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Friday, January 5, 2007

Minister, MC Deprogrammer: Mysterious Death

October, 2002

Fred Littauer, Christian minister and well-known author and lecturer on mind control and cult abuse, died on Friday, October 25. I know he will be greatly missed, by his family, his friends and also by the many people he helped to recover from Satanic ritual abuse and government mind control.

I heard of Fred's untimely death on Sunday night, when I received a call from a family member, a victim of CIA MK Ultra mind control, who had been working with Fred as her deprogrammer. (I have been asked not to use my relative's real name, so I'll just call her R.) Fred did not charge R for his services, he helped because he cared.

R told me that the last contact she had from Fred was on Friday afternoon. He sent her an e-mail only hours before he was found dead, sitting in a chair, at his home.

He had been trying to reach her, as he was worried about her and could not get through on her phone lines. Every time he called, he would get "ATT intercepts" or announcements that the "pager number is invalid". (R does not have a pager.)

Fred had also told her, a few weeks before his death, that his file of notes on R's case had disappeared from his office. He did not know who stole the file, he just found it missing one day. Needless to say, both R and Fred found this very disturbing, just as I did.

R told me that Fred was the first person she ever came in contact with that she trusted to deprogram her. He was knowledgable and kind and also, Fred was a Christian, as is R. She told me that Fred's help was invaluable.

R first learned of Fred's death on Sunday October 27, from his daughter. The daughter told R that Fred's death was totally unexpected and inexplicable. He had been in good health and it is not known why or how he died.

I will not speculate here on the reasons for Fred Littauer's untimely and seemingly sudden death. I will only say that, according to R, he was a wonderful man. R and I both regret Fred's demise, as he was only one of a few who seemed to be a ray of hope and love in R's life.

It is coincidental that his death, on October 25, 2002 is the same date on which my mother, Andrea Jacque Percival, died, in 1993. May they both be at peace, with eternal life in the love of God.

Barbara Hartwell
October 29, 2002

Among Fred Littauer's books, found in Christian book stores:

"Freeing Your Mind From Memories That Bind", and "The Promise of Healing."