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Friday, March 16, 2007


NOTE, March, 2007:

These are excerpts from an autobiographical summary, written in 2005. The focus here is on CIA MK Ultra mind control; government indoctrination of their intelligence operatives and on fact vs. fallacy, especially as involves my own background and experiences.


I went public with my case as a survivor of CIA black operations and of MK Ultra, the most nefarious of CIA programs, in 1995-96, roughly two (2) years after breaking the mind control programming, once and for all, in 1994. About the subject of mind control, several important points need to be clarified.

The information I have come forward with in my reports; on radio and TV and in public lectures is strictly my own, coming straight from my own experience and investigations and not connected in any way, shape or form to any of the other high-profile cases which had come into public exposure prior to mine; around the same time or afterward.

I have found little commonality (or none at all) with these other cases, and have been disgusted to see my name repeatedly trotted out and lumped in with some of the "mind control survivors" being touted under this broad umbrella on the lecture circuits, in books and periodicals, in electronic media and on the Internet.

My decision to go public with my case was also my own, not influenced by any other person(s) involved in the media/lecture circuits or the intelligence community. In fact, I did not know anyone on this lecture circuit or through the Internet; nor had I even heard of most of them, at the time I first went public with my articles on CIA mind control on the Internet in late 1995.

My decision to go public as a CIA whistle-blower was made for several reasons:

1) For my own protection.

2) Because I felt it was my duty as a patriot and defender of the Constitution to expose corruption at the highest levels of government.

3) Because my dearest wish in this world is to accomplish the mission for which God sent me to this earth: To do my part to disarm the satanic tyrants who are destroying lives, especially of innocent children.


Because a number of fallacies about my own case abound and have been widely disseminated, I find it necessary to address them, refute them and set the record straight.

None of these claims, being promoted by the disinformers, are true.

The most prevalent fallacies being promoted about the Barbara Hartwell case are:

Fallacy: That I was involved in a government mind control project known as "Monarch".

Fact: The so-called "Monarch" project has been widely touted by CIA disinformation/containment agents, most notably a man by the name of Mark Phillips. Many people claiming to be "government mind control survivors" (including Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford and Cathy O'Brien) have also claimed involvement in this project. 

There is no solid evidence to substantiate that it was ever a sub-project of MK Ultra. But whatever "Monarch" may be (or not be) I personally was not involved, nor did I have any connection with any of these individuals.

Fallacy: That I had been sexually abused as a child and/or was utilized as a "sex slave" (mind-controlled prostitute for government officials and their cronies).

Fact: At no time was I subjected to any form of sexual abuse, in connection with CIA, nor any other persons. Nor was I ever utilized in any form of prostitution. 
As I have publicly stated more than once: If anyone had ever been stupid enough to try such a thing, I would have killed the assailants with my bare hands (which I am well-trained to do, if need be) and that would have been the end of the matter. The same holds true to this day.

Fallacy: That I had been involved in "satanism" as a victim of "satanic ritual abuse"; and/or as a participant in satanic rituals.

Facts: I have never participated in any satanic ceremonies, nor been a victim of what is known as "satanic ritual abuse".

Fallacy: That I was "sold" to the U.S. Government by my parents; that they took money in a quid pro quo arrangement in return for grooming, training and utilizing me as a CIA operative.

Fact: This was not how it happened, not in my case. One (or possibly both) of my parents signed something called a proxy consent form, giving the government permission to recruit and train me. I came from a CIA family, on both sides. Once I reached adulthood (legal age 18) the consent form became null and void. As a legal adult, I was paid (one way or another) for the missions and operations I was utilized in.

For more information regarding these fallacies, see my reports, in which I have refuted such disinformation in more detail, by providing facts and names of some of the most prominent disinformers. Also see my additional testimony in regard to satanism (below) as related to certain levels and operations of MK Ultra.


"Mind control" as perpetrated by CIA under their MK Ultra operation was only one facet of my experience, and far from the most important; nor for that matter the most relevant to my interests in exposing criminals and corruption in government.

Most of the operations I was involved in had little or nothing to do with being under "mind control" per se. This subject has, for the most part, been profoundly misunderstood by the majority of people who have read or heard of my experiences, because my own case has been tainted by the preponderance of disinformation being disseminated by the perpetrators of mind control and their disinformation and containment agents' operations.


