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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Identifying The Enemy; A Tactical Analysis

Note, January 2007:

These COINTELPRO lackeys, such as Ken Adachi, Tim White, Larry Lawson, Brenda Negri, Todd Fahey, Pam Schuffert et al, continue their criminal harassment, stalking, identity theft, dissemination of libelous falsehoods about true patriots.

Nothing has changed, except perhaps that there are more of these government stooges and fear mongers than ever before. They are being sicced on legitimate whistleblowers, to commit immoral and illegal acts such as violating privacy; identity theft; harassment; stalking; soliciting crimes such as stalking, harassment by publishing PRIVATE unlisted phone numbers, street addresses, etc.

The important question is this: WHO ALL is recruiting these criminals to perpetrate their works of iniquity?

Two names come first and foremost to mind: Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and former senator/Phoenix operative John DeCamp, who have been working together for over two decades, running coverups of government black ops and targeting those who pose a threat by exposing the truth.

And I have gathered reams of evidence to prove it. More to come.....

September, 2005



This article has been pieced together by combining excerpts from various writings, including my own. Also represented here are ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, federal whistleblower Stew Webb and McMartin Preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley.

Also, thanks to activist and JBS leader John Perna for contributing some of the COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) material, on which he has as much knowledge as anyone I've ever known.

"Identifyng the Enemy" was begun some time ago, but never completed. Now, I know why. I guess I was waiting for the right time, the best window of opportunity.

As a result of all the disinformation being disseminated by government operatives and their minions; and of the recent escalating debates over who is spreading disinfo and who are the Real Patriots and Defenders of Liberty, I think there is no time like the present to publish this article. As always, I ask that you read it with an open mind and make of it what you will.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
September 21, 2005

God-given, Unalienable, Individual Rights . These have existed since the dawn of civilization and even before. Why? Because civilization per se, has nothing to do with the rights of the individual. Civilization is man made, a human construct.

For that matter, so is government in any form. On the other hand, human rights are bestowed by God. For those who would dispute the use of the word "God", let me put it this way: As each individual understands "God".

You may believe in "God" as the Creator; the Great Spirit; the Supreme Architect of the Universe; or any other designations which you find appropriate. It doesn't change a thing. Each individual has these unalienable rights. Rights also guaranteed and protected under the Constitution of the United States of America.

But it's important to point out that you don't have to "believe" in "God" to have these rights. They are natural. I doubt that even most of the atheists among us would want to throw away their freedom, their natural rights, simply because they don't believe in any Higher Power.


At the core of all human rights is the "Inviolability of Personhood". A person, as may be defined in the common law, is a "sovereign individual". The Bill of Rights (amendments 1-10 of the Constitution) were added because the founders of our country wanted to secure these rights of the INDIVIDUAL and protect the INDIVIDUAL against tyranny, oppression or any form of usurpation of their God-given (natural) unalienable rights by the government.

The founders understood that government is a "necessary evil" and so their intent was to restrain the government under Constitutional limits.

Under the Constitution, the government is a servant of the people. Not "the people" as in "the People's Republic of China". Not "the people" as in a collectivist, democratic, socialist, communist sense. Rather "the people" as discrete individuals.

And so it follows that as individuals, we each have INDIVIDUAL rights. That is how the Constitutional Republic was designed, to ensure the protection of Individual Rights under the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law does not change. It remains consistent and constant, as its very basis is in God's law. Free Will: The right of the individual (spiritual integrity) to make his own choices as to how he shall live, as long as he does not infringe on the rights of another.


Now, in stark contrast to the Inviolability of Personhood, let us remember the violations against persons which we see happening on a regular basis; some of which have become, for all practical purposes, institutionalized; sanctioned by the government.

Any individual who commits these violations, as a representative of the government; a public official; appointee; employee or contract agent is by definition violating the Constitutional rights of other individuals.

As for those who are not "agents" (used in the broadest sense of the term) of the government, they are still violating the human (God-given, natural, unalienable) rights of individuals.

Rights come from God, not from the Constitution. The Constitution was designed to protect those rights. But any way you look at it, these individuals (and each has a name) are wrongdoers for violations of the rights of another/others.

Some are criminals. Some are in collusion with other wrongdoers in criminal conspiracies and even racketeering, on a small or large scale. There is no anonymous "they" or "them" operating here. These wrongdoers need to be identified BY NAME. To be exposed.

