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Friday, January 5, 2007

Psychotic Stalker Todd Brendan Fahey Continues Criminal Harassment

NOTE, January 5, 2007: Todd Fahey continues his criminal harassment with impunity. This very day, I found yet another harassing e-mail from this psycho in my Yahoo! account.

Fahey is wasting his time. I immediately mark all such messages as SPAM, without opening them, and save the addresses as evidence.

I will eventually publish a directory of all e-mail addresses from which harassment emanates. In Fahey's case, the harassment is criminal, since he has disregarded directives from myself and law enforcement to cease and desist. This harassment has been going on, unabated since July, 2004.

If he ever comes back to the U.S., he'll be behind bars in short order. Being the little coward he is, he wouldn't dare.

October, 2005

Psychotic Stalker Todd Brendan Fahey Continues Criminal Harassment

Todd Brendan Fahey has been repeatedly warned and issued directives to cease and desist from his criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell.

The first warning came from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department on July 4, 2004, when Fahey was removed from my property for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats of violence to a visiting relative.

At that time, the police delivered a message from Barbara Hartwell, that I wanted no further contact with this psychotic individual, at any time, ever again, or for any reason. And that any future attempts made by Todd Fahey to contact me in any way would be regarded as harassment, by myself and by the police.

The second warning was issued on July 6, 2004, when Fahey made several harassing phone calls, then returned to my property to stalk me. He was again removed and warned by the police.

I have copies of the police reports on these two (2) incidents. (Fahey, among his many, many lies, denies these incidents ever took place.)

Fahey was subsequently picked up a third time by police, after they found him passed out on a bench in Old Orchard Beach. Fahey had claimed in an e-mail to my friend ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (who is my witness) that he had attempted suicide with a massive overdose of drugs.

Drugs which he had illegally brought into the United States after he was arrested, confined in a prison hospital, and then deported from Thailand. The police brought Fahey to the psychiatric ward/drug-alcohol rehab of the Southern Maine Medical Center. He was later released and returned to South Korea.

Fahey then continued his harassment of Barbara Hartwell via spreading libelous falsehoods and cyber-stalking.

Todd Fahey has written hundreds of harassing messages and "reports" which he has posted on many websites and message boards all over the World Wide Web. He also wrote and posted many outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell; and shortly thereafter teamed up with others of his ilk, government stooges and minions such as Tim White, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson and Ken Adachi, for the purpose of destroying Barbara Hartwell's personal and professional reputation, including by defaming my character.

The worst of such defamation were Fahey's false claims of having a sexual relationship with Barbara Hartwell, for which he fabricated numerous outrageous lies, in the form of pornographic filth.

Though I've said it before, I'll say it again, for the public record: At no time was there any such sexual relationship. On a moral level, as a Christian who does not believe in or engage in sex outside the sacrament of marriage; and on a personal level, as I find Todd Fahey repulsive, repellent and loathsome in every way imaginable.

Fahey has been promoting his filthy lies about Barbara Hartwell for the past fourteen (14) months and from all indications, will continue to do so. These lies have now become so prevalent on the Internet, that literally hundreds of other sleazy perverts (most hiding behind screen names) who frequent these message boards have joined with Todd Fahey in disseminating and discussing these absolute falsehoods about my personal and private life.

To anyone who has had even the slightest involvement in promoting these obscene falsehoods I will say: You are the scum of the earth and may God judge you accordingly for the damage you have done, including ruining a person's good name and extreme emotional distress.

In addition, Todd Fahey began an aggressive cyber-stalking campaign, following Barbara Hartwell to any message boards where I posted my reports or commentaries.

Fahey was admonished and booted off a number of sites and message boards (including, but not limited to, Liberty Forum; Liberty Post; New Civilization Network: Geral Sosbee's forum; the Revolutionary Coalition forum) for his obscenity, stalking and libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

But unfortunately, there are many website owners and forum moderators who allow him, to this day, to continue his criminal harassment, obscenity, libel and cyber-stalking, or all of same. To them my message is the same: You are the scum of the earth and may God judge you accordingly for the damage you have done.

Since I have refused to read most of the harassing posts by this psychotic and obsessive individual, Todd Brendan Fahey, I don't know the content of the larger portion of the outrageous lies he has fabricated; or of the many cut-and-paste forgeries which he has attributed to Barbara Hartwell, some using a defunct e-mail address and others with bogus e-mail addresses, which Fahey claimed belong to Barbara Hartwell.

But I have been informed by several of my friends and colleagues of Fahey's despicable practices in this regard, including Fahey's many libelous personal e-mail messages to anyone he knows to have been associated with me, past or present.

Fahey has also engaged in identity theft, writing and posting his lies under several names of real persons, including Barbara Hartwell and others he has known to be associated with Barbara Hartwell, including Robert Bradford and Teddy Martino. He has even used the name of a deceased pet cat, Hercules Hartwell.

Fahey, like other little cowards and liars of his ilk, hides behind multiple moronic screen names as well, one of which is:

Fahey uses this one to post his libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell on many Yahoo! groups.

Todd Fahey, as part and parcel of his obsessive campaign to destroy Barbara Hartwell, has also recruited various persons for this purpose; some of whom I once respected and liked (not anymore); some of whom were already part of the government-sponsored libel campaigns (as operatives or their stooges and minions) against Barbara Hartwell.

He also continues to send harassing e-mail to my Yahoo! address, in violation of the cease-and-desist directives issued to him by both myself and the police.

The latest of these messages, two (2) were sent on Friday, September 16 and the "sender" was "Robert Bradford", one of the aliases (as identity theft of a real person) Fahey has adopted for the purpose of his continuing criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell.

I did not open these messages (I seldom do) but will have one of my colleagues do so for inclusion in an evidence file (which grows thicker by the week.)

Another tactic used by Todd Fahey has been his attempts to to bait me by posting his "questions" to Barbara Hartwell on various sites and message boards, in the obvious ploy of taunting me into engaging him in a dialogue, an argument or debate.

I have never opened even one of the links to these idiotic messages, so I have no idea what was in them. Nor have I responded to one and never will. Fahey is wasting his time, as I don't engage in communications with morons and provocateurs, it's as simple as that.

Anything I've had to say about Todd Fahey has been said in public reports (like this one); mostly refuting his many outrageous lies and exposing him (yet again) as the psychopath, pervert, porno-monger and pathological liar that he is.

As if all this were not enough, Todd Fahey has posted my private unlisted phone number (now changed, once again, just as it had to be changed several years ago because of phone harassment by one of Fahey's fellow stalkers, Tim White); and my unlisted street address on many websites and message boards.

This, for the purpose of soliciting other criminals to harass and stalk me, thus compromising my security and endangering my safety.

In fact, solicitation of such crimes is a crime in and of itself. This also applies to anyone in collusion with Todd Fahey to solicit such crimes by publishing Fahey's solicitations. Among the individuals implicated are Tim White and Ken Adachi, along with many more whose names will end up as co-conspirators in both civil and criminal legal proceedings.

Since Todd Fahey does not live in the United States, but in Southeast Asia, perhaps he thinks he can escape the consequences of his cowardly and despicable actions (at least as regards criminal prosecution), which he continues with impunity.

Had he been living in the U.S. while engaging in his cyber-stalking and other forms of criminal harassment, I can guarantee he would now be in jail, or in a nuthouse, where he belongs.

The police themselves assured me of this. But Todd Fahey, by his own admission, hates America, and so has refused to live here for at least the past eight (8) years. Though of course, he has been promoting himself as a "patriot" and defender of the Constitution, in his self-aggrandizing political writings, for even more years.

As he told me himself, he left the country because in America he does not have easy access to the many hard drugs he abuses for recreational purposes, which are an over-the-counter purchase (cheap too!) in Southeast Asia. As well, prostitutes (whose services Fahey contracts for) may ply their trade with impunity.

There may or may not be a way to stop this lunatic, Todd Fahey, from his harassment and stalking any time soon, at least under color of the law. I'm working on it and I certainly have enough evidence against him. But meanwhile, I can expose him and his his activities, as well as those who are in collusion with him, in one way or another.

Though I have seen but a fraction of Fahey's despicable handiwork (as I refuse, on principle, to visit any sites he owns or which allow him to post his libelous and obscene trash) I have been notified of certain such sites and I will list them here, for the public record.

Friends of Liberty (owned by Todd Fahey); Cobalt Forum (owned by Todd Fahey):
Rumor Mill News (owned by Rayelan Allan); Educate Yourself (owned by Ken Adachi); The Konformist (owned by Robert Sterling); APFN (owned by Ken Vardon)

In addition, the following sites of whose ownership I am not aware:

LIBERTYISNOTFREE (a Yahoo! group, in which Fahey's cohorts, including Tim White and Larry Lawson also engage in libelous falsehoods.)

Freedom Underground (a site where Fahey has forged and posted messages using my name, under the screen name "Hercules Hartwell".)

BATR (a site where some of Fahey's cohorts, including Rosalee Grable aka The Web Fairy, have engaged in discussions and posted outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell.)

Vietnam Vets on the Net (a Yahoo! group, in which at least two of his cohorts, Tim White and Larry Lawson, have engaged in disseminating libelous falsehoods. )

Also, beginning in March 2005, Todd Fahey has acted in collusion with certain other individuals to defame the personal and professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell, by arranging radio and television interviews (acting as a middle-man and/or promoter) between talk show hosts and the guests whose purpose was to slander Barbara Hartwell.

And has acted as a promoter for talks shows, the purpose of which was to slander Barbara Hartwell. Some of the individuals involved are: John DeCamp; Ted Gunderson; Alan Stang; Larry Lawson; Tim White; Alex Merklinger.

I must say, with no reservations, and no qualifications, that Todd Brendan Fahey is the absolute worst of the gaggle of stooges, provocateurs and pathological liars I have ever known; and that he has certainly done more damage to the personal and professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell than any other single individual on the face of the earth.

That's quite an accomplishment, considering the fact that Fahey is nothing but a CIA-wannabe, filled with spiteful envy of anyone with real CIA training or experience (which tells you something about his less-than-lofty aspirations in life); and government stooge, doing the bidding of his nefarious overlords who are all a hell of a lot smarter than he is.

Apparently, hell hath no fury like a madman scorned. Scorned by CIA (as he lacked the talent to make the grade) and one of its former operatives, Barbara Hartwell.

But enough of Todd Brendan Fahey and his cowardice and hatred. Let me end this report on a positive note, as I am an optimist by nature and I believe that every negative experience can be turned into an opportunity to do some good by exposing the truth about those who would perpetrate their despicable lies, stalk and harass decent God-fearing, Liberty-loving patriots.

I'd like to thank those few (all activists for Liberty, defenders of the Constitution and God-given rights) extraordinary persons who have stood up and defended me against the outrageous lies of Todd Brendan Fahey; those who have publicly admonished Fahey for his despicable behavior; as well as those who have alerted me to the many libelous falsehoods he has been promoting over the past fourteen (14) months.

Thanks to ex-FBI agent and whistleblower Geral Sosbee; Federal whistleblower Stew Webb; Constitutional activist Rick Stanley; JBS chapter leader John Perna; Wayne Blanchard; Fred Sasse; Robert Bradford; Pete Rogers; and last but not least, my "favorite brother", patriot, servant of Christ and legal prodigy extraordinaire. Knights in Shining Armor. God bless you all.

Barbara Hartwell
September 17, 2005