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Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Heart of the Warrior

Note, March, 2007:

This article is not given in its original form. I have edited it to remove all references to a person (and his writings) whom I once believed (based only on his writings) to be a sincere patriot, but who has since proven that he is a coward, a pathological liar and a criminal. And since he was never an "insider", he could only have speculated about "inside info" --and speculation is NOT the point of this article. So I won't let this edited report be sullied by the mention of his ignominious name.

However, the principles put forth in this article still hold true. So rather than sacrificing the whole thing by not including it in my archives, I've decided to edit it instead. Nothing of value has been lost. And since it's my work, I have no problem in rectifying my own mistakes.

As for the "anonymous insider" source, though I usually avoid using such sources, this person is known, at least to me, as legitimate, as a sincere patriot and Christian, which is why I included excerpts from his writings in the first place.

December, 2001

The Heart of the Warrior

"In order to experience fearlessness, it is necessary to experience fear. The essence of cowardice is NOT acknowledging the reality of fear. True fearlessness is not the reduction of fear, but going beyond fear."

--Chogyam Trungpa from The Sacred Path of the Warrior

It is known among those rich in spiritual wisdom that the true warrior, the one who is divinely inspired to fight for what is right, true and good, is the one whose heart is open. Open, as in the ability to have compassion for the suffering of others. Open to the basic goodness of humanity and of life. Open to perceive the truth, no matter how unpleasant that truth. And perhaps most necessary, the heart must be open in a way which allows the warrior to go beyond fear.

In the wake of the events of September 11, 2001, the reality of fear is something none of us can afford NOT to acknowledge. But as warriors engaged in the fight to protect our most fundamental God-given human rights, to defend our Constitution and civil liberties, the rules of engagement demand that we go beyond our fear. It is the only hope we have to save our country without losing our honor, not just individually, but as a nation.

But before we can take effective action as warriors, we must have a well-designed battle plan. A worthy battle plan first and foremost must be based on a clear perception of the truth and of the enemies we are pitted against. But just perceiving the truth is not enough. We must expose that truth and shout it from the rooftops to all and sundry, making it available to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

As warriors, that is where our responsibility begins. We can't be responsible for those who stick their fingers in their ears, who go running for cover or who stick their heads in the sand. Those who allow themselves to be ruled by fear —and I'm sorry to say, last time I checked, that seems to be the pathetic majority of American citizens — will simply roll out the Red Carpet for Homeland Security, send out the Welcome Wagon for jackboots and swagger sticks. For Tom Ridge, John Ashcroft, Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush and all the rest of the gangstas, who not so long ago might have been called 'crypto-fascists'. 

Well, things have changed....and now we can drop the 'crypto' part.

Maybe the wimps will awaken from their mind-controlled, boob-tubed, head-up-the butt stupor and maybe they won't. So be it. Either they will or they won't...either they do or they don't.....

But, for those among us who are true warriors, we can and we must first be responsible for ourselves and our own actions. No self-respecting, freedom-loving warrior will just lie down and take it, while the tyrants rape and pillage, slash and burn, and run our Constitution through their shredders.

Though the wimps —both inside and outside our gov't— seem to be a-dime-a-dozen, thank God, we do have some real warriors among us. And here's where the real story, the real point of this report, begins.

Because we know there are 'good guys' still inside. Guys who know the score. Guys who are aghast with horror and disgust as they watch what unfolds around them. Guys who know in their heart of hearts they don't want to be a part of this anymore. Guys who could blow the whistle, who could rip off the covers.

Well then, I'm asking y'all, good guys...what are you waiting for? What on God's green earth are you waiting for?

And what about you good guys still in the military? Those of you who fought for your country, fought with honor? When you get a directive from your C.O. to violate the Constitutional rights of your fellow citizens, are you just going to be 'following orders'??

Or will you defend the Constitution against all enemies of our Constiutional Republic, foreign and domestic, as you gave your oath of sacred honor, to do?

Yes, we know you'll be targeted once you come forward. We know how the bad guys defame your character, threaten your family, sic the goons on you, do their damnedest to make your life an all-around living hell. But what kind of 'life' do you think you can expect to be living if you DON'T come forward with the truth?

And do you really think 'they' don't know who you are?.....I can guarantee you, they do. They've profiled you, they have your files, they KNOW who you really are.

Whether you know it or not, you're hiding in plain sight....and after the takeover is a done deal, you'll be of no use to them anymore. You're expendable. They have no use for good guys, once the game is up, once the fix is in.....don't you get it by now?