The fact of the matter is, all operatives who have ever worked in any capacity for CIA are brainwashed, in one way or another, even if they were never targeted as children for formalized mind control programming, as I was. Some operatives were recruited later in life, using the formal protocols of MK Ultra. Most were not. Nonetheless, it holds true that hypnosis and drugs are routinely used, even outside of these protocols.

But most significant is the heavy indoctrination that all operatives are subjected to. Remember that word: Indoctrination. It is key to understanding how these agencies operate. Indoctrination is Standard Operating Procedure. (S.O.P.) No one escapes being targeted for it. All are subjected to it, though some by nature may be more resistant to it than others.

Much of the indoctrination is for the purpose of behavior modification, one form of psychological manipulation used to keep the operatives in line, and "going along with the program". Behavior modification is also the most significant component of any form of mind control, meaning that influencing or changing behaviors is the goal of the perps.

Most of those indoctrinated "go along to get along", but "human nature" is not a foolproof scientific formula as some of the government psychiatrists seem to believe. They too have been indoctrinated. In fact, there is no such thing as a homogenous "one-size-fits-all" for human nature. "Human nature" varies widely, from individual to individual and so is not as predictable or malleable as the perpetrators of these psychological abuses like to think.

Perhaps the best example of indoctrination I can give is the "code of silence" (similar to the Mafia's Omerta') with subliminal, implied and/or overt threats that to talk openly about covert operations or the related abuses of human rights will result in severe punishment, even death.

Such intimidation tactics have never worked well on me, and did not work at all once I left the operations, though I've suffered the punishments for speaking out many times, including attempts on my life. I am also seriously disabled from some of those punishments, including "arranged" car crashes; poisonings and assaults with "non-lethal" electromagnetic weaponry.

As for intimidation tactics, they make me mad as hell, rather than compliant, as the perps found out long ago. They don't use intimidation tactics against me any more, it's a waste of their time. But they do continue with these tactics against certain of my associates, friends and family, in order to keep me isolated.

This form of indoctrination (and the crime-and-punishment mentality that goes with it) is not limited to CIA, but is found among all government agencies to some extent, most notably the FBI. I have known and worked with many people from CIA and FBI, as well as other "alphabet" agencies, both 'inside' and 'outside' their operations. My knowledge of these operations comes from many years of direct experience.


To the best of their ability, these government agencies will control and even attempt to enslave their own people. If you work for them, they think they own you. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone else who has gotten out of their nefarious web, through sheer determination and courage, and through the grace of God, and lived to tell about it. Ask a real survivor.

The people running these government agencies are control freaks, pure and simple. They have no scruples; don't know the meaning of honesty, integrity or loyalty; and they routinely exploit and sacrifice their own people, "for the mission" or "for the operation".

Although they claim to hate Communism and make quite a show of denouncing it, in reality they behave just like the Commies, trying to justify the sacrifice of the individual "for the collective good." They will reinforce these utilitarian, utopian ideas in the mind of the operative by repeatedly drumming into her head that she must always remember to be "a loyal American" . How many times have I heard that one?

And yet, for the most part, they treat their operatives like mushrooms: Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit. Everything is compartmentalized or "compartmented" as they say, based on what they deem you "need to know". But if you value your life, what you really need to know, you'll have to find out on your own. It's best to remember that if you ever have occasion to deal with them or if you are considering (God forbid!) joining them.

In fact, one of these courageous survivors, my friend ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, was implanted (as I was) to make it easier for the intelligence thugs to track him, by satellite and other electronic means, as well as to harass him with "non-lethal" electromagnetic weapons, a situation he suffers under to this day.

These agencies make sure that all their people go to government doctors and dentists with the proper security clearances. Their concern is not the rights of the patient, but rather the orders they receive from the government. These medical professionals have placed implants in many government agents and operatives, almost always without informed consent from the patient.

Even after an operative retires, resigns or leaves an agency for another reason, these agencies will approach other medical professionals chosen by the individual in order to continue the interference/medical abuses/implanting etc. without the informed consent of the patient.

Unfortunately, many of these doctors/dentists will comply with the government rather than stand up for the rights of the patient. They may be afraid of having their licenses to practice suspended or revoked, or may fear other forms of retaliation.

As for me, though my implants have been removed or rendered inactive, I could still fairly be described as 'the bionic woman' ('hardwiring' that cannot be surgically removed, at least not by any means I have access to) and still suffer the effects of sleep deprivation and physical pain from assaults with directed-energy weapons to this day. But there is neither time nor space to elaborate on that here. (Check the archives for more details on electromagnetic weaponry and regarding implants. Better yet, go to a site which focuses on such topics. I am not a scientist, nor are technical subjects my area of expertise.)

I can only guess that the government perpetrators of these atrocities have decided that Geral and I have fallen short in continuing to be the kind of "loyal Americans" we were trained to be.

A word to the wise: If you should ever find yourself being approached by a slick-talking man or woman who asks you if you are a "loyal American" like hell and don't look back!...unless of course you wish to be recruited, and in that case, God help you.


The indoctrination of a lifetime has been extremely difficult to overcome. This is not only how I was trained, but also how I was raised, what I was born into, as I come from a well-established Old Guard OSS/CIA family.

But some of my training (even if given in the form of indoctrination) has actually worked to protect me. Need-to-know is still my policy today. Trust No One (sadly) has also proved to be an old standby, when dealing with almost everyone.

Aside from trusting God (for me, a given) I have found that trust cannot be indiscriminately given; rather, it must be earned, over time. I have found that looking at the facts; gathering hard evidence; and making assessments based on the actions of people (as well as their long-term track record) rather than investing blind trust in their words, or stated motives, is the only way to arrive at the truth of any given situation.

Has a person consistently told the truth? Has the person kept his word? Has he/she proven, over time, to be loyal, reliable, consistent and trustworthy? By their fruits shall you know them.

Though I have gone public with my own case, to this day, I am very cautious about revealing sensitive information unless I believe someone has a "need to know". At those times when I have not used proper discretion (such as sharing info with the intent of helping someone, who later turned and violated my trust and confidence) I have always regretted it. And usually paid a heavy price for trusting the wrong person.

I still rate my associates, friends and family on the basis of security clearances and (silently) assign to them various levels, higher or lower, according to my own assessments. I can't help it, it's been a proven method of protecting not only my security, but my life.

Most people (even those closest to me) will never realize how little they really know about me or my background, though they usually believe they know far more than they do. But unlike these intelligence agencies, I do not engage in manipulation; my purpose is only self-protection. I'm entitled to my privacy so that's certainly my prerogative. To the extent a person earns my trust, they will be given a higher level of clearance. If a person betrays trust or confidence, he is summarily cut off and his security clearance is permanently revoked.


I broke all mind-control programming and was delivered from CIA black operations by the grace of God. Period. Case closed. For those who want the truth, here it is. I have stated this many times, over many years, but it bears repeating, if only to refute the lies of the many disinformers hell-bent on discrediting me.

I have never been formally "deprogrammed" by any human means or agency. In my case such a thing was not necessary and I would not allow it, especially as it had been proven that there was no one I could trust to assist me.

Several so-called "deprogrammers", some operating under false assumptions; or worse, some (CIA operatives) who hoped they could "reprogram" or re-recruit me, approached me with this agenda, after I had already gotten out and broken the program. As it was, none of them got within striking distance of me, thanks again to Divine protection and the grace of God.

In fact, the only way any of my former handlers could "debrief" me, once they lost their hold over me was to knock me out; abduct me and drug me (the scopolomine drip, sodium pentathol or other such 'truth serum'.) They call that "sending them to the moon". The last time they managed to breach my security and get their hands on me to commit this particular crime was in early 1994, just before I broke out for good.

For years, my detractors have been running a disinfo and libel campaign against me, promoting the lie that I have never gotten out of CIA and that I am still being handled and utilized in their operations. Some claim I am "under mind control" and therefore still being "victimized" by CIA. Some say I work for CIA of my own volition as a paid "disinformation specialist". Others say I'm a "rogue operative", a loose cannon running amok with my own nefarious agenda. Some are actually foolish enough to claim (at various times, as it suits their agenda) that I am all of these things.

But none of these claims are true. Let the professional disinformers fabricate what lies they will. Let their misguided lackeys and dupes promote what lies they will. Let the uninformed public speculate as they will. Let anyone and everyone believe what they will. I'm fed up with all of their nonsense and whatever they may believe, it is not my concern.

