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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Open Letter to Psychotic Liar Brenda Negri

NOTE, March, 2007:

I found this letter in my old archives. Interestingly enough, the "blog" set up by criminal stalker Brenda Negri is the SAME address of my current blog.[] 

I don't know how long this psychopath Negri actually kept this URL, but it is typical of government-sponsored stalkers and provocateurs to set up entire websites, blogs or yahoo groups, simply for the purpose of libeling whistleblowers and patriots. They always co-opt the target's name and use it in the URL.

One of Negri's criminal cohorts and fellow psychotic stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey, has done just that. This lowlife set up a yahoo message board called 'Friends of Barbara Hartwell.' The contributors? The same gaggle of malicious liars and criminal stalkers: Tim White; Ken Adachi; Sherry Shriner; Larry Lawson...and of course Negri herself.

All of these government-sponsored liars are still on the case, as they have been for years. Still stalking; still libeling, writing and posting the most outrageous lies (usually what is true of THEMSELVES); still making threats; still harassing legitimate people, including Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee.

It never ends.....

Aside from their own stupidity (the mental dwarf mentality, as Geral Sosbee would say) and the 'deals' some have made with the gov't to get out of or avoid jail, etc. these criminals are driven by malice and spite, pure and simple.

It just goes to show how very LOW the U.S. government will sink to target whistleblowers-- using psychopaths, malicious liars, nutcases, drug addicts, sexual perverts......using lowlifes to STALK targets.


Dear Ms. Negri:
You have recently created a website for the express purpose of publishing more LIES and LIBEL about myself, Barbara Hartwell.

During the past two (2) years, the period of time in which your criminal harassment, libel and slander has been ongoing against me, as well as against certain of my professional colleagues, including but not limited to, Federal Whistleblower Stewart A. Webb; Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, attorney Marcy Gordon, I have given you only ONE formal warning to cease and desist. This warning was issued in December 2001.

You are now in receipt of the second public warning, issued today, November 20, 2003. This is a directive for you to cease and desist from all such criminal harassment, including death threats, which have been posted on Larry Lawson's Yahoo! "newsgroup".

I would advise you to take this warning seriously. Yes, we all know who you work for, and we can and WILL prove it, sooner or later, in a court of law, be it civil, criminal or both.

What I am addressing here today in this letter is the most recent LIES and LIBEL against myself.

Following is the libelous material, written by you, Brenda Negri, and posted on this "blog" site that you have set up for the express purpose of such libel and criminal harassment.

For the benefit of the readers, I have taken the time to address each libelous statement here and to refute it with the truth.

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick wrote: 
"Barbara Hartwell
This blog will expose Internet fraud scam artist Barbara Hartwell."

I am not and have never been a "fraud" or "scam artist". All information written and posted by me is based on facts, evidence, that which has been personally witnessed and/or experienced by me and/or by reliable witnesses and trustworthy sources.

Negri: Wednesday, November 19, 2003
"One of Barbara Hartwell's big story lines and bait she has used has always been SEX."

I have NEVER "used" SEX in any way, shape or form in any "story lines" nor as "bait".

 "Hartwell has claimed for years that she was used as a sexual "honey trapper" for the CIA - in other words, a whore - and she was, as late as 1995, still wrapped up in her sexy vixen role, as evidenced here in this photo:[link defunct] where Hartwell is caught (in her usual bogus cammos) aping it up for the camera like some fading Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard." 

I have NEVER "claimed" ANY such things. YOU and your cohorts, such as perverts Tim White and Shirley Anderson are the ones making these "claims"....outrageous lies made up by YOU and your cohorts, out of your malice and in hopes of discrediting me for exposing the unconscionable behavior and criminal activities of people of your ilk and those who are controlling you, those involved in molestation of innocent children, child pornography and blackmail.

I am not a "whore" and never have been. In fact, I lead a celibate life because I do not believe in sex outside marriage. I therefore do not engage in adultery or fornication, which are against the laws of God.

"Her heavily airbrushed photo that adorns her current website is not an accurate photo of what she really looks like today - which is an older, heavier, bespectacled version, but she uses her younger "model" pictures in order to entice mostly male supporters into giving her sham "Legal Defense Fund" more donations. Maybe she throws in some phone sex for $100 and higher."

The photo at the top of my website[, defunct] was taken in 1998, by a professional photographer and appeared in Hudson Valley Magazine, accompanying an article about UFO research in Pine Bush, NY. There was no "airbrushing" involved.

I have always worn either contact lenses or glasses, which is still the case to this day. I have not gained any weight in my entire adult life. I am still the same size 6 I have always been. And the "younger" pictures on my site range from 1995 (earliest photo) to 2000 (latest photo). My appearance has not changed since that time, except that my hair is now it's natural color (dark blonde, with lots of sliver threads among the gold). 

In these photos it was colored with a darker rinse. Anyone who has actually SEEN me recently (and you have NEVER seen me in person, thank God for small blessings!) knows this to be true.

Personally, "phone sex" is not something that interests me, nor have I ever engaged in such a depraved activity. But I have to suppose that the "phone sex" comment refers to your OWN such activities, like sexually harassing your targets, Al Martin, Stew Webb and others, in phone calls. When these men made it clear they found you and your lewd, crude and rude behavior repellent, you went on a rampage, harassing and libeling them all over the World Wide Web.

"Hartwell is notorious for poking fun of and viciously lambasting other people's normal or homely appearances - which tells you how insecure she is about her own self and her own looks."

The only time I have ever "poked fun" at someone's appearance is in YOUR case, as a result of my outrage at your unrelenting harassment and lies. When the ugliness is on the INSIDE, it shows up on the outside as well. If you were to change your attitude and give up your malice, perhaps then some people might find you attractive.

"Everyone ages, some more gracefully than others. Since Hartwell has gotten by using her looks for so long, now that they have faded, she's resorting to more nefarious means to keep the money coming in...."

Well, I guess that's true, everyone ages. In my case, I guess God has blessed me with "good genes" or maybe it's just my purity of spirit that keeps me looking younger than my age. But I have never "gotten by" on my looks. It's my brains and courage that have helped me "get by".

As for being "nefarious"? I think that once again, you are projecting all your lowest character flaws onto me because your malice and envy are way out of control, and you cannot OWN what you are, so you project it instead.

Now, here are more of your comments, posted on the same "blog" site you set up to libel me.

Negri: posted by Ranger Rick # 6:44 PM

"Anyone who ever wondered if SOF wannabe and rogue CIA operative Barbara Hartwell was a domestic terrorist and a bonafide nutcase need wonder no more...."
Her true colors have come out.

Here, she admits in her own words that she owns an illegal weapon and shoots at helicopters. My, my. Does this sound like someone the BATF in Maine needs to know about? We think so....and maybe we'll see that they not only hear about it, but do something about it as her? This also implicates Rayelan and RMN for allowing and posting such advocacy of violence and domestic terrorism...doesn't it?"

Well, first of all, I am no "wannabe". Once again, that is YOUR province, considering all the false claims you have made about yourself, boasting of being a "Fed" and "Spook" over the years.

Secondly I am not a "rogue CIA operative". Call me a "has-been CIA operative" if you will, I can live with that. But the truth is, I left CIA in 1994, FOR GOOD and consider myself well rid of these Criminals In Action.

I have never "admitted" to any such thing as "owning an illegal weapon". In fact, any weapons I may have, including firearms, are well within my legal and Constitutional rights to own. Again, you have made up lies and put words into my mouth for the purposes of portraying me as a "terrorist" when nothing could be further from the truth.

On the contrary, I would consider a person who makes PUBLIC DEATH THREATS against me, as you have done, on Larry Lawson's Yahoo! group and in other locations, more along the lines of "terrorist activities".

So, perhaps it's time to listen up, Ms. Negri, and realize that anyone and everyone with any semblance of reasoning power or discernment who has read your voluminous, malicious lies and libel about me and others, can see you for who and what you are: A pathetic, cowardly, psychotic who is so desperate for attention that she is willing to sell her soul to the devil by working as a low-level provocateur for corrupt former-government agents who feel threatened by THE TRUTH about themselves being exposed.

[Negri: From: "Ranger Rick"

Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 1:37 PM

"Subject: [govtwatch] Re: Barbara Hartwell Posing as John Perna, et. al.

Barbara Hartwell posts as John Perna, and several other aliases, all over the web."

I have never posted anything, anywhere, under the name of "John Perna". In fact I have never used ANY alias, but ONLY my REAL NAME, Barbara Hartwell.

Once again, YOU, Ms. Negri, are the one using MANY aliases, and have NEVER once admitted your real identity, which is Brenda M. Negri.

As it happens, John Perna is someone I consider a friend, and who has helped to expose the truth about people such as Larry Lawson, Tim White and yourself, who are harassing and libeling decent, legitimate people.

John Perna is also a member of the John Birch Society, which gives him extra points in my book.

So please, Ms. Negri, perhaps you may want to consider that it's time to give it a rest, to stop with all the libel, lies, slander and criminal harassment.

Your lies will surely come back to haunt you, and I certainly would not want to be YOU, when you are called before God to account for the way you have lived your life, in the pursuit of treachery, malice, deceit, debauchery and wickedness.

Yours Truly,
Barbara Hartwell
November 20, 2003