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Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Conspiracy Against Self Respecting Women

NOTE, January 6, 2007: It has been extremely disturbing to me to observe that the work of Henry Makow has been so widely touted by those in the "alternative media"; by so-called "patriots" and Christians.

Makow claims to be an expositor of, and to oppose, the New World Order. He blames "feminism" for many of the ills of society, an attitude that is all too prevalent among the so-called "conservative" element.

A true "conservative" defends the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, which "guarantees" individual rights, as bestowed by God. God does not discriminate by gender, where "natural rights" are concerned --and neither should anyone else. Anyone who claims otherwise has an agenda which does not include Liberty and Justice for All.

And the truth is, the original "feminist" movement was co-opted by the NWO/New Age movement and thus lost its purity of intent: To free women from the shackles of male domination and tyranny. Period.

I remember the feminist movement, from my college days. By that time (late 60s-early 70s) it had already been corrupted. I wasn't a part of it, but then I didn't need to be. I've always has zero tolerance for the macho-minded moron, male-supremacist nonsense. I simply defended God-given rights, for ALL, just as I continue to do, and will do, for as long as I may live.

February, 2003

From the Rumor Mill News Forum


"A real woman is a masochist. Would she become a mother if she weren't?"

Words written by one Henry Makow, in his article titled, The Conspiracy Against Heterosexuals.

These are fighting words, or they should be seen as such, by any SELF-RESPECTING woman. Put up your dukes, Mr. Makow, if you dare. But I don't think you would really want to mix it up with me, since I've got Delta Force combat training; besides, only a sniveling coward would write such words, or even entertain such thoughts.

I have news for Mr. Makow: I am a 'real' woman and I do not have a masochistic bone in my body. I am also a mother, who by the way, almost died in childbirth. The pain was the most excruciating I have ever experienced, especially since I refused any anesthetics or other drugs, to protect my child from being harmed.

Giving birth, for women, is NOT an act of 'masochism'. On the contrary, it is an act of love and courage.

Because of that love and courage, I have a twenty-six year old son, a wonderful young man who was raised to have RESPECT for women, not to attempt to dominate them or treat them as slaves or chattel. If I'd had a daughter, she would have been raised exactly the same way, and believe me, a masochist is the last thing she'd ever be, not if I had anything to say about it.

Just so we get our psychological terms straight, here is a definition of 'masochism' from The American Heritage Dictionary:


1) an abnormal condition in which sexual excitement and satisfaction depend largely on being subjected to abuse or physical pain, whether by oneself or another.

2) The act or an instance of deriving pleasure from being offended, dominated or mistreated in some way.

To say that 'real' women are masochistic is tantamount to saying real women enjoy being ABUSED. But what Mr. Makow does not say is that the ones delivering such abuse would have to be sadists. For you can't have masochism without it's corresponding opposite, sadism.

A logical extension of Makow's argument, in the context of his article, would then be that all 'real' men are sadists.

The ultimate act of sexual sadism is sexual assault, or rape. And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that women who have been assaulted in this most vile of ways DO NOT 'enjoy' being raped. These women are NOT masochists, no way in hell.

I worked for several years as a consultant and profiler with the sexual crimes division of a New York police department, hunting down rapists and doing my damnedest to see them put behind bars, where they belong.

I interviewed many of the women, and you'd best believe there were no masochists among them. Not a single one.

In my considered professional opinion, as a forensic investigator, a psychotherapist and as a 'real' self-respecting woman, these monsters ought to get the death penalty, preferably by firing squad!

Furthermore, they ought to have their balls cut off first, preferably by one of the women they sexually assaulted.

Sadism is arguably the worst form of psychopathology that could possibly derange the human mind. Yet Mr. Makow supports and condones this sort of mass psychosis, by putting forth the contention that women "enjoy" sadistic abuse.

No, he doesn't say that in so many words. He doesn't have to. Anyone with a half a brain can read between the lines.

I give Mr. Makow credit for one thing: He openly admits his oppressive agenda against women and takes no pains to hide his misogyny. No denial here; he instead attempts to present his misguided theories about "heterosexuality" as if HIS definition of heterosexuality is a de facto state of being ordained by God and Mother Nature.

