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Saturday, March 31, 2007


NOTE: Pamela Gaston was a brilliant, courageous and dedicated human rights activist. As I understand it, she died for lack of medical care, simply because she could not afford to see a doctor when she became seriously ill. What a tragic loss to all of us who fight for Liberty!

Pamela was especially known for her writings on Sui Juris. Here, taken from my files, are excerpts from Pamela's work, given in the newsletter, A VOICE FOR CHILDREN.

Excerpts from the Writings of Pamela Gaston


What is the difference between civil rights and constitutional rights?

The difference is similar to "legal rights" as opposed to "Inherent Rights".

Also the difference between "legal" and "lawful". Statute "rule of law" is NOT constitutional "law".

Statute 'law" is created by a legislature and is an overlay being enforced OVER our constitutional foundation, which it has usurped. The constitution has been changed so much that it violates the Bill of Rights in its own langauge. We are going back now to the CONCEPT of Sui Juris and the Bill of RIGHTS AS IT WAS INTENDED, AS REASONABLE PEOPLE TRUST IT TO MEAN. Not some word game in a court and our rights violated and our property and children seized without regard to the Bill of Rights, in REAL LIFE.

Inherent Rights as opposed to "civil rights", which are "legal" "statutory" and NOT constitutional. Inherent Rights, Sui Juris is about what is REAL - the human flesh and blood and children, not a corporate fiction "entity" that is "represented" in that courtroom, proceeding as though MONEY has rights. 

They actually do that. I have personally seen "civil" actions by the state where an amount of money was the "defendant" and the "dept of revenue" was the "claimant"....... ONLY HUMANS CAN CONTRACT.... ONLY HUMANS CAN MAKE CLAIMS OR HAVE INHERENT RIGHTS...... see how different it is?????

Inherent Rights come from God, legal "rights" are bestowed by a legislature "in the interest of the person" which means "money off the people" anyway, as I understand it, "civil rights" were what came in with the fraudulent Fourteenth Amendment.

What happened was Lincoln and others "rewrote the laws" (familiar theme) to "give rights" to the slaves, black, Irish, Chinese predominantly, and to provide "licenses" to control miscegenation of races and the children born of those unions. SO - what really happened was that we all "volunteered" to be "US CITIZENS' with priveleges instead of Inherent rights, and these are what are called "civil rights" and "civil courts".

These are progressions on the way. The Late Robert Wangrud said "the ink was not dry on the Bill of Rights before the money priests were after ways to attach the "freeman in the state" with his new sovereignty guaranteed unalienable (as in cannot lein against) RIGHTS. They created OVERLAYS called "districts", "regions", "zones", "municipalities", "jurisdictions", "areas", all kinds of names, to make new lines that cross through states and combine many states, and then they enforce another set of "laws" OVER these "regions" or whatever.

ALL THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO A FREEBORN SOVEREIGN. The feds are supposed to prosecute TWO crimes with the people...... murder and treason. 

And in order to "attach" to you, or send you a letter, or come to your home, or ask your name, they have to have probable cause to do so, and come into the state and THROUGH the state offices to come to you. This is your protections of state rights against "foreign and unknown jurisdictions" which are unconstitutional. No different than a guerilla army takes over your town and you are to be protected from that agression by your county sheriffs.

So the Fourteenth amendment created a "new class" of the people and stripped their Inherent Rights and started the licensing for marriage, taxes and every other licensing program ever since.... these are NOT constitutional.......

We are learning to say it right because it really means something different. SUI JURIS is the way to say it in a court that you are NOT a corporation and you are NOT in any represented status - you are living, flesh and blood and speaking your truth. THAT concept is the main thing that EVERYONE needs to learn right now as fast as they can grasp it and tell everyone they know as they learn it.......

In the past the issues of the day were cultural, race based or religious, as in the civil war and the suffagettes movement, two examples. THIS time we are into the CORE of the fraud, whereas previously it was all peripheral..... as HUGE as those issues were, they NEVER addressed in a court room the systemic fraud of the money priests. The rich and corporate interests have been controllling everything for ever practically, through corrupted people for profit. Nothing new under the sun.

But today the People have opened up areas not previously opened, in that the BAR association are the operators of the money machine, and now it is a global agenda. The other side we see is that it has become so fetid, so unaccountable that there are perverts and pedophiles in the offices of trust, and that is why it has opened up now like a long cancerous wound.......

