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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Political Persecution of Whistleblowers

NOTE, March, 2007:

Since this report was written, almost five years ago, the same type of persecution has continued. Over a period of years, and with no respite, it wears you down.

In my own case, having no access to medical care and no disability benefits, my general health has become so fragile that I have had to withdraw from all activities which cause any form of stress, and I no longer have the stamina or the resources which would allow me to travel in connection with political activism, as I once did.

[For an update, see 100% Disabled, Not Eligible for Disability Benefits:Death by Government, on this site.]

For the most part, I have withdrawn from the world and become a recluse. Having no concrete support or backup that I can rely on, I have reached the limits of my endurance.

I document the persecution (as does my friend Geral Sosbee) and publish these reports for the public record.

June, 2002

Political Persecution of Whistleblowers Escalates

Defenders of Liberty and the Constitution:

This is an open letter to all defenders of the Constitution, the REAL patriots who are willing to fight for liberty and justice for all. Liberty and justice for ALL means liberty and justice for each INDIVIDUAL. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS guaranteed under the Constitution, and more importantly, bestowed by God, as our birthright.

Defending INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS is the ONLY way to attain real freedom.

Not some socialist ideal of sacrificing the rights of the individual for the so-called 'common good'. Not some fascist ideal of 'Homeland Security' whereby the surveillance powers and control mechanisms of the state supersede an INDIVIDUAL citizen's right to privacy or 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'.

Since the fascist takeover by the Bush administration, ALL of our individual rights are threatened as never before in the history of our country. But for some of us who had taken a public stand to defend the Constitution, long before the overt manifestation of the encroaching police state; for some of us who have come from inside various government agencies to blow the whistle on corruption and hideous abuses of human rights, such as myself, my sister Irene Adrian and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, the situation has become immediately life-threatening.

Since I broke out of the black operations in 1994, I have been targeted to be 'neutralized' by CIA. Since 1994, several attempts have been made on my life, through being poisoned; directed energy weapons and arranged car 'accidents' causing injuries which resulted in permanent disabilities for which I have never been able to get the proper medical treatment.

The persecution directed at me has taken many forms. The perpetrators of this persecution have used all the standard tactics including character assassination; impugning my sanity; attempting to destroy my professional reputation. I have written at length about this persecution and neutralization campaign since 1996, when I first went public as a survivor of the CIA MK Ultra program, so it would be redundant to repeat all the gory details in this report.


But worst of all, and the hardest tactic to withstand (aside from physical assaults) is financial ruin.

Due to the last stages of extreme financial destitution, it is possible that I may lose my website in the near future because I have no money to pay my phone, electric or Internet Service Provider bills. I have not received any substantial contributions to my Legal Defense and Research Fund for the past six (6) months, the only way I have of funding my work. My last small but reliable source of financial support, which did not even cover basic living expenses, will be cut off in September, which means that I may also lose my home at that time. I can't be sure that any of these things will happen (and I pray to God that they won't) but given the indications, and that I have no dependable source of financial support, I must prepare myself for the worst case scenario.

And in case anyone is wondering why I am not steadily employed in any 'regular' job, it is because I suffer from chronic illness and disabilities which make it impossible for me to be reliable, because of my fragile and unpredictable health. I refuse to be a health bore and the state of my health is my private business. But I have no insurance, so I am unable to get medical treatment. And most significantly, the disabilities I suffer from are a direct result of the abuses perpetrated on me for many years while being utilized in the black operations and of the subsequent persecution, though naturally, I have no way to prove that.

I am not eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security system, due to the fact that I have no official employment records and have therefore not paid (illegal and unconstitutional) taxes to the extortionists of the IRS and their dark overlords at the multi-national private corporation, the Fed, to qualify.

All of my adult life I have variously been 'self-employed'; worked for CIA front companies under limited contracts; or been an official 'dependent' of others who claimed me on their tax forms. Of course, this is the way it was designed by my oppressors so that I would not be able to earn a living and survive if I ever managed to break out of their control. In essence, I am like a ghost, having little substance within the system, since I have been living on the fringes of it for the better part of a lifetime.

I am not looking for sympathy and I stopped caring long ago whether or not anyone believes that the political persecution engineered against a target could result in the extreme situation I have described here. For the record, I am just stating the facts. These facts can be —and have been— corroborated by the testimony of numerous other targeted individuals who have been subjected to similar circumstances.


Attorney, Vietnam Veteran and ex- FBI agent Geral Sosbee is another individual targeted for political persecution, by virtue of being a whistleblower and activist. He has exposed corruption in the FBI and the CIA and has been viciously pursued by these agencies in their attempts to neutralize and silence him.

I have known Geral as a friend and professional associate since last year (2001). I have done what I could to help publicize his case and have spent many hours speaking with him on the phone. Geral is one of only a few people who truly understands the brutal harassment tactics used by the spooks and goons in their campaign to neutralize a target.

This is because he has personally been subjected to some of the worst persecution any human being could possibly endure. The perps have repeatedly drugged and poisoned him. They have repeatedly broken into his car and his home. They have stolen and destroyed his possessions. They have forged and tampered with documents related to his former employment by the FBI. He has been accosted on the street and threatened by goons, whom he refers to as 'mental dwarfs'. He has also had to face financial ruin as a result of standing up against his oppressors.

But what's worse, the persecution directed at this ex-FBI agent escalated dramatically once he became associated with me. He has done all in his power to help me in any way he could. He has even sent me money, which I well know he could ill afford to do. He knows that my testimony regarding the CIA black operations I was involved in is the truth and he knows that I suffer the same consequences as himself for being a whistleblower. And despite coming under heavier fire for his association with me, he has continued to offer his support and has remained a loyal friend. Geral is a rare person for his courage and integrity, an example of what an FBI agent SHOULD be.

Recently, Geral wrote a letter of support and endorsement on my behalf, when he saw that I had come under numerous attacks by character assassination and attempts to impugn my sanity. Although I wonder if I really deserve such a wonderful report, it's always heartening to know you are appreciated, so here it is.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Barbara Hartwell through her superb writings and by virtue of my lengthy telephone conversations with her for many months.

When Barbara makes a statement of opinion I know that she has a firm foundation (and in many instances cogent scientific evidence) supportive of the phenomenon that she reports. I have the greatest respect for the person of Barbara Hartwell and I know her to be one of the most knowledgeable persons in our midst with respect to the terrorist practices of the fbi/cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups.

Barbara is helping to educate the world about the criminal activities of the fbi and the cia, especially in the areas of mind control and particularly concerning the "Non-Consensual Cover Research" program that I am also personally familiar with. More significantly, Barbara is saving lives and she is one of the most courageous human beings I have ever known.

Anyone who attempts to bring discredit on this marvelous woman (by the use of pejorative labels and absurd blasphemes) defeats his/her own transparent purposes by doing so and stands in total opposition/contrast to the humanitarian work that Barbara pursues (at her own great personal loss). I feel privileged and honored to be in her company and I will continue to work with her to help victims of fbi/cia terrorist activities worldwide.

Intentional efforts to casually defame one of this country's greatest treasures , Barbara Hartwell, reflects the sinister depravity of the accuser.

Geral Sosbee

Thanks, Geral! And God bless you.

In my latest phone conversation with Geral, on June 27, 2002, he informed me that he would be forced to leave his present home, because the persecution had become so severe as to immediately threaten his life. He could not tell me where he is going, because of the surveillance on both our phone lines, but promised he would let me know within a few weeks. He does not own a computer, so can only have access to his e-mail and write the material for his website at a library. But I do have the number for his cell phone, so I can stay in touch with him. And I intend to report the latest information he gives permission for me to publish, as often as possible, in order to make sure his case stays public.


Recently, I made public for the first time, the case of my sister, Irene Adrian, as a survivor of MK Ultra and a target of political persecution. I did so because her circumstances had become so extreme as to be life-threatening and because she had no one else willing and able to provide assistance. Due to my own lack of resources and backup, the only aid I was able to provide was to publicize her case, in the hope that there would be public outrage and scrutiny of the dreadful circumstances under which she is living, including assaults against herself and her German Shepherd, Solo.

Although Irene's case differs from my own in significant ways, there are also commonalities. Foremost among them being that we were both 'recruited', without our knowledge or consent, as small children, into the CIA's black operations via the MK Ultra program. To put it simply and bluntly, we were in essence 'sold' into a form of slavery to the U. S. government by parental consent.

To this day, I cannot be sure of the exact nature of the contractual agreement made by one or both of our parents with the perpetrators of the illegal violations of human rights who engineered and administered these operations. Both our parents are deceased and I have found no other family members who have yet been willing to come forward and tell what they may know.

From my research, I do know that there is such a thing as a so-called 'proxy consent' form which may be signed by the parents/legal guardians of underage children, giving the government permission to recruit/train/utilize those children in various operations. I have to assume that such a consent form was signed. But more significantly, neither I nor my sister ever gave consent, after reaching legal age, to be utilized or otherwise exploited by the criminal perpetrators of these black operations. To add insult to injury, mind control (trauma-based programming) was used, against which (especially as children) we had no defense.

