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Monday, January 8, 2007

Beyond The Denver Connection


NOTE, January 8, 2007: Tim Hall (a pseudonym) aka Weasel, is Daryl Sturgis, Manchurian Candidate and one of the top shooters in Operation Phoenix.

Ranger Rick is Brenda Negri, a delusional wannabe and law enforcement/intelligence groupie. Negri has been, at various times, in collusion with other rank amatuers, such as Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey, Larry Lawson, Ken Adachi, and others engaged in spreading libelous disinformation about legitimate whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

The COINTELPRO operation exploiting these stooges is run by ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, who is in collusion with former senator (and former Phoenix operative) John DeCamp, General John K. Singlaub (Op Phoenix, Op Gladio) and other former/current government officials.

Todd Brendan Fahey was Singlaub's errand boy/gopher while involved in the John Birch Society, during his college years, in Arizona.

This criminal network has done tremendous damage to my life and I will continue to publish my findings, from past investigations; my personal experiences and inside knowlege; and all truthful, accurate information I have collected.

There is much more to come, from the archives of my old website, as well as documentation I have gathered over a period of years.

December, 2001
Originally published on Bart Cop


In my recent report, The Denver Connection: Spook Central, I began to tell a story of a far-reaching web of corruption; illegal covert operations; mind control; government cover-ups and much more. This 'web', as I see fit to call it, extends far beyond Denver, spanning not only the U.S. but the entire globe.

Denver, especially during this past year, has been the locus of much activity in relation to my own situation and continuing investigation.

I am necessarily telling the story from my own perspective and involvement, so I cannot claim to be an objective nor an unbiased party. I don't yet know where the story will lead, nor what the outcome will be, especially for myself .

I can only continue my investigation; reporting new developments and elaborating on past events as I learn more; as I interview more witnesses; as additional information is made available; as new facts and insights are revealed to me.


Back to the web. As I envision this web in my own mind, it is punctuated at strategic points by nodes, like pins on a map; some representing individual entities; some collective entities.

But however you may view it, many entities have been caught in this web, and like that woven by some sinister and predatory spider, it is a sticky and tangled web indeed.

Some --lured perhaps by the promise of material booty, the spoils of global war and manipulation; the raw desire for power and ego-gratification, were inveigled by their own choice, in conscious, willing participation.

Others found themselves ensnared, through no fault or choice of their own and are trying valiantly to extricate themselves.

Still others don't realize their unwitting participation, their own victimization; nor that they are being exploited in a much larger scheme.

As for myself, I am simply trying to make sense of the many strange and disturbing events and 'coincidences' which continue to be part and parcel of what is already my very strange life.

Admittedly, I myself was caught in the web from earliest childhood, by virtue of the unconscionable co-opting of my life by CIA, and have been struggling to free myself ever since.

And perhaps naively ambitious, I have long sought not only to liberate myself, but to do all in my power to destroy the very fabric of the toxic web within which so many innocent souls suffer as hapless prey.

I don't claim to have all the answers; I don't claim to have all the facts at my ready disposal; and at this point I have little hard evidence of that which I do know.

One salient fact, however, stands out in stark relief against the backdrop of this massive web of deceit, criminal activity and clandestine operations: Those who may have the courage and the true intent to extricate themselves; to openly fight for their liberty, and to expose the truth about the architects of the web are targeted for political persecution, and in the worst case scenario, hunted down mercilessly, marked for termination.

There is an old saying about CIA: Once in, never out. As I see it, this little aphorism could apply just as well to the military or for that matter, any government bureau or agency in which the training and indoctrination become an integral part of the individual's psyche and mode of operation.

Yet, as I know from personal experience, it is possible to free oneself from the mental straight jacket of the brainwashing --for it is nothing less-- while retaining the training as a valuable --and necessary--asset.

And if that training is used in the service of honorable and ethical ideals,you have a fighting chance to beat those who are still 'inside'-- still laboring under the indoctrination-- at their own game.

No guarantees. But still a fighting chance.....and that's enough for me.

One of the many caught in the sinister web is a man named Tim Hall, otherwise known by the code name: Weasel. He is a retired Special Forces man who was utilized in the infamous Phoenix Program under the command of General John K. Singlaub.

I had been in the process of debriefing Hall, for the purpose of helping him recover his memories and free himself from the insidious chains of mind control programming which were instrumental in Phoenix, especially in the deepest black enclaves of the program involving political assassination.

