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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Letter to Rep. Ron Paul on the Brown Case in New Hampshire

Note from Barbara Hartwell:

As a defender of the U.S. Constitution, and of the God-given rights of the INDIVIDUAL, I support Ed Brown wholeheartedly, for his cause is my cause.

I implore all freedom-loving Americans to pray for Ed and Elaine Brown, their family and all American patriots who have come to New Hampshire to stand with them, and to support them in whatever ways possible.

As for myself, the only support I am able to offer is my prayers and what publicity I can give their case on this website. Please pass this information on to others.

Returning this country to the Rule of Law under the Constitution is the only way to end the tyranny.

Thank you for your consideration.

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist

We the People Scoop 1/24/07

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OPINION RELEASE: Ed Brown & New Hampshire/Letter to Rep. Ron Paul

STANLEY NOTE: I second this action. I think this would be a boost to Rep. Ron Paul's campaign, and would send a message to the IRS and the government that FAIR TRIALS are no longer available to Americans through the injustice system, and without FAIR TRIALS, the tyranny of the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA, at the hands of those who have overthrown America from within, will undoubtedly end in the demise of the federal government ,at the hands of the people.

Certainly not a "threat" folks, just an accurate prediction. I believe that if this stand off is not ended with a NEW FAIR TRIAL for Ed & Elaine Brown, that there will be a rampage of American violence against everything federal, all across the country. That of course is my opinion. Funny thing about opinions... sometimes they come true, particularly if it based upon an accurate picture of America's mood right

Our forefathers and the heritage and birthright of liberty, has not been forgotten. There is a rage boiling up from just below the surface in American society. The government will do well, to pay close attention to the warning signs. They won't, as rarely does tyranny pay attention to the people and their anger. Their arrogance and insolence towards the people, will be their downfall, as with every tyranny since the dawn of mankind.

It is my opinion that they will greatly miscalculate on the people's mood and anger from here on. It is my opinion that those in government, will pay dearly and in blood. The American people have tolerated for so long, the tyranny of this government behind the illusions of freedom they have crafted for the masses. The illusion has worn off. I predict there will be great woe for the upholders of the American tyranny very shortly. May we just as quickly forget that they were our countrymen, after the fact.

Rick Stanley

Subject: Ed Brown & New Hampshire

Dear Rep. Paul

I am glad to hear you are looking at another run for the presidency. I contributed $1000.00 when you ran twenty years ago, and will do all I can this time, in order that we might see a president that will uphold the oath of office; something I haven't seen in my lifetime.

Your presence is needed in New Hampshire in support of Ed Brown. I understand and am in agreement with his stand in opposition to the railroading he received at the hands of a thoroughly corrupt federal judge. He has a right to a fair trial and is within his right and duty as a real American in his refusal to submit to this kind of all too common judicial tyranny.

I know all too well what Ed is experiencing, as I have had my own sorry episode with corrupt judicial processes; I was subjected to what amounts to governmental extortion in the Ohio state courts. I then sought a remedy in federal court, then appeals court; what a waste of time, expense, and effort. The federal court was equally corrupt in comparison to the small rural court where I was mistreated at the hands of: Constitution disregarding and lying police; a misbehaving prosecutor; a judge that created from thin air a set of facts to support his rulings that enabled the extortion of a sum in six figures.

I think you are aware and understanding of my anger; Ed's anger; the great anger of an ever growing number of Americans. As Americans we have peacefully endured a corrupt, tyrannical, always expanding government that sees no limits to the power it exercises, for far too long.

If Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson appeared on the scene, they would be aghast that the people have allowed such terrible tyranny to take hold without offering some meaningful resistence. They would be shocked that the people have come to place the worship of wealth, entertainment, sports and celebrity, and other nonsense, so far above the Liberty they sought to establish. Indeed, they would lead another uprising in order to throw off the chains of slavery and tyranny that our evil government has been forging these many years.

Ed Brown has decided he will not take this kind of unjust treatment at the hands of his own government any longer. He is a courageous man. I think many of us are very close to reaching the end of our tolerance-as has Ed Brown-of a government that has become a near-absolute tyranny.

I think many of us see in the Honorable Ron Paul a final non-violent means to restoring Constitutional government; peaceful means have been tried for many decades to no avail.

Please seriously consider traveling to stand at Ed's side, real Americans are sure to take note that we have a man of integrity seeking election to high office.

Marshall J. Martin

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