I believe it is the duty of anyone who makes information public to identify the perpetrators. Information which fails to do this is useless. Without names we are left with nothing but nebulous "conspiracy theories"; speculation; conjecture. Which is just the way the government wants it.

As a government whistleblower and long-time activist for human and Constitutional rights, I have exposed many of these criminals in government along with their minions and hirelings. I have taken the heat for it too.

Because I have named the names I have often been unfairly accused of "bashing"; "slandering"; or "libeling", both by the perps themselves (naturally, it is to be expected) and by various others who apparently believe, for one reason or another, that my actions are wrongful.

In point of fact, I have done nothing wrongful. My reports are truthful, based on facts and backed by solid evidence and reliable witnesses. As a trained investigator and intelligence analyst, I do my own investigations.

If I need to use a source I must protect, I verify the information from at least one other source. I always give credit where it is due, to other investigators and whistleblowers who have contributed their time, their information or their writings to my work. My Op Ed pieces also are based on facts. And I never publish information unless I have the facts to substantiate it.

Now, here (below) is an article titled Penis Envy and Plastic Dildos, The New Face of Patriotism? which was written in 2003. It has been substantially edited for the purposes of relevance and to conserve space.

At that time, the government minions starring in this little production had already been on my case for at least two (2) years. Now, they've expanded their ranks to include others of their ilk, such as degenerate whackjob and psychotic stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey (by whom I was hoodwinked, relevant to his false proclamations of his "patriotism" in his political writings for several years, before he showed his true colors in 2004); and snake-oil salesman, Fintan Dunne (who has accused me of being CIA.)

It's important to understand that these disinfo agents and their minions are all working together. There is nothing "random" about how they choose their targets. And as you read on, hopefully you will understand why.

Since that time, roughly four years ago, this particular disinfo network has also added to their list of targets. The most notable of these targets is Rick Stanley, who now has been accused by Fintan Dunne of being "CIA". He has been accused by government stooge, Ken Adachi, of being "another patriot duped by Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb". Stanley has also been placed on Larry Lawson's list of "Phony PAYtriots".

PAYtriots, you say, Looney Larry? As if any of us have benefitted financially from our fight to defend Liberty, the Constitution and our God-given rights? No such benefits here, I assure you.

I personally have been driven into financial destitution over the past ten years. The government has destroyed and stolen most of my property, made several attempts on my life, and it's only by the grace of God that I survived to expose what these rat bastards have done to me.

And I know for a fact that Rick Stanley had his business run into the ground. He lost a lot of money (not to mention still having six (6) years of jail time hanging over his head for a false arrest)....just for exercising his Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

If that's a "PAYtriot", soon we will be seeing pigs taking wing into the wild blue yonder. We will be seeing Hell freeze over. We will be popping the champagne corks upon seeing George W. Bush sincerely repenting of his crimes against America and honoring his sacred oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yeah, like that will happen....

Real patriots should be supporting Rick Stanley's efforts and standing up with him, instead of demonizing him. For those who are spreading their malicious lies and engaging in defamation of his character, shame on you.

Maybe you'll wake up when you realize that Rick Stanley is one of the best friends you could ever have, whether you know him personally or not. He welcomes all sincere patriots into the Revolutionary Coalition, with no discrimination, including that based on gender, religious beliefs (or lack thereof) or ethnic origin.

There are others with a similar story to that of Rick Stanley. A true story of what happens when you are caught in the crosshairs of the fascist thugs who run the Police State of America.

But the thugs have some help, you see. A gaggle of minions, toadies and stooges, all of whom are pathological liars (some of whom are delusional) to do their dirty work.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap: Attacking, harassing, slandering and libeling Real Patriots who love America and are willing to stand up for America, whatever the consequences to themselves.

Though this article is an editorial and has an element of political satire, it is nonetheless based on facts, though some of those facts may be bizarre beyond belief.

As you read this article, I would ask you to consider this: The people herein named -- all of whom claim to be "patriots"-- are being PAID (in one way or another) to defile and subvert all that American Patriots hold dear and sacred; to target those of us TELLING THE TRUTH and DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION.

So, if you are a freedom-lover, but have not YET made the decision to STAND UP with the Patriots, please, for the love of God, reconsider your position. If YOU will not stand up for America, who will?

Penis Envy and Plastic Dildos: The New Face of Patriotism?

By Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb



From Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb:


WHY Does Denver, Colorado allow such Predicate Felons & Fugitives from Justice to remain on their streets????

