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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Psy Ops: Special Report

Note, March, 2007: I'm not sure of the date I wrote this report, which is a compilation of several older reports, between 1999-2001.

It has been taken from the archives of my old website. And just reading it again, in the process of editing for reposting, has been extremely disturbing and exhausting! I hate dredging up all this stuff which I would really rather forget.

Those (like myself) who suffer from PTSD should be warned that reading this report might cause emotional distress.

It's the government rat bastards who SHOULD be reading it --as I know they will. These bastards should bow their heads in shame. They should repent and make amends to all the victims they have targeted. There may be hope for some of them --I've seen it happen, though rarely.

Lastly, the names of victims have been changed, for their protection.

PSY OPS: Special Report

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.
--Thomas Jefferson

I had intended to write a comprehensive article on PsyOps, but frankly, due to the rapidly escalating Psy Ops being directed at me and my fellow patriots and friends, I just couldn't find the time. I have other reports to write, as per breaking news and breakthroughs in the continuing investigation of criminal activities and corruption which has thrown our country into a state of chaos and disruption, especially since the events of September 11, 2001.

So as the next best thing, I've taken some previous reports I wrote, dating from December 2000-February 2001, edited them and present them here.

Over the years, I have drawn a lot of criticism from some of my detractors —and even from friends— for making the harassment and persecution I've been subjected to a matter of public record. But I will never give up my right to freedom of speech and as long as I have a forum to air my views, I will continue to let everyone know what these perps of Psy Ops are doing. Their criminal violations of human rights need to be exposed, and I will never stop talking and writing about this until the day I die or until these violations stop —whichever comes first.

Another thing: The people behind these nefarious activities are not faceless nonentities, the ubiquitous 'they' or 'them' as we targeted individuals commonly refer to these perps. No, 'they' are individuals, with names and addresses. Though 'they' operate collectively, orders invariably come from the top and move down through the ranks in the chain of command. And it is my policy to expose 'them' by name when and if I can find evidence to back up my allegations. Otherwise, I just refer to 'them' as 'the perps'...sums it up nicely.

These reports give detailed descriptions of the various PsyOps tactics. I give the details because I want to bring Psy Ops close to home. I want everyone to understand how an individual can be affected, once targeted for Psy Ops and just how devastating these tactics can be. As I think you'll see....the devil's in the details.....

February 06, 2001

My last report of December 2000 dealt mainly with the computer sabotage perpetrated between the months of June and November, 2000. My website was constructed in May 2000 and by June it was 'frozen', after I lost the services of two webmasters, due to Psy Ops and intimidation tactics.

Then came the total destruction of my computer hard drive and the permanent loss of thousands of documents which comprised my research files, as well as being off-line for the better part of 6 months. These were major setbacks which forced me to suspend all activities of my Legal Defense and Research Fund for this extended time period.

Here's an excerpt from my previous report, December 6, 2000:


From June to November 2000 my Internet access was cut off due to continuing sabotage of my computer, courtesy of the cyber-spooks and techno-terrorists who have spared no effort in their attempts to "neutralize" me, silence me and shut down my Legal Defense and Research Fund and all related activities.

As a result most of my communications with the outside world were cut off for a lengthy period of time. 6 months seems an eternity when you know that time is of the essence and may be running out. In September, 2000 my hard drive was finally TOTALLY DESTROYED as the culmination of the relentless electronic sabotage. I was finally able to get back online in November 2000 thanks to a generous contribution from one of my supporters which allowed me to replace some of my computer hardware.

DESTROYED: All my research documents. Much of the text of a book I am writing. Thousands of e-mail messages. My e-mail address book. Articles I was writing, still in progress. Photographs from my research, some of which served as evidence. Documents sent to me by other journalists and researchers. Testimony sent to me by survivors of mind control and various gov't black operations.

THOUSANDS of documents, all told. ALL GONE. TOTALLY WIPED OUT.

Although I still have hundreds of hardcopy files and thousand of documents, collected over many years of research, I can NEVER replace the rest of what was destroyed. I understand that my own lack of computer expertise —and lack of resources— is part of the reason I was unable to save my many files onto disks. To some people, this may appear as a foolish lack of vigilance on my part, when I must have known such a loss would be devastating and there is so much at stake.

All I can say is that when you are dealing with constant, heavy-duty harassment —electronic and otherwise —your life can become a form of trench warfare. No sooner has one emergency situation —hit and run strike or savage electronic assault— been dealt with, than another follows on its heels. The relentless attacks and sabotage of all my activities, both personal and professional, have driven me to the limits of my endurance —and at times, beyond.

Had I not known that God --whom I know to be the highest benevolent spiritual intelligence in the universe-- was there to back me up, I'm sure I would not have survived as long as I have. I would not be here today to write this report if not for the grace of God. For the past 7 years, just TRYING TO STAY ALIVE has taken up most of my time and attention. And for those who may be wondering: No, I am not a religious zealot. I am not even a member of any organized religion. I am just a person who has always known God in my heart, my source of sustenance, courage and spirit-filled intuition.

Back to the electronic sabotage: It's nothing new. It's been going on since 1994. It is only one of the many and varied harassment tactics used by the perps in their campaign to "neutralize" me.


My website was first put online in May 2000. It took me SIX YEARS of serious effort to finally get my own website, due to continuing sabotage, harassment, intimidation tactics —and in certain cases, even death threats— used against people who were involved in publishing my material, whether in hardcopy periodicals or on the Internet.

But as I expected, once I had my OWN website, the harassment against me and those working with me escalated dramatically, resulting in my website being 'frozen' ONLY ONE MONTH after it was first constructed. But it was after I lost the services of 2 webmasters in a row and the site was frozen, that once again, all hell really broke loose!


I have a documented and published history of the harassment and intimidation tactics used against my witnesses and supporters, but what has so far been published is only the tip of the iceberg. My first webmaster, one of my oldest and dearest friends, whom I had known for 27 years, immediately became the target of extreme harassment and intimidation tactics, but only after he became involved in constructing my website.

I had issued to him the standard warning which I feel in good conscience I must give to ANY person who volunteers to help me in ANY way: You will be targeted. I tried to explain, in great detail, how these perps operate. That they are ruthless and totally unscrupulous. That they will do anything and everything they think they can get away with in order to intimidate my supporters and witnesses.

Like most people, my friend did not take my warning seriously. Not until HE was targeted and it happened to HIM. The day after he constructed my website, he lost his regular job and his only source of income was cut off. He was then blacklisted when applying for other jobs in his field. He was forced to take a job doing manual labor in order to meet his obligations and make ends meet.
Shortly thereafter, the perps broke into his apartment in NYC and TOTALLY TRASHED the place. He came home one day to find his bathtub filled with water, covering books, photographs, electronic equipment and sundry other items. The perps destroyed much of his personal property, including his computer equipment.

His hard drive was wiped out and he lost EVERYTHING. These vandals also stole copies of videotapes, audiotapes and hardcopy documents which contained my public testimony as well as that of other gov't mind control and black ops survivors, including ex-CIA operative Chip Tatum. These materials were loaned to the webmaster by me. Some of the hardcopy documents were meant to be posted on my website. I have no money to replace the items which are still available to purchase. As for the others, they are irreplaceable, some of which were given to me by former CIA personnel. (Yes, I know I was foolish to ever let my only copies out of my hands, but there's no help for that now.)

After trashing the man's home, as a finishing touch, the perps brought in a fresh stack of flyers --hot off the photocopy machine-- advertising my videotape series, which this man had designed, and scattered them all over the apartment. The goons' message was crystal clear: STAY AWAY FROM BARBARA HARTWELL ...OR ELSE....

There is also another reason I believe this man was targeted. That is because he was a witness, many years ago, beginning in 1973, to some very strange events in my life. The incidents he witnessed were such that his testimony could have helped me substantiate my claims in regard to my involvement in CIA black ops. For one thing, he witnessed me 'switching' into trance states and being led away from public places by government agents (some of whom presented gov't ID) dressed in expensive suits into a waiting limousine or other gov't-issue vehicle. He wondered, those many years ago, WHY I would 'disappear' for days or weeks at a time. WHY I subsequently had little or no memory of this 'missing time'. And WHY I carried a passport in my handbag at all times. (The reason he said I gave at the time was that since in those days I had no driver's license, it was my only form of ID.)

One thing the bad guys surely don't want is witnesses! Witnesses who might be able and willing to corroborate my testimony. But I guess these goons nixed any possibility for my old friend —and former webmaster— to be a witness on my behalf. By his own admission my (former?) friend won't tell me the worst of what happened to him as result of his attempts to help me. Maybe he never will. God only knows what else the perps may have done —or threatened to do— to him, or what lies and slander about me with which they may have tainted his mind. But then, that would not be unusual, not in my life. As I have come to think of quite a few of my have-been and could-have-been supporters and friends: Another one bites the dust......


Following is the sequence of events since June, 2000, roughly one month after my website was first put online. Suddenly one day, strange noises were coming from the tower of my computer. It was malfunctioning and repeatedly crashing for no apparent reason. Fortunately, in answer to my prayers and public appeals for help, I had just received a generous contribution from one of my supporters who had heard me on the Expert Witness Show, WBAI radio in NYC, in a series of programs on CIA MKULTRA, hosted by former 25-year federal agent, Mike Levine.

The lady who sent me the contribution, a well-known author who wishes to remain anonymous, told me she believed my testimony regarding my involvement in the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and wanted to offer financial support. So I was able to take my computer into the shop for service.
The computer experts ran a diagnostic on the computer, but strangely enough they could find NOTHING wrong. Not a thing. However, thanks to the contribution I received, while the computer was in the shop I had them install a new and much larger hard drive, which I had been in need of. They simply transferred all my files to the new hard drive. As an extra precaution, I had the man who owns the computer service shop come to my home to hook up the computer and to check to see that everything was running properly.

For about 2 weeks, the computer was working just fine. Then one day it happened AGAIN: anomalous malfunctions and electronic beeping coming out of the tower for no apparent reason. AGAIN, I brought the computer back to the shop. AGAIN, a diagnostic was run. But the BRAND NEW hard drive worked fine --that is, WHILE IT WAS IN THE SHOP; just like the OLD hard drive.

AGAIN, they could NOT determine the nature of the problem, since the computer malfunctioned ONLY WHEN IT WAS IN MY HOME and NEVER when hooked up in the computer shop. Again, the computer experts were puzzled, to say the least. They explained that it was a very unusual situation and that they could not advise me as to what the problem was, much less what could be done to rectify it. When I asked if they had ever encountered such a situation before, they answered that they had not.

And so, once again, I brought the computer home, hoping for the best but —trying to be realistic— preparing for the worst. On the first day I brought the computer back to my home, I had a friend come to help me hook it up. The date was August 18, 2000. At first, there was no problem. For the first time in weeks, I was able to get on the Internet. I was able to retrieve several hundred e-mail messages which had come in to my ISP while I was off-line.

But only minutes later, for no apparent reason, all hell broke loose! Everything suddenly went wild! The images on the monitor became fuzzy and distorted. When I went back into my e-mail program to see if my recently retrieved messages were still there, to my dismay, I discovered that they had been erased, every last one. Not only my NEW messages, but ALL messages formerly in my inbox, dating back to June, had also been erased. I had not even had a chance to read my new messages, nor to see who they were from.

I immediately called tech support on my local ISP. But —as usual— they were unable to help me. In the past I'd had SO MANY bizarre problems with my e-mail that I had literally spent hours on the phone with these people. The man I spoke to said he could give me NO explanation as to WHY my e-mail messages had been erased.

I will spare you the rest of the gory details about all the bizarre computer malfunctions. It would take pages —and hours of writing— to describe them all. Suffice it to say that ONCE AGAIN, my computer had crashed. ONCE AGAIN, I was forced off-line with no communication to the outside world. This situation continued for several more weeks. I was in limbo. There was nothing I could do. I had no money for another diagnostic from the computer shop nor for repairs. And although I tried, I could find no one willing to help me.

