decade and a half, since I first went public as a CIA whistleblower in 1995.
I will have to make sacrifices (possibly even of the most basic necessities to sustain life) in order to pay for a new server. For those who think that even $10.00 a month is managable, they don't begin to comprehend the dire and desperate poverty in which I have been forced to live, due to the relentless persecution of the government which seeks to neutralize me.
Here is what I ask of you today:  If you are a supporter; a friend; a Brother or Sister in Christ; a Defender of Liberty and of Free Speech; or are simply an acquaintance, concerned for any reason at the censorship and injustice directed against Barbara Hartwell (where there, but for the grace of God, could be directed against any one of you), then please forward this report far and wide; please post it anywhere and everywhere you think it will be read and distributed by freedom-loving American Patriots.
Thank you for your consideration and God bless you.
Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Enemy of the New World Order Police State
Standing Against Government Censorship via the Google Gestapo
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA
(Website axed by the fascists at Google)