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Friday, March 2, 2007

Barbara Hartwell Answers Her Critics --2000

NOTE, March 2007:

At one time, before I had a website online, I sent out a newsletter, the Hartwell Intelligence Report, to a large e-mail list. I also had a public e-mail address. Something I will NEVER have again. This report gives an indication of why I've decided that keeping to myself --and away from dealings with the public-- is the best policy. Way too many idiots out there......

 From the Hartwell Files, 2000

To All:

This letter is in response to some of the messages I received in reference to my two recent articles: The Scapegoat Syndrome and Conspiracy Theories: Who Needs Them?

Let me begin with the letters I received from Hugh Turley. Mr. Turley first contacted me in reference to my article, the Scapegoat Syndrome. He had some questions regarding the credibility of various individuals, including John Quinn/NewsHawk and Carol Valentine. I subsequently received a second letter from him, which he sent to everyone on my list, along with his first as a reference. 

I will quote from the most recent. Hugh Turley wrote:

"I asked you to answer some questions so I would know if you were a truthful person. You did not answer my questions but sent me a form response..You made some claims when you attacked Valentine and I just want to see the evidence. People who are not truthful seek the darkness and if you don't come out in the light and answer my questions I will doubt your credibility. I am starting to suspect you are just a bull shitter. It's time to put up or shut up."

Mr. Turley: Yes, I did send you a "form response". If you have read it you will have seen that the reason for this is that I receive over 500 e-mails a week from people seeking information from my research material; or assistance in dealing with problems related to their own situations; or in response to my published work.

I explained that it sometimes takes me as long as a couple of weeks to respond and that I do my best to respond to each message personally and in detail -eventually. I also stated that my responses are prioritized in the order of the seriousness and urgency of the queries. 

I am only one person. I have no staff, no secretary, no help of any kind. There are only so many hours in a day. I work at least 10 hours a day, seven days a week on my research and writing. My research fund is supported through donations and whatever other money I can scrape together --which so far has been woefully inadequate for my needs. In addition, I do have the other chores and obligations of everyday life to attend to.

Apparently, because I did not snap to! --in responding fast enough for you, you automatically assumed the worst: that I am nothing but a "bull shitter" and even went so far as to imply that I am something on the order of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, hiding in the darkness to conceal my attempted obfuscation of the truth.

Please remember, Mr. Turley, that you are not my commanding officer; nor am I your employee. I would have been happy to answer your questions as soon as I found the time. And yes, I have the evidence to back up my claims about John Quinn publishing the Waco pictures and editorial comments expressing his outrage --well before the libelous article by Carol Valentine was written.

But after reading your latest rude and disrespectful message, I don't think I want to waste my time working as your unpaid and unappreciated researcher. In any case, John Quinn has already testified to the veracity of my statements as regards the Waco material. John Quinn also sent the evidence --as dated documents-- out to all on this list.

One more thing: I do not consider my statements in an attempt to refute the false allegations of Valentine an "attack" as you so label them. I think your last letter to me better fits that description. Do your own research, Mr. Turley; maybe then you will have a better chance in reaching a reasonable opinion of the truth.

Now, we come to the numerous comments made by
Kevin Gagan. Addressing them is not a simple task. In his one-man crusade to excoriate me and to invalidate and debunk my research and my viewpoints he seems to have outdone himself. 

It would appear that Mr.Gagan's operational strategy is to overwhelm his selected targets with numerous harassing messages designed for the single-minded purpose of provocation. He insults; he derides; he taunts; he sneers. Indeed, he seems the unchallenged master of the cheap shot. 

One thing is clear: he has honed his sniping skills through many hours of practice on the target range....if nothing else, he's learned that practice makes perfect. Lock and load: the enemy approaches!

Now let's hear some of Mr. Gagan's statements as excerpts from his numerous commentaries, of which I've lost count. For easy reading, I have categorized the various topics he addresses and my responses follow. Please listen carefully, folks. His words and tone are truly fasten your seatbelts and welcome to....(drum roll, please) ...GAGAN-WORLD!