Finally a friend and fellow mind control survivor, who also happens to be a computer expert, came to visit me. She lives 3 hours away by car and it was her first visit to my home. With considerable effort, using her expertise, she was able to get the computer running properly again. I was able to get back online.

But the hundreds of missing e-mail messages were NEVER retrieved. They had seemingly vanished into thin air. Maybe they disappeared after crossing the event horizon of a black hole...Maybe they got stuck in a time/space warp....Derailed into hyperspace! Maybe they are now in a parallel universe?....Who knows? Whatever the explanation for the case of the derailed e-mail, my brief good fortune —having my computer running— only lasted another week.

One week later, the computer crashed AGAIN. This time, as I later learned, the crash PERMANENTLY destroyed my hard drive and wiped out all my files. This was the BRAND NEW hard drive that had been installed only a couple months before. ONCE AGAIN, I carted my computer back to the shop. AGAIN, I waited for a diagnosis to find out what the hell had happened to crash my BRAND NEW hard drive. Meanwhile, I prayed ONCE AGAIN that I could somehow get the money to fix the computer.

A diagnostic was AGAIN performed by the computer specialists at the shop. But unlike the past 2 times, the computer did NOT run while at the shop. Not this time....I was told that the hard drive had been TOTALLY DESTROYED. CORRUPTED BEYOND SALVAGE.

As for an explanation, none was forthcoming. The cause was unknown. No viruses were detected. No mundane or even PLAUSIBLE explanation was possible, at least not by the computer specialists. (I guess they never heard of 'plausible deniability'.)

One guy at the shop actually asked me if my house was haunted! Yes, I said: It's haunted by spooks and I don't mean of the ghostly kind.

The man who owns the shop decided to replace the hard drive at no cost to me, through a warrantee by the manufacturer, since he could not determine HOW it had been destroyed. Considering my history of anomalous computer problems, which he had been witnessing (and repairing) for the past 3 years, I'm sure by this time he knew that something very strange was going on. But I still had to pay for the labor, the diagnostic, the installation fee and for the house call. But I had no money. So ONCE AGAIN, while the computer sat in the shop, and the weeks crawled by, I waited......

February 6, 2001


I am writing this follow-up report in the form of a letter because what I have to say here is of a very personal nature. Some of you know me and some do not, but that makes little difference to me. It is only because of letters like this that I have been given the opportunity to come to know some of you, to exchange information and to learn that there are many others who share a similar 'lifestyle' --certainly not a lifestyle any sane, reasonable, freedom-loving person would adopt by choice.

Because it is a lifestyle which precludes having any REAL LIFE. A lifestyle which requires the individual to focus ALL of her/his time and energy and to exhaust ALL resources simply in the efforts of BASIC SURVIVAL and SELF DEFENSE.

Some of you will recognize this lifestyle; I realize most others will not. It is possible that what I will describe may be happening to you, your family or friends. I will only be able to include a few other brief case histories in this report, but I am hoping that you —whoever you may be— will read this report with an open mind and a compassionate heart, whether or not you may personally relate to the information.

I now write this letter under the pressure of rapidly-escalating harassment and under conditions which are increasingly life-threatening in nature. It is very important to me that the truth be known about what is happening to me, and not only to me, but also to others, some of whom are also survivors/victims of gov't mind control, but all of whom --in one way or another-- have been targeted for political persecution. Thus, from their own life experience, they have come to know whereof I speak when I describe the Lifestyle Without a Life.

In glaring contrast to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, this is Lifestyles of the Downtrodden and Obscure . This lifestyle is reminiscent of 'A Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich' the saga of a political prisoner incarcerated in a Russian gulag. Only in this case, the gulag in question would be your own home.

And the prisoner is a Prisoner of Conscience. The only missing element seems to be the uniformed guards, the gaolers tasked with keeping the prisoner overworked; undernourished —in every sense of the word. Deprived of the basic necessities of life. Removed from the sustaining contact and support of other human beings. In a state of unrelenting, life-shattering stress.

But things are not always what they seem. The gaolers are there, believe me. Or to be more accurate, they are here, there and everywhere...It's just that we don't often catch sight of them. Like all cowards, they operate behind the scenes; under cover of darkness and well hidden from the light of day —fearing discovery; fearing that the truth will out.

Watching....Waiting....Plotting and perpetrating their dirty deeds from one of their many and varied posts: From a spot in the backyard bushes, lurking and skulking about. Or —on the other end of the spectrum— smugly sitting in front of a computer console in one of their fully staffed and amply equipped state-of-the-art Command Centers, replete with all the high-tech spyware and diabolical implements of physical and psychological torture required to ply their trade. It is the Trade of Tyranny.

The reason this letter will be very personal is because I am going to give you some of the worst of the gory details. Details about what the perpetrators of this hellish persecution have done —and continue to do— to me and to other decent, innocent, hardworking, law-abiding people whose only 'crimes' are their refusal to knuckle under to tyranny; their dedication to protecting their INDIVIDUAL human rights; and their willingness to fight for freedom and justice.


In this flagrant perversion of the principles of Liberty and Justice for All, on which our Constitutional Republic are SUPPOSED to be predicated, we —the targeted individuals— are perceived and dealt with NOT as citizens with sovereign and inalienable INDIVIDUAL rights, but as a sort of Collective Public Enemy Number One.

I will furnish details about the kinds of life circumstances we find ourselves facing, against our wills and through no faults of our own. And the "constitutional" perspective notwithstanding —when viewed through the lens of the spirit, it is surely enough to make the angels weep.

I have been criticized numerous times, both privately and in the public eye, for putting so much time and effort into speaking and writing about the harassment being directed at me. Some of my critics say they think that I am 'paranoid' and do not believe these things are actually happening to me; or that they don't believe the gov't would inflict such oppression on its own citizens.
Others say they think that I should focus on more 'productive' topics. Still others admonish me for 'spreading fear' among my fellow targeted individuals and the public at large. Some say they believe that if I would only stop PUBLICIZING the harassment, that it would simply stop.

These people are certainly entitled to their opinions, as well as to exercise their freedom of speech by voicing them in any public forum. But I can guarantee that these people either do NOT understand my situation —or that they have motives other than the most noble for disseminating these opinions.

In any case, on all counts, I disagree. And I do not feel the need —nor am I required— to justify my actions to anyone. Because it is MY life I am speaking about, as well as the lives of others who have given me permission, as a friend and as a journalist, to share their stories, and to speak on their behalf.

Because the brutal harassment I am subjected to is a serious threat to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the issue of this harassment —at least for me— is THE issue. And I will not be silenced. I will not be stopped from shouting my grievances from the proverbial rooftops. I will see the truth exposed, or die trying.

But the term 'harassment' can be misleading. It is certainly a vast understatement of woefully inadequate proportions, when trying to describe having every aspect of your life DESTROYED, piece by piece, day in and day out —BY THE DESIGN OF THE PERPETRATORS— with no end in sight.

The modus operandi of the perps bears a striking resemblance to the tactics used by the 'former' KGB (now regrouped into the Russian Mafiya) which were directed against dissidents in the Soviet Union. In point of fact, these tactics have been utilized by tyrannical governments for thousands of years and have only become more sophisticated and widespread, due to 'globalization' and the massive technological resources now available to the oppressors.

The Inviolability of Personhood is nothing less than a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to which every INDIVIDUAL is entitled. It is a spiritual and moral IMPERATIVE. It is this most basic human right to be FREE from the intrusions and violations to the integrity of our minds, bodies and spirits, which I am addressing. No, the term 'harassment' is NOT enough.

Let's call a spade a spade: It is full-blown political persecution of the most virulent strain that we are facing. And we —the individuals targeted for this persecution— have every reason and every right to claim the status of the Political Prisoner, the Prisoner of Conscience.

But back to my personal experiences of this persecution :There is no aspect of my life which has been left untouched by these ungodly violations: Personal and family relationships. Professional. Financial. Physical. Psychological. Spiritual. In fact, just trying to keep up with documenting this persecution has become akin to a full-time job, as well as another form of daily torture.

As I sit at my computer typing this letter, the state of my health (or rather, lack of health ) is deplorable. My hands are ice-cold to the point of numbness. I have shooting pains in my neck; ringing in my ears; blurring of my vision and pressure and pain in my head. And these are only a few of the painful, acute symptoms of disabling chronic illness —which may strike at any time— brought on by the many years of abuse in the black operations in which I was utilized against my will. And exacerbated by the unremitting stress of my daily life circumstances.

Imagine if you will, this scenario: You wake up in the morning. Only you can't quite call it 'waking up' since you've never really been to sleep. Why not? Try this on for size: You are kept awake all night, the result of a pronounced and intrusive electronic signal emanating from an unknown source, permeating the room in which you are sleeping — wait, make that TRYING to sleep.

Now, although you've 'woken up', you can't quite manage to GET up. Because you are so thoroughly exhausted that the very idea of moving brings on waves of even worse exhaustion, right through to the marrow of your bones. And a feeling that it will indeed be a miracle if you make it through the coming day. Been there, done that....In fact, especially over the past few months, as the perps continue to ratchet up the pressure in every way, I have been there more times than I care to remember.

Sleep deprivation is one of the oldest tricks in the book —and one of the most effective tactics for destabilizing the target's life. This tactic of torture has been used on me —intermittently— for many years and it is one of the most debilitating imaginable. But then, I don't have to IMAGINE anything. Like I said, I've been there.

But before I move on, one more comment about this electronic harassment signal: This particular signal is not coming from 'inside my head'. I know this because I have had a number of witnesses visit my house, including family, neighbors and friends. They ALL clearly heard the signal and ALL of them ceased to hear it once they left my home. Some have even heard it through the phone line, from the other end, when speaking with me. This particular signal started over 2 years ago, and it has continued, intermittently, to be beamed into my home at strategic intervals, ever since.

Now let me get to some more of the gory details. The perpetrators have destroyed 7 of my cars between 1994 and 2000...

Yes folks, the count is now up to SEVEN —and I am ONLY addressing that particular time period here— through vandalism, electronic sabotage and arranged car 'accidents', some of which resulted in serious, disabling injuries to me, for which I have never been able to get adequate medical care and for which my insurance claims (my company is Geico) were later denied. The last such 'accident' in 1998 —in which my car was totaled— resulted in a sprained neck which has exacerbated previous spinal injuries (also a result of violations by the perps ) resulting in ever-increasing disability.

Now, my latest car —CAR NUMBER 8— a gift from a friend and supporter after my previous car was destroyed last year, has also been taken out of commission. For how long, I have no way of knowing. My current car is an old BMW which my friend had kept in a state of excellent repair. Just before I got it last June, the friend who gave it to me had invested her own money to have her mechanic make sure it was in excellent shape. Before putting it on the road, I also had it fully inspected by my own mechanic, George, who is an honest person and a good friend. This car ran like a dream. Since I always drive a foreign car with a standard shift —and preferably a kick-ass 6-cylinder engine— this car was the answer to my prayers. Considering the fact that I frequently find myself needing to make a fast getaway....lose a tail...or avoid one of the arranged 'accidents' the perps send my way, I try to maintain as much of an edge as I can.

Anyway, although it is an old car, as most of my vehicles are wont to be, there were no problems whatsoever for the first 6 months I had been driving the BMW, and it had been well-maintained due to my mechanic's willingness to help, often at no charge to me. You see, George had been a witness to the purposeful destruction of several of my other cars. And being a trusted friend, he also knows a good deal about my background and the fact that I have been targeted for persecution —including vandalism of my vehicles.

The perps had cut the brakelines on of one of my cars while it sat overnight in the parking lot of his shop, after another repair —necessary due to sabotage by the perps— had been made. I did not realize the brakes were gone until I needed to use them. But fortunately for me, Divine Intervention saved me from a worst-case scenario, as it has many times before. I was able to control the car; turn it around and drive it right back to George's shop, only a short distance down the road. After THAT incident, he never left any car of mine overnight, unless it was INSIDE the locked garage.

