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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tim White, Named in Denver Connection, Takes Issue With Reports

NOTE, January, 2007:

Since the time I wrote this report, predicate felon Tim White has shown himself to be nothing less than a criminal provocateur, acting at the behest of corrupt government agents/operatives/officials for the purpose of doing a wide range of damages to myself and other legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of government operations.

He has revealed himself to be a minion and shill for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, and most recently, for former senator John DeCamp.

Tim White has been engaging in criminal harassment and stalking of many others, for at least a period of five years. Included in his criminal actions have been many threats, including death threats.

The phone harassment by Tim White, mentioned in this report continued, for at least a year, until I was forced to change my unlisted phone number to prevent further criminal harassment.

Please see the reports on this site for details.

May, 2002


To date, three (3) articles have been written in a series called The Denver Connection. In pursuing this investigation, I have run across many obstacles and serious sabotage of my efforts. In addition, much disinformation has been thrown at me from those who clearly wish to obfuscate, deny or cover up the truth.

I have never claimed to know the whole truth. Who among us can make that claim? However, I would never willingly or knowingly disseminate disinformation. It is against my principles, violates the code of journalistic integrity and could only compromise my credibility.

I was recently informed that one of the individuals mentioned in the articles, Tim White, of Denver, takes issue with what I have written about him.

Tim White claims that much of the information pertaining to him is false and libelous. Everything I have written was based on the testimony of people whom I considered to be credible and trustworthy witnesses and sources, as well as information available from public records.

When I recently learned that Tim White wanted to speak to me directly about my articles, I decided to call him, after considering that in fairness to him, I should at least hear his testimony. I explained to Mr. White that I would be willing to publish a disclaimer, based on his testimony, but limited to the information he claimed to be false about himself.

At first I told him that I thought I could remove the entire series of articles from my website until such time that I could edit some of the material in reference to White. I later realized that since the articles have been posted at various other sites on the Internet, it would not be possible to retrieve and edit them all, so I decided the best I could do would be to offer some of White's rebuttal as an addendum and let it be known that he states he has been misrepresented in the articles I have written.

I had not spoken directly to Tim White before writing the articles, simply because I had no opportunity to do so. White had been incarcerated since his arrest in August of 2001, the day after I received a warning about a threat to my life, which when thoroughly investigated, turned out to be completely bogus.

According to what I was able to ascertain from various sources, Tim White had claimed to have 'information' about this so-called death threat, which was subsequently passed directly to me by one of White's associates in Denver, at White's request.

But the fact remains that White was indeed responsible for disseminating 'information' regarding this alleged death threat, which he openly admitted to me. The fact also remains that this so-called 'information' was false and very damaging to myself as well as to the individual who was falsely accused of being a 'hit man'.

I have had several lengthy phone conversations with Tim White. I explained to him that since much of his testimony was in direct contradiction to the other disparate and diverse sources (all in basic agreement) whom I considered credible and trustworthy, that I could not possibly be expected to just accept Mr. White's testimony as the gospel truth, discounting all other sources.

Much of what I wrote was obviously based on a personal opinion I had formed after an intensive investigation and all I can do now, in fairness to Tim White, is to let it be known that he disagrees with the opinion which has been put forth in my articles.

Furthermore, much of what White focused on in our phone conversations were his personal grievances with certain other individuals mentioned in my reports. His animosity toward these individuals was clearly conveyed through his remarks.

I explained to him that I had no need, nor the desire to hear these grievances; that I did not share his opinions regarding these individuals; and that I was not willing to publish his testimony regarding them. I was only interested in trying to correct any factual errors I may have made in reference to him and his situation.

In my final phone conversation with Tim White, I explained that I had been advised by an attorney to sever contact with him and that this should be our last phone conversation. I told him I would do what I could to rectify the situation as quickly as possible; but in order to do so I had asked White to send me, by certified mail, return receit, a written statement about the relevant information he claimed to be false.

I asked for documentation by post because White said he had no access to e-mail and did not own a computer. White agreed to send me his testimony, but I have not received anything from him to date.

Since that time, White has continued to call and leave numerous messages about this matter, disregarding my wishes. These calls turned into a form of harassment in which White's long-winded messages were clogging up all the available tape on the message machine, thus preventing other callers from leaving messages.

It actually reached the point where I found it necessary to unlpug my phone, since this was the only way I could stop these unwanted calls. I asked an attorney, Geral Sosbee, acting solely as a friend and professional associate, to make a call to Mr. White on my behalf, explaining that I required that Mr. White cease making calls to me as I deemed them to be harassment.

Mr. White chose to disregard my wishes, as well as the directive issued by the attorney who contacted him on my behalf.

I have since received three (3) more phone calls, wherein Mr. White delivered more long-winded messages: Demanding that I return his calls; threatening legal action against me for libel; making insulting and offensive comments about my character; and using abusive language in reference to certain witnesses mentioned in my articles.

He accused me of "creating a mess" and stated that I was responsible for "cleaning up that mess". He demanded that I publish an apology to him. He insisted that he had been involved for far longer than I, in the issues being addressed in my articles, those being issues related to government corruption, patriotism and the Constitution.

In his latest message, May 1, 2002 he taunted me by accusing me of being..."a compliant and obedient little Monarch"....implying that a form of mind control was responsible for my actions and for my refusal to return his calls.

Mr. White does not know me, and clearly has had no way of ascertaining any truthful information about my background.

Firstly, he does not know the length of time I have been involved with these issues.

Secondly, although I am a survivor of CIA mind control, I was never involved in any way in the so-called 'Monarch' program of mind control (as White has falsely assumed).

In any case, I long ago removed myself from the influence of any form of mind control and am perfectly capable of making my own decisions as to whether or not I am willing to tolerate harassing phone calls. As it happens, I have no tolerance for any form of harassment.

White also stated in his messages that I could not possibly be a patriot or a defender of the Constitution, since he claims I had violated his Constitutional rights. Mr. White is entitled to his opinions regarding myself, though his opinions are clearly based on nothing more than erroneous suppositions and groundless conjecture .

It is not my responsibility to disseminate his opinions, though he seems to think I should be required to do so. I am not an advocate for Mr. White. The only reason I give samples here of Mr. White's opinions is to demonstrate his inability to gather and accurately assess factual information and his apparent proclivity to be ruled by his emotions, rather than by reason.

The attorney, Geral Sosbee, who spoke with Tim White on my behalf also informed me that White raised his voice and was verbally abusive to him, though my associate treated him in a polite, respectful and professional manner. His only intent was to advise Mr. White that continued phone calls to me were inappropriate and would be construed by me as harassment.

I was also informed that Tim White had made similar harassing phone calls or 'hang-up calls' traced to his phone number, to several others mentioned in my article and that this harassment had been reported by at least one individual to the police and to Mr. White's probation officer, Scott Prendergast, in Denver.

I do not doubt the possibility that Tim White has been targeted by certain corrupt law enforcement officials in Denver, as well as by covert operatives who may also be attempting to exploit him for their own agenda.

I explained that to him and tried to be sympathetic to his plight. But I also explained that the ONLY reason I had mentioned him in my article was because of his involvement in spreading the false information about a threat to my life, and that the ONLY business I currently had with him was to attempt to be fair to him by listening to his grievances regarding his claims of false information in my reports.

In all of my work I endeavor to determine the facts as they are available on any subject. If in the process of writing my opinions or my interpretations of the facts (which are almost always subject to discussion and debate) I inadvertently offend someone (including now Tim White, who takes issue with the information) I sincerely regret having done so.

However, I cannot allow my pursuit of truthful information, nor the reporting of that information, to be limited by considerations such as the possibility that someone might be offended.

If any information published about Mr. White in my reports is inaccurate then I also regret any possible errors (which I have not caused) and when (if) the specifics come to my attention, backed by reliable sources and/or documentation, I will print the alternate data, at my discretion. To date I have not received such information.

Barbara Hartwell
May 1, 2002