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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Real Life X-Files

Published on Bart Cop, October, 2001

Dear Bart Cop and Readers of the Fabulous Bart Cop Website:

Your invitation for me to write a regular column for your site--one of Al Martin's favorites, by the way--is quite an honor....thanks!

You asked me for a bio so that your readers have some idea of my background. I don't like to talk about my personal life, so I have a tendency to be somewhat cryptic and elusive about that, not surprising considering my background.

But anyway, here's what I can tell you, for what it's worth.

I was born in 1951 on Manhattan Island in NYC. I come from a family rooted in the military/intelligence community, which has truly been described as the Cult of Intelligence.

My father was a translator/cryptographer for Army Intelligence (G-2) during WWII. My mother's side of the family, the Percivals of Virginia, are CIA.

Both my parents died relatively young, but the family legacy of spookhood lives on.

The intelligence business usually runs in the I guess you could say that my future was planned, my fate was sealed, without my knowledge or consent.

All spooks are indoctrinated in a variety of ways, but most significantly, with the Code of Silence, or as the mob calls it, Omerta. And when you add mind control programming and the paranormal sector to the mix, well then it can --and did, in my case-- get pretty bizarre.

The way I see it, CIA is kind of like the evil fairy godmother who appears at the christening and casts a spell on the child, or makes a Faustian bargain with the unwitting parents, who realize too late the price they and their child will really have to pay.

As for the promised rewards, everyone knows the devil is a liar and never keeps his end of the bargain.

The spooks got their hooks into me when I was really young. I was 'recruited' for some special talents I have, specifically related to the paranormal and psychic realm, then trained and utilized in a project code named Phoenix, the 'deep black' of covert operations.

And some of what I was involved in --the REAL operational tactics of psychic espionage and warfare-- makes the protocols for formal 'remote viewing' look like a kindergarten class.

I was also utilized as an analyst and profiler in the area of Psy Ops (Psychological Operations). Usually I worked through CIA front companies, hired as a 'personnel counselor' or some such innocuous-sounding title, as an 'independent contractor' or 'talent'.

I was also hired by law firms (CIA) to gather intelligence and create profiles of various individuals, including foreign and American government leaders, politicians and military personnel.

Because military profiling and debriefing was to be my special area of expertise, I was also given what is known as 'Delta' training. Translation: Special Warfare Commando.

And yes, I still wear combat fatigues, it's second nature to me. If anyone were to say to my son (that handsome young man on the front page of my website) Yo' Mama wears combat boots, he would take it as a compliment. His reply would undoubtedly be...Yeah, she does, and she'll kick your ass clear into the next dimension....

But anyway, all humour aside....on my sacred honor, everything I write about is true and based on real experiences, firsthand knowledge and my own research. I only name names when I can back up my claims. How much I can 'prove' is another story altogether......

The good new is this: I did manage to break out of the Cult of Intelligence -- it took many years-- by blood , sweat, tears, a fighting spirit and the grace of bad guys, watch out....

I have the goods on you and plan to spill it all.

As for all those good people out there, all I ask is that you read my reports with an open mind and a compassionate heart. Then you can decide for yourself whether I have credibility and whether or not I am telling the truth.

Just as in the X-Files (true stories, some of them, with a dose of hype and disinfo thrown in for good measure)...The Truth is Out There....

Thanks for listening and God bless,

Barbara Hartwell
October, 2001