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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Genesis Communications Network & Alex Jones Ban Hartwell For Truth

Government Shill Alex Jones Bans Barbara Hartwell for Truth!

 Note, January, 2007:

Here are two reports written in November, 2003. I have left them in their original form, but have combined them into one report, as they address the same issues.

Alex Jones has proven himself to be a liar, a bully, a false patriot, a scamster and a shill; not just to me, but to many others who have been targeted for Jones's censorship and intimidation tactics.

Alex Jones also continues to endorse both Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, DESPITE what he KNOWS to be true about them --covered in this report.

Jeremy Floyd did quit his job at GCN --but Alex Jones later lied about that too, claiming that Jeremy had been fired. Jeremy left GCN on principle, for the censorship, the lies and the endorsement of government criminals. And that is a fact. God bless Jeremy Floyd. He is one of my personal heroes.

Alex Jones and his henchmen later began libeling Barbara Hartwell, calling me a "nark", and naturally, parroting Ted Gunderson's false claims that I am still being handled by CIA.

And Ted Gunderson DID lie about selling Stinger missiles to Osama Bin Laden in 1979, while still working for FBI, then ADMITTED IT, after Stew Webb and myself exposed it. The Fountain of Truth (GCN) radio show on which Gunderson made his admission, was hosted by Larry Lawson, another false patriot, who has been libeling Barbara Hartwell, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, JBS leader John Perna and others, for years.

This is a shameful and corrupt cadre of false patriots, engaged in cover ups of truth, and all back-slapping each other, touting themselves and their buddies as "heroes". Just the same old boys network, same as it ever was...

November, 2003

Genesis Communications Network Bans Hartwell for Truth

This evening, November 13, I was a guest on The Floyd Report, hosted by Jeremy Floyd on the GCN network.

The topic for discussion was FBI COINTELPRO and the ops being run by ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson and his government dupes and provocateurs.

I exposed information regarding CIA, FBI, mind control operations, Op Phoenix and Op Gladio assassinations and the neutralization campaign against myself, Stew Webb and others.

I exposed the SWAT team raid against Stew Webb in Las Vegas, sent by Ted Gunderson. They broke the door down with assault rifles, threw grenades and destroyed the home where Stew was living.

The charges were later dropped against Stew for LACK of EVIDENCE.

In the last half hour of the program, just as I was trying to finish the SWAT team story, I was informed that Jeremy would have to "let me go". I was then abruptly cut off.

I don't blame Jeremy. He called me after the show and apologized. Jeremy was given the order by GCN executives to cut me off. He was told he was not allowed to ever have me on the show again!

Jeremy will soon be coming forward with more specific information, as to WHO was responsible for this directive, which I will be reporting. The names may surprise you.

Jeremy Floyd is a defender of the Constitution. If he has to leave GCN network because of what they did on tonight's show, he will.

But there's more....

On November 11, Stew Webb was a guest on The Byte Show with Georgeann Hughes, discussing the same topic.

On November 12, Stew was on the phone with Georgeann, while she was attempting to upload the show into the archives on her website. Suddenly, her lights and electricity went out, and her phone was cut off.

Georgeann saw a car outside, pulling up in front of her home. The headlights were off.

I just spoke to Georgeann a few minutes ago, in a conference call with Stew.

While on the phone with Stew and Georgeann, a car pulled up right outside my house.

I went out, turned the porch lights on and called out to the driver, Who the hell are you and what do you want?!

The car peeled out and fled the scene.

It is clear that Ted Gunderson, his cronies and his overlords in the Bush Crime Family DO NOT want the information we are exposing to come out.

I am writing this report to make sure that everyone knows what is happening to those of us who have the courage to TELL THE TRUTH.

I will be a guest on Georgeann's show in the near future.

We will NOT STOP exposing the truth!

My message to the FBI, CIA and NWO:

I've had ENOUGH of Y'all!




Here is a report from Jeremy Floyd, explaining what happened last night and the reason why Barbara Hartwell was cut from the Floyd Report radio program.

It is an ominous foreshadowing indeed, which speaks to the First Amendment and puts those who CLAIM to be defenders of the Constitution and AGAINST the NWO into the limelight and EXPOSES them for WHO and WHAT they really are.

Shame on you, Alex Jones.

Shame on you, Michael Trudeau.

Shame on you, Genesis Communications Network.

GOD BLESS YOU, Jeremy Floyd and Stew Webb!


Barbara Hartwell

November 14, 2003

By Jeremy Floyd

I am one of the radio talk show hosts on Genesis and I must now release several things starting with this.

I must also tell you that the audio archives dealing with has sealed this interview and to my knowledge may not be back up in the near future.

As well, others have the right to know first hand that this story from Barbara Hartwell is true. Barbara did get cut from Genesis last night on my program and it was out of my control. The infomation I am about to post here is in the event that I do not post on this message board in the future.

There is a real good chance this may be one of the last posts I post on here for a while, given the current situation but I will try to update this situation as to what has happened the best I can.

The following infomation that I am about to post took place on my radio program last night on Genesis Communications radio network.

What I am about to report to you took place and you can take any of what I am about to say as hearsay if you want, but this has been an on going problem that I have had to deal with for a number of years, dealing with people I have gotten on the air and talked about issues other people will not cover.

In this case it deals with the Franklin Coverup and people directly involved in covering up the incident, John Decamp, Ted Gunderson, & George Pender, Known as "Operation Brownstone".

After this book was released a second book was put out following up book one, The Franklin Coverup, to continue to coverup the incidents involving child abuse, rape and other things.

It was done by these 2 [Gunderson and DeCamp] after the infomation leaked out on radio years ago. These 2 where used by the CIA to spin the story about what really happend and who was really involved.

[I exposed for the first time on radio last night on Jeremy's show, that John DeCamp was in fact INVOLVED in the pedophilia, child sex abuse and blackmailing of politicians in the Franklin case. I confronted Ted Gunderson with what I knew in November 1999 (I have never revealed my source, and nobody would believe me if I did); and at that time Gunderson ADMITTED to me that he KNEW of DeCamp's involvement. That was the beginning of the end of my association with Ted Gunderson, as I could not in good conscience continue to endorse him or work with him.]

In regards to this incident that took place tonight.

You can take what I am about to say anyway you want.

During the interview I got a call from Alex Jones and the person that was running the show at the time, a woman by the name of Stephanie, told me during a break that Alex Jones wanted to talk to me after the broadcast about the person that I was having on the air in this case Barbara Hartwell.

After which I thought nothing of it at the time and continued with the interview.

Later, about 5 mins towards the last half of the 2 hour show, about 7:31 pm Mountain time, I was told another message from Stef that Michael Trudeau, who I have been told and have a letter from, is the Vice President of Genesis, told me and the board operator that I had to let my guest [Barbara Hartwell] go. I was not told why and didn't do it.

After coming back from the 30 min break, Barbara had about 3 min and 20 seconds, from my best guess before Genesis cut her with out my permission.

But there is more. There is one last commerical that takes place at about :45 after or rather closer to :50 after the hour, at which time I got another call from Alex Jones saying to me the following.

That this issue with Ted Gunderson he knew all about, but that I was not and I quote NOT to contact Barbara Hartwell or Stew Webb again or have them on the program again. What needs to be said beyond this are several things but I don't have alot of time left to explain this sitution so I will try to be brief.

I had never heard of Stew Webb until early this year, about 3 or so months after doing the broadcast. At which time I have seen him put out infomation dealing with the bombs that were placed on bridges up in New York and had him on the broadcast at the time dealing with this issue.

Later it did come out where a man had plans to blow up bridges in New York and that Ashcroft had arrested this man and group in relation to these charges.

There is another story dealing with that, I will get into another time but this is a small example as to when this man [Stew Webb] turned out to be right.

Nevertheless, several months ago I had Stew Webb come on in relation to Ted Gunderson working for the CIA now, when he used to work for the FBI. Stew at the time had been demonized in relation to his infomation being false.

So as a follow up what lead to this current sitution, this is part of what happened in the past, if I dont get to update this for a while.

Going on, Stew had somehow, don't ask me how, he had gotten ahold of Ted Gunderson's file when he still worked for the FBI and posted a file dealing with Ted Gunderson's past work as a member of the FBI. This file shows where when Ted was still working for the FBI he sold Stinger Missles to Afghanistan for the Rebels to be used against the Russian forces that were there at the time.

Next, Ted Gunderson first came out and denied the infomation that was presented in this case. But later, on this network, admitted it on a show called The Fountain Truth. At which time he later on this show, admitted to selling these missles to Afghanistan Rebels while he was still working for the FBI.

Take my word for it when I tell you, when this document was put out I got alot more then alot of heat from people at Genesis, in this first case the heat came from John Stadtmiller, host of The National Intel Report, also on Genesis.

Well, after all of this (by the way this was not the first time I was threatened by this man, the last time was over a man by the name of Kurt Billings) this was the first incident dealing with, for lack of a better word, heat... this heat later came to what I reported up above dealing with Alex.

I will go on and explain more later dealing with the omega project I took part of here at ats. but must explain more of the situation at hand.

Now with this current show I also did this yesterday, dealing along the lines of the same issue.

At the time nothing was said until today.

I have been on the verge of leaving Genesis for about a month and a half and I intend to make the announcement that I intend to do so later on tomorrow.

See, here is the thing: there is so much more to this story and what it is I have seen since being on this network, it's going to take me weeks posting articles like this, but it boils down to this. This Ted Gunderson issue is so hot that Alex Jones called me 3 times in a 40 min period to get me to stop what it was I was broadcasting [Barbara Hartwell] not to mention the vice president of Genesis, Michael Trudeau.

Someone at Genesis, or rather quite a few people at Genesis had somthing to lose or that would be affected by the broadcast that I was doing otherwise it would not have been shut down.

Now, like I said, this is firsthand from me. I am the host of my show which will no longer be on the air as of tomorrow, due to the fact this is the 3rd time this has happened, where I have been screamed at for this issue and not to mention other incidents dealing with this Omega Project I was assigned at ats. All of this, belive it or not, ties together.

But I do need to get some other things done in relation to what kind of firestorm I am going to face on this tomorrow.

But what you need to know is simply this: There is a ton more to this story that I will be making public here first in the future. I was also told to take Alex Jones phone call in regard to this situation as to what he knew, this was supposed to take place last night after the broadcast and didn't. It will happen sometime this morning, but all things provided this information is being put here, in the event that I do not get back to post more on this issue right away.

Jeremy Floyd
from the Floyd Report

An update will be posted on the Floyd Report tomorrow regarding this