And I had high hopes for Weasel, I really thought he'd make it out and who knows?...maybe he still will. But for now, as I see it, his future is looking grim, though for all I know, he may see things in a very different light. I can't presume to read what is in his heart, nor to speak for him.

The last I heard from Tim Hall, he had --seemingly of a sudden-- made a 180-degree turn, and instead of standing by his oath to defend liberty and the Constitution, told me he had agreed to go back to work for the government, under the repressive regime.

During one period of time, while serving in the military, he had been part of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division (CID). Now, claimed Hall, he had accepted an offer to work CID for the IRS.

Yes, the IRS, the same good folks who had frozen his bank accounts and looted his cash only a few weeks before, as part of their Psy Ops campaign. Well, maybe now at least they'll give him back his money, along with an extra bonus. Who can say?

Hall explained that he had met with some gov't agents, whom he referred to as 'the boys' and was told by these agents that they (whoever they are) were about to 'bring the roof down' on yours truly, Barbara Hartwell. Whatever that means......


Naturally, I have had to think hard about what this might mean......this so-called 'bringing the roof down'.

I was told by Weasel that 'the agents' explained that I and certain other whistleblowers with similar values and commitments --such as exposing the gov't corruption by which we had been victimized; defending our civil liberties and our Constitution --had 'created a mess' for 'them'.

I can only guess that telling the truth would create a mess; that is, since the powers-that-be and their whores in the mainstream media are in the business of selling lies wholesale to the American Public.

And I guess defending the Constitution could 'create a mess' for those who are hell-bent on staging a full-blown Coup d' Etat. Yes indeed, real patriots --those willing to die fighting for their freedom-- could certainly create quite a mess.

I have also had to think about the true identities of the several sets of government agents who paid visits to Hall, between the dates of November 7 and December 10.

The first set, who showed up the day after Hall's arrest on November 6, for 'assault with a deadly weapon on gov't officials' at the Denver Social Security Office, claimed to be FBI.

These were the guys who claimed to be among a few 'good guys' still inside the gov't, who also claimed they 'supported' my cause --defending the Constitution-- and said they understood that what CIA had done to me was wrongful.

Yeah, right. I really believe they're on my side....real stand up guys.

The second set of agents, who showed up sans a warrant, to confiscate documents which they said they needed to file additional criminal charges against Tim White, claimed to be DOJ, according to Hall.

These were the guys who told Hall that they had been informed he was planning to take a trip; the planned trip was to see me, though this time my name was not mentioned by the agents. And of course, the planned trip from Denver to Woodstock, NY was sabotaged, as I fully expected it would be. Hall found sugar in his gas tank, which effectively threw a wrench into his plans.

As far as I can tell, about the only thing these agents told the truth about was that they had been listening to my phone conversations with Tim Hall; and had us both under other forms of surveillance.

But then, that was no news flash to me, since in my case it's been going on for many, many years. In Tim's case, who knows? He told me he was only targeted for surveillance and harassment after he became associated with me and my 'cause'.

As to the identities of the third set or group of agents, with whom Hall met to discuss some issues, including those to do with myself and my activities, I was never told by Hall who they claimed to be. By that time, Hall had turned to the other side, and I guess he thought I didn't have the need-to-know.

However, I do know that unless any of these agents had very high security clearances they could not possibly have access to any real information about me, nor the covert operations I was involved in.

Unless the agents were actually CIA or possibly from certain other intelligence agencies, foreign or domestic and posing as law enforcement under DOJ (not an uncommon situation) they could not possibly have gained access to my files.

But since I have no way to prove any of this, it is pointless to speculate further.

But before I forget, I was also offered 'protection' from the re-recruited Weasel who had turned to the side of my adversaries, the Constitution-shredders, the traitors, liars and cowards who are apparently acting as enforcers for King George II and his henchmen, Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft.

I was told by Weasel that he didn't know how long they would wait to 'make their move' on me, that he could only 'protect' me for so long.

But anyway, being who and what I am, a defender of the Constitution, a patriot and someone who has long vowed to fight to the death, if need be, for my liberty, I declined Weasel's offer to exchange my liberty for enslavement and whatever form of 'protection' these tyrants have in mind for me.

I only wish Weasel had stood his ground and done the same, rather than allowing himself to be bought off and/or intimidated, but it was his decision and now he'll have to live with it.

Well, the more I thought about all this, the angrier I got. How DARE these bastards....these soulless vipers....these craven sons-of bitches....offer me 'protection' .

How DARE they tell Weasel to pass on a message to me that I should 'get rid of' my website; be silenced from speaking the truth; give up my freedom of speech? How DARE they?

If they have some business with me, why in hell didn't they just approach me directly? I'll tell you why: Because they know the kind of reception they would get from me, the same reception they and their ilk have gotten for years......Get lost, G-men.

Using the tactics they invariably do, deceit, sabotage, subterfuge, obfuscation, intimidation.......these cowards know full well they'd just be wasting their time.

As to the thinly veiled threat of the dire consequences to me, should I fail to comply with this 'advice', I have to wonder what exactly it is that they plan to do to me, when they 'make their move'.....

Do they plan to send jack-booted thugs from Homeland Security to break my door down and capture me, to haul me away to some secret facility where they will hold me for interrogation?

Do they plan to torture me? Do they plan to have me executed as a 'terrorist'?

The irony of this --which could hardly escape my notice-- is that, except for the final 'execution', they've already done all these things to me.

Sorry boys, I've been there, done that. I've already been abducted from my home, as well as from public places, countless times over the past 40-some-odd years.

I've already been drugged, poisoned, shot at, interrogated and tortured. And I have the battle scars to prove it.

And this was long before Homeland Security was more than just the wet dream of tyrants-in-power past.

So what else is new? As for assassination attempts, there have been a few of those too, but fortunately for me, my life was saved repeatedly by divine intervention.

As I see it, the real, and the ONLY pertinent question is this: What about the 'mess' these bastards have created for ME?

What about the childhood they stole from me? What about 'messing' with my psyche, subjecting me to mind control programming?

What about the CIA 'spychiatrists' who drugged and hypnotized me; erased the memories of large portions of my life, such as when I was being utilized in certain of their illegal covert operations?

What about twisting my talents and gifts of the spirit in service to their own nefarious agenda?

What about the fact that I was never allowed to have MY OWN LIFE, free from their manipulation and control?

What about THAT 'mess'?

I never volunteered to become a sleeper agent; a manchurian candidate; a deep cover operative for these bastards from hell; nor was my ambition to become 'the perfect spy' under the MKULTRA program. No, indeed.

Believe me, I would have made very different plans for my life, had I been allowed to make my own choices.

And NOW, they want to offer me 'protection'??? Protection from WHAT?

This is just more of the same tired old crap... same shit, different day.

They now expect me to just give up the fight after all these years?

They expect me to admit defeat, just because they think they have me surrounded and have ripped away the last vestiges of any support and backup I may have had?

Do they really think that just because their Psy Ops game has worked on almost every person around me, for years, that it will now work on me?

Well, they apparently don't know me at all. As my intelligence operative father used to say, 'There's no substitute for stupidity'.

As I've told these psychopaths countless times: Go to hell..... where you're already heading in a handcart. And if all else fails, you can always just kill me....take your best shot.....before I'll ever sell out or buy 'protection' from pathetic-excuses-for-human beings like you.


But enough of the lunatics who are running the asylum and their trained goons. Let's move on to look at some current events. Let's hear the testimony of a man whom I'll call Mike, another Denver resident and ex-military man who suffered the consequences of investigating the corruption; telling the truth and standing up for his rights.

As mentioned in former reports, Mike had an unfortunate 'accident'. An arranged 'accident', that is. As Mike described it to me in a phone interview, he had been heading up to a mountain camping retreat in his truck. At one point in the road, two vehicles, one a white truck and another a 4X4 white Jeep, appeared; one heading toward him at breakneck speed on the wrong side of the road, the other boxing him in, thus preventing him from crossing to the other side.

In order to avoid a head-on collision, Mike swerved his truck to the side of the road, where he went over the edge of a sharp decline, hitting trees on the way down, until his vehicle finally came to a stop, entangled in tree branches.

Mike managed to get out of his truck, by smashing the window glass with his fist, then climbing onto the fender. But he remembers nothing after that point.

He says he was suddenly knocked out cold, only to wake up three days later in a hospital room, in critical condition.

Some of his injuries were hard to explain, since they could not possibly have been a result of the accident. Apparently, he was attacked again after being knocked unconscious by the unknown assailants who had run his truck over the side of the mountain road, and left for dead.

He was rescued by a medical team and removed from the scene of the crime by helicopter, after a passing motorist called for assistance.

About a month before this incident, Mike had been asked by Tim White, the Denver man arrested for possession of marijuana, to accompany Tim Hall to White's residence for the purpose of removing White's belongings from his home.

The two men cleared out the place, as per White's request. Among the items stored at White's residence were some boxes of documents, most of them the property of Stew Webb, which White had agreed to keep in storage for Webb.

