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Friday, January 12, 2007

Lisa Guliani Targeted for Cyber Stalking & Criminal Attacks







Journalist, Activist Lisa Guliani


NOTE, January, 2007: Victor and Lisa did post my original message, given here, on their website, WING TV, last summer.

And I must say I give them credit for exposing quite a few false patriots, and in particular, Alex Jones, who has unfortunately, hoodwinked large numbers of sincere patriots with his publicity stunts, grandstanding and sensationalism.

As for GCN, they've been persona non grata for me since 2003, when I was banned from the network simply for telling the truth.

Lastly, as mentioned in this report, I don't know Lisa personally, but from reading some of her articles, over the past couple years, I admire her spirit. She strikes me as being sincere, straightforward, truthful, and perhaps most significant, not afraid to call a spade a spade.

If there's one thing I've learned by observing the so-called "alternative media" over a period of many years, it is that people like Lisa Guliani get targeted by liars, scamsters and criminals --if only for honest reporting and editorials. It's the way of the world --nothing new under the sun.

Lisa Guliani Targeted for Cyber-Stalking & Criminal Attacks

July, 2006

On June 30, 2006, I sent the message (below) to Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani of WING TV. Following my letter to Lisa and Victor is an additional commentary which explains why I felt it necessary to make public my position on this issue.

Dear Victor and Lisa,

I just finished reading the article titled: GCN, Jack Blood, & the Sexual Predator by Victor Thorn.

I am absolutely appalled. Personally, if I had my d'ruthers, I'd like to punch every one of these cowardly little misogynists' One Way Ticket to Hell. Just let one of them give me a reason, and he'd make my day.

And I think I know just how you feel about these utterly loathsome characters, for I myself have been targeted for the same sort of sexual harassment, cyber-stalking, and preposterous lies, posted all over the World Wide Web, calling me a "slut", a "whore" and worse; along with outrageous lies, fabricated pornographic filth, by the very same ilk of these poor-excuses-for-men.

Men? Hell, if these are the type of "men" who comprise the "patriot" movement, then it's all over but the crying.

It never ceases to amaze me how many of these sniveling, cowardly little eunuchs are out there, just waiting for an opportunity to degrade any woman who proves herself smarter and gutsier than they are.

And to use pornographic filth as "ammunition" (not to mention bearing false witness against a woman for the purpose of demeaning her) shows the world exactly how intellectually bankrupt they are. Intellectually bankrupt, with the morals of a maggot. Really, quite a winning combination.

I give you both credit for exposing these maggots, as well as those connected to them at GCN. These criminals and liars exemplify the worst of the worst, in the worst of all possible worlds.

The fact that they are posing as "patriots" is not only unconscionable, it is also ludicrous and deeply ironic. But tragically, it is emblematic of the profound and pervasive mass psychosis which is destroying this country.

Good job, Lisa and Victor! Keep on exposing them. Maybe the people supporting these despicable creatures will finally wake up and cut off the supply of their hard-earned money which funds their scams. I certainly hope so.

May a pox be on all their houses.

Barbara Hartwell
June 30, 2006

First, I find it important to state that I do not know Lisa Guliani or Victor Thorn. Their website was brought to my attention some time in 2005 by several individuals, some of whom are mutual acquaintances of myself, Lisa and Victor.

In fact, some of the people who directed me to the WING TV website have serious political and/or personal disagreements with them.

I have no bias against Lisa or Victor, despite the volatile nature of some of the disputes which have been raging between them and certain others, some of whom who are personal friends of mine.

Neither do I have a bias which would cause me to speak out in support of Lisa and Victor. Because by my way of thinking, this is not about Lisa and Victor. It is about issues and principles.

I look at each and every issue, first and foremost, as a matter of principle; and in fact, holding to my principles has caused me, over a period of many years, to lose more friends and allies in the so-called "patriot movement" than I care to remember.

Being a lone gun by nature and preference, I have never really been comfortable working in organized efforts, except in cases where I am able to maintain my autonomy while still cooperating with others for a common goal.

But in all my many years of political activism, I have never set out to win a popularity contest and I have stated in my reports time and again that I consider myself an "equal opportunity offender".

If people are offended by the truth (as I see it and report it); by my opinions or by my politics, so be it. My intent is not to offend anyone by exercising my right to free speech, but should they choose to take offense, it's their problem, not mine.

And nothing they say or do will cause me to compromise my principles or change my position, as long as that position is determined by principles.

My point is this: I have "blind loyalty" to no one, at least not to any human being or agency. Because I stand for uncompromising principles, I have more often than not found myself a target of ad hominem attacks by people who are ruled by their egos and emotions, and/or by political expediency, including those who have no real understanding of the core issues being addressed.