Bottom Line: ONCE AGAIN, I have become a prisoner in my own home, with no transportation and no immediate possibility of relief. For me, in my state of abject poverty —ALSO engineered by the perps— getting the money it would take to fix my car feels like reaching for the moon!

For me, it is a continuing struggle even to keep a roof over my head or put put food on the table; to feed my family of animals —and they come first— much less continue to shell out money for car repairs, as one car after another is destroyed by this relentless sabotage.

I can't say with certainty WHAT went wrong or WHY there was a sudden and totally anomalous breakdown of my perfectly good car. Yes, I know, these things DO happen. Buy WHY —why in hell— do they ALWAYS happen to ME?

I know that the saboteurs who have been wreaking havoc on my cars for so many years DO have the technology to disable a vehicle in a number of ways. I've researched this technology --mostly produced by defense contractors, at the behest of agencies of the U.S. gov't, such as DoD, DIA, CIA, DoE, DARPA, etc. And, if you haven't already —so can you. The documentation and even some of the patents are available. Seek and you will find . (Check out Nick Begich's book: Earth Rising, as one source re this technology.)

And I know that the perps regularly deploy these high-tech war toys with impunity, against innocent, law-abiding citizens like myself. 'Plausible deniability' —the perps' ever-ready stock-in-trade— makes it virtually impossible for the me to PROVE that malicious sabotage is responsible for the continuing breakdowns, malfunctions and outright destruction of car...after car...after car....

But I also know that it's a perfect and very effective way to keep me from getting where I need to go —and costing me money I don't have. They've done it many times before and there's more than a good possibility, in this latest incident, that they've done it AGAIN. And that they will continue to do it AGAIN and AGAIN, ad infinitum...Can I prove it? Hell, no!

But the bottom line, as always, remains the same: Stranded AGAIN...Isolated AGAIN....A prisoner in my own home AGAIN...With nobody able and willing to help me...Gee whiz....what a coincidence.....

These convenient 'coincidences' have been the story of my life ever since I broke out of CIA black ops and mind control programs and told my handlers —in no uncertain terms— to go to hell...which I suppose is redundant, since from what I can see, they're already heading there, at warp speed —under their own steam— in a handcart!

For those who don't already know, I will briefly explain a basic strategy used by the perpetrators of persecution, mind control or any other kind of control:
Isolation. Deprivation. Alienation.

These three states are instrumental in order to keep the target in thrall: vulnerable, traumatized and disempowered. Unable to get the help they need before it is too late. So whether they want to GET the target under control; KEEP the target under control; or 'neutralize' a target who has BROKEN OUT of their control, the targeted individual finds herself in an abysmal, desperate and overwhelming situation: Chock-full of a series of suspicious and nefarious 'coincidences'. 'Coincidences' which do NOT bode well for our well-being or peace of mind. As for the life expectancy of the target ...that's anyone's guess.
It is beyond the scope of this report to go into more detail about the modus operandi and operational tactics of psychological warfare used by the perps to disable, destabilize, traumatize and terrorize their targets.

But I will say this: I have learned, not only from many years of research in identifying the tactics and tracking the patterns of this persecution; but also from my own observations and extremely painful personal experience, that this persecution is SYSTEMATIC. It is ENGINEERED with careful precision and flawless timing by the perps. It is perpetrated with MALICE AFORETHOUGHT. And it is INSTITUTIONALIZED.

And I would have to say, from what I have observed and experienced, that in some —though not in all— cases it is DESIGNED TO KILL.

If not to kill immediately, then certainly over the long term....piece by painful piece, day by exhausting day, strike by brutal strike: Murder by Design. Murder by Proxy. Murder by Attrition ....The possibilities are endless.

Because if you have the courage, the will, and the strength of spirit to fight back —if you REFUSE TO BE CONTROLLED AND ENSLAVED, you are targeted for "elimination".

Not everyone is willing to take a stand and say: "Give me liberty or give me death " but I do believe this: If everyone WERE willing to make this declaration and sincerely mean it, these horrific violations would NOT be happening in our country, nor for that matter, anywhere else.

God knows —and I know — I am not being realistic. No doubt about it, I am a dyed-in-the-wool idealist. But speaking only for myself, I would rather die with honor, fighting for my freedom, than to cooperate even one iota with these evildoers. Or to allow them to intimidate, enslave or control me. For me, an honorable death would be infinitely preferable than to continue to 'live' LIKE THIS! This lifestyle is getting old...and the older I get, the less I am willing —or able— to tolerate it.

Now let me move on. I am not the only person being subjected to this outrageous persecution. Far from it. Let me introduce you to some other folks whose lives are being systematically destroyed in similar ways to my own. Their backgrounds may be different, as are some of the methods of torture to which they are subjected. But they are my friends and have asked me to investigate, to document and to publicize their cases. The names may have been changed, but the stories I will tell you are as true as true can get.

I will start with Suryai, a woman of 50, the same age as myself, who also lives in N.Y. State. Suryai had read the material on my website and finding that my testimony 'rang true' to her, introduced herself to me by phone, after she found out we had a mutual, trusted friend, and fellow targeted individual who gave her my phone number with my permission.

I do not give my unlisted number to many people, with good reason. But I'm glad I gave it to Suryai. And I'm very glad I got to know her. Because even though she contacted me seeking help for her own situation, she also turned out to be a great friend who has provided more support to me than I would have thought possible. And this despite all the dirty tricks used by the perps to keep her away from me and the escalating harassment she was subjected to once I established myself as a supporter and friend. The last thing the perps want is for any of us to help each other. And the devil forbid we should find a way to corroborate each other's testimony.

I learned, during our first phone conversation, that Suryai had been a target of severe electronic attacks for the past 17 years. As to the specifics of the reasons I believe she has been targeted, at Suryai's request I will not elaborate on them. But the reasons —determined of course by the perps' twisted brand of logic— are not important - what is happening to her IS.

The attacks she described to me were so brutal that it was was hard for me to listen to her talk about it, and it still is. But I listen anyway, albeit sometimes through a veil of tears. Because one of the forms her attacks take is ELECTRONIC RAPE. 