Tim White, the Child Porno Freak and Drag Queen -- A Repeat Offender & Predicate Felon/Drug Dealer-User, who resides behind the domicile of 2 lesbians, in a garage unsuitable for human habitation.

White further occupies this garage with Fugitive from Justice and Scam Artist Shirley Anderson, who has outstanding warrants in North Dakota & Oregon for criminal harassment.

Neighbors report Plastic Dildos hanging from a clothes line. These Psychos further are using Public Library Computers to Violate Federal State and Local Laws by making Death Threats, and Criminal Harassment by e-mail and public posting on various message boards on the World Wide Web.

Meanwhile Law Abiding Citizens, Whistleblowers and Defenders of the Constitution have no respite from the deranged duo's psychotic criminal harassment. Denver Division 5 FBI snitch White, who's living off of government hand outs, and supplementing his income as a Dope Dealer while on FBI snitch payroll lying to the FBI for Money, which is Perjury and a Felony.

White further is in collusion with CIA/FBI Plant Ted Gunderson, who supplements his income by turning Patriots' names in to the Government and currently is on CIA Shadow Government Payroll.

These Vile Hypocrites pose as Patriots while betraying their Country and their Constitution.

[See Official Document on Stew's website from the Denver Criminal Court, where a Permanent Restraining Order was filed against White for stalking, harassment and death threats against Denver Resident Doreen Bishop. Permanent Restraining Orders are nearly unheard of, but issuance of such an order indicates psychotic behavior.]

Why are these Criminals Tim White & Shirley Anderson STILL ON THE STREET and not in Jail??



The FBI COINTELPRO program was initiated in 1956. Its purpose, as described later by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was "to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities" of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed.

Tactics included: falsely labelling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged letters designed to promote strife between groups; initiating politically motivated IRS investigations; carrying out burglaries of offices and unlawful wiretaps; and disseminating to other government agencies and to the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and groups.

If you understand the meaning of the tactic "to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities" you will understand that the person who is most likely to be a Fed, is the one who involves patriots in activities that have no effect on the New World Order, or which will destroy the credibility of the patriots.

The New World Order would like to convince people that we are all a bunch of paranoid nuts, because we are trying to warn people about THEM.

[Thanks to John Perna for this COINTELPRO commentary.]

Government-sponsored STALKERS: Domestic Contact Services (DCS)

Government Disinformation & Name Takers, Government Plants, Patriot Spies, Goverment Dupes, Felons, Cross Dressers, Kiddie Porno Freaks, Drug addicts, FBI-CIA Drug & Weapon Dealers, Some Declared Criminally Insane, Stooges, Idiots, Morons, Imbeciles & Satanists.

(Well Stew, it's kind of sensationalist, but you do have a way with words! What's more, it's all true.) 



A psychopath, desperate to be a MAN. Maybe Brenda Negri should consider a sex-change operation...

Written 2001 by Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick, Gunderson Government Groupie. Posted on APFN.

Note from Stew Webb: This may be offensive to some --I only post the truth.

Problem in communication..Webb
Fri Dec 28 08:04:41 2001

Brenda Negri wrote:

[Listen Webb, it's obvious we're having a problem in the communications department. In the future, you've got to tell me what it is you want right away, because otherwise I've got no way of knowing that you don't want to see my penis. I'm a pretty sharp guy/girl, but you can't expect me to know how you're feeling all the time. Unless you tell me, I'm going to just assume that you want to see my penis.

I wish you wouldn't get so angry with me. What am I, a mind reader? How is it I'm supposed to know what you're thinking? I'm no Uri Geller. I'm just a guy/girl with, if I do say so myself, a very nice penis. Hefty. Thick. Purpose-built. Nature's purest expression of form following function. A miracle of evolutionary design. There's no way anyone could look at it and think it's anything but a fine, healthy penis. I know, because out of the literally thousands of people who have seen it, not one of them has mistaken it for anything but a penis.

So please, you've got to be more clear in the future. If you don't want to see it, let me know beforehand, and I'd be happy to accommodate you.

To be honest, though, while I respect your wishes, I really don't see what it is about my penis that you object to. It might not be the biggest penis in the world, but maybe you've just seen more of them than I have, because it's a nice, big penis. Clean, too. No moss or anything on it-I even dip it in Nair twice a week out of consideration for people who want to see it, which is everyone as far as I know. I know this because no one ever comes to me and tells me they don't want to see it until after they've already gotten a good, long look.

If it bothers you that much, perhaps the best solution would be for you to leave the room whenever I'm thinking about taking out my penis, which is, unfortunately, all the time. It'd be a shame, though, because I enjoy the company. I like you, and I like knowing that you get to see my penis. Human beings are social animals, and I'm no exception: Showing my penis is my way of being part of the crowd.

More important, do you think I'd show my penis so much if I wasn't a friendly person? Of course not. I'm not just doing this for myself, though it does give me the warm feeling that comes from sharing. I do this because I want everyone to be my friend. And there's no better way to make friends than by showing people your penis.

All this talking about my penis makes me want to see it right now. Just to look at it, mind you. I'm not going to touch it in any fashion that doesn't relate to letting everyone see it better. That would be sexual, and that's not the point. The point is that everyone should get to see it. Therefore, if I have to raise it up a bit, or otherwise manipulate it so that it's more visible, then that's what I have to do. Of course, if you still don't want to see it, I won't take it out at all, out of respect for your weird neuroses.]

From ex-CIA operative Barbara Hartwell:

Yes, folks, THESE CRAZY PEOPLE are doing some of the dirty work in COINTELPRO-style operations, run by none other than Ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson.

Ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson surrounds himself with a rag-tag band of charlatans, dilettantes, sexual perverts, damaged neurotics, nutcases and wannabes, a pathetic gaggle of misfits, malcontents and sycophants, all desperately clamoring to establish themselves in the public eye as "players".

What game are they playing? What is their game plan?

I call them the Gunderson Government Groupies, which pretty much sums up who they are, the "values'" they embrace and the mindset under which they commit criminal acts at the behest of their corrupt overlords.

The fact that they actually "earn" their living by stalking, provoking, harassing and threatening sane, reasonable, law-abiding people, American Patriots; Defenders of the Constitution; Whistleblowers, credible journalists and activists against Slavery, Injustice and Homeland Tyranny, is bizarre beyond belief! least by my way of thinking.

But then, I wouldn't put ANYTHING --even the use of these bizarre hirelings-- past the incumbents and officials of the U.S. Government, presently in thrall to the Bush Crime Family, goose-stepping down the road to the NWO and trampling on anyone who dares to stand up for Liberty, the Constitution and conserving the moral and spiritual values established by the founders of our Constitutional Republic.

Of course, these little pawns don't get much filthy lucre for their efforts. No, but just think how IMPORTANT it makes them feel, knowing that they are PLAYING A ROLE in "neutralizing enemies of the state" such as myself and Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, two of their primary targets.

None of the gov't groupies mentioned here have any formal education, training or credentials, certainly least of all in the areas in which they boast of knowledge or expertise. And boy, does it show!

But all of them, without exception, just love to hear themselves talk. And talk they do, more often than not about people they DO NOT KNOW, have NEVER met, and about whom they know NOTHING which is REAL or TRUE.


The Gunderson Groupies also love to see their words in print and take every opportunity to spew out malicious lies, slander and libel about their targets.

Following along behind their self-appointed guru, Ted L. Gunderson, the Johnny Appleseed of Government Disinformation, the groupies happily sow the seeds of bald-faced lies designed to discredit, defame, denigrate and demonize the carefully-chosen TARGETS of Gunderson's COINTELPRO-style operation: Anyone EXPOSING REAL GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION AND TELLING THE TRUTH.

Their venues? Message boards, Yahoo! groups (in which they violate the terms of service with impunity) and ANY website that will have them (thankfully, none of the legitmate, professional ones).

These buffoons will go ANYWHERE, say or write ANYTHING and will shoot their loud, vile mouths off to ANYONE willing to listen.

Again, amazing!

Now, without further adieu, let's take a look at a few more of these stooges and the unadulterated rubbish they are promoting. Their unmitigated stupidity, ignorance, blind loyalty to their controllers (such as Ted Gunderson) and total LACK of EVIDENCE and documentation clearly define them as dupes and provocateurs.


One such Gunderson groupie, stooge and minion is Ken Adachi, the "editor" of a website known as Educate Yourself.

Adachi's website might more appropriately be called INDOCTRINATE YOURSELF or perhaps even DISINFORM YOURSELF.....that is, with a strange and contradictory amalgam of New Age/Space Cult Propaganda such as that promoted by Anna Hayes and her ET "guardians", and Fundamentalist "Christian" rantings and fear-mongering, courtesy of religious zealot Pam Schuffert.

All of the broad spectrum of course, custom-designed by the NWO to INDOCTRINATE, DISINFORM and generally muddy the waters so that no TRUTH can ever see the light of day, at least not on Adachi's website.

Adachi has taken on a role as a front man for Ted Gunderson, zealously publishing Gunderson's reports and wholeheartedly endorsing and promoting Gunderson's Wake Up America! brand of "Patriotism".

But Adachi doesn't stop with promoting Ted Gunderson. He takes it a few steps further by writing his own "editorials", libelous commentaries about Ted's targets, just chock-full of lies and disinformation. Based of course, on the toxic seeds sown by Gunderson and his CIA/DISC (Defense Intelligence Security Command) controllers further on up in the chain of command.

Ken Adachi wrote:

[It appears that a national covert operation to smear and discredit Ted Gunderson was set into motion in the early months of 2000. By Spring, the plan was in high gear with Art Bell's dramatic exit from the air on April 1, 2000 coupled with the pre-trial hearing of Bell's lawsuit against Gunderson and radio station WWCR set to begin in early May. Part 1 opens the story about Art Bell, the pretrial hearing, and his statements against Gunderson & Hinkson, Gunderson's radio show, and the radio station that carried Gunderson's radio show (WWCR).]


[The principle members of Ted's Character Assassination Team include Virginia McCullough, Cherie Seymour, & Kate Dixon of, Stewart Webb, Barbara Hartwell [whom Adachi claims to be a "CIA disinfo agent"] and Kathleen Sullivan. These people have tried to characterize Ted as some version of a 'double agent' whose pretense to helping people is just a cover for his 'real work', which is to help the dark side. When you read their defamatory words, you will be given conclusions (E.g. Ted's "Cointelpro") without evidence or proof to back up their assertions. The tools these character assassins employ include repeated innuendo, guilt by association, and outright slander to support their unfounded allegations against Ted Gunderson.

Kurt Billings (CIA) and Robert Ghostwolf, for example, submitted utterly contrived and untruthful affidavits to the judge in the Art Bell case claiming that they heard Ted, with their own ears, making threats to ruin Art Bell. These surprise affidavits were submitted to the judge at the last minute in the Art Bell pretrial to keep the case afloat when it looked liked the judge was going to dismiss the whole thing before it got off the ground.

Kurt Billings met Ted at Brice Taylor's rented home in Las Vegas and pumped Ted for a lot of information, but never heard Ted say anything threatenting about Bell as he claimed in his affidavit. Brice Taylor was a witness to the conversations between Billings and Ted and swore in her own affidavit to the court (not allowed at the pretrial) that Billings had concocted an outright fabrication concerning threats against Art Bell. Billings comes from a CIA family and openly admits to having been employed by CIA.

Mike Ruppert has also done his part to make Ted look like a dark agent in articles he had published in Nexus magazine and at his Internet web site ( ).

Mike Ruppert might be an unwitting accomplice as he seems to have been heavily influenced by the untruthful allegations made against Ted in Cherie Seymour's on-line book, The Last Circle (, but that doesn't make him any less culpable for defaming an innocnet man.

We will exam the words of each of these character assassins in separate articles and allow the reader to draw his own conclusions as to who is really playing the role of double agent and who is spreading lies.]

Who are the Real Character Assassins?

Now, for THE FACTS:

Ted Gunderson first publicly libeled Mike Ruppert in his 'report' A Response to Barbara Hartwell in March 2001.

Ted's so-called "response" was to an article written by me, Time to Set the Record Straight, in which I made public my irreconcilable differences with Ted Gunderson and explained some of my reasons for breaking off my association with him in early 2000.

At that time, Mike Ruppert had NEVER made any public statements about Ted Gunderson, never attempted to discredit him.

Yet Ted used his purported "response" to Barbara Hartwell to take pot shots at ANYBODY he suspected of being an "enemy", including Mike Ruppert and many others. True, some had exposed Gunderson's illegal activities and bizarre escapades. But at that time, Ruppert was NOT among them.

All of us (some bad guys included, such as Kurt Billings and Virginia Mc Collough) were accused of being in collusion, in a slander campaign to discredit Gunderson, some of whom I did not even know.

And never, in any conversation with Mike Ruppert, nor in e-mail communications, had I ever discussed Ted Gunderson, except in passing, as related to professional matters.

