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Monday, March 5, 2007

Last Radio Show of Rick Stanley: Standing Up For America


I wish Rick Stanley victory in his court case and I will continue to post updates from Rick as they come in.

I have been a guest on various programs (including Standing Up for America) on Truth Radio many times, over a period years. I know Richard Palmquist to be a sincere patriot and Christian, and I always made a point of thanking him personally (on the air) for his great work, each time I appeared on his network.

Unfortunately, I missed Rick's last show yesterday evening. I hope there comes a time when he can get back on radio, as I enjoyed listening to his program and the guests on Standing Up for America.

Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist

RELEASE: The Last Radio Show of Rick Stanley on Standing Up For America

STANLEY NOTE: I just made an agonizing decision today, in a lifetime of decisions, some I didn't wish to make. I called Richard Palmquist, the owner of the network at Truth Radio, and told him of my decision to end my participation as the host of "Standing Up For America". 

I will go into some of the reasons this evening on the last show at at 6:00 PM MST, Sunday, March 4, 2007. Nothing earth shattering caused my decision. Rather, it was a long term "future considerations" issue on my part. It has been weighing on my mind for some time.

It has been a real pleasure doing this show on two different networks the past 5 years. However, it is time to "retire" as a radio host for a myriad of reasons, mostly personal. I will be talking about the last five years of my activism for liberty, the reasons for the radio hosting retirement, and to discuss with my listeners if they wish, anything they wish, on tonights program. The call in line is 303-329-0481 and the show begins roughly at five after the hour, and goes for one hour.

I will be asking for someone to take over the show, if they are so inclined. Anyone wishing to take the reins of the broadcasting booth per se, please call Richard Palmquist as soon as possible, to discuss the issue.

His e-mail address is

Richard Palmquist is a man of honor and it has been a privelege to work with him this past few years at Truth Radio. I would love for someone to take over the reins and keep the concept of "Standing Up For America" going on Sunday nights, or any other time slot a potential new host may wish to do. The show could probably be expanded to a daily format, whatever you could work out with Richard Palmquist.

Liberty defending is a lifelong commitment, once one decides to head down that path. It is the same with anyone that I have known, who has been "so afflicted". Once you discover the tyranny in your life, one becomes "hooked" at doing "something" to end it.

Listen tonight, and accept my profound regret that I will be unable to continue with the radio show. My activism for liberty will be taking new roads in the future. Those pathway decisions, are coming for me each day in the coming years of the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA, and for us all.

My decisions are now going to be heavily weighted, as to the ramifications upon my wife and family for the future, as the police state comes down harder upon us, each day. I am sure you understand the gravity of which I speak, as each of you comes into more contact with the tyranny in your lives. 

I have been a messenger of sorts, of the destruction of your God given, natural, unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. My knowledge came first hand, or was passed on to me by many others who have also paid a heavy price for "discovering" and "exposing" the "system" of tyranny we are under today. It has been my honor to defend the rights enshrined in the constitution as a constitutional activist and liberty defender on "Standing Up For America".

LIVE FREE or Die! LIBERTY in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley

From Richard Palmquist:

Talk show hosts:

It is Sunday afternoon. I just recieved a phone call from Rick Stanley, a long-time Sunday evening host on Truth Radio. Court pressures in his life demand that today's program will be his last. We understand his need to focus on his next court appearance. We wish you well, Rick, and look forward to the day of victory that will return you to Truth Radio.