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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Three Stooges Strike Again! Adachi, White, Fahey

NOTE, added December 2, 2006:

Government toadies Ken Adachi and Todd Fahey have continued their libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell and are still at it to this day.

What's even worse, they have loaded the search engines (especially Google) in such a way that when my name is entered for a search, two (2) "reports" come up at the top of the list: "Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger?" by Ken Adachi; and "Barbara Hartwell, Where Does One Begin?" by Todd Brendan Fahey.

I have never seen more outrageous lies gathered in just two (2) libelous pieces than those written by Adachi and Fahey.

Personally, I don't have the resources or the expertise in computers/Internet to counter the efforts of these unscrupulous liars. But now that I have a website back online (albeit not a "real" one with domain name, etc.) I at least will be able to post my archives of reports exposing these stooges. Here's an old one from 2005.

April, 2005


Ken Adachi, editor of a moronic New Age/government-disinfo website, Educate Yourself, must indeed have become desperate. Since he has no facts or evidence at his disposal (never has, never will) with which he could possibly succeed in his crusade to discredit Barbara Hartwell or Stew Webb; or with which he could possibly substantiate his many outrageous lies, he resorts (once again) to posting the rantings of two delusional, drug-abusing whackjobs, who also happen to be pathological liars, namely, Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White.

If these pathetic losers, these sleazy provocateurs, are the best Adachi can come up with in support of his "case", I suppose we'll be reading their libelous drivel, on "Educate Yourself" (The Power of Thought! The Freedom of Knowledge!) week...after week...after week....with no end in sight. How long is this going to go on?

Why doesn't Adachi try to come up with more credible witnesses? Why doesn't he address the real issues? Why does he repeat the same line over and over: That Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb are "mind-controlled government disinfo agents"?

Does he really think that if he continues to repeat this foolish lie, over and over, that it will somehow morph into the truth? Is this the kind of convoluted "logic" Adachi believes in?

Or maybe, he's just engaging in some of his New Age "affirmations", the school of "creating your own reality".

Why is Adachi making Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb front page news on his website? As of April 1, there are several such articles, all filled with nothing but character assassination about Hartwell and Webb. This is Adachi's idea of front page news?

Why is Adachi now attacking another legitimate Constitutional activist and patriot, Rick Stanley? Why has Stanley been added to Adachi's Libel List?

Now, just because Rick Stanley has given his own truthful testimony about being harassed by Tim White (the same harassment and lunacy many others have been subjected to by Tim White); and because he has named some of the same FBI agents in Denver, such as Mark Hostlaw, whom White has claimed are his "personal friends", Adachi must naturally claim that Stanley has been "duped" by Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, the two villains whom he seems to believe have some sort of magical power to "dupe" everyone they come in contact with. I think Adachi is giving us more credit here than we deserve!

But back to the real world. The facts tell a different story: Rick Stanely did not even know me at the time he had contact with any of the FBI agents he mentioned. What's more, Rick told me himself, in the first (and only, to date) telephone conversation I've had with him, last month, about the bizarre antics of Tim White and how he had been subjected to White's obnoxious harassment.

Stanley certainly didn't need me (or Stew Webb) to tell him what he already KNOWS about Tim White from his own firsthand experience. For that matter, what ANYONE who has ever been targeted by White would know: That White is not legitimate or credible in any way; and that his many lies about his targets eventually are exposed, usually by the persons targeted.

Evidently, according to Ken Adachi, anyone who finds fault with Tim White or Ted Gunderson; or who even questions the honesty, integrity or legitimacy of these individuals, must either have been "duped" (by Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb) or is "under mind control".

Considering his monomania about "mind control" I have to wonder: Is Adachi himself under mind control? Or does he even have a mind at all? Doesn't seem to be much to work with, as far as I can see.

But enough about Adachi. Since this latest pack of lies from Todd Brendan Fahey was considered so "newsworthy" that Adachi placed it on his front page (Extra, extra, read all about it!) best to just dispatch this creep (once again) by refuting his lies about Barbara Hartwell (once again) with the facts.

My comments are in brackets, interspersed within the body of text written by Fahey, preceded by my initials, BH.

Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin?
By Todd Brendan Fahey
March 31, 2005

Re: Rick Stanley, Another Patriot Duped by Barbara Hartwell & Stew Webb (Mar. 30, 2005)

In, Friend Liberty [Todd Fahey]

"For all of her supposed "ex-black ops survivor" statements, I've never seen a scintilla of evidence from her pen that would indicate what she did/where she was "stationed"/who she worked for/how she "broke out" (and why), and, if any of the vast reams of flotsam she vomits online is true, how she is still alive today. She provides 0.00 details. I'm sure she'll say (in another long screed) that she is keeping her "files" in "safe-keeping" "for her protection."