There certainly was no "collusion" between me and Mike Ruppert to target Ted Gunderson. In fact, I had not spoken to Mike Ruppert in over a year, by the time I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson in January 2000.

Does Ted Gunderson have something to hide?

What is he afraid of?

Could it be that Ted Gunderson is PARANOID?

I KNOW Ted is paranoid. I spent a great deal of time with him, over the three (3) year period (1997-2000) during which time I was working with him, and even though he still had me fooled, his hyper-viligant antics will always live on in my memory.

Ted actually asked me to carry his jars of vitamins in my briefcase, for fear that leaving them in his hotel room would get him poisoned by his enemies. Yes, such things have been known to happen, but I must say Ted's behavior was over the top, even for a spook. I could cite many more examples of this paranoid behavior, but I'll rest my case this way.

Consider this:

WHY is Ted Gunderson using the likes of these sleazy perverts and nutcases, Brenda Negri and Tim White?

I have collected a large body of hard evidence that both gov't groupies take orders from Gunderson. There are also others, such as Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, Charles Bruce Stewart (who has demonized both Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell) and Pam Schuffert, who have --in one way or another-- been in collusion with Ted Gunderson's COINTELPRO operations to target, slander, libel and harass real patriots.

This evidence, compiled and documented over a period of years, will be presented in both civil and criminal courts, and it will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, precisely what kind of operation Ted Gunderson is running, and who are the little stooges being used to do much of the dirty work, including stalking, lying, harassing, libeling, slandering and even DEATH THREATS.

And the evidence will also prove WHO IS AT THE TOP OF THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

These criminals are ALL going to JAIL. It's only a matter of time.

Barbara Hartwell
November 11, 2003

Addendum, September 21, 2005:

Yesterday, I received a message (below) from my friend Jackie McGauley. Jackie is the primary whistleblower who exposed the McMartin Preschool child sexual and satanic ritual abuse case. Jackie's child was one of those who suffered such vile abuse.

Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, who was living in Jackie's home at that time, has been using this case for years on his resume; speaking on it at conferences, in TV and radio interviews, and taking the credit for an investigation in which he was not even involved!

I have done hours of interviews over the phone with Jackie, since 2002, when she first contacted me so that we could exchange information about Ted Gunderson. In my own case, Gunderson was planted on me in 1997 and I was hoodwinked for almost three years as I worked with Ted in a professional capacity, as well as doing radio and TV interviews; and speaking engagements at conferences around the country.

I finally saw the light in late 1999 when it was revealed to me (both in the spirit and by documented facts I was given access to) that Ted Gunderson was no patriot, but had simply continued the COINTELPRO operation against dissidents which he was running during his 27 years in the FBI, under the direction of J.Edgar Hoover.

Interestingly enough, Hoover was a known transvestite, just like Ted's lackey, Tim White, who calls Barbara Hartwell "that CIA bitch" (and much worse) in his efforts to demonize me all over the World Wide Web.

Here is Jackie's recent letter to Ted Gunderson:

Subject: Seriously-I am sick of this


Fifteen years after I kick you out of my house I am still receiving creditor calls trying to collect your overdue bills! It is yet another telephone bill and the rent for your so called "Office" which is really a SMALL post office box on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.

You do not have a physical address or I would have served you a subpoena long ago. Don't the gold bars you stole from Mary and Ken Scheibe cover your bills? Quit telling everyone the condo you stole from the Scheibe's is yours!

And you have some phony video for sale about MY case that you had NOTHING to do with! And you are selling my Tunnel Report from the McMartin Preschool case. You are NOT authorized to sell that report. I doubt you have the real report anyway. I own that report and have the legal papers to prove it. The next time you hear from me it will be through my lawyers!

Get all of my stuff OFF the Internet and where ever else you have it for sale or I will SUE you! You have built a totally FAKE reputation out of blatant lies and fallacies you just dreamed up. But the worst of it is the MONEY you embezzle from people-vulnerable victims and worse-defenseless old people.

How can one Con artist reap so much destruction and his victims don't act?

If you are a victim of ted l. gunderson's so called investigative services and other scams...write to me. It is way past time to go after him!

And be warned, STOP selling material you stole from me!!!!!

Jackie McGauley

Ted Gunderson also violated the copyrights from some of the videotapes of my public lectures and TV interviews and to this day, is selling them, even on Others engaging in this bootlegging and piracy include Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; David Icke; Jon Gentry (another government stooge who worked for Ted, maybe still does, as a videographer.) Ted Gunderson has also violated copyrights on material from Stew Webb and others.

