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Friday, January 19, 2007

Coverup & Censorship at Free Republic


The focus of this report (January 2002) is the hypocrisy displayed by many of those who claim to be defenders of the Constitution, and who claim to be "patriots."

Free Republic website is exposed here as one such hypocritical entity. But ironically, there is additional hypocrisy which I was not aware of at the time of this writing. The other hypocrite is one Todd Brendan Fahey, mentioned in this report as one of the "good guys."

In an article titled, The Heart of the Warrior, I had cited an editorial written by Fahey (December 2001), at the time believing that Fahey was a sincere patriot, based on his writings which defended liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

Roughly three years later (2004) I was to learn that my assessment of Todd Fahey couldn't have been more inaccurate. 

[See the several reports on this site: Report on Todd Brendan Fahey, July 2004; Todd Fahey: To Hell in a Handbasket; Retrospective on a Man of Dishonor: Why I Am NOT a Todd Brendan Fahey Fan; Psychotic Stalker Todd Fahey Continues Criminal Harassment.]

In the report below, the screen name "jazzfanaticus" (one of the contributors to the report) is that of Todd Fahey. Fahey had told me of this at the time, and I only later realized that it was but one of many such screen names being used by Fahey, for the purpose of hiding his true identity; and so he could promote himself, while appearing to be one of Todd Fahey's "supporters".

He also uses this tactic to demonize people, libeling them under various screen names, to make it appear as though there are MORE opponents of his targets than actually exist. Worst of all, Fahey engages in forgery and identity theft, using REAL names he has stolen to publish false information.

As a general policy, I do not give credibility to anyone using a screen name, on any message board; nor to those who write material under a pseudonym or "anonymous." I need real names and sources I can verify.

And personally, I have never written material under a screen name or pseudonym. I have always used my real name. Nor have I ever attempted to hide my true identity.

In this case, I gave credibility to "jazzfanaticus" only because I knew the real identity behind the screen name, that of Todd Fahey. But of course, Fahey has proven to me and many others, since that time, that he is a pathological liar; a poseur; a shill and a false patriot who hates America so much that he refuses to live here; and by his own admission, largely because he cannot have cheap and easy access to the drugs he abuses for recreational purposes.

Additionally, Todd Fahey continues, to the present time, with his cyber-stalking, criminal harassment, and publishing libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. He continues e-mail harassment to a Yahoo! address, after being directed by myself and law enforcement (July 2004) NEVER to attempt contact with Barbara Hartwell in any way, for any reason.

Fahey has also teamed up with various other shills and government minions to libel, harass and solicit criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell by publishing my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address, NEVER listed in any public records in connection with my name.

Fahey has acted in collusion with other criminals and government shills and minions, including Tim White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi. He has also become a front man and shill for former senator John DeCamp, promoting DeCamp's threats of a lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell, since March, 2005.

And lastly, note how Fahey (under his screen name, jazzfanaticus) DEFENDS the credibility of Barbara Hartwell, as well as the principles I espouse. But he didn't have the guts to do so under his real name, nor has he ever done so.

Todd Fahey is a narcissist, a sociopath, a phony, a liar and a deceiver. He claims to be a "Friend of Liberty". And knowing what I now know, he has NOT the "heart of a warrior" but rather that of a sniveling coward and publicity hound, desperate to feed his negatively-inflated ego.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Fahey's deception, posturing and hypocrisy notwithstanding, the PRINCIPLES and IDEALS on which I based this report stand, as always, untarnished. Please keep this in mind while reading the report.

One last item: When Todd Fahey posted my article, The Heart of the Warrior, on Free Republic, and elsewhere, he edited it, without my permission, and DELETED all references to Jesus Christ.

Now, what does that tell you?

January, 2002

Coverup and Censorship at Free Republic

On New Years Eve, the last day of the year 2001; a year that saw the installation of the repressive regime of George W. Bush; the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks; the 'War on Terrorism'; the invasion of Afghanistan; the passing of unconstitutional legislation such as the PATRIOT act; thus ushering in what by all appearances may be the beginning of the end of our Constitutional Republic; an article was posted on Free Republic. That article was titled The Heart of the Warrior, written by Barbara Hartwell.

This article was not in any way unique or unusual, at least as regarded the sentiments I expressed, no different than those held by other freedom-loving patriotic Americans who are dedicated to preserving our Constitutional Republic and our way of life.

Much of the text included was not even written by myself. My article was actually inspired by the writings of two others, both American patriots, who exemplify what I would call the 'heart of the warrior'. They hold firm to the same principles as myself and believe, as I do, that our country, our Constitution and our freedom are well worth fighting for.

Todd Fahey's article, Where Is Our Larry Flynt? Blackmail As A Public Service Announcement (posted on my website) was a source of inspiration to me, because Todd knew whereof he spoke when he said that the American people needed to learn to "play hardball' with the corrupt factions of government who are stripping us of our liberties and constitutional rights.

The other man, an anonymous source, is ex-military and a former covert operative, whose commentary on the 911 attacks and government corruption and cover-ups —based on his extensive investigations and personal experience as a black ops insider— were included in my article.

Free Republic bills itself as: 'A Conservative News Forum'. But what is the real agenda behind Free Republic's alleged 'conservatism'? And just what is it that Free Republic is interested in 'conserving'?

It certainly isn't our freedom of speech, guaranteed under the 1st amendment. I say this because it was decided by someone over at Free Republic that a thread on CIA illegal covert operations, which ensued on the message board after someone using the handle 'jazzfanaticus' posted my article, was deleted in its entirety, only hours later.

As you will see, most of the controversy generated by my article revolved not around the contents of the article itself, nor the ideas presented therein; but around the question of whether or not I am a 'whack job' by virtue of my claims of having been utilized by CIA under the MK ULTRA program.

I won't bother defending myself against the allegations made about me by some of the authors of the posted messages. I've already done that elsewhere. But I do find the whole thread to be interesting, and entertaining as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fortunately, I did print out the entire thread before the powers-that-be at Free Republic deleted it from the board, so I was able to retype it from the original.

[Note: Comments by individuals are in quotes. References to previous comments are in brackets. Text is consolidated to save space, but is presented in it's entirety.]


In response to The Heart of the Warrior by Barbara Hartwell - 12-31-01

By wideawake:

"Barbara Hartwell is a well-known crank. She claims to have been a high level operative of the CIA who was brainwashed, then escaped her handlers and is now "exposing' them. In short, a nutball."

By jazzfanaticus:

"As the CIA, as a matter of policy (until George Tenet goofed on Johnny Spann) denies any mention or admission of its agents, how do you know she wasn't one?"

By archy:

[Barbara Hartwell is a well-known crank. She claims to have been a high level operative of the CIA who was brainwashed, then escaped her handlers and is now "exposing' them. In short, a nutball.]

"Of course. Everyone knows you can't escape from the CIA. Once they're done with their *operatives* (did you mean that she was an *agent*, a JOT or a career officer ?) they either kill, expose or otherwise dispose of them. Just ask Manuel Noriega, Tony Poe, or Lou Conein."

By Jazzfanaticus:

"And the U.S. taxpayers must put up with this long ?"

By wideawake:

"LOL!!! You should take a course in logic, with a special focus on the fallacy of proving a negative. Let's look at this for a second as rational thinkers, not as paranoid fantasists. Barbara Hartwell makes a living by going around the country and giving lectures to gullible rubes like yourself. In order to lend an air of mystique and danger to her traveling carny show, she tells her slack-jawed audiences that she was a specially trained and brainwashed CIA agent. Part of her shtick is that the CIA is an incredibly ruthless organization which will stop at nothing to expand its power and influence. Now, if the lies Barbara were telling ( for her own monetary profit) were true, that would mean that someone who knows all the deepest, darkest secrets of an organization which will stop at nothing is walking around free as a bird and the spilling the beans to anyone who'll give her five bucks. If the CIA were truly the nefarious organization she claims it to be, and if she was really privy to the information she claims to be privy to, what's stopping the CIA from eliminating her? Why doesn't she all of a sudden die of a mysterious heart condition? Why isn't she killed in a freak car accident? She claims that the CIA eliminates its enemies like this all the time, in untraceable incidents. Why is she exempt, if she's so dangerous? Use your brain"

By jazzfanaticus:

[Part of her shtick is that the CIA is an incredibly ruthless organization which will stop at nothing to expand its power and influence.]

"And you believe otherwise ? The eggnog good tonight? "

By wideawake:

"If the CIA were as ruthless and efficient as people pretend it is, how did Aldrich Ames operate for so long undetected ? Why have CIA operatives abstained from assassinating foreign leaders under Congressional order ? The CIA has proven itself, time and again, to be inefficient, soft and as prone to incompetence as any other government agency. The fact is, neither you nor the opportunistic Ms. Hartwell know the first thing about intelligence work. Here's a hint - it ain't the way it is in the movies. It's mostly about monitoring information - sifting through tons and tons of documents and intercepted messages trying to find out information that other people want to keep hidden. There are no 007s, no Missions Impossible. It's office work.

Hey, if your life is empty of meaning and you feel a need to invent a vast, shadowy conspiracy world to keep yourself entertained - be my guest. But if you want to present Hartwell's pathetically transparent lies on FR, you'll need to realize that not everyone shares either your paranoia or your suggestibility.

By jazzfanaticus:

[Here's a hint - it ain't the way it is in the movies. It's mostly about monitoring information - sifting through tons and tons of documents and intercepted messages trying to find out information that other people want to keep's office work.]

"And you would know this?......HOW?"

By wideawake:

"Oh, a friend of the family ( and fellow high school alumnus of my dad's) worked for 'the company' (as it were) for a good twenty years. His method of escaping his brainwashing was insidiously clever -he retired on a full pension."

By jazzfanaticus:

"And he told you the nature of his full-daily-duties. Either 'uhm-hmmm...or 'tsk tsk'. ( BTW: Generating a conclusion form one (1) example among thousands is very bad logic...)"

By Snuffington:

[It is known among those rich in spiritual wisdom that the true warrior....] --from The Heart of the Warrior

"So the author is: A. One of those rich in spiritual knowledge - so we'd better listen to her. B. Using an obvious rhetorical trick to cloak her subsequent words in more authority than they'd otherwise deserve."

By Cleburne:

"Pass the tinfoil!"

By jazzfanaticus:

[The fact is, neither you nor the opportunistic Ms. Hartwell know the first thing about intelligence work. Here's a hint - it ain't the way it is in the movies. It's mostly about monitoring information - sifting through tons and tons of documents and intercepted messages trying to find out information that other people want to keep hidden. There are no 007s, no Missions Impossible. It's office work.]

"Why don't you tell that to the family of the CIA officer and former marine Johnny 'Mike' Spann, killed in Afghanistan a couple of weeks back. Or run on down to Winfield, Alabama, Mike Spann's hometown, and tell his parents that."

The next post was a photo of the memorial wall at CIA Headquarters , with the following text:

The memorial wall, commissioned by the CIA Fine Arts Commission in May 1973 and sculpted by Harold Vogel in 1974. With the simple inscription " IN HONOR OF THOSE MEMBERS OF THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY " this wall of 78 stars stands as a a silent, simple memorial to those CIA officers who gave their lives for their country. The glass-encased Book of Honor below the stars lists the 43 names which, in death, can be revealed. Framed on each side by the American Flag and the Central Intelligence Agency flag, this memorial immortalizes these anonymous few who served and sacrificed in silence.

By Asclepius:

[Well then, I'm asking y'all, good guys...what are you waiting for? What on God's green earth are you waiting for? ] --from The Heart of the Warrior

"I need to return a video."

Next post: A photo of Johnny Spann.

By freefly:

"Hartwell may well be exactly what you say: a nut.

[What's stopping the CIA from eliminating her?]

Maybe because she IS a nut and therefore useful for discrediting other CIA detractors??

But that doesn't mean that the CIA is nothing more than a benevolent info-gathering org. The CIA's role in the drug trade and political assassination is very well documented, often in Senate investigations. A simple search on Google or alltheweb will turn up a lot of info on the CIA and what it really does. A good look in Afghanistan will say plenty also. A much more credible example than Hartwell is Ralph McGeehee who retired from 25 years in the CIA with a career achievement medal. He wrote Deadly Deceits. Very worthwhile reading."

By Colt.45:

"Although the CIA is powerful, they are not as powerful and ruthless as you might think. But this article [Heart of the Warrior] sounds like the biggest load of horse dung I have read in awhile. I really need to invest in Alcoa stock. The sale of tin foil hats will be jumping now! Anyone who believes this 'whack job' will be supporting my retirement fund."

By Archy:

[Everyone knows you can't escape from the CIA. Once they're done with their *operatives*.... they either kill, expose or otherwise dispose of them.]

[And the U.S. Taxpayers must put up with this long ?]

"For as long as it wishes to to have career federal employees direct others, almost but not quite always foreign nationals, do that work which would otherwise require the expenditure of the lives of some of those in America's armed forces. Alternately, for so long as they choose to remain a nation, for they do have enemies who cannot be reasoned with or placated, though they can be stopped. And as with other governmental entities, some of that agency's functions might be privatized or directed by other agencies or departments, as it was at least considered when President Kennedy suggested that the CIA might be *broken into a thousand pieces and thrown to the winds. * It is less certain as to whether he had crafted a working summary of how to do so, but in any event he was murdered before any such changes could take place, though noone was ever convicted of that crime."

End of thread.

This thread of messages was e-mailed to me on Dec 31 by 'jazzfanaticus', the man who posted my article on Free Republic. Now, let's hear from jazzfanaticus. Here are his comments, written to Free Republic, after the entire thread, including the article which started the thread of comments, was summarily deleted from the message board —looks like the ax came down with a vengeance!

Now, I wonder, who all decided to do that? And just like jazzfanaticus, I have to wonder: Why?

[CIA Thread Deleted: WHY?

Why? & how long do you think you can continue this practice without being exposed for the Agency shilling you're obviously engaged in?

One of your longtime posters and financial contributors related to me today that Jim Robinson, owner and Webmaster of, was shown his own FBI files by a fed-type not long ago, and that Mr. Robinson agreed to "toe the line" on performing damage control in the face of posts which unveil government skullduggery. Such would be a mighty disturbing revelation, and not at all necessary to prove; a couple interested (mass-traffic) Web sites have been more than happy to study random tests of CIA/MK-Ultra threads posted at FR, in real-time, and have made their own conclusions, given the rapid response toward either deleted or a savaging of the article or its poster or its author ed at the hands of your Spook friends aboard.

The last two deletions (related to the late CIA/MKULTRA chief, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and of George Hunter White, head of a joint FBI/CIA blackmail project known as "Operation Midnight Climax," which was an integral part of MKULTRA), which occurred within the last two hours, have been studied by several such interested investigators. It is also easy enough to archive a thread, prior to it being vanquished, for later study.

In short, Mr. Robinson, there is a demonstrable difference between supporting Our Country and its federal agencies, especially in times of "war" (until Congress declares it, though, we are not in one...) and covering for its most rotten aspects. Can't keep this up forever, without becoming obvious.]

Now another e-mail message I received from jazzfanaticus:


Having replied to yesterday's missive, I'll take it that you won't mind a follow-up. At issue is the recent propensity of (its Webmaster and owner, Jim Robinson) to delete threads which might be critical of government operations. What once billed itself as an "online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America.conservative news forum" (FR front page), has now devolved into a Bush administration-CYA forum, whereby whose actions (abject violations of the 1st and 4th amendment, facial profiling cameras at traffic stops, airports, etc., and wholesale eavesdropping techniques borne of ECHELON and the FBI's Carnivore project), if enacted by traitor-President Bill Clinton, would have resulted in howls across the board. Simply, the simple fact of Bush being a Republican is enough for FR membership (with a few dissidents remaining) to cheer on an Orwellian State, in the name of "National Security."

Jim Robinson, in his own words (below), states that, as regards deleted threads, "the game has changed....we are at war." Not true, until Congress declares one, per its Constitutional role, which it has not, but this fiction seems to escape Mr. Robinson:]

Jim Robinson (Free Republic)

"Lots of grumbling lately about deleted posts. Well, my friends, the simple truth is the game has changed. We are now at war. We have been attacked by a vicious cold-blooded force of international terrorists who want to destroy our nation, our freedom and our way of life. There is no doubt about this. Knowing this, I am alarmed to read some of the stuff that has been posted to FR in the last few days. This is not the time to raise doubts about our leaders. This is not the time to raise conspiracy theories. This is not the time to second guess our intelligence agencies. This is war. This is survival of our way of life. We must unite behind our Commander-in-chief and do all we possibly can to support him and our war efforts. We do not have a choice in this matter."

Last comments by jazzfanaticus:

[The acrimony at issue began with the posting of many articles surrounding the CIA's Project MKULTRA— a wholesale attempt toward "total control over human behavior" (Church Report and various Senate investigations, 1977-present). I wrote to you yesterday that being "patriotic" has nothing to do with covering for the most rotten aspects of government operations, regardless of persons or parties. To illustrate the depths to which has gone in covering for the CIA in this specific regard, I invite you to visit ( and, in the search function, type in "mkultra" and "Mk-ultra". You will find no (0.00) articles of this topicality, because each and every one, as a matter of FR policy, has been deleted. And you must ask yourselves, "Why?"]

Thanks to jazzfanaticus for posting my article on Free Republic; for defending the Constitution; for the thorough research he's so obviously done on CIA MKULTRA; and for confronting Free Republic in the face of their fascistic policies of censorship and cover-ups of government corruption. I will now be deleting the link to Free Republic from my own website.

Barbara Hartwell
January 2, 2002