Among these documents was incriminating evidence in relation to the criminal activities of a number of individuals; some of whom were current and former government officials. Many of the documents belonging to Webb were returned to him by Hall; some stored at Halls' residence for eventual return to White, pending his release from prison.

Apparently, the criminals responsible for the attempted murder of Mike, thought Mike had some of the documents in his possession, a belief which turned out to be false.

But it was clear from what Hall and others told me that they had been placed under heavy surveillance, shortly after White's arrest. According to Webb, some of the documents are to be used as evidence in a grand jury investigation.

Since I don't have enough information about this grand jury filing, I will decline to comment on it. For more information, please contact Stew Webb or see the legal papers filed by Stew, which have been posted by him on the message board at American Patriot Friends Network.


But now let's move on to one of the bit players, also residing in Denver, also caught up in the web: The infamous Doreen Bishop. As you may recall from my last report, Doreen is the former 'Mousketeer' of Disney fame; the tireless crusader for 'medical marijuana'; the bosom pal of Gale Norton and lest we forget, described by Al Martin as "the notorious political gadfly".... forgive my repetition of that phrase, but it just has such a nice ring to it, I couldn't resist quoting it again.

Well, it now seems that good old Doreen thinks she has some personal business with me. Recently, I was told by a mutual acquaintance of myself and Doreen that Doreen was anxious to talk to me, supposedly because she wanted to 'compare notes' about some of the players in this little drama.

Now, I have never met Doreen; never had any contact with her; nor do I have any desire to change the status quo. So I politely declined her offer, through our mutual acquaintance. As for comparing notes with Doreen, considering her shameful track record with regard to spreading disinformation, I thought I'd pass on contaminating my life any further by making contact with yet another tiresome troublemaker and provocateur.

Surely, if this was Doreen's attempt to set me up, as she has earned a reputation for having done with countless others, she needs to adjust her sites considerably lower, since she's clearly way out of her league.

But strangely enough, a phone call was made to my private, unlisted number from Doreen Bishop only a few days later. Stranger still, it appears that Doreen had meant to call another party, but had somehow --surprise, surprise-- ended up calling me.

I never --but never-- pick up my phone, but screen all calls through a machine. Imagine my surprise when I heard the oily tones of Doreen's voice, just oozing phony charm, delivering her message of good will and slick public relations: A message which was quite clearly meant for someone other than myself. Wrong number, Doreen.

Her message was in regard to an order of Al Martin's books which she said she was so happy to have received, in the apparent belief that she had reached the distributor for these books.

Doreen waxed poetic about what a "do-gooder" she was; about the need to get these books out to schools; about how "we need to be volunteers, not victims". The necessity of promoting Al Martin himself, not just his book. And she ended her spiel with her heartfelt wishes for the happiest holidays.

Now oddly enough, it is clear that some of Doreen's relatives, including her cousin, media whore Tom Brokaw, the Pearlmutter family and the William Morris Agency, were involved in some of the very same political scandals and corruption which Al Martin exposes in his articles and book.

Could it be possible that Doreen's agenda is to buy up all the books she can, at the behest of her scheming relatives and dark overlords, just to keep them out of circulation?

Well, being the "do-gooder" she is, I can buy that.... yeah, that works for me. As to being a "volunteer, not a victim", I think Doreen is most probably a victim of nothing much other than her own stupidity.

But I'll give her this much: I wholeheartedly agree about the 'medical marijuana' DARE these criminals continue to run black market marijuana, while making it a criminal offense for any of the rest of us to smoke a joint, for 'medical' purposes, or otherwise? Good for you, Doreen! Keep on lobbying.....


Now I need to address another issue which looms large in the scheme of things, at least for me. That is my right to privacy and what should be my reasonable expectation to have my CONFIDENTIAL disclosures to others respected by those individuals with whom I have chosen to share them.

As I mentioned in a recent article, just because I have chosen to make my case as a survivor of CIA mind control and covert operations --as well as some of my research on these topics-- public, does NOT necessarily mean that my whole life must become an open book for all and sundry to peruse and scavenge through.

I have the right to privacy in my personal life and anyone who does not respect that is committing a serious transgression.

I have certainly made the mistake, more than once, of taking into my confidence individuals who did not respect my privacy; nor the confidences I may have been foolish enough to share, in my mistaken belief that those people could be trusted, as per their word to me, to keep confidential information as just that: CONFIDENTIAL.