"I didn't say you were a member of the New World Order -there is no such thing- but that you might be a believer in the (conspiracists theory of) the New World Order, that one exists."

BH: About the existence of the NWO: We disagree, Mr. Gagan. And that's fine with me. You have made it abundantly clear that in your opinion anyone who verifies the reality of the NWO is nothing but a whacked-out "conspiracy theorist". But while we're on the subject, I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that there are some very credible people who know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that in fact the NWO is already operational and has been for years.

For example, take Chip Tatum, an ex-CIA agent with whom I have spoken publicly on several occasions, including in a TV interview with journalist Ryan Elliott from Chicago Health Television. Mr. Elliott interviewed us after a seminar we had given titled: "Insider Secrets of Government Corruption".

Here's Mr. Tatum's reply when asked by Mr. Elliott if the NWO in fact exists.

Tatum: "There's no doubt. As a trusted ally of Mr. Bush, I sat in on meetings in Jupiter Fla. with George Bush who had at one time been my direct handler in the CIA. We [CIA agents] did the deeds for this group of NWO participants. We, in the Agency, called them the Olympic Cartel. We dealt in drugs, food, petroleum and people... human slavery, that is."

By the way, Mr. Tatum was sent to prison after his conviction for "treason". His "treasonous" act was exposing the drug-running operations of CIA, headed by drug lord George Bush, in which Mr. Tatum had been a longtime but unwilling participant.

Mr. Tatum was also utilized as an assassin. One of the written "contracts" he showed me was signed by George Bush. The target for "neutralization"? Ross Perot. Mr. Tatum refused to carry out the mission. I guess that was the beginning of the end of Mr. Tatum's CIA career.

I have a number of hardcopy documents, given to me by Mr. Tatum, which constitute hard evidence of these events. There's a lot more, but I'm sure that nobody who talked about the factual existence of the NWO -even if he backed it up with documentation- would hold any credibility with you, Mr. Gagan. 

(But for those others reading this who are interested, please e-mail me and I will provide some info on how to find some of Mr. Tatum's material as well as the credible testimony and research of others on the NWO.)


From one of Gagan's anonymous cronies:

"Hip boots, Kevin, hip boots...With Babs on one side and XXXX on the other, you'll need 'em." F---- it -make that chest-high waders."

BH: Go for it! Break out those chest-high waders. But considering the piles of manure you and your anonymous buddies have been slinging my way, I'm afraid those waders just won't cut it....No, it looks like I'll need to call in the Roto-Rooter man.


"Therapy, Babs, therapy..." "Thanks for the e-mail on me that you're passing around but you conveniently left out what you and your conspiracist theories have done to a good friend of mine. But that's OK. Many can already tell that you've chosen to leave it out on your personal harangue of me so you kind of stepped in it. "

BH: Stepped in what, Mr. Gagan? If it's the aforementioned bullshit you're talking about, I think maybe you should take a closer look at your own shoes -wait, make that "chest-high waders". But I don't have the slightest clue who this "friend" of yours is. Does he or she have a name? Since you have accused me of single-handedly committing some presumably dastardly deed against this person, maybe you should have provided me with some specific information. Such as: the identity of the individual; his/her testimony regarding me; and the nature of the crime with which I am being charged. 

As far as the "many" of your cronies who claim to have x-ray vision with regard to my motives, who the hell are these people? Never mind. I really don't care to know. Probably just some 007 wannabes like yourself. Birds of a feather and all that....


"Just read where everybody's out to 'get you'. Are you next going to be telling us that the reports of your suicide are not to be believed? That the government will have 'suicided' you? Dang it Babs, get some help. Family and friends have been telling you that for years. Give it a shot (so to speak)." "Therapy, Babs, therapy..." "There are medical professionals who have addressed this syndrome..Unfortunately and sadly there is a box that you fit into. It's never too late.."

BH: FYI, Mr. Gagan: There are many documented incidents of government agencies being responsible for the so-called "suicides" of their targets. Just one case in point: Frank Olsen, who allegedly "jumped out a window" in 1953. But in this rare instance, the family won a legal victory against CIA, when they proved that in fact, Frank Olsen was assassinated, followed by the usual attempted government cover-up, labeled as a "suicide".

Last year I was a guest on a series of radio shows on CIA mind control, hosted by Mike Levine: The Expert Witness Show on WBAI, NYC. Eric Olsen, Frank's son, was also a guest on this program. Yes, Mr. Gagan, CIA was responsible for "suiciding" Frank Olsen. Since I know you'd never believe me, read "Acid Dreams" by Eric Olsen and Martin Lee. That is, if you can open your own mind enough to open the cover of a book which is meticulously researched and contains plenty of hard evidence as well as the testimony of credible witnesses.

As far as the use of that "box" that you say I fit into: Why don't you just shove your outsized ego into it? It might be a bit of a squeeze, so don't forget to wrap it up tight with heavy-duty packing tape as an extra security measure. As you say, it's never too late...


"I've already got more than my quota ["lost causes" ] at the moment so I can't make you another one, Babs. "..." I just don't have the time to get involved with everyone's delusions."

BH: Mr. Gagan, I never requested your assistance, most certainly not in the form of unsolicited amateur psychoanalysis. If pop psychology is your hobby, please find some other analysands. I'm sure there are plenty of those delusional folks out there, anxious to avail themselves of your services. Try starting with some of your pals.


"If you're only two years older than I am, and I'm 46, how the heck could you have been involved with this thing for nearly 50 years ? Is it fair to say that many people, other than me, have mentioned that you have a tendency to exaggerate? "

BH: Here we go again: the "many people" with no discernible identities. The Greek Chorus of anonymous supporters who come out of the woodwork at every turn to spur you on to greater victory. I was born in 1951. I am 49 years old. You are 46 years old. That's 3 years older, not 2. I was chosen for recruitment into the "family business" before birth as part of the "eugenics" program of genetic engineering, implemented by Nazi scientists from Project Paperclip who formed the original core of CIA.

So yes Mr. Gagan, I have been involved in this for nearly 50 years. And if you don't think a child -even in the cradle- has any perception of the energies that surround her, maybe you need to think again. It's already been proven by credible medical researchers that even an unborn child responds to stimuli and has a degree of awareness of her surroundings from within the womb. The people running this operation are evil, Mr. Gagan. And I would not be exaggerating in the slightest by calling them monsters. 

So yes, Mr. Gagan, as I said in my article, I have been fighting the monsters for nearly half a century. And what's more, I will continue to fight them until the day I die.

Here also follow some comments from my sister Irene:

"In response to Gagan's comments on my sister's mathematical ability and her family's attitude: Barbara made the comment that she has been fighting these "monsters" for almost half a century. I can testify to that fact. Barbara was about 6 years old when we were taken by our father to see William Jennings Bryan III, a known programmer for the "monsters". As I was led away by a large dark haired woman, my sister refused to leave my father's lap. Not much more a six year old could do to resist. That was in 1957; forty three years ago. That's almost half a century.

As for her family -I am her family, her sister, and I know that Barbara does not need protection from herself but from the "monsters" and from those whose provincial minds, which cannot comprehend anything beyond their own experience, help perpetuate the cover-up. I understand this is difficult to believe unless you have been involved in it.

When the black helicopters started flying over at treetop level, as they did when I was visiting Babs last September, 1999, I had no doubt in my mind that she had been telling the truth. May God bless you and give you a love of the truth."
- Irene"


"G-2 is not the precursor to the NSA. G-2 is and has always been, military intelligence at an army division level." .... "Your stuff reads like bad tales slurred across a bar counter rather than anything to do with reality. Of course I don't know if that's your family passin' off bad stories or your perception of them."... "When you or anyone else make childish mistakes on things like G-2 ....why would anyone put any stock in anything you have to say? "

BH: Mr. Gagan: I have neither the time nor the inclination to waste my time slumming, much less "slurring". Nor would the clientele of such haunts be my chosen audience for disseminating my knowledge and research results. That sounds to me more like your province.