Typical of such misogynists, especially the ones with PhDs, he employs the transparent device of using psycho-babble to promote his lies and his assaults on the dignity and honor of women.

Mr. Macho (...uh, excuse me..... Mr. Makow) informs us that heterosexual "bonding" in a marriage occurs when a woman 'surrenders her power' to the man, who in return provides "protection and love".


Well, I must say, Makow sure has a strange definition of 'love'. As for protection, if she needed protection, I would have to wonder why the woman in this kind of marriage did not look elsewhere for such protection....from her domineering sadist husband, that is. Or why she would marry such a jerk in the first place.

Let's take a look at how some of these oppressive, misogynistic concepts about women, which have been inculcated into our society, were formed. They sure as hell did not originate with Mr. Makow, nor his ilk.

The best example I can think of would be the King of Misogyny, "philosopher" Nietzsche. Here's an excerpt from his essay, "On Woman":

"One of the most deplorable things is the desire of woman for emancipation. Woman has many motives for being modest. She conceals so much that is pedantic, superficial, paltry, immodest and unrestrained. It will be unfortunate if woman unlearns her perspicacity, her arts of grace, playfulness and driving-away-cares, and her fine aptitude for agreeable passions. Woman does not desire truth. Nothing has been more foreign, repugnant or hostile to her than truth. Her great art is falsehood, her chief concern is appearance and beauty. It is precisely this art and instinct which we men honor and love. To be mistaken about the problem of woman, to overlook sex-antagonism, to dream of equal rights, duties,&c., are typical signs of shallow mindedness. A profound man can only, like the Orientals, consider woman as property, as a being whose predestined mission is domesticity."

And just so we have a sample of some of Nietzsche's other philosophical gems of wisdom, here's an excerpt from his "New Philosophers":

"They are ever chanting: 'Equality of rights' and 'Pity for suffering'. We, however, who have opened our eyes and consciousness, believe just the contrary. Indeed, severity, violence, slavery, danger, dissimulation, stoicism,artifice and deviltries of every kind--all that is bad, terrible, tyrannical, predatory and serpentine in man--serve as well for the elevation of humanity as their opposites."

Sexism, gender-based oppression, slavery, fascism, slash-and-burn terrorism. That's the ticket!

It takes a "profound man" indeed to endorse this inspired philosophy for the "elevation of humanity". And as an added perk, no one who buys into this philosophy could ever accuse such a man of being "shallow minded".

I must say, I can't see much difference between Makow and one of his likely philosophical mentors, quoted here.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. And I will not waste any more time with Mr. Makow or his idiotic woman-bashing theories.

Maybe Mr. Makow should just stick to promoting his psycho-babbling board games.

Better yet, maybe somebody ought to offer him a one-way ticket to get on board the next time machine.... and send him back to the dark ages, where he belongs.

Barbara Hartwell
A Real Woman

February 26, 2003

Note from Babs:

For those male sadists and female masochists, or anybody stupid enough to be indoctrinated with some mindless drivel, Mr. Makow's article follows:

The Conspiracy Against Heterosexuals
How Men and Women Bond

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Gay and lesbian activists recently held a "Question Gender" week at a local university.

They put up posters promoting the notion that masculinity and femininity are merely social conventions and have no basis in biology. "You are born naked and the rest is Drag," one said, quoting drag queen RuPaul.

They want us to believe there is no difference between male and female, to ignore that males have 10 times more testosterone than females. They want us to deny the principles of yin and yang, the mainspring of the universe.

Imagine the outcry if heterosexuals challenged homosexuals in similar fashion? What if the posters read, "Homosexuality is a Developmental Disorder"? The gay events drew few students but their campaign illustrated two important points.

1) Gays and lesbian activists pretend they only want tolerance when in fact they want to seduce "straights" and change the heterosexual character of society in general. The demand for gay marriage should be viewed in this context.

2) The fact that they can insult most of the student body with impunity illustrates that Power in the university and government promotes homosexuality. Why?

