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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


NOTE, March 2007: These same minions and stooges of COINTELPRO are still out there...still harassing and libeling patriots and whistleblowers...still disseminating lies about Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and others....

The idiocy of the remarks made by these fools speaks for itself...

From the Hartwell Archives, 2003



Defenders of Liberty and the Constitution:

Devilry and skullduggery are afoot. There is what I can only call a COINTELPRO-style Witch Hunt proceeding apace. Libelous disinformation is spreading like wildfire across the World Wide Web and over the airwaves.

Patriots; defenders of the Constitution; whistleblowers; survivors of covert operations; ex-military and intelligence personnel are being slandered and libeled in a massive neutralization campaign, meant to discredit our professional reputations and defame our character so that the public will not believe the truthful information we are exposing.

Who is behind this witch hunt? The shadowy figures calling the shots and pulling the strings, I've no doubt, are agents of the U.S. Government. However, some of those being utilized and exploited to do the dirty work are a rag-tag gang of amateurs and outsiders with no legitimate claims to former government service of any kind.

These sowers of discord are bearing false witness against good people via various message boards and websites; yahoo news groups and on radio broadcasts.

Who are the targets of this witch hunt?

We are all, without exception, those who are deemed a serious threat to corrupt government officials because we are whistleblowers who have exposed the truth about that corruption; malfeasance; high crimes and treason; as well as black budget, illegal and unconstitutional operations, some of which have been ongoing for well over fifty (50) years.

Now let's get to the names of those who are perpetrating these libel and slander campaigns, some of whom are also guilty of criminal harassment. Brenda M. Negri; Larry Lawson; Ken Adachi; Tim White; Shirley Anderson; Charles Stewart; Ted L. Gunderson.


Charles Bruce Stewart wrote:

"Pamela & Will Gaston are long time & Heroic Family-Rights & Juridicial-Accountability Activists. The same goes for Shriley Anderson, Tim White, & Larry Lawson; who have all recently done cutting-edge work in exposing CIA-MK-Ultra Mind-Control Puppet & False-Patriot Barbra Hartwerll.

Leonard Hendrson has done much "behind the scenes" work to promote these
& other Family Rights Activists, by doing web-page & other work for them. cbs .."

Tim White wrote:

"Funny thing happened last night. Was listening to Bab's radio show to see what kind of web she was weaving and after her stilted outline of her super psychic kung-fu powers my internet connection died and I was unable to hook back up for over an hour. This never happens, and I've never seen that particular error before, rebooting did not help and I got a groovy new data miner cookie to show for it.

Note: forwarded message attached. Well,what would this indicate of our fellow "Christian,Patriot,true defender of the Constitution and "former deep cover CIA asset" Babbles Barfwell?With her latest "revelations" does anybody really think she is NOT still an "asset"-able to have these "abilities" outside of "THEIR" control?With the stated ability to "throw energy"-does Congressman Sonny Bono skiing into a tree come to mind?He was an expert at skiing in the trees but he was posing a real problem for the NWO Satanic Traitors;same as Louis McFadden,Larry McDonald, James Trafficant,And lately Ron Paul-may God bless and protect him.Babbles is a vicious,vitriolic,vindictive,mind controlled pusillanimous and vituperative sycophant of the highest (lowest) order and she IS being exposed for what she is along with the other minions that she sucks up with that we all know.More to follow soon. Tim White Please post far and wide."

Brenda Negri (masquerading as 'Ranger Rick') wrote: [Re a black ops survivor]

"Heh heh. You should let this jerk know. Just because you write a 'tell all novel' doesn't mean everything between the covers is non-fiction. I checked it out at a couple of booksellers online. He should let them know it's a true to life biography, cuz they got it listed in the espionage/thriller/fiction section. Might be mighty nice reading. But as for it being real? I don't f'n think so. From what I see this guy should stick to writing thrillers for his daily bread and lay off trying to make people believe he's some kind of super-killer-victim. It's pure bullsh*t.

Dude, just because you use your own name for your fictional leading man doesn't mean you automatically take on the character's life. Get some professional help, man. Seriously...."
Charles Bruce Stewart wrote:


Barbrah Hartwell is acting as a a Leader in the movement to bring Accountability to the Corrupt DeFacto US Government.

She has much insight on the CIA, & the MK-Ultra Mind-Control Programs which Satanists in the CIA used to Torture, Break, & Control Many Honorable Americans.

Her web site is very informative, & it is located at:
[link defunct]

Many who study this very imporant filed (so closely related to the all-important religious/spiritual side of politics),have had strong suspicions that Ms Hartwell was merely "Posturing" as an Honorable American Patriot. And further, that in reality she was Purpousefully Acting to Subvert the activities of others who were addressing many more pressing & critical issues facing America.

The flame-wars have been flying back & forth for months, perhpas years.

This info clearly shows that Ms Hartwell's so-called "webmaster" is operating out of "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue", in "Washington DC".

That is the address of the "White House", folks.I am of the understanding that the so-called "National Security Administration" operates out of the basement of that same "White-House", & that they use this precise same address.

I dare say that this Evidence clearly indicates that those who are looking to Ms Hartwell to lead them in our efforts to reffect a return to Constitutuonal Government in America, are following a Judas-Goat Subversive, of the darkest kind.

I did not discover this info by my-self. It was droped in my hands by others who prefer to remian unnamed, but who also study these things very closely.

This "whois" web site is very valuable. We should research others who purport to be government accountablility activist/patriots.

Charles Bruce, Stewart
Sandy Oregon"


"Greetings: I have read the responses that you have published. The negative responses are disgusting to me. How can anyone think, let alone respond to you in an uncomplimentary manner when they have not been subjected to what you have experienced?

For the last few years I have become totally disenchanted with my fellow persons. They have allowed the government to violate the Constitution, they have allowed an agency to unlawfully steal their labor earnings in collusion with their employers, and they have allowed the executive to violate the Constitution in its' entirety and they still do not complain.

The Congress is composed of self-indulging, career desiring individuals and the masses still do not object. The courts are almost a farce with regard to their total disregard to the Constitutional restrictions.

Keeping all of the aforementioned FACTS in mind, how can those masses have the audacity to criticize anyone that tells the truth? Simple, they are the cowards that history has warned us about repeatedly! You may publish this article in retaliation for those critical, cowardly remarks! d daxx"