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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


NOTE, April, 2007: I post this letter for the public record. [See: Down to the Crossroads: My Strange Encounter with JBS for more information.]

I should add that since the time I left the John Birch Society, government stooges and provocateurs have focused their malicious efforts to discredit and defame Barbara Hartwell by contacting various political activists and JBS members/ leaders in Maine, New Hampshire, Mass.

One malicious liar, Todd Brendan Fahey, falsely accused JBS leader Frank Nulton of being the "owner" of my house in Ocean Park, Maine. Worse, he posted this falsehood all over the Internet. Fahey also began obsessively e-mailing people from the JBS (all over the country) for the purpose of promoting outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.

Another government stooge, and Fahey's cohort, predicate felon Tim White, made numerous phone calls to JBS leaders and members (including Frank Nulton and Harold Shurtleff) for the sole purpose of demonizing Barbara Hartwell.

Tim White told them that Barbara Hartwell works for CIA, and God only knows what other lies. Tim White also started his own slander campaign in Southern Maine against Barbara Hartwell, calling everyone he could find to peddle his lies that Barbara Hartwell is "that CIA BITCH", etc. etc.

These liars and psychotic stalkers are still harassing and stalking; still posting their outrageous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee and other legitimate government whistleblowers.

Another of their malicious cohorts, Ken Adachi, features their libelous drivel on his idiotic New Age/Gov't Disinfo website, called Educate-Yourself. Adachi has dedicated an entire section of his website to promote the most outrageous and filthy lies about Barbara Hartwell: "Barbara Hartwell, CEO of Liars, Inc."

Contributors to defaming Barbara Hartwell on Adachi's site include: Ted Gunderson; Todd Fahey; Tim White; John DeCamp; Pam Schuffert; Brenda Negri aka "James L. Choron"; "John Allman".

Notorious disinfo-monger Larry Lawson also promotes Tim White and Todd Fahey, claiming that they have "exposed" Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and others.

Heavily involved in the libel/slander campaign (on Adachi's site and elsewhere) are ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and former senator John DeCamp, who solicited "help" from predicate felon and psycho-stalker Tim White to threaten Barbara Hartwell.

It's clear they call the shots for the flunkies, White, Fahey, Adachi, Lawson and others, such as Pam Schuffert.

Make no mistake: this is an ORGANIZED effort (COINTELPRO-style) to destroy the reputations and even the LIVES of the targets, including Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and others who have exposed the truth about government corruption, much of which we have witnessed firsthand/been the victims of.

Lastly, I no longer belong to the John Birch Society. The local chapter became contaminated by the machinations of a glad-handing political hack as "leader"; and the government stooges basically succeeded in destroying my chances for any form of political activism involving local groups in Southern Maine.

True, I'm a loner by nature. However, the goal of the government rat bastards is to make sure I am isolated to such a degree that I am not only isolated, but ostracized, based of course on the lies that I am a "CIA infiltrator" or "disinfo agent" or some such nonsense.

So, I've given up on trying to find allies in my local area. But I will never give up on exposing government corruption; nor shining the spotlight on government sponsored liars-for-hire, the stooges, lackeys and minions that do their dirty work. Traitors and cowards, all.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
-- Samuel Adams


June, 2004

Dear Lee,

I received your personalized form letter dated June 1, 2004 announcing your appointment as the new Greater Biddeford-Saco Chapter Leader. Considering this change in the local chapter of JBS, there are some issues I feel the need to candidly and openly address.

As a person who joined the JBS in November 2003, I was given to understand that there would be regular monthly meetings; and various activities sponsored by the JBS in which I would be able to participate. Since that time, I have attended only two (2) meetings, the first in January 2004, at which I was asked by Frank Nulton to be a speaker on areas of my personal expertise, pertaining to CIA covert operations. 

The second was in February, at which Harold Shurtleff made an excellent presentation on the Stop the FTAA campaign.

Though I have never been a "joiner" by nature, my decision to join the JBS was made based on my desire to affiliate myself with an organization in my local area, whose members hold the same basic political and moral values as myself and who are willing to back up those values with action: Namely, defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic; and defending individual rights as bestowed by God, rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Certainly, these are the values and tenets promoted in all JBS literature I have seen, going back many years. They are also the values I have personally held, and which I have been engaging in political activism in defense of, for many years.

But I must say that so far, I have been disappointed by the lack of activism I have seen in the local chapter, Greater Biddeford-Saco. This is not an attempt to attach blame to any person(s); only my personal observation.

In fact, a few months ago I called Harold Shurtleff, Regional Field Director, to explain some of my frustration: That I was not told about certain JBS meetings or related events until the last minute; sometimes not at all. That although I made it clear I was willing to participate in certain JBS campaigns and activities, and volunteered to do so, no such activities were ever organized, at least not in which my participation was requested. So I asked Harold if there was something I could contribute to JBS, perhaps independent of the local chapter.

When I discussed with Harold my background in electronic media, television/radio production, he suggested that I might help out by contacting local cable stations to procure a time slot for JBS videotapes. When I did so, I was informed that you were already working on such a project, of which no one had informed me, until I was told by Frank of your involvement, after the fact. Again, I expressed my interest to Frank in volunteering my time on this project, but no one ever contacted me about this again.

Now, I need to bring up a matter of a personal nature, something which I find disturbing as it relates to my involvement (or rather lack thereof) in JBS activities. Shortly after I first met you at the JBS meeting in January, at which I was a speaker, you expressed interest in some of my professional work as an activist, investigator and journalist. You also invited me to participate in another unrelated (to JBS or my work) project, namely your Search Committee for conservative candidates. 

You offered me a paid position as a coordinator. I declined your offer, as I explained to you at the time, for several reasons:

1) I am 100% disabled and not capable of being reliable in any situation where I would be expected to perform regular duties.

2) I am not an "organizer" by nature or professional training.

3) This project, as described in a mission statement by you, was far from my area of interest in that it involved local politics rather than focusing on the larger political issues (investigating and exposing corruption and criminal activity within the highest levels of government); and being a whistleblower based on my past involvement as a CIA intelligence operative, which comprise my own work.

I explained that I would be happy to work with you on any projects sponsored by the JBS, but that due to my disability and limited free time I had no interest in anything beyond this.

You then expressed interest in socializing with me outside the activities of JBS, invitations to lunch, etc. I politely declined these invitations, explaining that I did not have the free time, due to other priorities. At one point, you made a social invitation to me which I could not interpret as anything but a "date". I thanked you for your invitation, but politely explained that I had no personal interest in "dating" you. Instead of respecting my wishes, you began to question me as to my reasons; even attempting to psychoanalyze me.

Finally, I had no choice but to be blunt (I was accused of being discourteous) and tell you that such behavior was inappropriate and that I found it offensive. One response to this (among others) was "Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying". But, as I told you then, I certainly CAN and DO "blame a guy for trying", when I had repeatedly, politely and clearly expressed my lack of interest in forming any such social relationship with you. 

I joined the JBS to work on political activism, for no other reason. I expected only to be treated with respect and courtesy, as any fellow JBS member should be. My gender or my marital status was irrelevant and should have been treated as such.

The reason I feel the need to bring up this personal situation is that, as I told you back then, in February, I did not want to have my own involvement with JBS compromised because of this inappropriate behavior on your part. I explained that although I might feel uncomfortable working in the same chapter with you, I hoped that the matter could be genially resolved, since I had made my position clear. 

However, the last I heard from you, instead of letting the matter rest, you told me that YOU would feel uncomfortable working with me and proceeded with more micro-analyses. I then told you not to contact me again on this matter, that I considered such communications absurd and a waste of my time.

But ever since this last communication with you, back in February, I have not been apprised of any JBS meetings or asked to participate in any JBS projects. Now, I receive a letter that you are the new leader of the local chapter. And I have to tell you, in all honesty, that I have lost any interest in being a part of that chapter.

I have already been apprised that phone calls have been made to certain JBS leaders, warning them that I am "a CIA infiltrator"...or something along those lines. Of course, these phone calls are made by my adversaries everywhere I go. I have no idea if you have received any such calls.

Nonetheless, I do not intend to give up my membership in JBS --not at this time, unless I am asked to resign my membership. I still believe in the stated purposes and intents of the JBS and I stand in solidarity with them. But I do not wish to be part of a local chapter where my involvement may not be wanted; where my role in JBS activities may be determined by the manipulations; personal problems or whims of the chapter leader; or where I will be treated differently because of my political views, my professional background or my gender.

My time is now being spent on forming a new organization with my friend and professional colleague Geral Sosbee, an ex-FBI agent; attorney and former professor of Constitutional law. Like myself, he is a whistleblower on gov't corruption, who was forced to resign from the FBI for defending the Constitution; and working on projects with several other former intelligence operatives. All of us are being brutally persecuted by the U.S. gov't for the stand we have taken.

To wrap up, let me quote from your letter. You say: "What we, the informed citizens do over the next few months will determine if our fate is freedom or slavery".

I think perhaps on that matter you should speak for yourself. I certainly hope you don't speak officially for the entire JBS. Because NO ONE is ever going to force me into slavery, nor my colleagues. "Informed citizens" and their actions --or lack thereof-- will have no bearing on my fate. There are those of us who would sincerely rather die on our feet than live on our knees. We will prove it by fighting to the death, before we will become slaves.

I will be free until the day I die, because just like Patrick Henry (whom you quote in your letter) I mean it when I say: Give me Liberty or give me Death.

I wish you, and all the Greater Biddeford-Saco members of JBS all the best; success in your endeavors; and all of God's blessings.

Very Truly Yours,

Barbara Hartwell
Enemy of the New World Order Police State