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Thursday, March 1, 2007

"No One Is Attacking You": Response to Reports of Criminal Harassment

August, 2005


The following is a message (also sent to Rick Stanley) from a Mr. James Hatridge. This e-mail was sent to a yahoo address I use for public posts. I keep this address simply to discourage unsolicited e-mail (especially messages such as this one) from the public. My other e-mail addresses are private.

I will not reply by e-mail to Mr. Hatridge's message, as it was unsolicited and I have no wish to engage in personal or private communications with him. Rather, I will make a public report of it and this will be all I have to say in reference to Mr. Hatridge and his misguided attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell.

The original post was a brief report I wrote, sent to only a few friends, with permission to post; and posted on the Revolutionary Coalition forum by Rick Stanley, preceded by his own comments in a STANLEY NOTE.

Mr. Hatridge responded to my report with his own unsubstantiated conjecture and assumptions, presuming to advise me, as if it were written in stone, that there were no "attacks" on me, also posted on the Revolutionary Coalition forum.

I then posted my own response, meant to set the record straight, making it clear that Mr. Hatridge did not know whereof he spoke, at least about the issues I had addressed. Namely, harassment (some in the form of e-mail forgeries, identity theft and co-opting of private e-mail addresses) of myself and other high profile whistleblowers and activists by an organized network of provocateurs, disinfo agents and their minions, all of whom are malicious liars. All of whom work (directly or indirectly) for the criminals in government.

[Please see the related messages at the bottom of the page.]

Since Rick Stanley requested that the issue not continue to be addressed on the forum, I respect his wishes, as I understand that the RC forum was not meant for the purpose of arguments, or debates; but rather for networking to unite individuals and third parties in defense of God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. 

Speaking for myself, that is the only reason I joined; and furthermore, I have neither the time nor inclination to engage in arguments, especially with those of Mr. Hatridge's ilk. My reports and articles are FYI: The readers may make of them what they will.

So I will now respond to Mr. Hatridge's offensive "private" message publicly and that will be the end of it, at least for me. He and others may make of it it what they will.

[My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.]

James Hatridge wrote:

"Hi Rick and Barbara,

For once Rick, I agree with you to drop this. (Please note I took this off-list.) This silly woman is insane, or at least needs to fix her tin-foil beanie. With what she told on her email its no way to see who sent these emails. She talks about facts, but only gives one. That one fact makes it clear that while she might be a "good person" etc, she doesn't know shit about the 'net. People like her are tiring. I expect I will now have to put her in my kill file."

[BH: Hatridge's insults to Barbara Hartwell, such as "silly woman" and "insane" only serve to expose his own intellectual limitations and lack of spiritual discernment. His attitude reminds me of a spoiled two-year-old who resorts to name-calling when he can't get his way or when he is admonished for overstepping his bounds. Which he certainly did, and he will be held accountable for his actions, as I hold all such persons accountable.

I have never claimed to be an expert on computers nor on the Internet. That is not my area of expertise, never has been. In fact, most of my professional work takes place off the Internet. And the nature of my original report was simply a warning about the fact that some of my enemies had been engaging in various forms of harassment, using the Internet as a vehicle.

And since Barbara Hartwell is so "tiring" according to the illustrious Mr. Hatridge, I suggest he just dismiss anything I have to say and move on to use his time in a more productive manner. Pick a soft target.

In other words, get the hell off my case and just leave me alone. I didn't ask his opinion, nor do I need his advice. And at the risk of giving him more ammunition by admitting the level of my ignorance about the Internet, I don't know what a "kill file" is. Sounds kind of ominous. Oh well...another day, another fool, attempting to provoke me into a petty sniping match.]

"BTW, I can give a "bottom line" on computers. I've worked with computers since 1975, I have a degree in "information data management" from U of Maryland -- Berlin, I was a SYSOP at Tymeshare one of the 'nets that was included in building the Internet, I have built Beowulf systems I have helped built international networks between the US and Mexico I have wrote for "Linux Journal" one of the largest computer magazines in the world, I program in about 10 languages, Yes, I can give an expert option."

[BH: Well, I'm sure he could give his "expert opinion". So what? Let him save it for someone who cares. I did not ask for it and don't need it. As per his boasting, he may know everything there is to know about the Internet. Bully for him. But he knows nothing at all about Barbara Hartwell. And he has no business attempting to foist his speculations and uninformed opinions on me, especially in a public forum in attempts to discredit me. Mr. Hatridge needs to learn to mind his own business and to respect the personal boundaries of others.]

"BTW, this silly woman has accused 3 or more people of doing crimes that could put them in jail. If they were to sue her she would have to prove what she said. I don't think she can. ALSO since you are so closely censoring this list they could jump on you too for allowing her to put this on line. That's just something to think about. People are sue crazy in the States.

Have a good one Rick,


[BH: I guess Hatridge feels the need to keep calling me "this silly woman". A way of simply dismissing me as some sort of nutcase (after all he also called me "insane") and encouraging others to do so. Which tells me he can't find anything relevant or intelligent to say, in his obvious efforts to discredit me. As for his motivation to discredit Barbara Hartwell....well, that's anyone's guess. Sounds to me like maybe he has some stake in all this. I wonder, what could that be?