However, one thing is clear: These fools, liars and workers of iniquity understand nothing about the awesome power of God. With God, all things are possible. He can and does deliver those who belong to Him from the worst possible situations, including government mind control operations.

God answers prayer and He works miracles. This is not speculation, not idle conjecture, but a known fact. At least, a fact known by those of us who have experienced the blessing of being delivered by the grace of God.


There is no doubt that in the deepest and most real sense, this is a spiritual war, a war for hearts and minds...and more importantly, souls. But much of that war is fought right here in the physical realm as well. Those who know that the so-called 'spiritual realm' permeates the earthly/physical plane and that time and space, as we know them, do not exist in the spirit, will understand this.

Nonetheless, don't let the New Agers or certain of their "Christian" counterparts convince you that all of us so targeted "gave permission" in the spirit for any of the atrocities committed against us, including mind control programming. Some may have done so, but many have not!

This is government-sponsored disinfo, like so much of the New Age doctrine, to encourage people to be spiritually complacent and to believe that no one is really being victimized; that "there are no victims"; that we are each "responsible" for everything that happens to us; that we "create our own reality" as a "learning experience"; or so we can "evolve spiritually"....or some such rubbish.

This Good-is-Evil-and-Evil-is-Good philosophy is promoted to encourage a "no-fault" or worse, blame-the-victim mentality...and guess what? The perpetrators go scott-free and get away with it! They are exonerated by the very victims and targets they have so grievously wronged! Righteous people do not ever condone nor tolerate the behavior of the unrighteous.

....What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Make no mistake: There is Good in this world (coming only from God) and on the other hand, there is Evil. They are polar opposites and never the twain shall meet. You are either on one side or the other. And if you're sitting on the fence, in the false belief that you can get by without choosing whom or what you will serve, you will be exploited by the side of Evil, because you allowed it to happen by not choosing Good (God).

Here is the nature of Evil, especially as it relates to mind control:

Not respecting the Freedom, Free Will, Privacy, Personal Boundaries and Spiritual Integrity of others. Enslaving others. Manipulating others. Exploiting others for your own personal gain. Controlling others. With malice aforethought, doing harm to others. Raping, stealing and pillaging. Betraying trust. Bearing false witness against others. Having murder or malice in your heart against others.

Nobody has the right to perpetrate mind control on others, which is an attempt to play God and usurp the power of God. There is no excuse and it is thoroughly unjustifiable.

The perpetrators of mind control are entirely responsible for their own works of iniquity; for their own actions as well as the intent in their hearts to do evil; and for all their abuses against others. They should be held accountable, if possible, in this life and on this earth. Justice, under the rule of law, should be pursued by the targets, the victims and their families. If a death results from these abuses, a wrongful death lawsuit should be filed.

But no matter, if justice fails in this world, it will certainly be done in the next. No one escapes accountability to God. And by the same token, only God can set you free from the oppression of the mind control perpetrators. Amen and amen.


Although I was targeted (even before 1994) by the network of government disinfo and containment operations, first in attempts to keep my case from being made public; and later when their plot failed, to massage the facts reported and documented by me to fit the carefully-crafted disinfo being spread by some of the other well-known so-called "survivors" of government mind control, and their handlers (who invariably pose as "protectors"; "rescuers" or "partners") my own information has remained uncontaminated, as it does to this day.

You'll find this contamination only in the reports from the many dubious, uninformed sources who throw my name around in attempts to twist the facts and obfuscate the truth. Some have fabricated outrageous lies, in the hope that if these falsehoods are repeated enough times, in as many places as possible, they will be believed as the truth. Sadly, in large measure, this tactic has worked. Disinformation has reached the saturation point.

There's not much I can do about it and I refuse to waste what precious time is left of my life fighting the disinformation being disseminated by these fools and malicious liars. There are many of them, and I am only one person.

But if you want the truth, at least about my own case, you'll find it here, straight from the horse's mouth.

[Many reports have already been written, refuting the disinformers' lies. Find them on this site.]

If not, enjoy living in a fantasy world of government disinformation. I have also exposed much of the disinfo being spread about mind control, naming many of the perpetrators, the containment and disinfo agents. Check the archives for these articles.