Over the years, before and after my father's death (in 1976) there have been several of my father's professional associates who had information, conveyed directly to them by my father, about the 'government project' in which myself and my sister were utilized without our knowledge or consent. These associates of my father's mentioned to my sister Irene that they were aware that we had been placed into this 'government project' and falsely assumed we had been willing participants. How wrong they were. Not only was our involvement nonconsensual, but at that time (childhood) we did not even know we had been recruited into these nefarious operations.

One such associate of my father's, a family friend for decades, died suddenly and mysteriously of a heart attack, shortly after he began to discuss with my sister some of what he knew about the MK Ultra program and the nature of our involvement.

I have not yet been able to obtain any official government files, nor has my sister, which could substantiate our claims of abuses and exploitation by the government. I am certain that those files are highly classified, due to the covert nature of the programs in which we were utilized, as well as the atrocities committed by the perpetrators, some of whom were/are high level government officials and their cronies and minions. However, I do know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that such files exist, as I have received verification and corroboration from impeccable and reliable inside sources. But unfortunately, without the actual documents, which may never see the light of day, I have been unable to furnish the necessary evidence required to file a civil lawsuit against CIA, nor to press criminal charges against the perpetrators.


At present I have no family members nor friends who are both able and willing to provide the type of support I would need to avert the catastrophic losses which would leave me completely devoid of the necessary components for survival. For many years, anyone who has attempted to help by becoming directly involved in my situation in any way, has been targeted for similar persecution. For those who had already been targeted, the harassment and sabotage escalated dramatically due to association with me. Family members, friends and professional associates have been subjected to a whole range of diabolical tactics, including —at the most extreme end of the spectrum-- intimidation, coercion, military hardware deployed against them —and even death threats.

It is an outrage to know that my life may soon come to an end, simply because the perpetrators of these extreme transgressions against me have too much to lose if I continue to expose their crimes against humanity. Because I am outmanned and outgunned. Because the criminals and tyrants have all the resources: all the weaponry and all the money necessary to wage their war against a law-abiding citizen and defender of the Constitution like myself, whereas I have nothing.

Because I have had the courage to tell the truth about what has happened to me (resulting in extreme damages, physically, materially and psychologically) while the perpetrators are liars, cowards and traitors who have profited from the abuses of their victims. And worst of all, because I have been up against these bastards all alone for as long as I can remember. Without exception, any person I had once believed I could rely on for real backup has betrayed and/or abandoned me.

I am speaking here only of those from whom I had a reasonable expectation of such support, by virtue of a close personal tie or family relationship. I am not making reference to those friends and professional associates who have provided various forms of support such as financial contributions, publishing my work; acting as sources for vital information or other forms of aid and comfort. Without them, I would not have survived this long and I am deeply grateful for whatever they have been willing to give.

I made a commitment, long ago, that I was willing to die fighting for my freedom, if necessary. Just as important, I want to see justice done. The criminal tyrants should be held accountable for their human rights violations. They should be tried and convicted in a court of law. They should be forced to make restitution to all those victimized and exploited by their illegal black operations and to the families of those who were murdered.

What real possibility of restitution there can be for the lives they have destroyed, I don't know. No amount of money could ever make up for the physical and emotional pain and suffering; the heartbreak of ruined family and personal relationships. But money is the only thing these bastards understand. And they owe me more than they could ever pay. You don't need to ask if I'm bitter. Damn right I am.

I have been in this battle for many years. Not once have I backed down; compromised my principles; nor allowed myself to be intimidated into submission. I have made it clear to the perpetrators that the only way to silence me is to kill me. And, as God is my witness, I will hold to that commitment until the day I die.

Despite the rage and bitterness I can't help but feel at times; the soul-shattering heartbreak at what I and others I care for have had to endure; the despair that sometimes overwhelms me, I have always known, since earliest childhood, that God and the angels are watching over me. My life has been saved in miraculous ways by Divine intervention. God works in mysterious ways. Often in the ways I least expect.

Once in awhile, I get a message from a stranger, someone I don't know but who knows of me through my writings or through the grapevine. And the messages which give me the most hope usually come — believe it or not — from people formerly employed by the intelligence community. There ARE good people who once worked in intelligence. There are good people who STILL work in intelligence.

I received the following message on my birthday, March 13, 2002. Although the author was anonymous, I did find out, through a mutual associate, the identity of the man who wrote this message to me. I can't tell you his name, but chances are you'd recognize it. In the spirit of hope and of freedom and justice for all, I'd like to share this message with you.

From 'Anonymous' to Barbara Hartwell:

"Keep up the great work. Be strong. Many of us alumni from the "second floor empire" at Langley applaud your courage and determination and wish you success and continued safety."

Brotherhood of the Orchid

This report will be followed by others which will continue to outline the circumstances I am facing and the persecution I and others are being subjected to. I will continue to issue such reports for as long as I have access to a computer and the Internet.

Barbara Hartwell
June 28, 2002