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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ex-FBI Agent Sosbee for the Defense

From the Hartwell Archives, May, 2004

Ex-FBI Agent Sosbee For the Defense

Sosbee responds to Marilyn A. Guinnane re Barbara Hartwell

From Geral W. Sosbee:

The following is my response to Marilyn A. Guinnane (hereinafter G) whose attack on Barbara Hartwell is both unfounded and ill-informed with respect to Barbara's recent article EXPOSED: CIA MK ULTRA CONTAINMENT OP.

I have known Barbara Hartwell for years (seems like a thousand, but closer to three) and she is always honest and faithful to the truth in the facts she reports. As she is also my very best friend in this world, I am privileged from time to time to examine her writings for any possible question that I may have regarding the bases for (and possible amplification of) the statements she makes.

We spend countless hours on the phone and through e-mails, exchanging and comparing notes and experiences almost daily. I have discovered that she always relays the information about FBI and CIA criminal operations in a manner consistent with my own experiences with these two evil agencies; further, Barbara's knowledge of the FBI/CIA psychological operations (including containment schemes by operatives and assassins) is of the highest standard that I have ever witnessed; indeed, in at least one instance the CIA minions and operatives have attempted to turn me from supporting Barbara because the truth of Barbara's studies rings loud across a world where ignorance and fear previously prevented reception of her ideas in many quarters.

The article written by G is clearly a personal attack on Barbara's character and personal reputation and is not a legitimate analysis of the events documented so well by Barbara. G states, for example, that she first believed in the veracity of Barbara Hartwell, but after viewing Barbara's photo, G turned against Barbara for some obscure perception (by G) of Barbara's spiritual persona. The spiritual aspect of Barbara is her business and any effort by G to address this part of Barbara's life reveals G's contempt for legitimate literary criticism. 

G also resorts to gibberish to verbally assault Barbara; such tactics fail to reach a level of acceptable discourse, especially as compared to the great work that Barbara pursues at her own tremendous personal sacrifice and loss.

G's statement, "we've got a live one here" is perhaps best addressed to the Satanists in the FBI/CIA (and their operatives and minions, such as those described by Barbara) than to objective and well informed readers because the low assassins and terrorists in the FBI/CIA do indeed view Barbara as one who must be neutralized (including by death) by any means available to the power overlords who control the United States government (including the military establishment).

Barbara Hartwell is a national treasure whose heroic and inimitable stance against all those (in and out of government) who are enemies of Liberty and of the United States Constitution render her a true legend of our time.
Thank you Barbara, for the lives that you save in our generation (through your efforts to expose the punks and terrorists in the United States government) and for the example that you set for freedom fighters yet to emerge in our once great country.