Certainly it was my own mistake to talk to the wrong people about sensitive information. However, responsibility for the lack of integrity shown by those individuals who refuse to respect the confidentiality of others, falls squarely on their own shoulders.

Yes, I made the mistake of trusting some of the wrong people, but they are still accountable for their own actions in violating my trust or for engaging in unconscionable meddling in my personal and professional business.

It is one thing for someone to read published material I have written and then make their own public commentary in reference to that material. Because the information was made public, it is certainly fair game, and others are entitled to express their opinions publicly.

That's what freedom of speech is supposed to be about. I fully expect that there will be a wide range of responses and opinions to any information or articles which are controversial in nature, whether written by me or anyone else.

It is quite another thing to take ANY information --sensitive or not-- which was given IN CONFIDENCE and then just dump it indiscriminately on a website: especially things that are nobody's business but my own and which were not meant for public consumption.

This behavior is unethical, disrespectful and manipulative. And speaking strictly for myself, I refuse to tolerate such transgressions. No one has the right to interfere with me in any way.

I've had my fill of interference by the government and their toadies; I certainly don't need any more interference from private citizens; self-appointed busybodies and amateur sleuths who apparently have nothing more important to occupy their time.

Being a straight arrow, I always confront people directly and tell them when they have crossed my personal boundaries. If a person refuses to heed my warnings and continues to engage in this inappropriate and disrespectful behavior, the only course of action I can legally and ethically take is to publicly expose this behavior in order to protect myself and in an attempt to stop the spreading of damaging misinformation.


One particular individual who has been engaging in these tactics has now crossed way over my line. Although she was warned, more than once, in a polite, respectful and considerate manner, she continued overstepping her bounds; engaging in outrageously intrusive behavior which would try the patience of a saint. And I have never claimed to be a saint.

'Ace G-man Ranger Rick', as she has publicly touted herself, on her own website, The Fifth Horseman, and on various others, is certainly not a 'G-man'. Is not and never has been.

She is not --nor has ever been-- any sort of 'spook', another label she has adopted to describe herself.

Furthermore, she has no background or training as an intelligence operative, which she openly admitted to me and certain others. Having no training, she knows nothing about 'tradecraft' another catch phrase which is continually bandied about on her website.

A person who knows tradecraft does not vociferously boast about it.

Why she feels the need to pose as someone she is not, and to hide behind a hokey alias such as Ranger Rick, while claiming to 'expose' the alleged wrongdoing; corruption and 'disinformation' of other individuals, dropping THEIR REAL NAMES, while never revealing her own, is anyone's guess.

All I can say is, in assessing these allegations: Consider the source.

Of late, she has targeted Al Martin, her erstwhile "hero"; now publicly speculating that he is about to "take a suitcase". She also boasted in a commentary on her site (Friday, Dec. 21) that YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. And that....We (as if there were more than one of her? ) are the ONLY ones to dare to publicly expose Al Martin.

According to Ranger Rick, Al was about to 'join Chip Tatum and Les Coleman' (neither of whom she has ever met) in taking a bribe from the government and retire to some tropical island.

Yet again, her allegations --stated AS IF they were verifiable fact-- re Tatum and Colemen are nothing but unsubstantiated hearsay. Sure, there are plenty of rumors going around. There were also rumors that Chip Tatum had been terminated.

The last time I saw Chip Tatum, in February of 1998, he told me he was leaving the country and that I would never see him again. He even urged me to leave as well, knowing as he did that my fate might not be fortunate if I stayed.

But I do not KNOW for sure what happened to Chip Tatum and I refuse to publicly speculate. And I KNEW the man, had publicly lectured with him on CIA black operations and spent many hours exchanging information. But I don't claim to know for sure whether he 'took a suitcase'.

It seems to be important to Ranger Rick that she is given credit for her "honesty" --which she repeatedly touts-- in trashing Al Martin's reputation. A man she apparently knows very little about; has never met in person; and by her own admission, has had only limited contact by phone with over the past few months.

She has accused him of being a liar; a bogus whistleblower; a disinformation specialist. Now he is accused of getting ready to "take a suitcase".

Yet she herself is posing as an "Ace G-man" ; a "spook". She has spread much disinformation on her own website, and I know this for a fact, since some of it had to do with me and my own investigations. Incredible!

Yes, I did make the mistake of sharing certain sensitive personal information, at Ranger Rick's request; and I did so in good faith, since she said her only motive was to help me.

But after my trust and confidence was violated repeatedly, I realized that anything I told her was likely to end up splashed across her website, accompanied by her uninformed surmises and personal interpretations of my activities and those of my contacts and associates.

As a result, a lot of damage has ensued for me and others connected to me, both personally and professionally.

She told me herself that she had done no research on mind control or MK ULTRA. Yet, she throws out the terminology and buzzwords as if they were about to go out of style.

She talks about getting DEEP on her site; yet her lack of knowledge of so-called 'deep black' projects is quite apparent to anyone who was actually involved or who has done the serious research, including myself.

In my opinion, the individual who bills herself as 'Ranger Rick' needs to learn to respect the privacy and personal boundaries of others; stick to what she knows about from her own research or personal experience and to mind her own business.

If she fancies herself as some sort of crusader against corruption and injustice; if she imagines herself to be functioning as some de facto intelligence operative; that's her business, I suppose.

But I and others have had to wonder under what possible justification she could have appointed herself to police and judge the lives of others, including people she barely knows or knows not at all.

Since I do not violate the confidence or privacy of others, even if they violate mine, I am confining my commentary to those public issues which have already been raised and in which I myself am involved.

I also have no desire to waste my time by allowing myself to become embroiled in a mud-slinging debacle. My only purpose is to defend myself and to stop more misinformation from being spread; to stop my personal privacy from being further violated; to stop my serious investigations from being further compromised by amateurs who shoot their mouths off the minute they get hold of any information, however tenuous and unsubstantiated; or get wind of the latest gossip.

Yes, I'm mad as hell, and with good reason. Yes, I have the temper of a hellcat when someone interferes with me.

When someone begins interfering in MY personal and professional business, especially while publicly misrepresenting herself as someone she is not, inferring that she is some sort of 'insider' with credentials and bona fides; pretending to have information and knowledge she does not possess, then I have a problem. A big problem.

Unfortunately, much of the misinformation which has been spread via Ranger Rick concerned my investigation and involvement in the so-called Denver Connection and my past and present dealings with certain individuals also involved.

It is important to make it clear that this woman was NOT personally involved in any way with the specific issues I have thus far raised; nor did she have any real firsthand knowledge of some of the issues or persons whose names were dumped on her website; except as told to her by me --much of which was told in confidence.

In connection with some of the names she dropped on this website, she engaged in what I can only call wild speculation; jumping to conclusions based on nothing more than hearsay and her own uninformed conjecture.

She added to the mix corny little 'coded messages' to various individuals connected to me, whom she did not even know.

For reasons I cannot fathom (except perhaps delusional fantasies of her own importance) this woman also seemed to think it was her prerogative to tell me whom I 'should' --and 'should not'--be associating with; what areas of investigation I 'should' --and 'should not' be pursuing; what was and was not a 'waste of my time'.

I have no idea why she thought she had the right to meddle so flagrantly in my business. All I can say is that she chose the wrong woman to meddle with, namely myself.

But she did not stop there. Ranger Rick also apparently did not think it was inappropriate to interfere in my personal and professional contacts with other individuals --as usual, some were people she did not even know-- by writing intrusive, disrespectful and rude e-mail messages, dropping my name into the mix; telling these individuals what they 'should be' doing; how they 'should be' running their lives; trying to interfere in their dealings with me.

All this, while employing the tough-guy John Wayne Act, addressing strangers as 'Pilgrim' and other such nonsense, and even making veiled threats about how nobody survives a mole hunt by The Fifth Horseman; and how we (she always used the plural pronoun) eat bad guys (dropping some names for good measure) for breakfast.

This woman is a phony, plain and simple. At first I believed she was sincerely trying to do the right thing; though her methods were amateurish, abrasive, crude and bumbling.

But the truth is that such intrusive, manipulative behavior, all the while cloaked under her claims of brutal 'honesty' and 'integrity'; presumably used as a cover for shooting her mouth off in reference to things she knows virtually nothing about; is simply unacceptable and worse, unconscionable.

It is the behavior of a provocateur. And the results of this behavior have certainly been less than fortunate for anyone whom she has decided to set her sights on; those whose lives she has apparently felt compelled to intrude upon.

So just for the record, I have distanced myself from any association with this woman. And if Ranger Rick now sees fit to start publicly trashing me and openly (instead of the veiled insinuations I've recently seen posted on her site) accusing me of being a 'disinformation agent'; still under control by CIA, or God only knows what else; just as she has done with Al Martin and others, I can only hope that people will use their own discernment, some common sense; and once again, please: Consider the source.

Barbara Hartwell
December 26, 2001