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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dr. Amalie Phelan: Victim of FBI Hit

From Janet Phelan: Why all these DOJ posts from me?

My mother, Dr. Amalie Phelan, formerly of Temecula, California, was the victim of an FBI hit. This was engineered by Special Agent Jack L. Smith, who still resides at the condo we shared for a period of time back in 2002, which is located at 7911 1/8 Norton Avenue in West Hollywood, right across the street from Whole Foods.

The assets who set up by Smith to accomplish the hit, Melodie Z. Scott and Attorney J. David Horspool, have a long and highly protected history of "taking care" of people, just like they "took care" of my mother. They are part of an inner circle which is protected for their serial crimes because they "do favors" for the feds. My mother was one of those "favors."

The reasons for the hit on my mother are somewhat complex, and my strongest public statement concerning this is contained in this video, which is archived on google video:

As a result of my insistence on trying to protect my mother, the "hit" then was extended to me. There are those receiving this email who know that I was attacked by several officers of the law, including Detective Loren Dawson, Long Beach Police Department, on January 3, 2003. This assault resulted in two days of unconsciousness. It is simply a miracle that I survived.

My period of homelessness, which I affectionately term "my season in Hell," was a direct result of asset seizure following my survival of that assault. That is also detailed in the video. There are those on the groups who are also aware that the assaults on me have not stopped--they just got more high-tech. And I am not talking about microwave or EM.

I continue to track and post concerning the DOJ involvement in this matter to illuminate for those on the group what I know all too well--we are living in a lawless society under a brutal dictator. The hit on my mother contained aspects of a covert policy which will result in the deaths of many of those who are now reading this email, if nothing is done.

I have grown quite fond of many on these groups, whom I admittedly do not know personally. I see so many bright and decent people grappling with information about political developments which are increasingly shocking. There are many on the groups who are doing everything they can to effectively deal with the rising up of fascism in our country. I send out love and admiration to all of you. I consider my own life to be in the hands of the Creator, and I am, as so many of you are, attempting to serve.
I am off to L.A. for a few days, and will be off-line for awhile.

Janet C. Phelan