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Friday, March 9, 2007

McMartin Whistleblower Jackie McGauley Responds to Ken Adachi re Ted Gunderson

Preface, March, 2007:

Since 2001, PR shill Ken Adachi has been libeling anyone who has told the truth about ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Or for that matter, anyone who has simply REFUSED to put up with the criminal harassment, stalking and death threats from Gunderson's minion, Tim White.

Adachi spreads outrageous lies about the targets, including Barbara Hartwell; Jackie McGauley; Stew Webb; Rick Stanley and others.

The witnesses who have come forward to expose criminals and liars have presented documented evidence to support their claims. Yet Adachi has flatly refused to even consider any of this evidence. Instead, he just repeats the same old, same old prepackaged PR about Ted Gunderson: Over 700 people under his command...27 years in the FBI...McMartin case, etc. etc. etc.

As well, Adachi supports and promotes ANY and ALL of those who DO endorse and align themselves with Gunderson. People like predicate felon, stalker, transvestite and child porno collector Tim White; criminal stalker and 'G-man' fraud Brenda Negri.

Then there are others like Don Stacey (CIA operative, involved in containment operations); former senator John DeCamp, who has solicited "help" from stalker Tim White to threaten Barbara Hartwell with a lawsuit. Gunderson and DeCamp also recruited Tim White as a PR shill in their Gannon-is-Gosch hoax.

As well, there is grifter, scamster and fundamentalist religious zealot, Pam Schuffert, also regularly promoted on Adachi's website. Pam Schuffert, who has been travelling with her criminal cohort, Tim White, to stalk and harass patriots in Montana and Idaho. To this day, Schuffert continues to harass me by e-mail with her bogus "reports", some of which contained outrageous lies about myself and another target, Jeff Swedenburg (the person who was falsely accused by Tim White of being a "CIA assassin" sent make a 'hit' on Barbara Hartwell.)

Gunderson & Co. are all part of a criminal conspiracy, which involves racketeering. Hoaxes, scams, threats (including DEATH THREATS), stalking, criminal harassment, libel campaigns designed to demonize and discredit ANYONE who has come forward to tell the truth, about any number of government-sponsored crimes.

THIS is what government stooge Ken Adachi supports. It is what he promotes on his website, Educate-Yourself.

It's way past time to put these criminals OUT OF BUSINESS.

Meanwhile, those of us targeted will continue to expose them, in the hope that at least we can get the truth out to warn others.

From the Rumor Mill News Forum, 2003

In response to:

Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger?
By Ken Adachi

Jackie McGauley Responds to Ken Adachi re Ted Gunderson

Here (below) is more testimony from Jackie McGauley, mother of sexually/satanically abused child and PRIMARY whistleblower in the McMartin Preschool Case.

This is Jackie's response to Ken Adachi, the dupe who staunchly defends Gunderson, no matter how much evidence he is given which points to the truth. Jackie in fact contacted Adachi, in attempts to furnish him with firsthand information and EVIDENCE about Ted Gunderson. Adachi ignored Jackie, and refused to talk to her, rather than even CONSIDERING the evidence, not even giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Ted Gunderson promoted himself in the media as the "hero" who exposed the McMartin scandal. In fact, Ted Gunderson had NOTHING to do with the investigation, much less the archaeological tunnel dig.

I myself used to defend and endorse Ted Gunderson, FOR YEARS, believing all the hype I heard and read from Ted and his promoters, such as Sue Ford, Doug Millar, Jon Gentry and others. I even wrote a letter to then-director of the FBI, Louis Freeh, on Ted's behalf, defending Ted, just because Ted asked me to!....and because Ted said he was being investigated by the FBI.

Maybe I believed in Ted because I wanted to believe. After all, he never did anything to me personally which was abusive. I actually loved Ted, as if he were my own father.

To this day, I pray for Ted. But in service to the truth, I have to draw the line at covering for Ted, or anyone else, and especially when Ted has been spreading the lie, being promoted by Ken Adachi, that I am still being handled, under mind control, by CIA. Ted knows damn well this is NOT true, whether or not the others promoting this lie believe it to be so.

But, unlike Ken Adachi, I DO have an open mind and I AM willing to listen and consider evidence when it's placed in front of me. I admitted long ago that I had been hoodwinked by Gunderson and so have others, including Stew Webb and even Jackie McGauley.

Here are Jackie's comments.

Jackie McGauley responds to Ken Adachi

"Ted stole the body of his work from me. I got documents from journalists in exchange for my interviews. I got ALL of the material on Michael Aquino and Anton Lavey from Ivan Sharpe of the San Francisco Chronicle. He got them from Anton and Aquino.

Ted stole the files when he was sharing my house-the place where he embezzled $30,000 from me.

He got his information about Aleister Crowley from me in conversations about what I had read. I confirmed with his ex-wife Jocelyn that Ted does not read books or know how to use a computer.

All that crap about how great he is, is written by his "Associates." [Ken Aadachi & Co.]

Ted met Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, Noreen Gosch, and many others through me. No professionals that I worked with during that time would have anything to do with Ted, in fact they warned me to get away from him.

I let him stay because he had gotten me in debt and I was determined to make him pay me back.


If you have questions or comments, and if you want THE TRUTH about McMartin Preschool, you may reach Jackie McGauley at: