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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ex-FBI Agent Sosbee Exposes More FBI Corruption

NOTE: I have known Geral Sosbee for about six (6) years. He is not only a professional colleague, but we have developed a lasting and solid friendship based on common interests in EXPOSING the rampant corruption, crime and coverups being run by the FBI and CIA.

Through his testimony (both verbal and written) I have come to understand the magnitude of the neutralization campaign being run against him, by both the FBI and CIA.

I take every opportunity to publicize Geral's case so that the general public may be apprised of the reality of such neutralization campaigns and the psy-war used against targets, which is brutal and life-destroying in every way imaginable. I should know, the same has been done to me.

For more information and a comprehensive summary, see Targeted For Terror: Ex-FBI Agent's Gruesome Ordeal, on this site.

Here, find Geral's testimony regarding a corrupt FBI agent named Patrick Groves.

Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Exposes More FBI Corruption

I first met Patrick Groves when we were students of Romanian at the DLI (Defense Language Institute) in Presidio of Monterrey, California. We became quasi friends there as a result of our common studies and professional goals; P was married (as was I) and we sometimes shared friendly conversations over bar b q and a game of pool at my home nearby. P was an excellent student, learning the language with an apparent ease. I struggled a bit to memorize the daily Romanian passages, but I too graduated with a commendation for my work:

Three fbi agents started the class: I, pg, and Gary Webb; Webb dropped out, but later resumed the studies with another class. I later met with Webb in El Paso, Texas when I advised him that the fbi was destroying my life and my career there. Webb was an honest agent. I and pg were the entire class and we achieved the goals set for us.

pg was aware during my studies in Monterey that I and my wife were dealing with a personal tragedy. This would not deter pg later from doing all in his power to end my career at the direction of SAC Al Smith (NYC).

After language school I was assigned to Chicago, and pg was assigned to NYC. A few years later I was reassigned to NYC where I was working on the same Security squad with pg. In fact pg was assigned seating three rolls behind me so he could always see me (and my associates). During my tour in NYC pg was assigned to work on me to encourage me to quit. He suggested that I pursue a teaching career in the public schools; he would later learn that I was a doctoral student at Columbia University's Teachers College.

On one occasion pg stated to me as follows:

Al Smith (the SAC) sees you as "a piece of shit". This statement truly shook me as I realized that either pg was trying to upset me, or that he was running an operation against me as a result of my reports years earlier of fbi perjury, suppression and fabrication of evidence, false arrest and fraud (as set forth in my site).
Also, pg (on a prior occasion) invited me for a beer after work; I was under great pressure and sought friendship from any colleague. After the beer, pg may have falsely reported me to Al Smith for being drunk on the streets of NYC and armed. This was a false report. Thus no action was taken against me.

Later , when Al Smith further falsified his file on me (using a perjurious fbi informant near my residence) Smith and about 6-8 fbi agents arrested me in the apartment complex and gave me the choice between resigning or being put away. pg was not among the group of thugs that day; he clearly did not want to see me face to face. However, when I returned to my desk the same day to collect my things, pg entered the office, saw me at my desk, and made a hasty retreat so as not to acknowledge my presence after the illegal and inhumane coup against me.
Note that the NYC office officials had previously recommended me for a full law school scholarship, having chosen me from the pool of dozens of applicants; Al Smith had other plans for me and as he was my boss his orders prevailed.

For more on pg see: