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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Musings on Individual God-given Rights & The Rule of Law

October, 2005

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum

Musings on Individual God-given Rights and The Rule of Law

Another MORON speaks out.....Ain't life in the trenches grand?

Got this one at the yahoo address [In response to a post re the Rule of Law and God-given rights, below.] No need for me to comment on it. The message speaks all too clearly for itself. As my father used to say, "There's no substitute for stupidity."

I may be just a cranky old bat, losing my tolerance for these misguided folks, but I must speak my mind. If I don't, I'm losing my edge. Enjoy it!......

Mikal Howard (addressing Barbara Hartwell) wrote:

[Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005

Subject: Re: [TheRevolutionaryCoalition] Re: What is the Radical Middle? - It's where we're coming from

the Rule of Law is the problem, Counselor, the Rule of Law is the problem.

Vox Populi, Vox can argue around it but people are tired of being ruled. and also : LAWS DON'T THINK. they sit there on paper and make buracracy go slow. mothers and children have fallen through the cracks. what is that -- THEIR fault?

vox populi, vox dei. making the rule of law a HORRIBLE ANTIGOD THAT KILLS -- it has no friends and of course --since laws don't think but men do-- the cruelest and most ambitious men take advantage of the facts to play fast and loose, high and mighty and KILL --

and this is what vox populi are sick of.

the rule of law is the problem -- it is famously rigid and while telling people 'be proud' leaves them with alot to be ashamed of and the pride becoems more empty -- and moronic.

so people are here together and yeah, it's not really one mind. thank GOD! a bunch of people who all think the same can't changea damned thing! or more necessary change a damned thing into a blessed thing -- which is what should happen.

It;s that "divine right of kings attitude' that people are united against. and it creates problems --as logically people who are united against things make less sense than people who are united FOR things.

from your words:

is based on: The Rule of Law, Individual Rights bestowed by God

that in our world we recognize as old blood and old families saying "we have the blood of old leaders therefore the people and their opinion be damend! we'll rule come what may -- even if we blow it all up or depopulate it slowly while apologizing and legislating more death."

The Rule of Law, Individual Rights bestowed by God

the people who champion this are seen as TYRANTS by too many. i could go on and will. later. but the whining of tyrant princes and their acolytes is disgusting --especially when one thinks of all those patrioptic songs about american the beautiful, while the real picture gets more and more corrupt and the ugliness always can be traced to the patrilineal lines of despotism -- that the first revolution failed to snap. now you have george II and his father hiding in the shadows as a hell fire club

i mean how dare you even say anything about

The Rule of Law, Individual Rights bestowed by God

WHICH God? do you KNOW what the Hell Fire Club is? do you know what HELLFIRE is? they know in Hiroshima. they Know in nagasake. I want to spare peoria. and so do other americans . those inept bastards mean MURDER and have shown that they could give two shits about average americans.


Barbara Hartwell wrote:

This is the Revolutionary Coalition. Isn't it? Lately, I have wondered if I am at the wrong address.

With all those advocating compromise; the fence sitters, people-pleasers, approval seekers; those trying to play both ends against the middle; the advocates of "democracy"; those who don't know what the hell they're talking about, but evidently just like to hear themselves talk; those who don't even know what the Constitution (or the Constitutional Republic) is based on: The Rule of Law, Individual Rights bestowed by God, it just seems amazing to me that they keep at it.

It is quite clear that a number of people posting here do not understand what the Revolutionary Coalition stands for. It would appear that they don't even know what they themselves stand for, as individuals. If they stand for anything.......

I only wish they could figure it out and spare the rest of us the need of having to remind them, again and again and again.......

Defending our God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights. It really is so simple. So why don't they get it?

If they need to be educated, fine. No problem. I don't hold it against them that they don't understand. What bothers me is the ignorance combined with arrogance. It's a bad combination and after awhile, at least to me, it becomes insufferable.

The latest, from Donna aka 'Never Surrender' [Also a Rumor Mill News agent, typically. See: Is Treason U.S.Friendly? Rumor Mill News on the Patriot Act, on this site] repeats the same old theme....democracy, socialism, blah, blah, blah.

Why post it here? This person continues...and continues...with no let up, despite that her political views have repeatedly been noted as being diametrically opposed to Constitutional Law.

Although I'd rather just ignore these people, and do, most of the time, I find it very disturbing. If they want to promote these viewpoints, why, oh why, can't they just do it elsewhere? Like, in a forum of like-minded individuals.

Barbara Hartwell
October, 2005

STANLEY NOTE: We don't need a restoration of "democracy". We need a restoration of the "republic based upon constitutional rule of law". Donna, by now you should know this. Apparently you do not...Unfortunate.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley