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Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Message of Hope from Ex-FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee


Be joyful in hope...faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

From Brownsville, Texas. October 7, 2002

Geral Sosbee: Lessons Learned

Among some of the lessons we can learn from the material presented on this website ( and related links are as follows:

1) Dilemma For The fbi/cia: If the fbi/cia are successful in efforts to neutralize Sosbee, then the two rogue agencies run the risk of alienating other Patriots; In failing to kill Sosbee, the fbi/cia endanger their own continued existence because this Target is larger than they in a purely intellectual and spiritual sense and he cannot fail.

2) The historical methods of fighting a war are of no use to Humanity; Sosbee defeats the fbi/cia assassins and war mongers by thwarting their evil intent and by defeating their violent methods. The various hi-tech war games and tactics used against Sosbee (as set forth in this and other sites) cannot prevail in the long run because the indomitable human spirit (imbued with the blessings of all that is holy on earth) is more supreme.

3) The leadership of the world comes not from the most powerful (in terms of economic and military might), but from the most unexpected and indeed unlikely sources: those meek, humble servants of mankind who prove by the conduct of their lives that the human frailties associated with war and violence can be overcome; by this I mean that concepts such as anger, fear, rage, vindictiveness, vanity and the like are not necessary to defeat the war mongers of the world such as those we see in most nations on earth, particularly in the United States (and more particularly in the fbi/cia). Indeed, a true intellect and a Humanitarian sentiment defeats legions of such small minded warriors because the language of the true intellect does not permit excesses of human weakness to destroy life.

4) The present corrupt regime that governs the United States has lost its leadership role in the world because this country, through its overabundance of unchecked abuses and through the abandonment of intellectual and spiritual values as evidenced by the current leaders, isolates itself from all the inhabitants of the world by exploiting the basic goodness of all men and women. This means that cunning and deceit are used by corrupt officials in the United States, especially by the intelligence agencies, to manipulate world opinion and to trick our brothers and sisters into blindly trusting those politicians who in actuality have no constructive vision for mankind's future and who show no understanding of their own limitations and depravity. True leadership is lost amid the smokescreen of the killing machine that is the present United States government.

5) One person can stop the assassins in the government (fbi/cia) from continuing their inhumane and terrorist assaults on all the world's population, but only with the combined efforts of men and women of keen intellect, sensitive hearts and good will the world over. Those gallant souls who bring to light the atrocities of their misguided leaders also serve all of Humanity for all time. Their work is never forgotten and their names need not be recorded because they are the conscience of all of mankind.

Geral Sosbee