And lastly, comments from ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, another legitimate whistleblower, targeted by the COINTELPRO operations.

18 Apr 2005

Ted Gunderson (hereinafter referred to as 'gun') recently wrote the following words to my good friend and professional colleague, Barbara Hartwell:

"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came."

Also, from the same public letter by Ted Gunderson to Barbara Hartwell, whom he accuses of being CIA: "The world shall discover that you are part of a genuine evil conspiracy"

Ted L Gunderson, FBI-SAC (Ret.)

Sosbee writes:

Such words as quoted above when directed against one of the true and great Defenders of Liberty (Barbara Hartwell) offend all sensitive persons who read them, but especially those of us who know and respect Barbara for her stand against government corruption. Indeed the 'righteous' as you call them reject the use of such descriptions above because no human being merits such a label.

However, gun is steeped in the use of labels, especially those that send good and innocent people to torture chambers, to prisons or to their deaths; gun is an expert by his own proclamation of his credentials (i.e.:SAC) in: a) black operations; b) mind games; c) secret agent-provacateur dirty deeds worldwide.

No, gun, you are wrong. The world needs Barbara Hartwell more than you could possibly know/imagine; and as you have sold out to the evil forces of a corrupt government (the United States of America) in return for your petty benefits, you are the one who must someday atone for the atrocities you approved, directed, or condoned against men and women over the past half century. Come clean , gun ,about your knowledge regarding offenses and crimes against Humanity; help save the lives of targeted individuals ;and renounce the fascist state that you presently support; then, maybe intelligent and informed people will listen to you.

You dare pretend to show a concern for the people of the United States when in fact you exploit the ignorance and fear of all who listen to you in order to further your own private interests and in order to perpetuate the destructive agenda of the cia and the fbi. The downfall of this country into a fascist state is in part your doing, gun, and you should not be proud of that, no matter how high an office you have attained.

Sosbee writes for the record on April 30, 2005:

gun indicates on his website that he was chief inspector for the fbi in 1973; in such capacity, gun had the responsibility to investigate sosbee's reports of fbi crimes during that year. Not only did he fail to perform his duties as chief inspector, he continued thereafter to serve in high level positions in the fbi at a time when sosbee was being harassed for reporting the criminal conduct of numerous fbi agents as set forth in .

"In early 1971, the FBI's domestic counterintelligence program (code named "COINTELPRO") was brought to light when a "Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI" removed secret files from an FBI office in Media, PA and released them to the press. Agents began to resign from the Bureau and blow the whistle on covert operations. That same year, publication of the Pentagon Papers, the Pentagon's top-secret history of the Vietnam War, exposed years of systematic official lies about the war. "

Comments from Geral Sosbee's website:

As people discover the immoral, cowardly and macabre character of the agents, operatives, handlers and associates of the fbi/cia (as manifest globally in the killing/torture techniques used by these sociopathic assassins to insure compliance to new world order dictates) we may not reasonably expect a merciful redress from foreign and domestic freedom fighters forced from desperation to employ against U.S. equally aggressive and abhorrent stratagems.
Geral Sosbee


Now, having been presented with all this, I ask every person who considers himself/herself to be an American Patriot to think carefully about the meaning of "patriotism".

Do patriots run scams, bilk old ladies, engage in copyright violations and theft of documents?

Do patriots run COINTELPRO-style operations against legitimate whistleblowers, activists and survivors of government black operations?

Do patriots tell outrageous lies for the purpose of demonizing decent, legitimate persons?

Do patriots engage in identity theft and use cut-and-paste forgery tactics to spread their lies?

Do patriots stalk, harass and persecute others?

Do patriots violate the privacy, compromise the security and endanger the safety of others?

Do patriots spend their time abusing drugs and alcohol?

Do patriots disseminate pornography and engage in sexual perversions?

Do patriots work as the minions and hirelings for a corrupt government, for personal gain or ego gratification?

Do patriots hide behind numerous silly screen names to prevent their real identities from being known?

Do patriots hate America?

Or do they Stand Up for America?

I think you know the answer as well as I do. And please, by all means, do something to prove it by your actions. By their fruits shall you know them.

The fact of the matter is that the Constitution and its Republic were designed for a moral people.

Patriots defend our God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. It's as simple as that.

Thank you for your time.

Barbara Hartwell

September 21, 2005