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Thursday, March 8, 2007


Note, March, 2007: Here, a letter I wrote to JBS leader John Perna (2003) after he provided evidence (from Lawson's newsletter) of the libel campaign being run against Barbara Hartwell and others, by false patriot and government-sponsored disinformer Larry Lawson.

Lawson has continued this libel and slander campaign against patriots and whistleblowers, including Hartwell and Perna, adding new targets as he goes along. Also see (below) comments from another Lawson target, Rick Stanley. This is posted, as part of my archives, for the public record.


March 18, 2003

Dear Mr. Perna:

Thank you for forwarding the copies of these posts over the past several days. Yes, I've seen them on Lawson's site already. I don't know you, but from the general tone of your writings, you seem like a reasonable individual with an interest in facts and evidence, rather than unfounded conjecture and sensationalistic accusations.

Lawson has been libeling me for at least a year, but I have mostly ignored him and his little clique, with the exception of one letter I wrote in defense of Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg after Lawson posted a report from Dennis Slatton, falsely accusing Stew and Jeff of being government plants. Slatton's sources for this information were Tim White of Denver, Colorado and retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson, both of whom have been spreading lies and disinformation about myself for years. Both accuse me of working for CIA. For what it's worth, the truth is, I got out of their operations in 1994.

[See: Government Dupes and Patriot Spies: Disinfo Campaign in Full Swing]

This report was posted on Larry Lawson's site by Pam Schuffert. Pam asked Lawson to post it, after he REJECTED my e-mail when I sent it to him myself.

[Pam Schuffert joined the libel campaign shortly afterward. Schuffert twisted the facts re any info she was given; violated personal confidences by making private info with which she was trusted public, and falsely claimed that "Barbara Hartwell 'begged' her to get a message (my report) to Lawson. 

All I did was ASK her to forward it to Lawson, since he was REJECTING my e-mail messages. Schuffert is still a part of this libel and disinfo campaign, working with Larry Lawson; Ken Adachi; Ted Gunderson and Tim White. 

Lately, Schuffert has been travelling with Tim White, the two of them stalking and harassing targets. And they are still spreading outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, Jeff Swedenburg and others.]

With Lawson, it seems you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you DO NOT respond, he says it must be because everything he says about you is TRUE. If you DO respond, he'll mount a no-holds-barred assault, calling you names and accusing you of even worse dastardly deeds than before.

For now, this brief letter will have to suffice as a statement of my position. However, I am writing a comprehensive analysis of this libel and slander campaign, in which Lawson, among others, seems to have taken a position as a front man. 

I do know that some of the individuals being used --in attempts to discredit myself and others-- are nothing more than government dupes who are being played and exploited as provocateurs, by people a hell of a lot smarter than they are.

And believe me, it doesn't take much mental firepower to be smarter than these clowns. People such as Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick; Tim White; Shirley Anderson and of course, Larry Lawson himself, are nothing but rank amateurs and wannabes. People with trashy manners and loud, vulgar mouths who love to hear themselves talk and want to destroy legitimate whistleblowers and patriots, those of us who have literally risked our lives to stand up against government corruption.

I've no doubt that the first time a round was fired, while the rest of us lock and load, these cowards and pansies would be running for cover. They call us 'bogus patriots'. But the REAL patriots among us would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

These Internet and radio libel and slander campaigns have become a sort of Theater of the Absurd, oh-so-typical of the COINTELPRO-style tactics used to discredit ex-law enforcement/military/intelligence people who have REAL and vital information to disseminate, those of us who are prepared to die, if necessary to defend our freedom.

Personally, in my reports and articles, and on radio broadcasts, I deal in facts, solid evidence and the testimony of credible witnesses and trustworthy sources. That's why I find most of the wild accusations and unsubstantiated speculation being bandied about by these folks laughable and ludicrous.

And yet, most of the targets like myself don't have a choice but to confront and refute the libelous disinfo being spread by these pathological liars and government dupes. In the end, it's more damaging to ignore them and just hope they'll go away. I know from bitter experience that they won't. 

They'll keep at it until hell freezes over.

It's time-consuming and for those such as myself who suffer from chronic illness, it's exhausting, not to mention annoying, to have to deal with these morons when we all have more important things to do. But that's just the way it is, the price one must pay for telling the truth and staying on the side of the angels.

Barbara Hartwell
March 18, 2003

FYI: Here, also, is an exchange of e-mail messages between Larry Lawson and Duncan O'Finioan, also a survivor of black ops, who has recently been added to the list of those targeted for harassment and slander by Lawson et al.

Mr. Lawson,

If you and your "people" are going to use my name on your web site, please spell it correctly. Its O'Finioan, not O'Fanion.

Also, if you people are going to accuse me of working for the CIA, you might want to ask me about it first. Let's nip this thing before it gets started. Don't cross swords with me. You're way out of your league.

Robert Duncan O'Finioan

Larry Lawson wrote:

First off, I never spelled your name.I put REPOSTS up of various material from various readers.

As for crossing swords, FUCK YOU! You're way out of God's league!

Mr. Lawson,

I must say that was some response to my recent email to you. Although the wording was not unexpected from someone as intellectually challenged as you are.

My first question to you, sir: why did you not post your email response, with your shouting the 'f' word at me on your website, where you posted a response telling me to "take a long hike off a short pier," that sounds much like a cliche' from a very bad Bogart movie.

As far as you being on "shortwave" radio on the weekends, do you really think I care?

You said in your email response that you did not use my name (misspell my name) on your website, where I was accused of working for the CIA. So then, since you said that you only repost, does that mean you have nothing original?

And let's get one thing straight: I detest small-minded, loud, foul-mouthed individuals or groups who hide behind keyboards and computer screens, making unfounded accusations, claiming that Almighty "God" is on their side. That, sir, is the lowest form of religion there is on the face of this earth.

Mr. Lawson, you "talk" a good fight. You "talk" extremely tough; to the point of being nefarious. You say that you do not intimidate easily, yet you use the poorest form of intimidation tactics that I have ever seen. 

This, Mr. Lawson, is another sign of your small-mindedness, your intellectual gross incompetence, and cowardice. It does not take a man to throw around accusations, curses, innuendo, and screaming bloody blather. Those traits are indicative of the small-minded, ego-challenged, never-got-what-I-wanted-out-of-life bottomfeeders.

Mr. Lawson, I spent the better part of three hours going back through all of the "resposts" on your website. I must say, you and your followers must make Idiot High proud.

One last point I wish to bring up: blood defends blood. I'm referring to the constant verbal harassment perpetrated by you and your followers against my sister, Barbara Hartwell. 

Enough is enough. You say that I am way out of God's league? If the God of the Bible supports you, and people like you, we're all screwed.

Good day Mr. Lawson.

Excerpts from Rick Stanley's commentaries on false patriot Larry Lawson

When are the likes of a Larry Lawson actually going to take action in America instead of attacking Patriots for standing up for America? Real Patriots want to know.

Now, many of you are not going to like me much for this little missive. You can join with Larry Lawson in his hatred of me for exposing what a small man he is for attacking Patriots on the Internet. The man is false. The man is a lie. The man has ulterior motives. He is not a Patriot and he is not a man, but pond scum. It is time to take action America.

Stop being distracted by false patriots on the internet like Larry Lawson who will give 90 percent good information so that he may pass on 10 per cent bad information. It is an old disinformers trick. He wants you to be spellbound by the enormity of it all. He wants your fear, your cowardice. He wants you to do nothing.

Once again Americans, it is time for you to take action, whatever you think is appropriate, as someone who believes the forefathers left something worth fighting for. Whatever you do, do it now. Do it often. Do it individually. Do it anonymously. Go home and never speak of it to ANYONE. Be a TRUE patriot. The time for action is now. What action? Now America, isn't that up to you? You know what must be done. Or do you?

Is your mind still filled with the propaganda from all sources? Can you not see what is happening here and across the world? Are you blind? Is it not, way past time to make a committment for the return of Constitutional Law? Do you suppose that is just going to happen sometime in the near future and all of this will be a bad dream? Look deep American Patriots. The time isn't sometime in the future. It is NOW!!!

Live FREE or Die!
Rick Stanley