[BH: I honestly don't think anyone cares what Fahey has "seen" (except perhaps his fellow stooge, Ken Adachi) or what constitutes "evidence" in his alcohol-soaked brain (what's left of it). As for details, about my own case, I have in fact, provided many such details in my reports, including names, dates and facts.

These very same details are what seem to be causing Fahey's fellow-stooges, Adachi and White, to scramble so desperately for cover, in attempts to paint me as a liar and a "CIA disinfo agent". I have in fact discussed in detail how I broke out of CIA, and why. Whether or not Fahey has read my articles on these issues is of no concern to me.]

"Why wouldn't someone who has "broken out" of Monarch spill the beans? Tell all. Go public with names, dates, places, situation reports, all of it.

Answer: She's either an obsessive and narcissistic bullshitter; or she's still under Company control."

[BH: Once again, Fahey spews out his erroneous suppositions and idiotic opinions as if they were facts. For those interested, here are some facts:

1) I have never been involved in any project called "Monarch". Fahey must have been reading the same old lies and disinformation Adachi is disseminating about "mind control".

2) I certainly have gone public with many "names, dates, places" and have done so since 1995, when I first went public with my case. Fahey has not heard my radio broadcasts; has not attended any of my public lectures, nor seen tapes of them. It's clear he has either read very little of my written material or could not comprehend what he did read, due to being in his perpetual drunken and drug-induced stupor.

Anyone who wants more information (details, facts, names, dates, documents) may see my new website, once it comes on-line, archives which cover many years of my written material.

3) Fahey, as usual, projects his own character flaws and psychopathology on others. Interesting that he uses the words "narcissistic" and "obsesssive". This is precisely how I had (accurately) described him in my fact-filled reports, exposing his outrageous behavior and his many lies (including the pornographic filth he promoted about Barbara Hartwell.)

As for being a "bullshitter"? Fahey is so full of it, you'd have to call the Roto-Rooter Man to get relief.

4) "Company control"?  Fahey here, is simply parroting Adachi, who is parroting Ted Gunderson. Evidently, Fahey now finds it more convenient to repeat the lies of others, instead of fabricating his own lies.]

"I've met the broad, know how stone-broke and friendless she is, and so conclude that she's just a nut. In 18 days at "her" house in Maine (and, no, she doesn't own that house at 17 Oceana Avenue, on the corner of Old Orchard Park (or Old Orchard Beach; ; and cursory property tax review in the state of Maine will bear this out...), and even before the nightmare began and went sideways, she never once showed me anything close to information/files/photos, blah blah, that would indicate she was ever near CIA. She did have a videotape of the Operation Gladio (Google it) that was kind of interesting (interviews with Gen. John K. "Black Jack" Singlaub and others)--but not revolutionary or incriminating; nothing you couldn't find online already."

[BH: Fahey again lies about the number of "days" he spent, wreaking alcohol-induced havoc at my home. But I've already covered that (and refuted his various, contradictory lies) in several of my reports. Those as well, will be found in the archives of my new website. Anyone who wants the facts, as well as the truth about Todd Fahey, may read these reports and decide for themselves.

Though this psychotic stalker apparently is still trying to encourage his fellow-whackjobs to stalk and harass me as well, by publishing my street address (good thing Tim White doesn't live anywhere near me!) he continues to make an issue (meaningless and irrelevant in relation to his attempts to discredit my bona fides) about the ownership of my home.

It is very simply none of Fahey's business. My home belongs to me, I am the legal resident, that is the end of it. None of Fahey's lies can change that.

And why would I have bothered showing this drunken madman anything, in the nature of "files/photos"?

Though I made the grave mistake of offering this lunatic sanctuary in my home, my purpose in doing so was not to provide Fahey with documentation about my own background. Again, he's grasping at straws. Personally, it does not concern me what Fahey believes; the only concern I have is that he (like his fellow-stooges, Adachi and White) continues to publish lies about me.

The tape he makes reference to, on Op Gladio, in fact, cannot be found "on-line" as Fahey claims, nor can the information contained therein.

Fahey had never heard of Op Gladio, nor Singlaub's involvement in that particular operation, not until I told him about it. I, on the other hand, personally created profiles on some of the operatives from Gladio, and debriefed them after various missions and operations. And since Fahey was too drunk to watch more than one segment of the tape (which he kept interrupting by talking about himself) I doubt he found it "interesting".]

"Barbara Hartwell is a bitter, aging gal, whose base of friends/associates has dwindled down to Geral Sosbee and maybe her son, Keith, a bartender, who she leans on for financial support when she's scraping for coins."

