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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dr. Amalie Phelan: Victim of FBI Hit

I have removed the original article by Janet Phelan, as I don't want to give publicity to a person of low moral character.
In my opinion, based on years of observation, Janet Phelan is not a credible or trustworthy source of information on any subject. She has libeled, slandered and made false accusations against Barbara Hartwell (publicly and as a gossip). Phelan is a left-wing agitator for one world totalitarian government, an advocate of the evil United Nations, to which she regularly makes public "appeals" for their "intervention". She writes for "progressive" (read: Marxist) media outlets and promotes communist politicians and dictators (Hugo Chavez).
Being a hypocrite, she pretends to support the US Constitution, while thinking she can cherry pick to promote her radical leftist politics.
If you are a patriot, a Christian, a conservative who loves Liberty, BEWARE of the lies and schemes of Janet Phelan and her dishonorable accomplices, especially one Howard Nemaizer, another scheming liar, false patriot and petty criminal who has been in collusion with Janet Phelan since 2013 to libel and slander Barbara Hartwell with outrageous lies.