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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

STOP THE LIES: Boycott Ted Gunderson

NOTE, January, 2007:

I have known Jackie McGauley since 2002, when she contacted me after she learned that I was exposing the truth about former FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Since that time Jackie has furnished hard evidence and documentation to support her claims regarding the scams, hoaxes and con-man operations being run by Ted Gunderson.

I had worked with Ted Gunderson for three (3) years, between 1997 and 2000, in a professional capacity. I broke off my association with Ted after I learned that he was in fact a government plant, and that he was in collusion with other "former" government operatives, such as John DeCamp, to cover up and contain the very cases involving child sex abuse, satanism, CIA drugs-for-weapons deals (in which Gunderson himself has been involved).

As for Jackie McGauley, Ted Gunderson lived in her home for three years. Jackie was driven into destitution and bankruptcy after Gunderson maxed out her credit cards, and to this day she still has creditors calling her home re money owed by Gunderson, debts he ran up while using Jackie's address.

[See: Seriously, I am sick of this!...Jackie McGauley's letter to Ted Gunderson, on this website]

Lastly, former senator John DeCamp, Ted's crony and ally for many years, and in collusion with Gunderson for over two decades to run coverups and containment operations, has been threatening to sue Barbara Hartwell for almost two years.

DeCamp has also been slandering and libeling Barbara Hartwell by spreading outrageous lies on many radio programs (including Alan Stang and Alex Merklinger, among others); as well as on many websites and message boards, through his PR shills, including predicate felon, transvestite and child porno collector, Tim White. White is a long time Gunderson minion who made a deal with corrupt feds in Denver to get out of jail and who has publicly boasted that John DeCamp is his "personal friend" and even his "attorney".

Another DeCamp shill is Todd Brendan Fahey, false patriot, psychotic stalker, porno-monger, blackmailer, identity thief and pathological liar.

Then, there is Ken Adachi, editor of New Age/gov't-disinfo website, who promotes Gunderson as a "hero", along with John DeCamp. He also endorses Tim White and even gave White his own section 'Tim White Postings'. Adachi runs smear campaigns against Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley and others targeted by Gunderson, DeCamp and their fellow liars and false patriots.

These minions of Gunderson and DeCamp (criminals, liars, psychopaths, porno-mongers) show the ilk of person these "former" government operatives are using to do their dirty work in their attempts to neutralize legitimate whistleblowers like Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley and others.

No doubt, they'll keep on lying, but their lies will not stand.

June, 2003


Note from Babs:

The following is a report from Jackie McGauley, in reference to Ted Gunderson's interference and spreading of lies and disinformation in more than one high profile case of child abuse, as well as Gunderson's attempts to promote himself at the expense of the victims.

Ken Adachi, Ted's mouthpiece, is also involved in promoting these lies and disinformation, through his website, Educate-Yourself.

Included in Jackie's letter are some documents, including a letter from Ted Gunderson. If you are interested in THE TRUTH about the McMartin Preschool case, you may contact Jackie at:


By Jackie McGauley

A mutual friend of mine and Joe Klaas, Polly's grandfather, gave Joe my home phone number and suggested he call me about my case (McMartin). Joe called me to talk about the kind of abuse the kids in my case went through and told me that he was unhappy about all of the psychics that were hanging around the center where the search for Polly was being organized.

I talked to Joe several times about ritual abuse and my case and how these bizarre crimes happen. I did not see the connection he had made between my case and his at the time.

Days later I got another call from Joe. He told me that Ted Gunderson was planning to come to Petaluma where Ted's close friend Doug Millar had a small group of fundamentalist Satanic crime busters and do a press conference about Polly. Joe asked me how he could stop that from happening. I told him that he could not stop him but the best way to deal with it was to just ignore the whole thing. If anyone asked to say that they had nothing to do with Gunderson and just stay away from it.

A week or so later I received this letter from Ted:

[TED L. GUNDERSON AND ASSOCIATES • International Security Consulting and Investigations. 2210 Wilshire Blvd.• Suite 422•Santa Monica, CA 90403• 310/364-2280

Dear Jackie

I learned last night that Polly Klaas's grandfather called me at your home shortly after she was kidnapped for the purpose of having me help locate her. As a result of his conversation with you he decided not to use my services. I believe I could have helped with this case, especially early on, and perhaps saves a little girls life. If this scenario brings you pleasure then think how you would feel if [my children's names] were kidnapped and you needed the help of a top professional. Our personal problems are one thing but when it affects a little girls life you are going too far. GET HELP NOW


Member, Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of

Joe called me, not Ted. I consider this letter libelous and if Ted had an address where a subpoena could be served, I would have been able to sue him.

The first day I rented my house where Ted lived with me I was forced to accept a subpoena for $90,000 for an office complex he rented and never paid the rent.
Unfortunately for them Ted had evaded them long enough that the statute had run out and they were unable to proceed.

For those of you that don't already know, Ted was kicked out of the Special Agent's Society. The only agent in the history of the FBI to ever be banned from that group.

This morning I got a call from Assistant District Attorney Greg Jacobs of the Sonoma County DA office. Greg was the lead prosecutor in the Polly Klaas trial. He reconfirmed for me that Ted Gunderson had absolutely nothing to do with the Polly Klaas case.

Ted is giving a speech in Davis in a few weeks. I have been trying to contact the organizers to let them know that Ted has no authorization to talk about my case or the Polly Klaas case. Greg gave me his phone number (707 565-3797) and told me that if anyone had a question weather or not Ted was involved in the case they could call him.

Here is the notice for the Davis speech:

[Controlled America Conference Presented July 12 & 13, 2003
From: Lani Tachera

(From Educate Yourself website)

June 2, 2003

Controlled America lectures were formed to educate the public about the Government's Directed Energy Program. Through rallies, lectures, videos, and books, they expose the human rights abuses/torture involving the U.S. Government, military, C.I.A., F.B.I. and Independent Contractors and their use of bio-electronic weapons (such as extremely low frequency {ELF} electromagnetic weapons, which have been used as mind control devices).

When: Saturday, July 12, 2003 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m & Sunday July 13, 2003, 1:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

Where: Unitarian Church, Davis, California
Cost: $35.00 each day

Learn about GPS satellite & Microchips, Government Mind Control Programs, Directed Energy Weapons Harassment, HAARP, CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse, & CIA Drug Dealings.

Ted Gunderson - "CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse." Ted is a retired FBI Sr. Special Agent-in-charge in the Los Angeles office. He has worked on exposing CIA and U.S. Govt. satanic ritual abuse cases for 20+ years. Some of his more high profile cases have been the McMartin preschool, Polly Klass, and Franklin cover-up.]

I have made it clear that Ted had NOTHING to do with my case, and has no authorization to put it on his resume much less give speeches claiming he was hired by anyone-or that he spent any of "his own" money on the investigation. This would be an excellent place for me and others to serve him with a subpoena for the money he stole form me and Mrs. Homer Young, and Lillian Madsen and Mary Scheibe, and many others as all of Ted's addressees are either mail box drops or other people's homes.