I was subjected to psychiatric abuses in the form of mind control programming, under CIA's MK Ultra operation beginning in early childhood.

The intent of CIA under the highest (elite) levels of the MK Ultra program during the cold war era was to "create the perfect spy" and/or Manchurian Candidate operative, who could not be successfully interrogated or "turned" by an enemy, due to the use of programmed codes and wiping of the memory using drugs, hypnosis, Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM) or a combination of these methods.

Some intelligence operatives, including myself, those utilized at the highest levels, and trained under the MK Ultra program, were believed to be "guaranteed under National Security". That of course, was untrue. Some of us were certainly not "guaranteed" as proven by the fact that we broke the codes and escaped from the operations.

But then, that is what happens when the perpetrators try to usurp the power of God, foolishly thinking they can own a person's mind and spirit. It can't be done, not unless at some level the person allows it.


Here is another misconception about mind control being promoted by the disinformation specialists: That every person ever programmed is made into a "total-mind-controlled slave". Not true!

True, I was programmed, but I could never have been described as a total-mind-controlled-slave, even before I broke the programming. My soul belongs to God and always has. I always had the conscious awareness of this --in my spirit-- and was able to call on God for help or to help others.

And considering some of the serious trouble I caused for my handlers (all of whom are deceased) simply because they were often unable to control me, despite the extensive programming I was subjected to, they would have known better than anyone that "total mind-controlled slavery" is in many cases more of a "total misconception" than a concrete reality.


Belonging to God is also the primary reason I could never have been involved in "satanism" in any way shape or form. Which I was not. I have been with God, chosen by God for His purpose, before the Foundation of the World. I consider this one of God's mysteries, which I cannot presume to explain. I can only be thankful for such a blessing.

I have never practiced any form of satanism, nor attended any satanic rituals. The perps could not have forced me into such a thing, not only because I would not allow it, but because God would not allow it. In saying this, I speak strictly for myself and about my own experiences. I claim no special privilege or status with the Almighty, but I do know the nature of my relationship with God and I do know very well what did --and did not-- happen to me.

What many people also fail to realize is that "satanism" per se was not used on those of us considered to be the "elite" operatives at the highest levels, because we were considered far too valuable to the handlers and too important for their agenda.

They invested millions of dollars (each) for the training and grooming of certain operatives, including myself. Some (again, true of myself) came from several generations of "elite" intelligence operatives, families from certain "blue" bloodlines whose future profession was chosen for them before they were even born!

All that training, all that education, all that time, all that money! The best training and education money could buy. They wanted a return on that investment.

True, anyone perpetrating psychological/spiritual abuses such as mind control could be considered "satanic" in nature. But that does not mean they necessarily are practicing formal satanic rituals, nor victimizing others in that specific way.

I know that some people who were programmed under MK Ultra did have experiences with satanism, targeted as victims and/or indoctrinated, seduced or coerced into the practice of such satanic rituals. I have heard many horror stories of such things, from people who appear to me to be either somewhat --or entirely-- credible.

I have also personally investigated such things, as well as producing and hosting radio and television programs on satanism, while still being funded by CIA.

So, it should be understood that I am not trying to minimize what must have been the horror these victims of satanic ritual abuse endured. I cannot say what happened to them. I can't be sure, as I wasn't there and I have no evidence to substantiate their testimony.

Most important, I would not I presume to speak for them. I only wish that some of these same people would stop presuming to speak for me, by insisting that just because it happened to them, the same must be true of everyone.

The lie being promoted by the government disinfo crowd (people such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson; government stooge Ken Adachi, Gunderson's media front man; mind control "survivor" Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor; religious fanatic Pam Schuffert et al) is that everyone ever under mind control was involved in "satanism". This is simply not true and I know this for a fact because it did not happen to me.

But satanism or no satanism, I know one thing to be true: God can and does deliver people completely from mind control programming. In my opinion, no matter how much formal "deprogramming" one has (or none at all) seeking help from God is the only way to get out and stay out.

In the immortal, eternal and everlasting words of Jesus Christ:
Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.

Jesus didn't say "maybe"....nor...."possibly". The operative word is "shall". It is by having faith in these words, the promise of the Lord, that you will be made free.

Your promise renews my life.
Psalm 119:50