I myself have come near death on several occasions in the past, as a result of severe electronic assaults. But I cannot even IMAGINE the horror of being electronically raped. To have your most personal, private self violated in the most degrading possible way. To NOT be able to see —or identify— your assailants. To have NO method of self-defense, NO way to disarm your attackers. And to never know when it may happen again.

I have heard the testimony of only a few other victims of electronic sexual assaults —both men and women. Even in cases of so-called 'normal' sexual assaults, where the assailant is visible and present in the flesh, many victims do not come forward to seek justice, simply because the experience is too traumatic, too humiliating, too soul-shattering. But can you imagine being the victim of THIS form of sexual assault?

For me, it has been too painful even to try to imagine. On top of the extreme trauma and physical pain, how can the victim possibly seek justice, even assuming she is willing to come forward? She can't describe her attackers. She cannot collect evidence which might establish the identity of her attackers. And it would be a rare person indeed who would even make a report to police. Most likely, they would be inclined to cart the victim off to a mental ward, before even fully LISTENING to the victim's testimony. And in fact, I know of cases where the police have done just that, when victims of other forms of electronic assault — including my own sister— came forward to file a complaint.

For those who are thinking that the circumstances faced by a victim of electronic rape are not much different from those of the victim of the more typical form of electronic assault: You are right, and I know that as well as anyone could. But to me, it seems SO much worse in SO many ways. Because to my way of thinking, no way in hell can any form of brutal physical/psychological assault compare to a rape.

But electronic rape is far from the only form of torture and persecution Suryai has experienced. She is also targeted for electronic harassment and psychological abuse at her places of employment. She faces a hostile work environment, no matter where she works, no matter how long her employment lasts.

Just before Christmas, 2000 she was 'let go' from her last job, where she had been working for 4 years. During the time she was employed there, she had been demoted down to the lowest position, for which she was eminently overqualified. In addition to the electronic attacks by unseen perps on the job, she had been harassed by her coworkers.

They would talk about her within range of her hearing, coming out with details of her private life which she had not told anyone. Insulting her dignity, trying to destroy her self-esteem and even making fun of the fact that she is being electronically assaulted. And to add insult to injury, she was also subjected to 'evaluations' by a corporate 'therapist' in attempts by her employers to impugn her sanity.

On the night before her employers 'let her go' —allegedly because of 'budget cuts'— (and BTW, Suryai was the ONLY person to lose her job), Suryai had been on the phone with me. We were discussing the hostile work environment she was facing every working day; how WRONGFUL it was; as well as possible solutions for stopping all the grievous injustices she was being subjected to.

The perps —as always— were listening in. There is NO chance for me to ever have a private phone conversation, and knowing that, I give the perps a piece of my mind, every chance I get. I let them know that they WILL be exposed; they WILL be held accountable and that they WILL pay a heavy price for what they are doing to me, my friends, my family and fellow targeted individuals. And I never let their invasions of my privacy stop me from talking on the phone; nor in my home —which is bugged to the hilt— nor anywhere else I happen to be.

Near the end of the phone conversation, I made a comment to Suryai. Just remember this: God knows WHO these perps are. God is watching them. God sees into their hearts and souls. God knows WHO is on the side of the angels and WHO is on the side of the demons. These people have names; they have addresses. God knows WHO they are and WHERE they live. And sooner or later, there will be a showdown. And they WILL be held accountable for their evil deeds in the realm of spirit, if not here on earth.

Guess what happened then? The perps cut the phone line! It suddenly went dead. And the very next day, Suryai lost her job. Gee whiz....what a coincidence....

Any way you look at it, we sure do seem to have more than our fair share of these 'coincidences.'

And here's another one, which followed on the heels of Suryai being summarily dismissed from her job: In order to get her severance package —just a few weeks pay, which she desperately needed in order to survive until she could find another job— Suryai was forced to sign a legal agreement, which stated that she would not press charges nor file suit for any form of discrimination (Suryai is Black and a woman...two strikes against her in the Brave New World) or human rights violations. From Suryai's perspective —with no money and no way to get legal help— it was 'sign or starve'....she also has a 17 year-old daughter to support.

Shortly after I started communicating with Suryai, through phone calls and e-mail, I discovered another very disturbing violation which she has been subjected to, on a regular basis, for the past 17 years. Some of you will recognize this one: Audible voices inside her head, which only she can hear. Through these voices, the hidden perps insult; they taunt; they deride and they threaten. They talk about Suryai and about her friends and family, as well as about all the terrible violations they intend to continue to subject her to.

Suryai came to visit me over the New Year's weekend. We were sitting on the couch talking when I told Suryai that I wanted her to hear part of a radio program, archived on the Internet, on which one of my friends/fellow researchers was a guest. The topic was CIA mind control and the implants installed by the perps in some of the victims' bodies. I walked over to the computer and located the radio show which I thought would be of interest.
Just as I was about to hit the play button, I heard an exclamation of dismay from Suryai. She told me that the voices were coming in loud and clear. What were they saying? "SHE's the CIA, She's the CIA"....

Naturally they were talking about Yours Truly, Barbara Hartwell. And as Suryai told me, this was NOT the first time they had been telling her such things about me. At times, the voices claimed to be 'the FBI '. The last I heard from Suryai, 'the FBI ' told her that "Barbara is exactly who she claims to be"....whatever THAT is supposed to mean....

Gee whiz....what a coincidence!

Here's another brief case history: Sandy, a survivor of gov't mind control. Sandy lives in another state, but close enough --only a 3 hour drive-- so that she and her husband Ted have been able to visit me. Only one visit so far, but when you hear what's happening to Sandy, maybe you'll understand why.

I first met Sandy when I gave a talk at a conference in May, 2000. I cannot begin to describe the many levels of severe harassment directed at this couple. In fact, Sandy e-mailed me dozens of pages of documentation —which she had compiled at my request— after she sought my help in trying to gain some understanding of the bizarre and distressing events which had made up her life; as well as to mount a defense against everything from car sabotage to electronic attacks on herself and her husband.

Unfortunately, when my last hard drive was wiped out through the perps' sabotage of my computer, I lost all her documents, along with all the other documentation sent to me by other targeted individuals.

