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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Moment of Abiding Truth: Open Letter to Tim White from Retired Fed Agent

Note, March, 2007:

Predicate felon Tim White continues to stalk and harass targets in various areas of the country. White targeted Barbara Hartwell in 2001 --and has never ceased his harassment. White has made numerous threats (including death threats) against numerous patriots and whistleblowers.

White also continues to slander and libel patriots, including by the dissemination of outrageous lies. Known associates and 'supporters' of Tim White include: Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson; former senator John DeCamp (who solicted "help" from this known criminal stalker to threaten Barbara Hartwell); Todd Brendan Fahey (also a criminal stalker and psychopath); Ken Adachi (mouthpiece/shill for Gunderson et al); government-sponsored disinformer Larry Lawson; grifter, fundamentalist fear-monger Pam Schuffert.

Tim White is still on the loose and nobody does a damn thing to stop this menace to society! His harassment, stalking and bearing of false witness is destroying people's lives!

Why has Tim White NOT been apprehended, after all this time?


From the Hartwell Archives, 2004

I received this letter [has been edited, certain portions deleted] by e-mail from "John" a retired Federal agent. I'm not sure who this guy is, but I believe he might be legitimate simply because he knows too much about this White character --things he could not possibly know otherwise. But anyway, my heartfelt thanks to "John" for telling it like it is.

This is the second such letter sent to me by "John" in regard to Tim White, a person who has been harassing me for the past three (3) years. White calls me "that CIA bitch"; has fabricated outrageous lies about me and my colleagues; has made death threats against me; had been harassing me by phone until I changed my PH#.

Personally, I have reported him to the FBI, to the police, and even to the probation dep't in Colorado, while he was on probation after conviction for a drug bust. He is a predicate felon. Nobody does anything, nobody cares....maybe that's because he's one of their stooges, a low-level snitch and provocateur working for a corrupt element of FBI/COINTELPRO and ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson. White is also a drag queen who dresses like a female prostitute.

White associates with other gov't stooges and penny-ante provocateurs such as Brenda Negri, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, Charles Stewart, Ken Adachi.

His latest pal seems to be a woman named Marilyn Guinnane, another gov't stooge and loud-mouthed moron like White, who has come to the defense of CIA operative Don Stacey, whom I exposed in a recent report on CIA containment ops. Most of Guinnane's "defense" has been nothing more than malicious libel against myself, such as calling me a "viper"; and attempts to impugn my sanity. Like White, she knows nothing about me that is real or true and deals in hysterical outbursts and name-calling, without the benefit of any facts or accurate information to back up her wild allegations. She has now jumped on the bandwagon of Hartwell-bashing with Tim White, Larry Lawson et al. Birds of a feather flock together. So do cowards, liars, traitors and gov't stooges.

In White's most recent libelous commentary about me, he says: "FUCK YOU, CIA BITCH!" and says he hopes that I'll commit suicide. Nice guy. Thanks, Tim, you're a real sweetheart. I'm sure his overlords would love that too, but in my case they'd have to "arrange" it themselves, since I'm not the suicidal type. Keep it up, Tim White, you and your marvy bunch of friends will go down hard, I can guarantee you. It's only a matter of time.


A Moment of Abiding Truth: OPEN LETTER TO TIM WHITE

From "John", former Federal agent.

Mr. Tim White:

Or should that be, Miss Tim White???? Perhaps Mrs. Tim White????? God has been brought to my attention, Mr. White that a moment of abiding truth is your due. Your constant lies about, and haranguing of true Patriots (there's that word again...!!) Christians and other types who are desperately attempting to maintain our Constitutional rights and freedoms has simply become unbearable and unacceptable.

I was one of those, Mr. White, who had the distinct displeasure of having to come in and 'clean up', if you will, behind you after your arrest for that very large amount of marijuana you were stupidly trying to grow (now, whose permit was that you were attempting to use????). Yes, Mr. White, several of us had to clean up that despicable 'mess'. If I recall there were a variety of porno videos, prevalent among them being child pornography, the most vile of all. Child pornography, Mr. White? Just what was it that you were doing with these children, Mr. White? Why is it that you are not in jail this very moment, still, for the possession of something as evil, vile and disgusting as child pornography? An oversight, I'm sure, that is being remedied as I write.

Really, Mr. White, this is truly despicable. Shame, shame. And, let me see - yes, there were hundreds of utterly disgusting pornography magazines in your 'shop'. Everything from child pornography to bondage to transvestites. Utterly despicable, Mr. White. No wonder your daughter, and of course your ex-wife want nothing to do with you.

Who could blame them? I hope you seek professional help, Mr. White, you are truly in need. Having spoken recently with several of my former colleagues I understand that you (still) consider yourself a patriot, someone true to 'the cause', something I find so utterly incredulous and ridiculous that I can hardly comment on it. But I shall.

Mr. White, you have no discernment at all. You are working for the very people you claim to hate and want to resist, who work for the very organization that you also claim as your deadly enemy!

Alas, Mr. White, you are a TRULY stupid man, for which there is no cure, sadly. I also understand that you consider yourself a "player", Mr. White. A Player?? You do not even know where the playing field is, Mr. White, let alone the rules or even the game! A player? I think not, Mr. White, I believe a pawn is more appropriate. There are so many good people out there who are truly trying to make a difference. You, Mr. White, are hindering their progress and causing unnecessary difficulties by your incessant demeaning and demonizing of these people, spreading nothing but lies and dissension.

Step aside, Mr. White, while there is still time. You are playing perfectly into their hands. I suggest you reassess your position, Mr. White, for you are truly misguided in all your intentions and far, far from the truth. I suggest you take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth - maybe, just maybe, you might learn something. Nah......never happen. Too bad. And one last thing I can promise you, Mr. White, is that they are coming for you. Soon. You will (soon) outlive any 'usefulness' you have to 'them', and they shall, at that particular moment terminate their contract with you. I suggest you wake up while their is still time. You are a truly stupid man, Mr.White, and it would delight me, and many of my former colleagues to see some rational thought and intelligence come into your positions on these matters.

"John", Federal Agent, Retired

Denver, Colorado