[BH: Everyone is "aging". It's the nature of life on earth. But sometime, take a look at a photo of Todd Fahey (he's not much to look at, unless you like the degenerate look of premature aging which comes from abusing your body with alcohol and drugs); then compare it to a recent photo of myself, taken in October 2004 in Kennebunkport, Maine, courtesy of a Secret Service agent who was following me through town. I still look younger than Todd Fahey and I'm old enough to be his mother.














Barbara Hartwell & Son, Keith

 As for my son, Keith, he is actually the manager of a restaurant/lounge in Kingston, New York, and is attending college classes, in pre-law. Fahey clearly wants to make it sound like my son is some kind of barfly.

As for "financial support" Fahey knows nothing about that area of my life, nor any other, including my relationship with my son. He only met my son once (who referred to Fahey as a "lowlife" and a "freak".)

 More importantly, it's none of his damn business. He simply fabricates lies about anything he thinks will make me and my family look bad. Furthermore, Fahey has no idea how many friends I have, nor who they are. Again, it's none of his damn business.]

"Dunno how she became so obsessed with certain subjects and individuals, and her crap is so predictable and long-winded that I can by now tell what she'll write next and how the lengthy tale will play out."

[BH: Todd Fahey wants to talk about "obsession"? Great, let's talk about his obsession with Barbara Hartwell, which he can't seem to let go of.

To my knowledge, this fixation started when he saw my photo (taken in 1998) on the Internet and has continued ever since. He's been publishing his sick sexual fantasies about me since July 2004, boasting (and telling outrageous lies) about his non-existent sexual conquests.

Fact is, I find him repulsive. He looks like a toad (ugly as sin) and smells like a distillery. I doubt he sees the inside of a shower stall even once a week. He's a slobbering drunk...need I say more ?]

"She bores the hell out of me. (laughing as I type)"

[BH: I guess Fahey's "boredom" with Barbara Hartwell is the reason he keeps on (and has, unabated, since July 2004) with his scandal-mongering and libelous pornographic filth. But I must say, he's sounding more and more like his bud, Ken Adachi, in his claims that Barbara Hartwell is "boring".

Stop talking about me, then, you morons. Find a more interesting topic. Give it a rest. Find a more productive use for your time.]

"P.S.: She always complains about being "libelled": Has she ever stopped to read her own stuff?

In her latest "Ken Adachi/stooge" piece, she writes that I've "had a long history of alcohol-related arrests."?

I've never been arrested- not for anything or in any country. Any researcher out there with the capacity for checking state law enforcement data bases, go for it--try Santa Barbara, CA; Phoenix-area, AZ; Los Angeles County, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Lafayette, LA--my five locations since I turned 18. One speeding ticket in Bevery Hills (I'm some kind of monster). That I've battled the bottle for a long stretch, is something I write about openly (rehab twice; first when I was 21 [not, as she also wrote in that last piece, "in his teens"; and a second time last year, age 39, after my drunken stay at her house, at which I drank with her every night, to terrible excess--the both of us]).

Bu-bye, Blabs. Enjoy the rest of yer lonely days. & have another drink for me."

[BH: This creep just loves to bait and taunt, doesn't he? If I do have a drink, I won't be raising my glass in a toast to Toad Faggy, that's for sure.

My reports are not libelous. They are truthful, based on facts. I provide the testimony of witnesses, as well as evidence, something Fahey and his cohorts completely lack. Libel is when a person publishes damaging falsehoods, which provide the grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Libel is their province (Adachi, Fahey, White) not mine. And I'll prove it, in a court of law. I'll also collect damages. Let's see who's laughing then.

Fahey has "never been arrested"? "Not for anything or in any country"? Well, that's a good one. Tell that to the cops in Thailand, the ones who had him locked up after his latest bar brawl, in which he got his sorry ass kicked (once again).

Before he was deported, that is. He only avoided deportation in South Korea by blackmailing a man from the university, which he publicly boasted about, on several websites, including Friends of Liberty. I can only guess that, in addition to child pornography (of which Tim White is a collector) Ken Adachi condones blackmail, as well, since he features the lies told by these two known criminals on his website.

And lastly, Fahey lies (once again) about Barbara Hartwell "drinking to excess".

My own family and the police (who hauled him away on two occasions in their cruiser, once for drunk-and-disorderly conduct and making impotent threats of violence (which he was too wimpy to back up); and once for stalking me after getting drunk in a sleazy bar nearby, are my witnesses that Fahey was the ONLY one who "drank to excess".]

Okay, Adachi, haven't had enough yet? Haven't made a big enough fool of yourself by promoting these two drugged-up, delusional, perverted whackjobs, Todd Fahey and Tim White?

Keep it up, Adachi. Just keep it up. That's fine by me. You're just giving me more ammunition to be used against you. See where you end up after the dust settles.

In Profound Disgust,

Barbara Hartwell
April 1, 2005