However, I do have my father's military records. In addition I have done my homework on the history of the NSA. The NSA was officially signed into existence on November 4, 1952 by Harry Truman. The NSA was formed only after a decades-long power struggle among various federal agencies and military intelligence services. One of these was G-2, Army Intelligence.
The immediate "official" precursor to NSA was the AFSA: the Armed Forces Security Agency, which included, but was not limited to, G-2. But in fact, G-2 was the first military intelligence service to be tasked with the interception and decoding of foreign military codes and ciphers, as well as the creation of U.S. codes. The various names for this ranged from "cryptography" to "cryptoanalysis" to "cryptology".

G-2 did serve as a precursor to NSA, simply by virtue of their unprecedented leading-edge research and development in the art of cryptology. They called the operatives "translators" in an attempt to circumvent a legal problem caused by the fact that many of their operations lacked the sanction of the color of law. But hey, that's just a technicality. When did that ever stop them?
Today, the NSA is the largest and most intrusive government agency on the face of the earth. Their Echelon program alone is responsible for more illegal violations of U.S. Citizens' 4th amendment rights to privacy than at any time in the history of the U.S. Constitution. And let's not forget the other nations whose citizens are targeted by their behemoth computer and satellite tracking systems. Indeed, a sad commentary on the erosion of individual rights, Mr. Gagan.


"This is my sixth e-mail I've received regarding you in the last hour. It doesn't look good, Babs. I'll be afraid to open my e-mail come tomorrow morning. It seems I'm far from the only one who's been wondering what's going on behind your keyboard."

BH: Need To Know, Mr. Gagan, Need To Know. Sorry, you and your pals don't rate high in my personal security clearance system. So just keep on wondering. It might give you something more constructive to do with your time.


"C'mon Babs. That was a cheap shot. You gutlessly chose to take me out of context." "You were whining about someone [Carol Valentine] who criticized JQ and accused them of slander. My context was that when you and JQ are involved in a lot of speculative slander yourselves, you have to be able to take it as well as dish it out."

To selected anonymous cronies: 
"There's no need for anyone to forward me anything from John's or other sites. I get them already from blind drops..."
"Unlike John Quinn, I can take a little healthy critiquing."

To John Quinn: 
"Hmmm, methinks my critique of Babs Hartwell's sickness and silliness hit too close to home. " "And don't be a child, John. I have your e-mail list through your own carelessness. Some of those whom you contact are now contacting me to question and sometimes ridicule you. " "I also have blind e-mail drops which I get to sort through you and Babs and one of the Mike's and...well, you figure it out."

BH: Blind e-mail drops! Surreptitious interception of electronic newsletters! It seems you have been a busy bee, Mr. Gagan...keeping your network of cronies up to speed and then passing along their insulting (anonymous) comments to myself and John Quinn. Of course, you don't reveal their identities. Need to know, I'm sure. 

You seem to enjoy playing spy games. Now, I am not for one minute suggesting that you could be a spy, not in any bona fide capacity. Those foolish enough to hire you for such a task would have realized their bum investment long before this. No, I think you just get a cheap thrill out of ridiculing people who have made it clear that they won't put up with your absurd attempts at manipulation and harassment.

And if, as you say, you "can take a little healthy critiquing" why in hell have you made such an obsessive mission of letting all the stops out in your attempts to discredit myself and John Quinn? And by the way Mr. Gagan, There is nothing "gutless" or "whining" about me. Unlike you, I'm a straight arrow. These comments are apparently just your petty way of lashing out at anyone who dares to disagree with you. 

Projecting your own psychopathology on me in a pathetic attempt at one-upmanship. Really, Mr. Gagan, can't you come up with something more effective than that?