The five percent of the world's population that owns 95% of the world's riches have a solution for inequality. Spread the wealth? No. Instead, reduce the number of have-nots. Eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor. From their perspective, that's you and me.

The goal is to get women to stop having children. One method is to promote homosexuality, or gender feminism, which is lesbianism. It has worked. According to population expert Ben Wattenberg, "Never before have birthrates fallen so far, so fast, so low, for so long around the world."

Mankind is a pair-bonding species. We find meaning and satisfaction through our heterosexual roles: husband, wife, father and mother. These are essential to our personal development and fulfillment. Yet the mass media constantly tells us that men are violent predators, marriages are oppressive, and children a burden.

For example, look at the trailer for the Oscar nominated movie "The Hours." This movie is about three different women each living "a lie" because they "put someone else's life first." Have you ever seen a movie about a satisfying marriage? Or one that celebrated parenthood for the incredible achievement that it is?

Residents of Communist countries are accustomed to getting false messages from government and media. We had better get used to it too. If you haven't noticed, our leadership (government, media, education, business) is thoroughly corrupt and Communist leaning. (Substitute private for public monopoly, backed by government power, and you'll get the picture.)

With the encouragement of government, feminists promote a lesbian fear and suspicion of men. I attended a presentation about Korean "comfort women" during World War II. Slides were projected on the effigy of a Korean woman wearing a kimono. As she explained the indignities she suffered from Japanese soldiers, I could sense that the 25 young women in the audience were closing their hearts to all men. There was no mention that the American soldiers who liberated these women were also men.

Feminism has imbued many women with an inordinate sense of importance, entitlement and grievance that makes them unapproachable. Sexually, they have gone on strike, "crossed their legs", causing their alleged charms to soar in value to quasi-mystical levels. I saw an art exhibit where one co-ed had actually photographed the entrance to her vagina and framed it.

We are trained to listen to messages instead of our instincts. This psychological dissonance creates mass psychosis. If you haven't noticed, society has an unhealthy obsession with sex.


At its heart, sex is really a craving for spiritual union with a member of the opposite sex. This union or "marriage" provides a sense of completion. Only by becoming "whole" do we finally become men and women. Men make women and vice versa.

Marriage involves the surrender of a woman's power in exchange for a man's protection and love. Power is the essence of masculine identity. Women civilize men by converting his power to socially constructive ends.

Men have a profound psychological need to possess a woman and women have a similar need to be possessed. Remember, marriage is about becoming one.

By accepting a man's leadership, a woman demonstrates she loves him. There is nothing more beautiful than this act of trust. It is the heartbeat of the cosmos. It is what a man responds to; his love increases in direct proportion.

A man cannot dedicate himself to a family he cannot lead. Women complain that men are boys yet they refuse to empower them, demanding "equality" instead. Equality neuters both male and female. A man becomes a man by assuming family responsibility. It is in a wife's interest to foster her husband's power.

Muslims forbid the two sexes from making eye contact because a man's glance is like his seed. Occasionally I have had an extraordinary reaction when I glanced at a woman. Her whole being seemed to open up and receive me. Her face became extraordinarily inviting, loving and beautiful. I was taken aback and averted my gaze but I was moved.

A seed falls on fertile ground. His spirit is planted, her love nurtures it; later it becomes their child. There is nothing more profound, more beautiful or more satisfying than the love between man and woman. That's why they have to destroy it.

I anticipate e-mails complaining that men don't keep the bargain. Disclaimer: Ladies, go slowly. Observe. Think. Choose carefully. To the complaint that I want women to "go back to being submissive zombies," a woman who has the love and support of a husband and family is in a better position to achieve anything she wants.

In conclusion, heterosexuals are under constant assault. Promiscuity is encouraged. Teenagers are taught oral sex in high school. Pornography and sex fill our e-mailboxes. Women parade naked on newsstands and TV.

What couple can withstand this barrage? One that has achieved wholeness. This takes place when a woman surrenders rather than affirms her independence and power. A real woman is a masochist. Would she become a mother if she weren't?

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles on feminism and the new world order are archived at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments at