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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee's Message to Targets

From Brownsville, Texas
October 3, 2002

To each individual who is terrorized, threatened, hounded and imprisoned by the fbi/cia and other government bodies:
You must recognize that you are being targeted because you are purely human and creative in your work, play, or home; those who target you intend that you collapse and that you surrender your beautiful psyche unto the mental dwarfs who want to kill or to imprison you. Hold your sanity with the idea that others not yet targeted need you to survive so that you may share with them the tools (both intellectual and spiritual) associated with your survival. Further, you must survive because our dear Maker (the Creator of all that is beautiful and holy in our world) needs your service for all of mankind.

Understand, if you will, that the mind games being played on you by the most manipulative and sinister government agents on earth cannot defeat you when you refuse to play their games. They are the sick and criminal ones among us, in that many of them are regularly committing heinous offenses against their brothers and sisters the world over for their own personal gain and enrichment, or for an obscure political/economic interest; your conduct (whatever it may be) is most likely perfectly honorable, acceptable and in any event de-minimus (compared to the severity of those offenses perpetrated against you and others by your accusers) and explainable under both man's law and God's law.

I and many others are with you. Hold and a brighter day awaits you as we individually and collectively tell the thugs, executioners and hate mongers of the world that their reign is over.

Love. Geral Sosbee