"As far as your family turnin' you in for strange behavior: Maybe they're just tryin' to protect themselves in case you ever 'go off'. Since your family has decided that they can't protect you from yourself, perhaps they've decided to protect themselves from you."

BH: It doesn't surprise me that you would consider a woman's rightful intent to defend herself against violent sexual assaults as "strange behavior". Maybe you think it's just fine and dandy for government officials to engage in these sorts of criminal activities, especially when they are perpetrated on women.

Let me enlighten you, Mr.Gagan: One of the sub-projects of CIA's MK ULTRA mind control program is involved in using women and children as "sex slaves". Several friends of mine -including my own sister- were tortured and victimized in such ways. So I repeat: If these bastards had EVER tried that on me, I would have killed the perps -one by one. And I would have been well within my rights under the law . It's called self-defense, Mr. Gagan. Ever heard of it?

These slugs may be crawling on the ground, but they do have a tendency to operate above the law, so in that case, let's just call it vigilante justice. As it stands right now, I am collecting testimony from various rape victims who suffered brutal abuses as part of these government-sponsored black programs, and be assured that I will do all in my power to bring these perps to justice. In a court of law, Mr. Gagan. But it wouldn't surprise me if you found that to be "strange behavior" too.


"When you refer to me as 'wet behind the ears' I'd suggest that you're a babe in the woods standing next to me. But after reading your latest very ill ranting, you may be one 'babe' I wouldn't want to be around me holding anything sharp."

BH: Not to worry, Mr. Gagan, it's not likely you'll ever be standing next to me. Not if I have anything to say about it. But get this: I'm nobody's "babe" and more to the point, nobody's fool. And I certainly wouldn't need a sharp object to defend myself against the likes of you. I have more than adequate training in martial arts as well as in hand-to-hand combat at the Delta Force level. That's about the only thing I can thank CIA for. And by the way, I limit my use of that training to self defense. Me and mine, that is. So just back off, Mr. Gagan, before you find yourself in a worse situation than you're already in.


"I don't like to be harsh -particularly with a woman- but you also harm others besides yourself."

BH: Speak for yourself, Mr.Gagan -about harming others that is. As far as being "harsh with a woman"- compared to some of the goons I've had to deal with, your misguided attempts at chivalry are laughable to say the least. Wake up Mr. Gagan, and start treating women with the respect they deserve. Or take the consequences.


"You flubbed this too. You throw Nietzsche and Hitler into the same basket. It's not Nietzsche's fault that Hitler misquoted him, took him out of context, and in general perverted this man's philosophies whenever it suited his purpose. Instead of parroting other people's mistakes you should broaden your search horizon. "

BH: Broaden my search horizon? Mr. Gagan, you truly amaze me. Or rather, does your blindness to and outright ignorance of the philosophy of a man to whom Hitler was drawn like a moth to a flame. Gosh, I wonder why that was? Beats me. Let's get real: Hitler had no need to "pervert" anything written by Nietzsche. The flagrant and vile perversion of Nietzsche and his ideas is there for the comprehension all who have eyes to see or ears to hear. Or functioning minds to make use of.

Here's a quote from your beloved Nietzsche about the "New Philosophers":

"They are ever chanting: 'Equality of rights' and 'Pity for suffering'. We, however, who have opened our eyes and consciousness, believe just the contrary. Indeed, severity, violence, slavery, danger, dissimulation, stoicism,artifice and deviltries of every kind--all that is bad, terrible, tyrannical, predatory and serpentine in man--serve as well for the elevation of humanity as their opposites."

And here, Mr. Gagan, for your reading pleasure, are some excerpts from Nietzsche's philosophy "On Woman":

"One of the most deplorable things is the desire of woman for emancipation. Woman has many motives for being modest. She conceals so much that is pedantic, superficial, paltry, immodest and unrestrained. It will be unfortunate if woman unlearns her perspicacity, her arts of grace, playfulness and driving-away-cares, and her fine aptitude for agreeable passions. Woman does not desire truth. Nothing has been more foreign, repugnant or hostile to her than truth. Her great art is falsehood, her chief concern is appearance and beauty. It is precisely this art and instinct which we men honor and love. To be mistaken about the problem of woman, to overlook sex-antagonism, to dream of equal rights, duties,&c., are typical signs of shallow mindedness. A profound man can only, like the Orientals, consider woman as property, as a being whose predestined mission is domesticity."