I have also found myself a target of people I can only describe as evil; people whose motives and actions are pure, unadulterated evil, for which there is simply no excuse, no justification whatsoever.

Such persons are the ilk who have viciously attacked Lisa Guliani, using the psy-war tactics of bearing false witness; fabricating pornographic filth in connection with her name; advocating violence of a sexual nature designed to debase women in general and Lisa Guliani in particular.

After learning of this campaign to destroy her; after assessing the situation based on the facts, which I have done to the best of my ability, it would be wrong of me not to stand up and publicly denounce the perpetrators of these vile assaults against Lisa Guliani.

It would also be remiss of me to fail to offer any backup I am able to provide in putting these criminals out of business. Make no mistake: These are not just pranksters or garden variety sleazebags. They are violent criminals and they richly deserve to be exposed as such, and dealt with as such.

It is very clear to me that the gang of criminals who are persecuting Lisa Guliani are an organized mob who are conspiring to destroy her; a full-blown, no-holds-barred criminal conspiracy....

Their tactics include dissemination of outrageous lies designed to defame her personally and discredit her professionally; stalking (cyber or otherwise); criminal harassment in various forms; blatant threats; extortion and soliciting additional crimes against her by promoting such falsehoods that she is/was a "street whore"; that she is/was a "meth addict"; and by falsely portraying her as someone who welcomes and embraces violent and degrading sexual assaults.

One criminal in particular, the individual using the name "Sonny Crack" is engaged in soliciting violent crimes against Lisa Guliani by like-minded misogynists/criminals; as are any and all others who have been involved in any way, shape or form in supporting, enabling or endorsing this solicitation, publicly or privately.

This includes those promoting the lies by allowing such posts (or links to them) on their websites/message boards/chat rooms, etc. (including Jack Blood.)

It includes all those broadcasting these lies on their networks (GCN, Ted Anderson et al and all connected to Revere Radio); those recruited or volunteering to bear false witness against Lisa Guliani, such as the subhuman gutter trash claiming to have been "Payroll the pimp", spewing out his filth in attempts to degrade and destroy her.

Soliciting criminal acts is a crime in and of itself. And by publishing Lisa Guliani's street address and private home phone number on the Internet, they go even further in soliciting such crimes by providing easy access to de facto or would-be criminals, thus endangering her safety.

Let's face it: People like Sonny Crack, Jack Blood and their gang of thugs are not only criminals, they are terrorists. They promote terror. They endorse terror. Worst of all, they are inciting violence and terrorism. And that's a crime, no doubt about it.

Now, I need to address one more issue: That Lisa Guliani has been accused of "attacking patriots." Well, I have been accused of precisely the same thing numerous times.

First of all, there is a great difference between "attacking" a person and EXPOSING the wrongful actions (or even the misguided actions, ignorance or stupidity) of a person. Or for that matter, exposing a group of people, those who are engaged in any form of wrongdoing, including of a criminal nature.

Secondly, just because a person claims to be a "patriot" doesn't make it so. I've certainly encountered more poseurs, provocateurs, disinfo specialists, liars, con-men, snake oil salesmen, scamsters than you could shake a stick at, all of whom vociferously tout themselves as "patriots". Take a hard look at their actions, if you want the truth. By their fruits shall you know them.

As stated in my letter to Lisa and Victor (above) I have also been targeted by the same ilk of liars, misogynists and porno-mongers who have decided that vicious, outrageous lies and ad hominem smear campaigns are an appropriate form of response to any political and/or personal disagreements they may have with me. These scumbags have also posted my street address and private phone number, in soliciting additional criminal harassment and stalking.

I have exposed the many lies of these evil doers and I will continue to expose them as long as I may live. The truth is, only cowards feel the need to lie, whether against their enemies or anyone else.

People with courage and integrity have no use for lies, but only an interest in seeking and exposing the truth, whatever the consequences of that truth may be. They may air their political/personal disagreements in a number of ways, but fabricating outrageous lies, especially motivated by gender-based hatred and oppression, is the tool of a coward and only a coward would even attempt to rationalize such a tactic.

One thing I'm sure of: It took tremendous courage for Lisa Guliani to confront these liars; to address their vile lies in the open and to call them out to be held accountable for their crimes. I have no doubt that she was deeply traumatized and suffered nearly unbearable mental anguish as a direct result of these attacks. I say this in profound empathy, as I have experienced it myself.

And if she and Victor called the FBI in an attempt to nail these perps, good for them. I've done the same thing. At the very least, reporting these criminals serves to document their crimes for the public record.

These lying rat bastards will pay a heavy price for their crimes, of that I am also certain. God Almighty, who knows what is in their hearts, will hold them accountable, no matter how many other cowards among us choose to turn their eyes away or stick their heads in the sand.

Barbara Hartwell
July 5, 2006