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Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Age Propaganda, NWO & NESARA

From the Hartwell Files: January, 2003


I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about world financial affairs or economics. I don't know much about NESARA either. But let me just say that I know all I 'need to know' to realize beyond the shadow of a doubt, that NESARA is a scam being perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public, particularly those of the New Age persuasion. The NESARA program sure sounds good, but in my opinion, it's one of those things that are just 'too good to be true'.

Because I DO know a lot about disinformation, government propaganda campaigns, psychological operations and mind control. My direct knowledge comes from the fact that I was trained and groomed by CIA to be (among other things) a media representative (read propagandist) for the NWO via the so-called New Age.

Fortunately I was able to break out of their operations before they could get any real returns on their considerable investment in me, which over a period of some forty-odd years, amounted to millions of dollars. It costs a lot of money to train a high-level operative, especially to create what they consider the 'perfect spy'.

Even back in the days when I served as a mouthpiece for the NWO, via radio and TV shows which I produced and hosted in Greenwich CT, all sponsored by CIA through front companies and cut outs, I never believed in any of the New Age ideology which they were utilizing me to disseminate. 

Having been well trained in REAL metaphysics, and having been blessed by God with Gifts of the Spirit, I had no trouble seeing through the various religious, spiritual and political indoctrination systems.

I was simply used as a 'talent'; someone who could look and sound good interviewing the New Age gurus, channelers, ideologues and other misguided and programmed individuals who spewed out the propaganda which was designed mainly to lull the public into a false sense of security and complaceny. 

Many of the New Age cults and organizations were created and funded by CIA, along with notorious organizations such as Scientology; Esalen; the Tavistock Institute and many more too numerous to mention.

One way or another, the purpose behind the New Age propaganda is mind control, pure and simple. Encouraging people believe such hogwash as:
We are all one....We create our own reality.....We attract only what we 'put out' ....We will all ascend into 'the fifth dimension' so we need not worry about what's happening down here on earth.

And perhaps the most insidious and damaging New Age lie of all: There are no victims. This lie conveniently allows the perpetrators of atrocities to actually BLAME their victims for all the damages done to them, while they get off scot-free and continue their crimes against humanity with impunity.

CIA and their Illuminati pals know that I have names, facts and evidence and that I have as yet revealed only a small fraction of what I not only know, but have a good chance of proving, sooner or later.

But what I found most interesting was that some of the individuals VK Durham named [re NESARA and related issues] are the SAME people who were involved, either directly or indirectly in operations and scams of which I personally have direct firsthand knowledge.

For now, I'll throw out just two names, or rather, two Georges: George Soros of the HUD and S&L money laundering notoriety and George Green of Las Vegas Nevada. Both of these scamsters have been instrumental in causing damages to me personally as well as certain of my family and friends. They are both connected to the Bush Crime Family and CIA. And one day they will be held accountable for their crimes.


Since the controversy over NESARA has been raging, I have received a number of promotional messages from supporters of this program, attempting to reel me in, hook line and sinker. 

Just a few days ago I got an article on NESARA, written by none other than the DOVE OF ONENESS, from a Brian Fratto. I won't give the article here, as I'm sure we've all seen it before. But here's the title: History Behind the National Economic Security And Reformation Act.

So I wrote back to Mr. Fratto:

"I have no interest in receiving anything written by the so-called 'Dove of Oneness'. Please remove my name from any future e-mails connected to this individual." 
Mr. Fratto responded:

"Sorry that is so threatening to you. You won't be bothered further with any more info or emails. I'm only writting to tell you that my Virus protection went off saying that your email contained a virus called W32/Holar. camm.
Kind regards,

From BH to Brian Fratto:

"You assume much and mistake my meaning. I do not find your material 'threatening'; I've heard it all before and simply have no interest in it, so you 'd be wasting your time and mine.

The virus appears to have been sent in YOUR e-mail to me, as I was informed by my anti-virus protection. A simple solution: Don't send me any more unsolicited e-mail and this is the last you will receive from me."

So it seems, like many New Age dupes, that Fratto ASSUMES that anyone who does not jump on the NESARA bandwagon, or who is not taken in by the Dove of Oneness and her propaganda is 'threatened'. What other reason could there possibly be?

I have news for Mr. Fratto: I wasn't born yesterday and I am very capable of critical thinking and spiritual discernment. Case closed.

NESARA is clearly a scam.

Something needs to be done to STOP these liars, cowards and traitors ASAP!
Barbara Hartwell
January 2, 2003