As for accusing various persons of crimes, that is correct. These individuals are indeed criminals. I have never made a secret of that, once I had the evidence to substantiate the facts. Some of those crimes include criminal conspiracy and racketeering. As it happens, I am one of several former intelligence operatives (CIA, 25 years, Psychological Operations) and others who are key witnesses in these cases, for which I have also conducted my own separate investigations, which corroborate the evidence gathered by other investigators.

And in case Mr. Hatridge is wondering, I am a trained investigator with many years experience both inside and outside government agencies. The only reason I don't have a license as a "private investigator", is because now, in the State of Maine, licensed PIs have to answer to the police department, which I have no wish to do. I can call myself an intelligence analyst and consultant, I don't need a government-sanctioned license and that suits me just fine.

As for suing me? Be my guest, all you government criminals and traitors. Bring it on.....the line forms to the left. I've received many threats of lawsuits, all over the Internet, on radio and TV shows. And I don't even bother reading most of the disinformation being disseminated about Barbara Hartwell. Who could find the time? As for responding to all of it, that would literally be a full-time job. After all, there are hundreds of them out there, when you count all the stooges and minions working for the government-sponsored disinfo agents and I am only one person.

My time is valuable. It is spent investigating and exposing crimes and corruption in government and fighting for Liberty. Harassment, persecution and threats of lawsuits come with the territory. Just another day as an Enemy of the State, in the Police State of America. Don't we all know it. Those of us who are legitimate, that is.

And Mr. Hatridge has no way of knowing what I can or cannot "prove."

He clearly has no knowledge of what he presumes to speak of. But then, that would be typical of the aggressive loud-mouth grandstanding types who seem more interested in gratifying their egos by spewing out their uninformed opinions about people they do not know, than in seeing justice done. I doubt Mr. Hatridge cares about justice. If he does, it would behoove him to make a reality check, the sooner the better.

Shame on you, Mr. Hatridge. The "benefit of the doubt" I mentioned giving you is long, long gone. I suggest you get off my case, unless of course you'd like to openly align yourself with these government-sponsored criminals and traitors and their minions. Then you could show your true colors and have done with it. As far as I'm concerned, you already have.

Barbara Hartwell
August 31, 2005


STANLEY NOTE: I would add that Larry Lawson and his cronies continue to attack me and others across the internet "daily". A day does not go by that I don't get another e-amil from someone, just letting me know of another contact by Tim White, Larry Lawson or "others. I had three today. In addition, people who are radio personalitities in addition to myself have been attacked by these disinformers as well. John Statdtmiller, Alex Jones, Jack Blood, Wing TV Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorne, to name just a "few" who have been attacked by these same people mentioned by Barbara. However, I don't think Mr Hatridge had this in mind, when he wrote his e-mail. He was probably looking for another explanation. We do not want to start spats over this type of thing here on forum. We need to unite and work together. Lets try folks ok? Mr Hatridge, you made your comment, and now Barbara you have had your response. This ends here.

Or let it play out, off forum. Lots of drama when you are constantly being attacked. I understand Barbara. We need to rely on each other for support. We understand what you are going through, what you have gone through. It is never ending. I know... We support you. I support you.

Rick Stanley

God bless everybody.

This response to my warning about forgery by liars is extremely presumptuous. I sent it out to only a few friends, with permission to post. Rick Stanley posted it, and it was clear he knew what I was talking about, because the same things have happened to him, and perpetrated by some of the same people.

Mr. Hatridge, you presume far too much when you do not know what you are talking about. If this is your attempt to minimize or marginalize the harassment being directed against me and others, it's not going to work. As tiresome as it is, I must refute your comments with the facts to set the record straight. And I deal only in facts, in all my reports, not conjecture.

[My additional comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH]

"Hello Barbara et al...

These emails were not a personal attack against you (Barbara I mean), what you have here is a virus on someone's computer."

[BH: You obviously do not know anything about the many personal attacks on me or the various forms they have taken, especially where the perps use the Internet as a vehicle, which goes back to 1995, the year I first went online with my reports exposing government crime and corruption. Forgery and co-opting of my e-mail addresses by malicious liars and disinfo agents has been perpetrated for many years. They have the technology and they know how to use it. And you cannot state with certainty what I "have here". You haven't seen the messages, nor will you.]

"The "failed delivery" notices are a classic sign of a email virus on a M$ system. Even thru you do not use this email addy anymore it is still on somebody else's system. This person's system now has a email virus on it. This type of virus tries to copy itself to other people's system by going thru the email addy list and sending a copy to everyone on the list. To hide where the virus is coming from the virus will fake the "from" line with an addy from the list, it just happened to pick your old address.

The "failed delivery" notices are bounces from old addys that have been took off the net. If you can you should delete "angel7@..." from the 'net, then you will not get the "failed delivery" mail at all.