Well, Mr. Gagan, it seems you've found religion. Hallelujah!

Sexism, gender-based oppression, slavery, fascism, slash-and-burn terrorism. That's the ticket! You must be a "profound man" indeed to endorse this inspired philosophy for the "elevation of humanity". And as an added perk, no one who buys into this philosophy could ever accuse you of being "shallow minded".

And now, a little of my own personal philosophy. Sorry, I can't back it up with quotes, since it didn't come from anyone's book. There is no such thing as a state of exalted consciousness which is "Beyond Good and Evil", the title of the work from which these quotes from Nietzsche are taken.

On one hand, there is Good. And on the other hand, there is Evil. Persons such as Hitler and Nietzsche apparently did not have the spiritual wherewithal to apprehend that there are such things as MORAL ABSOLUTES.

The road to goodness is straight and narrow . The trek may not be easy and there is likely to be much stumbling along the way. But that road is paved with love, compassion, respect for the rights and freedoms of others and a reverence for life in all it's multifarious forms. Just live and let live. And give whatever help you can to others you meet on the path.

The road to evil -the proverbial 'highway to hell'- is convoluted and paved with selfishness, sophistry and the insatiable greed of the ego for mental and material gratification at the expense of the suffering of innocents. The way I see it, once you shake hands with the devil, you're halfway to hell.


To an anonymous crony known as "XXXX" :

"One poor soul asked me if I knew how to stop microwaves. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. I suggested she unplug the oven. I must be tired. Forgive me."

BH: Evidently you are not aware, Mr.Gagan, that electronic harassment is one of the foremost strategies of attack against various targeted individuals in this country, primarily deployed against whistleblowers and others who oppose the fascism and global slavery agenda of the NWO.

But I'm sure you don't have to worry about becoming one of these targets. After all, your ridicule of the innocent victims of such attacks gives you automatic 'diplomatic immunity'. By your derision of the victims and your attempts to debunk their credibility you are playing right into the hands of the perps, whether you mean to or not. And your laughter at the expense of massive human suffering speaks for itself. Shame on you, Mr. Gagan!


"Besides scaring the shit out of innocents, what are you doing to make America or even your local community a better place to live right here and now? "

BH: If exposing the truth about the war on the American public by the psychopaths who run this country -at the risk of my life- isn't enough, then I guess my efforts aren't worth a damn. Forgive me, Mr. Gagan. I must be tired.


"Did that crazy pair finally quit bothering you? If they haven't, you could send me their e-mail and I'd be glad to play with their heads."

BH: I'm sure you would be more than happy for any opportunity to play your juvenile mind games with like-minded people. But I'm not about to waste my time lining up new targets for you. I don't need hired guns and I don't play games, Mr. Gagan. When someone messes with me, I just take care of business. And no, that "crazy pair" (Franco and Fornai) are no longer harassing me. They've learned their lesson. Perhaps you too, could learn from their experience.


And to wrap things up, here's a quote from 'Ronin' (Gagan's alter ego?):
"Fact blended with fiction does not equal fact. It equals a perversion of the truth."

"And what is truth? Is truth unchanging law? We both have truths.

-from the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar"

BH: Please listen carefully, Mr. Gagan. This is the last communication you will receive from me. I am not interested in hearing any more about your philosophy. Neither am I interested in hearing more about your version of "truth". I have listened. I have heard. I have assessed your opinions and I have responded -in great detail- to your comments. I have finished saying everything I have to say to you.

So I am asking you politely not to send me any more messages. I will interpret any further messages you send to me as harassment. John Quinn of NewsHawk has also made his position clear and has issued a public directive for you to cease and desist from any further harassment of him. Please take this notice seriously.