Gee whiz...what a coincidence....

But I have not lost the memory of what I read in Sandy's documents, nor of the brutal harassment I have heard Sandy describe, in person and on the phone. I will share just a bit of it here. Sandy and her husband Ted are living on govt'-sponsored disability 'benefits' (Can they really be called 'benefits'?) having both been diagnosed with DID --Disassociative Identities Disorder. After many hours of discussion with Sandy, and through my own analysis of their history and the pattern of events, it was obvious to me —and to both of them— that their DID was a result of the gov't mind control they had both been subjected to.

Neither of them are able to work at a regular job, though they have both tried to the best of their ability, doing odd jobs, whenever possible, in order to make ends meet. They, like myself, have been reduced to living in abject poverty. They, like myself, have a number of beloved animals to support and care for. Several of their cars have been destroyed by sabotage, and they are both also physically disabled by serious injuries, as a result of the aforementioned arranged car 'accidents'. So in some very 'coincidental' ways, their situation bears a striking resemblance to my own.

I had warned Sandy —as I warn all prospective associates— that the harassment would immediately escalate in the efforts of the perps to cut short any association she would have with me. And in fact, did it ever! Surveillance vans with antennae started showing up and parking on the street outside her house. Men wearing earphones and utilizing high-tech devices electronically assaulted her and her husband. Her computer was repeatedly sabotaged —always after she sent e-mail to me, or on my behalf to others— while my own computer was down. My phone conversations with Sandy were repeatedly disrupted and interrupted. The perps put 'echo chambers' on the line --one of their favorite tactics.

During the last phone conversation I had with Sandy, only about 2 weeks ago, we had been discussing strategies for protecting her and her husband Ted from the perps' continual assaults. Sandy had explained that one of her perps was an ex-military special forces man, now a police officer, who lives right across the street. Sandy and her husband have some evidence that he may be responsible for at least some of the electronic attacks.

Based on other things Sandy told me, we both believe that he is at least one person who is tapping her phone. I said to Sandy: There's no way to know who all is on these phone lines, between the spooks on my line and whoever may be on yours. I know that I personally share a 'party-line' with the folks down at Langley. And God only knows who ELSE is on this line.....

Guess what happened then? We both heard a series of loud electronic tones and then the line went dead....

Gee whiz.... what a coincidence.....

I guess the jerks just couldn't restrain themselves. And I guess they have to engage in such sophomoric behavior, if only to remind me —as they had repeatedly told me for years— ever since they got their hooks into me in early childhood: There's nowhere to run; nowhere to hide, and that...We are always on the case.

But there's more. And it gets worse: Sandy told me, during this same phone conversation, that right after her last phone contact with me, several weeks before, her husband was hit so hard by an electronic assault, that he almost died. This is something which, sadly, and with justified and profound rage, I can relate to.

And I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Sandy is telling the truth. I have been so savagely attacked in the past that I lost consciousness. That I had convulsions and seizures. That my heart almost stopped. (I have a congenital heart condition, another 'convenience' the perps know they can exploit.) That I had projectile vomiting and pain in my head that was so brutal I cannot begin to describe it. But —and this is an important but— My life, each time (so far anyway) has been saved by Divine Intervention. And I have no doubt, so was Ted's.

Another brief case history: Steve lives in NY state. Steve first contacted me early in 1999 after he read my testimony on the Mind Control Forum. Steve is a former postal worker, now retired on disability. And he believes —as I do— that his disability is a direct result of the mind control and electronic assaults which were perpetrated on him by agencies of the U.S. gov't.

Steve's —like Sandy's and Suryai's— is one of the worst cases of harassment and persecution I have investigated. The perps won't give him a moment's peace. He is followed everywhere he goes by hired thugs and provocateurs, particularly of the 'street theater' variety. The electronic assaults started while he was still working at the post office, and escalated dramatically after he was forced to retire. Steve has also experienced electronic assaults of a sexual nature; phone taps and interference with all electrical and electronic equipment in his home.
His computer was destroyed some time back and he now must go the library in order to get access to the Internet. I have also talked to his mother on the phone, with whom he resides. She is very supportive of Steve and knows for a fact that he is telling the truth, because she lives in the same house and has witnessed much of the anomalous electronic phenomena. In fact, she herself has been hit more than once with the electronic devices. Recently, Steve told me that he had to have surgery as a result of the serious damages done to him by the continual electronic assaults. And by the way, Suryai found herself, some time back, in a similar situation.

But despite his disability; despite the nonstop extreme assaults, and fortunately for the rest of us, Steve is also a researcher and a dynamic activist. He is someone who gets out there, shares his research and talks about his own experiences of harassment. He has also started a discussion/support group which has monthly meetings in the lower Westchester area of N.Y. state. This group will focus on strategies to expose and stop the electronic harassment and political persecution to which Steve and many others are being subjected.

Steve has compiled his research into hardcopy documents which he makes available at conferences; he has written articles; he has documented his experiences of electronic assaults and backed them up with further documentation of the nature of the technology being deployed against targeted individuals. He has even —eternal optimist that he is— provided this documentation to the local police; to lawyers interested in these issues and to organizations and human rights advocacy groups.

Now, back to my own case. For the past 7 years, ever since I broke out of the program and began to talk-- privately and later publicly-- about my history of CIA mind control, and the black ops in which I was utilized, the perps have done everything in their power to 'neutralize' me and especially to stop me from getting any support from, or offering any support to, others who were either already in similar situations, or who simply became associated in any way —personally or professionally— with me.

The tactics they have used —against me and ANYONE associated with me— run the gamut... from the ludicrous to the life-threatening. Ranging from petty harassment such as disruptions on phone lines —to serious assaults deploying military hardware. And everything in-between.