[BH: Well, this may be true in certain cases. But it is not what I am dealing with in this situation.]

"The bottom line is that no one is attacking you and I don't think that the people you named below had anything to do with this. There is nothing that you can do to stop the emails since you don't know what system its coming from. The best thing to do is just delete the "failed delivery" stuff and forget it."

[BH: How can you possibly know what the "bottom line" is, for me? You have a hell of a nerve. For you to state with such authority what is --or is not-- happening to me shows a level of arrogance which does not bode well for your credibility, at least not with me.

As for what you "think" about the individuals named here, how could you possibly form such an opinion when you don't have the facts. I do have the facts, plus evidence to support those facts.

Furthermore, here are some of those facts about the individuals in question, all of whom have been engaged in some form of criminal activities in connection with their harassment of legitimate whistleblowers (including former military/intelligence/law enforcement personnel) and patriots, including myself. And yes, "attacks" galore. All of whom I have personally investigated and on whom I have large evidence files, including of some of the forgeries and hacking.

1) Tim White: Has been harassing me since August 2001. E-mail harassment. Phone harassment. (I have had to change my phone numbers several times, just because of harassment by Tim White.) Cyber-stalking. Libel. Slander. Death threats.

White made a deal with Division 5, Denver FBI as a low level snitch and provocateur after he was convicted on a drug felony charge. He was sent out to harass several of us, beginning with Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, and then moving on to others such as ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee; John Perna, Rick Stanley.

White has permanent restraining orders from a court in Denver for stalking. I have copies of the court documents. White answers to Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp and Mark Hostlaw, Denver FBI.

2) Todd Brendan Fahey: Has been stalking and harassing Barbara Hartwell since July 2004. Stalking on foot. Cyber-stalking. Phone harassment. E-mail harassment. Published my private unlisted phone number. Published my unlisted street address. Soliciting criminal harassment/stalking; compromising my security, endangering my safety. Published my private e-mail address (angel7@...) Now changed to prevent criminal harassment.

Fahey has also engaged in identity theft and forgery, publishing e-mails and articles he falsely claimed were written by Barbara Hartwell. Criminal harassment, threats of violence to me and my family. Libel. Slander. Fabricated outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, including of a vile pornographic nature. I have the police reports on criminal harassment by Todd Fahey as well. He then engaged in further acts of harassment and/or libel in collusion with Tim White,Ted Gunderson, Larry Lawson, Ken Adachi, John DeCamp, Rayelan Allan and others.

3) Larry Lawson: Has been harassing Barbara Hartwell since 2001. Libel. Slander. Harassment by e-mail. Publishes whole "newsletters" and has created whole forums ONLY for the purpose of spreading disinformation about his targets. Lawson is a professional disinformer. Targets include: Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Rick Stanley, John Perna, Carl Worden. All "high profile" patriots and/or legitimate whistleblowers and/or survivors of gov't black operations.

4) Ted Gunderson: Former FBI Senior SAC, Los Angeles and also Washington DC. Ran the COINTELPRO under J. Edgar Hoover. Today, runs COINTELPRO-style operations against legitimate whistleblowers, survivors of gov't black ops, patriots. Also connected to DCS (Domestic Contact Services run by CIA.) Planted on Barbara Hartwell in 1997. Planted on Stew Webb around the same time. Sent SWAT team in attempted murder of Stew Webb. Sold Stinger missiles to Osama Bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI. Involved in cover-ups of child pornography/sex slavery/assassinations/ drugs-for-weapons deals. Connected to Division 5, Denver FBI ("counter-terrorism" unit, what a joke!) Works with John DeCamp and General John K. Singlaub (drug-runner and MK Ultra mind control handler, Operations Phoenix and Gladio.) Many connections to government/former gov't criminals.

5) Ken Adachi: A low-level stooge/minion on the order of Tim White. Has a New Age disinfo website. Targeted Barbara Hartwell for massive libel campaign at the behest of Ted Gunderson in 2000, after Barbara Hartwell broke off professional dealings with Gunderson (lasting 3 years, 1997-2000.) Adachi has been attacking ever since. Other targets: Stew Webb, Rick Stanley, and anyone else who has exposed the criminal operations of Ted Gunderson and his cronies (and minions, including Tim White.) Also acting in collusion with Tim White, Todd Fahey, John DeCamp, Brenda Negri.

Now, if that is not enough information for you, then it will just have to do, for the time being. These perps are all working together to target the same people for their attacks, including libel, slander, stalking and harassment: Barbara Hartwell. Stew Webb. Rick Stanley. Carl Worden. Geral Sosbee. John Perna. And perhaps a few others I don't know.

If you have not been a target, you cannot begin to imagine what it is like. But the others I mentioned here certainly DO know.]

"If you have any computer questions, I'll try to help you.

[BH: No, I don't have computer questions. If I do, I'll hire an expert of my own choosing. Computers are not my problem. These perps and criminals harassing me are the problem. Please, next time, think before you run off making unsubstantiated assumptions. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, this time. But please do not presume to speak about people and situations you know nothing about.

Thank you.
Barbara Hartwell