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Monday, March 5, 2007

Real Reason for America's Failure: No Support for Defending the Constitution

Note: I first received this message from Rick Stanley's son (below) directly via Rick's e-mail list. Then, I received Rick's response via his newsletter.

I am saddened beyond what I can express. When I first read the message, it made me cry --and I'm not a weeper by nature.

Like Rick, I too, for years, have had to deal with a lack of support from family (and just about everyone else) in taking a stand to defend Liberty, and it hurts more than anything the government has done to me.

Rick's son should be proud of him! I'm very sure that among Rick's reasons, it is for the sake of his children and grandchildren that he stands for Liberty. And I don't agree that Rick has "failed" his family, not at all. Maybe someday, before it is too late, they will wake up, and THANK HIM for his dynamic activism and the sacrifices he has made.

But I sure can empathize with him. I too am a parent and grandparent. I fight for Liberty so my grandchild (just one, so far) can LIVE IN FREEDOM.

Thank you, Rick Stanley, for defending Liberty.


Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

OPINION RELEASE: The "real reason" for America's failure: No support for the defending the Constitution

STANLEY NOTE: From my son...Why America has failed....Nothing could say it better. I am not the only constitutional defender in this country that has a family that does not support his actions. 

We wonder why America has failed. There is no better reason than this. It is ingrained in our children who would dishonor us, rather than support defending the constitution, as we would direct them. My own son is a symptom of the problem. It is far greater than America can even imagine. It touches upon our very existence as a free people with liberty. It is the acceptance of tyranny to go along to get along. 

My son told me two Thanksgivings ago that if the government wanted him to, he would accept the chip in his hand or head. Does anyone know the horror that statement meant to me? Could you imagine the failure I feel? I have failed my own children, my own family, my country by extension. I have failed. Yes, I take it very personally. My son respects the government and dishonors my defense of our founding documents enshrining liberty and freedom. 

We are lost...This is one example in a billion it seems. It is daunting.
It saddens me to my very core.

Rick Stanley


I hope you did this for the right reason, the only thing that comes to my mind is your family!!!

Hopefully, you can become the father we (the kids) once remember only 8 years ago.

Please do your family some "justice" and delete your email account and email address book. Let it go...

Your Son