How about some of THESE tactics:

SWAT teams. Military fighter jets at rooftop level. Black helicopters. 'Crop dusters'. Pulse beam/microwave, laser, sonic —and other so-called 'non-lethal' weapons. 'Friendly visits', 'friendly warnings' and setups by agents provocateur. Coercion and intimidation by gov't agents or their hired thugs. Break-ins; theft of private property, usually documents of a 'sensitive' nature. Tampering with and rerouting of U.S. mail, both incoming and outgoing. Anonymous death threats by phone and not-so-anonymous threats, up close and personal. Police harassment. False arrests and trumped-up charges. Surveillance vans. Tailed while driving, and stalked while walking. Electronic surveillance. Vandalism of cars and arranged car 'accidents'. Sabotage of computers and other electronic equipment. Tampering with electrical wiring and anomalous, unexplained power surges. Slander and disinformation campaigns.....

Need I say more? Believe me, I could go on...and on...but I won't. Because by now I can only hope you get the picture......

And I swear, on my sacred honor, and as God is my witness, I am NOT lying. Any more than the people connected to me were lying when they described how all hell broke loose in their lives. Sadly, most of them —including family members— beat a hasty retreat and refused to have anything further to do with me, personally or professionally.

But thank God, a few people stood by me. And because they stood by me, I intend to continue to do all in my power to stand by them. Because the people who stood by me are the SAME people who would be deemed by the perps —as I am— among the most formidable adversaries: Those who pose the greatest threat to the perps' agenda. The SAME people who are willing to risk their lives to see the truth exposed, and to see justice done.

Quite a few years ago (during the early '80s) I worked as a press representative for Amnesty International. In addition to handling the media end for our local chapter, I also investigated cases of political prisoners who were being held for lengthy periods in foreign jails, without having even been formally charged, much less tried for their alleged offenses. Many were being tortured.

One of the ways we tried to help these prisoners to stay alive; to maintain hope; and to work for their release,was letter-writing campaigns. We hand-wrote letters to the prisoners, just to let them know that SOMEONE —somewhere— cared. And of course, we also wrote letters to the heads of foreign governments who were responsible for the unjust incarceration and torture of these political prisoners.

I remember —with profound dismay and disgust— having to address letters to some corrupt foreign despot, some bloated self-important plutocrat, using such terms as Your Honorable Highest Excellency.... Your Most Eminent Minister of Justice...and so forth, appealing to the 'mercy' and 'justice' I was imploring them to dispense on behalf of their political prisoners.

What I REALLY felt like saying was something else entirely...but of course no prisoners would have a snowball's chance in hell of being released, had I engaged in venting my anger and frustration by addressing them as Your Most Despicable Dickhead Despot...

But THIS is America...THIS is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave...Isn't it? Tragically, as I and many others can bear witness, it is NOT.
And writing a flattering letter to some corrupt government official, beseeching him to release the Prisoner of Conscience —which foreign despots, as well as those in our own country, will ONLY do as a matter of political expediency— just doesn't seem to work here. At least I've never seen it work yet.

Just as a case in point, look what happened recently to Leonard Peltier, a political prisoner —in a veritable travesty of justice— incarcerated for the past 25 years. Bill Clinton denied clemency to Peltier in the final days of his term, after spouting out bogus claims of acting in the interests of justice and planting the seeds of false hope for Peltier, his family and his supporters.

However, a motley crew of other petitioners —career criminals, and gangsters of similar ilk— OF COURSE were granted clemency. But then, attempting to wring anything remotely resembling 'justice' from Bill Clinton is the old saw: Blood from a stone!

Bill may be gone from the Whitehouse, but now we're stuck with Dubya --the first Unelected President of the U.S. (Not that Gore would REALLY have been the widely-presumed 'lesser of two evils'.) And then there's Hillary —and imagine my horror— in MY OWN HOME STATE! ....But that's another issue and another report altogether. One that somebody else could write better than I. So I'll try to stick to my own area of most pertinent interest and expertise and just write about what I know best .

Maybe you've figured out by now the point I am trying to make. And what it is that I, for one, believe WILL work on behalf of the unacknowledged, unknown Political Prisoners, Prisoners of Conscience, of this day and age, right here in the U.S.A.

And I hope that you will now understand —if you did not before reading this report— why I will NOT stop talking about this persecution. And hopefully, you will see my experiences —and those of my friends and fellow targeted individuals— as something more than paranoid fantasies.

For the sake of argument (and putting the idea of 'paranoia' aside) we certainly have NO reason to lie. After all, what kind of person would want to concoct such lies, and for WHAT possible purpose?

Believe me, we do NOT enjoy living like this. Most of us do not enjoy TALKING about living like this. I for one, value my privacy above all else, except that is, my freedom. Yet people like myself cannot have any 'reasonable expectation of privacy' as guaranteed under the 4th amendment, since we are living in a virtual fish bowl.

The walls of our homes may as well be made of glass, for all the protection and privacy they provide. As for our hearts, it will indeed be a miracle if they don't also turn to glass. And as for those 'coincidences', convenient to any but ourselves....make of them what you will.

We —like most sane, reasonable, freedom-loving people— would like nothing better than just to live a 'normal' life. To just 'get a life' as they say. Yet, the possibility of the peaceful enjoyment of such a life is currently beyond our grasp. Instead, we are left with 'A Day in the Life'...

It doesn't matter if it's Ivan Denisovich...Suryai...Sandy....Ted...Steve...Barbara Hartwell....or any of the many others....We labor —in daily vigilance— in the fight against the Lifestyle Without a Life.

The tyrants may be right about one thing: Truly, there is 'nowhere to run; nowhere to hide'. But I personally, am THROUGH running and THROUGH hiding, as are many others who are willing to stand tell the TRUTH and to fight for our freedom.

Sure enough, the perps are always 'on the case'. But we —the targeted individuals— are also 'on the case'.. And we will not get off the case until these poor-excuses-for-human-beings CEASE AND DESIST from their massive violations of our GOD-GIVEN HUMAN RIGHTS.

For Freedom and Justice,
Barbara Hartwell


Since the events of September 11, 2001 it has become all too apparent that the political persecution which had been previously reserved for a relatively small portion of the population, deemed by the perps to be 'enemies of the state' has now been foisted upon the population at large, with the advent of Homeland Security and other oppressive violations of our Constitutional and God-given natural rights. It is more important than ever that we stand up —individually and collectively— against this tyranny and oppression.