I bear no malice against you in my heart. I just need to make it clear that I find your communications offensive and that they have become a nuisance to me . As to any of the subscribers on my list or that of NewsHawk, they'll have to decide for themselves if they are interested in further exchanges of e-mail with you. That's none of my business. But speaking only for myself, please just get off my case. Cease and desist. You go your way, and I'll go mine.


And now there is just one more person I would like to respond to: Habib Peter Kawaja. Last night, I was intuitively guided to take another look at Mr. Kawaja's Website: The Desert Storm War Crimes Commission. What I found there did not surprise me. Listed in Mr. Kawaja's "NEW!" category called HATE ARTICLES, I saw that Kawaja had posted my article, the Scapegoat Syndrome, the version forwarded by NewsHawk with John Quinn's comments as an introduction.

The VERY LARGE heading which he uses as a slogan preceding my article reads:


Since Mr. Kawaja's comments were restricted to a few brief sentences, I'll include them all, in sequence. The first comments precede my article. The last comments were added as an addendum. And the bracketed comments were interspersed within NewsHawk's introduction. Here goes:

"Newshawk Loves Pete and Carol. Well it took them a couple weeks to come up with this, and it is trash. Gosh, fancy them devoting a special issue to US!!!"
"SEE WHO IS FOAMING-WHO IS HATING]....[YES-it is obvious NewsHawk is too full of HATE and FROATHING, so they whine and have to get a SCRIPT WRITER to write for them. aww poor babies."


Before I respond directly to Mr. Kawaja's editorial comments, I have a few editorial comments of my own. Mr. Kawaja used the smallest possible type set for my article, in glaring contrast to the large and bold typeset he uses for his own material. In addition, he totally obliterated my paragraph structure, thus compromising the integrity of the article.

Although the article is given in it's entirety, it is presented AS IF it were written as one very long run-on paragraph, in teeny-tiny type which makes it very difficult to read, much less to comprehend. Kawaja deliberately compromised the quality of my writing through this manipulation so that anyone reading it can have no way of knowing that I did not in fact write it that way myself.
And by the way, NewsHawk did not hire me as a "SCRIPT WRITER" as Kawaja alleges. No, the "trash" I wrote came right from the heart. It just so happens that I agree with John Quinn's viewpoints about anti-Jewish propaganda.

BH: Mr. Kawaja, you seem to be very focussed on the word HATE. It is displayed over and over -ad nauseum- in large type and lurid colors all over your Website. Now why would that be? Surely, there must be some reason for this?

You also routinely deem anyone who disagrees with you as a HATER. You have accused me of being something called "Ashkenazi" . Tell me, are they the "Evil Alien Race of Serpent People"? But wait...I thought, according to you, those were the "Jews". So very confusing! I'm having trouble sorting out all your terminology.

Whatever the "Ashkenazi" may be, perhaps you have some sort of supernatural psychic radar by which you can scope out this genetic affliction and thereby affix this label on others. I'm sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Kawaja, but I'm just a standard-issue human being, not some sort of reptile. I assure you: I was born, not hatched! I suggest that you get together with David Icke. You and he seem to have a lot in common, that being the obscure system of Mickey Mouse Metaphysics to which you evidently adhere.

But please don't trouble yourself on my account, Mr. Kawaja. I don't hate anyone, including you. It's just that I have a problem with the behavior of people who are so intently focussed on HATE, HATING, HATRED and HATERS.
My problem is this: I can't imagine how such persons could possibly have any room left in their hearts or minds for anything which is not connected to HATE. I would think that this HATE fixation rules out things like tolerance, love, compassion and even sound reasoning.

So please, Mr. Kawaja, take off those HATE-colored glasses! Maybe then your vision would clear and you could develop the ability to view your fellow human beings for who they really are.

That's all, folks.
May God bless you -every one- and thanks for listening.

Barbara Hartwell