So, good guys, don't be an enabler, don't be a wimp, don't be a wuss. DO THE RIGHT THING, and do it now.

At the very least, good guys, send out those leaks, you don't have to give out your name, rank and serial number, but please....just send out those leaks, and we'll be happy to take the heat...just send out those leaks....

Now let's hear from one of those good guys who has come forward, who has done the right thing. Let's listen to him and let's learn what it is to go beyond fear. Let's understand what it means to have the courage to tell the truth, to embody the heart of the warrior.

Here, some excerpts from a report posted on American Patriot Friends Network, just a couple days after Sept 11, from this anonymous insider source.

Now here's a guy I just love, God bless his heart....on the side of the angels.

[America, you are being played for a fool, again, by a Government whose true goal, and only goal for that matter is your complete enslavement. Stop playing the role, America, it's unbecoming......In fact, you all look like a bunch of blubbering idiots running here and there. Which is precisely what they want you to look like.

The so-called terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 against this grand country of ours are ALL carefully planned and orchestrated events ....creating chaos, confusion and fear. The ultimate outcome of which will be Legislation that will further strip America of it's civil and Constitutional rights.

Other examples of this carefully planned and orchestrated Psychological Warfare (or PsyOps) against the American people are such events as the OKC bombing, every school shooting to this date, every Post Office and MacDonalds shooting, the Bio-Chemical warfare against Americans...and many, many other such incidents.

Ultimately what these Satanic Freemasons are hoping for is that the people of America will beg the Government to step in and end all this violence, this bloodshed, this chaos. Which they will be more than willing to do. At the expense of your freedoms, your rights, your humanity. And many of you will end up in FEMA concentration camps, I assure you.

In the case of these most recent "terrorist" attacks (the only terrorists in the United States are operatives of the CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF, DOD, the KGB and MI6 and their trained goons), what we have is a trial run of events that will be orchestrated in order to usher in Martial Law. And the final rise to power of the New World Order. I'd have to say that it was a fairly successful exercise, wouldn't you?

However, if one stops and thinks for a moment one will quickly realize that this term "Terrorism" is now being used not only in reference to some mysterious group or individual(s) who bombed the Trade center buildings, but to Militia group(s) and their members, to survivalists, gun owners, Christians - in other words to anyone, or any group that would dare think for itself and have the courage to defend itself from the dictums and the tyranny of the 'State'. Just as in Germany from the years of 1932-1945, and just as in what is going on in America, and through the world today.

What better way to scrap what little remains of our Constitution than to orchestrate such hideous events, implement Martial Law and take complete control of the country?

America is under attack, all right, and has been since 1947, by the very Government that purports to govern and care for it's citizens that conducted the events of Sept. 11, 2001. DO NOT believe the utter nonsense, the lies the evil filth that spews forth from the lips of the Mainstream media - for they are nothing more than that, lies.....they will still be uttering the same filth, the same lies after Martial Law has been instituted and Red Chinese guards patrol your streets.

Frankly the spokespeople of the Government make me sick - knowing full well most of them know the truth - and they stand in front of the world and lie. And especially when the supposed Christian, Ashcroft, is spewing fourth the same lies, the same filth as everyone else.

These cowards and traitors make me puke.....

We, the people, can stop this. It is all up to us, now. Perhaps living as a slave, as chattel of the New World Order appeals to you, it does not to me. I will not live as a slave, ever. If we were to unite, this evil plan of very evil men can be stopped, but only if we unite. To not do so endeavors our collective death, both as a country and culture and as a free people. The choice is yours. Lock and load fellow Americans, Satan is here.....]

Amen! Yes, Satan is here, in whatever form we choose to name him. He is the emobodiment of all that is corrupt, treacherous, deceptive and evil, and who seeks to place a stranglehold on the sacred breath of the Spirit of Liberty and Justice, which mocks God and all that is true and righteous.

Will we just let this bastard and his henchmen take over our country? Or will we get right with God, and with the heart of the warrior, go into battle knowing our victory is fated.....signed sealed and delivered.....

I have a secret to tell you, which I've known for as long as I can remember...those on the side of the angels win.

Barbara Hartwell
December 31, 2001

Order consists in celestial things ruling over spiritual things, through these over natural things and through these over corporeal things; but when corporeal and natural things rule over spiritual and celestial things, order is destroyed and then the man is an image of hell; and therefore the Lord restores order by means of regeneration and then the man becomes an image of heaven.
--Emmanuel Swedenborg