So learning the difference between "civil rights" , "legal rights" and "Inherent Rights" is critical ...... there are no "constitutional rights". THE CONSTITUTION RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT, IT DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE ANY RIGHTS. These concepts cannot be repeated often enough...... 

The way to think of it and say it is "constitutionally protected inherent rights".....

The other trick word with legal is Lawful say "lawfully and unlawfully" whereas they say "legal" and "illegal"....... "Legal" is statutory, ""Lawful" has to do with your real body, your rights, your children, and that being violated by the state in particular.

There are so many word deceptions! Humpty Dumpty is the egghead with the "attractive cravat"..... the man of words who is above accountability...... but now that we are learning the difference it is like magic tricks and it doesnt work anymore ......


The United States Isn't a Country; It's a Corporation!

This is one of the most important articles we have read that goes to the understanding of how in increments, corporate socialism has usurped the Constitution.

We are using this as an affidavit in refiling the Amended VII paperwork in Oregon, which was generated in furtherance of the schemes described below.

We have already entered evidence of the fraudulent takeover into the Oregon Supreme Court in August 2000, and this affidavit of facts goes back further to the source of the scheme that the later Constitutional amending was part. Every state will have similar changes around the turn of the century reflecting the corporate takeover, language added removed and amended in corporate legislatures to "allow" all the things they are doing now and call it "legal".

We knew that ever since the Bill of Rights was written, the freeborn sovereign has been the focus of rulemaking designed to control his family, property, money and life, and to restrict and strip his sovereign authority.

We knew that this was done with increasing layers - an overlay of artificial "zones", "regions", "districts", "areas", "municipalities", "corporate subdivisions of the state", all manner of inner state and multi state "borders" that are outside of constitutional jurisdiction.

We know that this does NOT apply to sovereigns, only when sovereigns waive their rights, then are said to "voluntarily" subject themselves to the state, no longer the authority, and in a represented status in a courtroom with a BAR member attorney.

We knew that a pivotal time was in 1910 when President Woodrow Wilson made a statement about a corporate controlling power so dangerous that no one dare criticize it above a whisper. Then in 1913 all the land was mortgaged to the private bankers of the Federal Reserve.

We know that the First World War was called the "corporate war". We know at that time many programs were set in place with a goal of human management and enslavement of the people for profit to the corporate "state".

We know that in 1917 Oregon was creating and using Eugenics "laws", developing human resource management plans that were later used by Hitlers Nazi regime in Germany.

We knew that in the 1930's Standard Oil set a precedent in court as the first case where a corporation was "allowed" to have rights in a courtroom as an "entity". This was a BOLD faced shift, as law requires HUMANS to contract, to sign contracts, to understand and set the terms of their contracts, and to be accountable for any abrogation of contracts. Corporations are NOT living breathing humans and do not have inhernet rights, the state cannot own homes and cars and children nor can he fiction corporate entity "state" make a claim against anybody in a lawful court.

After reading this article many more of the puzzle pieces are in place.

We know that by 1932 in Oregon the BAR was enforcing the "Amended VII" administrative judicial system. Since then they have progressively written and passed their own rules, in their own created Board of Governors with elected "offices". These "rules" are being used as "Rule of Law" and set the process now in the courtrooms, NOT the constitution.

Now that we can see the way they have deceived us, we can stop believing their lies. We have been asking for some time WHEN exactly did the Constitution get supplanted and now we know.

Lincoln and Roosevelt among others are NOT what the corporate schools have lied us to believe. We have been sold out. Been sold a lie. So we are going to put this right in to the court as more of the underlying facts of the fraud as we FORCE a lawful jurisdiction in the united states of America, and upholding the words and the intent of the Bill of Rights.

We have to go back to before there were any amendments, in all the states the same. The STATUTORY OVERLAY has to be dissolved now by the People. Unconstitutional "laws" are void of law and unenforceable, according to their own established caselaw. So it is HIGH TIME we STOP bending over for this statutory rape and domestic violence -



Justice Dept, DA's Anti Government Handbook Online

This is the DA's book written as a guide to use in court to defeat Constitutionalists.

Read the strategies the BAR traitors in the courts are sharing to be able to deal with the arguments of the Sovereigns as we are learning Sui Juris process. Everyone who is learning and excercising their rights needs to see this.

This book proves once and for all that the "Justice Dept." and the "Government" ARE the ENEMY COMBATANTS AGAINST THE PEOPLE

Pamela Gaston