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Saturday, March 3, 2007

FBI Thugs Around the World

From Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
 In answer to your question [query from a reader] — The FBI has agents placed as "Legats" (legal attache) in host countries around the world. They operate in a dual capacity as spies for the United States (political,social and economic intelligence interests) and as assassins. The countries which permit the FBI thugs to so operate also cooperate from time to time in hunting down and killing targets which the FBI/CIA thugs identify as dead men walking.

My view is that such countries are afraid to refuse to allow FBI legats in the country because to do so may be viewed by the United States as hostile. In countries where there is no legal attache FBI and CIA thugs roam freely with fraudulent identification and with native contacts (both assassins and members of the countries high culture) in the locations which may be of interest at any given time.

Now, even Russia welcomes FBI which means that Russia is busy plotting the demise of dissidents. The Hanssen spy case here reflects the incompetence of the FBI, concerning foreign intelligence operations, but more importantly the case reflects the sinister plot yet unknown to the world to seize control of the former Soviet Block countries by a quiet coup in which Hanssen played the role of a pawn. 

The public ignorantly accepts the Hanssen conviction . In fact I suspect that Hanssen is innocent, but was targeted to make the Russian people (and the world) believe that the U.S. is still at odds with Russia. Hanssen was blackmailed into a confession after he was drugged and terrified by threats that his wife and children would be on the streets and penniless. Today, Hanssen's family are receiving full government benefits earned by Hanssen; that was the deal he struck with the FBI when he pleaded guilty to absurd charges.

In further answer to your question, in the United States the FBI have no boundary restraints in any capacity (official or private) and run operations anywhere, anytime. Today, the world is the FBI's playground and the ultimate goal is total domination of the planet , so that outer space colonization by the empire can proceed without obstacles here.

Regarding the loss of affection of our girlfriends , we must accept (pls permit this conjecture) the fact that the FBI/CIA have targeted us for death, that we continue to survive because we are larger than they (in a purely intellectual and political sense) and that our unhappiness in our social context is the price we pay for trying to notify the world of the inhumanity of the fascist state that the FBI/CIA is creating on a global basis.

In My Humble Opinion.