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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


NOTE March, 2007:

Todd Brendan Fahey has been engaging in criminal harassment and stalking of Barbara Hartwell since July, 2004. Fahey is a psychopath; a pathological liar; a porno-monger; a blackmailer; an identity thief, who pollutes the Internet with his filth and libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, with whom he is clearly obsessed.

Just today, I found yet another harassing e-mail message from this lunatic Fahey in my yahoo mailbox. Since I refuse to read anything written by this slug, I (once again) reported it as SPAM, blocked the address and deleted the message.

Fahey uses many, many aliases and screen names, and has as many e-mail addresses. Here, two more he has used just in the past week. (using the alias 'Jim Jeffords')

This malicious psycho, Todd Fahey, will never stop his harassment and stalking.....not until someone punches his one-way ticket to hell! It has now been almost three years and he's still at it. So, I've decided to just GET RID OF my yahoo address as it appears that is the only thing that will stop him.

FYI, Just a few of Fahey's cohorts and associates with whom he has been in collusion to stalk, harass, threaten, libel (or all of same) Barbara Hartwell and others: Government stooge and Gunderson minion, Ken Adachi; predicate felon Tim White; disinfo-monger Larry Lawson; former senator John DeCamp.

For more information exposing Todd Brendan Fahey, see reports on this website. For the most comprehensive expose' see


And rather than wasting any more of my precious time writing new reports to refute Fahey's lies, here's an old one from 2005.....

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum, September, 2005

My policy is usually to just write reports exposing these provocateurs (some of whom are minions and stooges of the COINTELPRO). My reports are FYI only and the readers may make of them what they will. I have neither the time nor inclination to engage these self-important liars in arguments, debates or even dialogues. They're not worth the time or energy they force you to waste. They are always exposed for what they are...eventually.

However, I do find it important to refute their lies, set the record straight and expose them, at least once and sometimes periodically, when their disinformation hits critical mass. Also to stand up for my friends and allies when they are attacked, just as I would hope they'll do for me. So, I write a report. Just a little clean up operation so that those who truly want to know the truth are given the opportunity to see the facts, then make up their own minds.

Personally, it does not concern me what the general public believes about me. My purpose is not winning a "popularity contest" but fighting for liberty and justice. Those with discernment will see the truth. Those without, will not.

And thank you, Pete Rogers, for your kindness to me and your help in posting my material which refutes some of the outrageous lies being promoted by Todd Brendan Fahey. I appreciate it.

Fahey has continued his lies, his harassment and his stalking, unabated, since July 4, 2004. I have not responded to most of the falsehoods he has published about me or my family, though there have been so many, I have lost count.

For instance, that I have "relocated to Brownsville Texas" and "sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee." That my home is "owned by a member of the John Birch Society". That I have an "alcohol jones." That I was at one time "living on the street". That I do "not own a gun". 

(If this lunatic ever dares stalk me on my property again, he'll see the business end of one of several.)

And many, many more .....none of which have any basis in fact. On and on it goes......

What is obvious to me, and to anyone who really knows me, is that Fahey's false claims about Barbara Hartwell are his pathetic attempt to grossly misrepresent me is a "false light" in the hope that his "audience" will attribute to me the same rootless, dysfunctional, chaotic and degenerate lifestyle as his own. What's really strange is he seems to take pride in it. He has even boasted about blackmail schemes he has run!

The fact is, Todd Fahey was only at my home for three (for me, VERY miserable and hellish) weeks in June-July 2004. Considering his daily drunken and drugged-up stupors and "blackouts" (witnessed by me and several family members visiting at the time) I'd be surprised if he remembered anything at all about the time he spent here.

If he weren't such a malicious liar (and he has proven that in spades) I might imagine he was suffering from alcohol and drug induced amnesia and/or paranoid fantasies. Despite his lies, probably some element of both, as well. And since I have had no contact whatsoever with him since that time, by my own choice, he would have no way of knowing anything about me or my life.

Many of Todd Fahey's fabrications about Barbara Hartwell contradict each other and the tall tales he weaves seem to change with each pack of lies he concocts. The same holds true for the lies he tells about himself. 

After writing a few reports exposing him last year, I mostly ignored him. Or at least I tried to. I did not visit websites where he posted his lies to smear my reputation and still don't. And I have only read a small fraction of his libelous posts, though various persons have apprised me of Fahey's despicable behavior. I am not a violent person by nature, but reading such outrageous lies does bring out the "killer instinct" in me. So does being stalked by a psycho. Better not to read his trash. Enough said.

It has become very clear to me (as well as to many others) that Fahey is a psychopath with an obsession. Why he is so obsessed with Barbara Hartwell, I really don't know.

What kind of person continues aggressively stalking, harassing, taunting, baiting and provocations for over a year? What kind of person fabricates outrageous lies about a non-existent sexual relationship, boasting of sexual conquests which only exist in his own sick mind? What kind of person writes pornographic filth to tarnish a person's good name, and posts it all over the World Wide Web? 

What kind of person continues criminal harassment, even going so far as to publish a person's unlisted street address for the purpose of soliciting additional criminal harassment and stalking by his fellow whackjobs? And this (some of which is criminal in nature) after being directed repeatedly to cease and desist...

Only a psychopath is capable of such an obsession and its corresponding aberrant conduct. I mean, really, this is the kind of stuff we read about in tabloid rags....a whackjob stalker!

Maybe Fahey should move to Hollywood, then he could get his name in REAL tabloids instead of just the Internet versions. (Same as Tim White, who had a permanent restraining order issued for stalking a woman in Denver; who had made death threats against myself, Stew Webb, Doreen Bishop, Al Martin and others..... and who has been harassing Rick Stanley for months, as well. And these are FACTS, not speculation.)

Enough already. I just want this scumbag, Todd Fahey, OFF MY CASE.

Had this maniac just left me alone after being thrown out of my house --with very good reason on my part--as he was directed to do, I would not have given him any more thought and would have just chalked it up to my own poor judgment in believing he was a patriot or "friend of liberty" as he bills himself. As far as I can see, the only "liberty" this creep is interested in is "taking liberties" wherever and whenever he can get away with it.

I made a mistake in offering him sanctuary in my home after he was beaten up, arrested and deported from Thailand. I made a mistake in supporting him and endorsing his credibility in any articles I wrote in which he was mentioned. I've already made all that clear.

I made mistakes because I was hoodwinked; because I believed Fahey's self-aggrandizing lies. It could happen to anyone, I suppose. When I make a mistake, I admit it, attempt to set the record straight and move on to more important issues. That's the best anyone can really do.

But it's no "coincidence" that Fahey has teamed up with other liars, stooges, nutcases and provocateurs to demonize Barbara Hartwell and associates. Birds of a feather....vultures, that is.

Lastly, I certainly never meant for you, Pete Rogers, to come under attack by this gaggle of provocateurs, including Larry Lawson and this ridiculous creature, the "Web Fairy." She clearly knows nothing about the "Illuminati" nor about "mind control". Nor does she know me or who my "supporters" are. Most of these morons don't "know" anything except what they read on the Internet (most of which is disinformation); or hear through their little grapevine of government disinformation which is purposely planted out there as "bait" by people a hell of lot smarter than they are.

They just enjoy shooting their mouths off so they can sound "important". In reality they expose themselves as fools. But these trashy loud-mouths evidently have no more productive way to spend their time than hurling insults; fabricating and disseminating lies and attempting to provoke their targets into petty sniping matches. Not allowing yourself to be provoked is the best course of action, I have found.

The one thing you can bank on is that their lies will come back to haunt them. Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive.....

Barbara Hartwell

September, 2005

STANLEY NOTE: Sometimes even the most experienced of us in this regard, still slip and decide to engage them. While it is rare for me to do so anymore, I still do occasionally for a "purpose". I did with Jere Beery as I was attempting to educate the veterans in his forums and invite them to the Revolutionary Coalition. Some paid attention, most did not. So, it did some good and perhaps planted some seeds with others. However, Jere Beery was a total waste of time as I knew he would be. Several from his forums joined us in our quest to unite though. At any rate, this Larry Lawson character is an absolute Looney Tunes or paid disinformer. Most know to steer clear of "him and his cronies like Tim White etc...", at any time. Only a very few across the internet buy into his nonsense.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!

Rick Stanley